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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.2, No.10

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2013-10-30

  1. Scalable and Secured Personal Health Records Sharing in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Sajitha Rajesh; D.Basawaraj

  2. An Alternate Travelling Salesman Problem

    Authors: P. Madhu Mohan Reddy; E. Sudhakara

  3. Kinetic Study of Biogas production from mixed Fruit & Vegetable Waste

    Authors: Aritra Das; Chanchal Mondal

  4. Behaviour of Encased Cold-Formed Trapezoidally Corrugated Web Beam

    Authors: Lincy P Abraham; Divahar R

  5. Dyeing Of Cotton Cloth with Natural Dye Extracted From Pomegranate Peel and its Fastness

    Authors: D.N.V.Satyanarayana; K.Ramesh Chandra

  6. 3D Tri-Gate Transistor Technology and Next Generation FPGAs

    Authors: Mayur Bhole; Aditya Kurude

  7. Non - Radiative Energy Transfer of Tb3+ → Eu3+ in sodium Fluoroborate Glass

    Authors: J.V.Satyanrayana; P. Bhaskara Rao

  8. Accident Prevention Alert System for Mobile Devices

    Authors: Shilpa Kathal; Prateek Gupta

  9. Corrosion Behaviour of Mild Steel in Acidic Medium in Presence of Aqueous Extract of Clitoria Ternatea Stem

    Authors: S.Ananth Kumara; A.Sankar

  10. Hybrid Automatic Solar Tracking System for Different Types of Solar Cells: A review

    Authors: Neha Sonkar; Pankaj J Edla

  11. Improving the Spectral Efficiency and Data Rate of FHCDMA Scheme for Wireless Communication Channels

    Authors: P V V Santosh Babu; O Sudhakar

  12. Development and Testing Of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites With Polyester Resin

    Authors: S. Sunil Kumar Reddy; S.P. Akbar Hussain

  13. An Advanced Controller for Robotic Manipulator

    Authors: T.Janardhan Reddy

  14. Ultra Wideband Fan Shape Fractal Antenna for Microwave Application

    Authors: Bimal Raj Dutta; Devesh Kumar Singh Rathore

  15. WiMAX Based on IEEE 802.16 Standard- A Survey

    Authors: A. Kiran Kumar Reddy; N.Sri Hari Rao

  16. A Survey on Wireless Broadcast Services

    Authors: G. Surender; N.SriHariRao

  17. Automotive Electronics-A Boon for Safety

    Authors: Ashima Jain; Karishma Jain

  18. Study on ZIGBEE Technology

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar; Sandeep Gupta

  19. Seamless Ubiquitous Data Migration through Route Optimization in Mobile IP

    Authors: Sibani Priyadarsani Jena; Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah

  20. A Comparison Study on Performance Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms in Classification of Local Area News Dataset using WEKA Tool

    Authors: G.Kesavaraj; Dr.S.Sukumaran

  21. Design of Security Based ATM Theft Monitoring System

    Authors: Vinay Kumar Bachu; D.Surya Srimayee; K.Varshini Sathya

  22. A Review of RFID Technology

    Authors: Vinay Kumar Bachu; Sunil Saram; N.V.S.Shravan kumar Sharma

  23. Traffic Signals Generation with Bicolor Leds using Pic 18f Series Microcontroller

    Authors: Y.V Sripriya; R.Pranay Kumar; Ch.Prathyusha Santoshi

  24. Survey on Pattern Optimization for Novel Class in MCM for Stream Data Classification

    Authors: Vinay Singh; Divakar Singh

  25. A Real Time Implementation System for Physical Disabled People Through ZIGBEE Protocol

    Authors: G.SriSatyaVani; Dr.R.V.Krishnaiah

  26. Design and Analysis of Automated Truck Cabin Suspension System

    Authors: K.Chinna Maddaiah; D.Venkat Ratnam; K.Nagendra Kumar; Dr.A.Siva Kumar; A.Yesu Venkata Ravi Kumar

  27. Integrated Lane Colorization Using Hough Transformation and Bilateral Filter

    Authors: Rajandeep Singh; Prabhdeep Singh

  28. A Sophisticated Study on Best Practices of Software Testing

    Authors: Bharti Bhattad

  29. A Process Development FOR Extraction of Marker Compound from EMBLICA OFFICINALIS FRUIT

    Authors: Saroj Yadav; Anoop Kumar

  30. Analysis of Regenerator for Reversed Stirling Cycle Which Various Geometry

    Authors: Vikram Patel; N.A.ranpura

  31. Digital Simulation of Conventional Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive with Reduced Flux and Torque Ripples

