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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.22, No.1

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2022-28-02

  1. A study of a silicone film deposited on quartz glass under laser radiation

    Authors: Belikov A.V. Klochkov I.S. Alekseev I.V. Kapralov S.A.

  2. Optical composites based on organic polymers and semiconductor pigments

    Authors: Volynkin V.M. Evstropiev S.K. Bulyga D.V. Morkovsky A.V. Pashin S.S. Dukelsky K.V. Burdin A.V. Bondarenko I.B.

  3. A new algorithm for the identification of sinusoidal signal frequency with constant parameters

    Authors: Nguyen Kh.T. Vlasov S.M. Pyrkin A.A. Popkov I.V.

  4. A study of silicon p-n structures with mono- and multifacial photosensitive surfaces

    Authors: Mirzaalimov A. Gulomov J. Aliev R. Mirzaalimov N. Aliev S.

  5. Detection of yawning in driver behavior based on a convolutional neural network

    Authors: Lashkov I.B.

  6. A Game Theory approach for communication security and safety assurance in cyber-physical systems with Reputation and Trust-based mechanisms

    Authors: Viksnin I.I. Marinenkov E.D. Chuprov S.S.

  7. An algorithm for detecting RFID duplicates

    Authors: Voloshina N.V. Lavrinovich A.A.

  8. Reduction of LSB detectors set with definite reliability

    Authors: Solodukha R.A. Perminov G.V. Atlasov I.V.

  9. Classification of objects in images with distortions based on a two-stage topological analysis

    Authors: Eremeev S.V. Abakumov A.V.

  10. Dimensionality reduction of the attributes using fuzzy optimized independent component analysis for a Big Data Intrusion Detection System

    Authors: Aswanandini R. Deepa Ch.

  11. An optimal swift key generation and distribution for QKD

    Authors: Suma Madhumathy P.

  12. A study of vectorization methods for unstructured text documents in natural language according to their influence on the quality of work of various classifiers

    Authors: Shadsky V.V. Sizonenko A.B. Chekmarev M.A. Shishkov A.V. Isakin D.A.

  13. Recognition of the emotional state based on a convolutional neural network

    Authors: Soma G.M. Kadnova A.M.

  14. Intellectualization of personnel development management in high-tech service-oriented companies

    Authors: Beresnev A.D.

  15. A study of the efficiency of the magnetic compass correction system

    Authors: Gryazin D.G. Paderina T.V.

  16. A new analytical model of drain current and small signal parameters for AlGaN-GaN high-electron-mobility transistors

    Authors: Farti A. Touhami A.

  17. Imputation and system modeling of acid-base state parameters for different groups of patients

    Authors: Kurapeev D.I. Lushnov Man T. Zhukova N.A.

  18. Construction of movement trajectories for objects based on the Dubins car problem, taking into account constant external influences

    Authors: Khabarov S.P. Shilkina M.L.

  19. A mathematical model of an epidemic with an arbitrary law of recovery

    Authors: Semenov V.K. Ivanova N.B.

  20. Simulation of the pulsed outflow of air and fine powder mixture, partially filling the discharge channel

    Authors: Sadin D.V.

  21. Vectorized numerical algorithms for the solution of continuum mechanics problems

    Authors: Brykov N.A. Volkov K.N. Emelyanov V.N.

  22. A comparative analysis of computational intelligence algorithms for estimation of LTE channels

    Authors: Pathan S. Noonia A. Tamboli M. Pathak S.

  23. Implementation of a clinical decision support system to improve the medical data quality for hypertensive patients

    Authors: Ionov M.V. Bolgova E.V. Zvartau N.E. Avdonina N.G. Balakhontceva M.A. Kovalchuk S.V. Konradi A.O.

  24. A study of the influence of human factors on the speed of urban rail transport

    Authors: Lyakhovenko Ju.A. Popov I.Yu.