    Authors: P.Nagasekhar Reddy

  32. Image Retrieval by Content Using Descriptors

    Authors: P. A. Hemalatha

  33. A Survey Based on Opinion Classification Techniques

    Authors: Poongodi S; Radha N

  34. Mechanical Characterization of Friction Welded AISI 304 Steels

    Authors: Amit Handa; Vikas Chawla

  35. Data Aggregation Using Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Priti Saluja; Sandeep Dalal

  36. Hankel Type Transformation and Convolution of Tempered Beurling

    Authors: B.B.Waphare

  37. Neural Signal ? Action Potential Spike Count Transmision Through Embedded Wireless Mote

    Authors: Vandhana. S; Gayathri. K. S

  38. Hydromagnetic Peristaltic Flow of Blood with Effect of Porous Medium Through Coaxial Vertical Channel: A Theoretical Study

    Authors: Dr.S.Ravi Kumar

  39. Eradicating Prime Problems of TVET for Ensuring Worth Human Resources in Bangladesh

    Authors: Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman; Abu Raihan

  40. An Efficient Edge Detection Algorithm for Facial Images in Image Mining

    Authors: S.Vijayarani; Mrs M.Vinupriya

  41. Comparative Analysis of Clustering Algorithms for Outlier Detection in Data Streams

    Authors: S.Vijayarani; P. Jothi

  42. Efficiency Evaluation of Heat Exchanger Based Domestic Solar Water Heater - A Review

    Authors: Sandeep Kumar Dehariya A. R. Jaurker

  43. GSM Based Wireless Technology for Oilfield Security Management System

    Authors: M.RamaDevi; R.V.Krishnaiah

  44. Hardware and Software Implementation of Median Filter in Image Processing Application

    Authors: Parinita Walivadekar; D. S. Bormane

  45. Effect of Physical Constraints on the Dynamics of a Multi-Area Interconnected Power System

    Authors: Dipayan Guha; P.K.Prasad

  46. Slicedridgelet Transform for Image Denoising

    Authors: V.Krishnanaik; Dr.G.Manoj Someswar

  47. Architectural Overview of Delay Tolerant Network

    Authors: S.Fowjiya; A.Udhayachandrika

  48. Effect of Seasonal Variation on Metal Speciation in Leachate from a Thermal Power Plant Ash Pond: Impact on Ground Waters

    Authors: Balaram Pani; Sidhharth Sirohi; Manjeet Singh Barwa

  49. Improving Performance of Science Subjects in TVET Institutions by Computer Supported Collaborative Learning: Reference to Uganda

    Authors: Bogere Ayub; Abu Raihan; Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

  50. Prosperous Digital Image Watermarking Approach by using DCT-DWT

    Authors: Prabhakar C. Dhavale; Mrs.Meenakshi M. Pawar

  51. Synthesis, Testing of Polymer Carbon Nanocomposite and Structural Analysis of Tennis Racket Frame

    Authors: P.K.Chidambaram

  52. A Detailed Study of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithm and Its Performance

    Authors: Dr.K.Ravikumar; A.Udhayakumar

  53. Distribution and Ecology of the Recent Benthic Foraminifera from the sediments of Adyar River, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

    Authors: M.Suresh Gandhi; A.Solai

  54. Realization of Change of Hysteresis and Eddy Current Losses, with Change of Electrical Parameters, by using Matlab and Simulink

    Authors: Writwik Balow; Bhaskar Lodh

  55. A New Car-Following Model: As Stochastic Process using Multi Agent System

    Authors: Mounir Gouiouez; Noureddine Rais; Mostafa Azzouzi Idrissi

  56. An E-Learning System Architecture Based on New Business Paradigm Using Cloud Computing

    Authors: Ehsan Alavi; Amin Alavi; M. Chandra Mohan

  57. Identification of Biclustering Algorithms for Gene Extraction

    Authors: K.Sathishkumar; Dr.V.Thiagarasu; M.Ramalingam

  58. Facies and Depositional Environments of Cretaceous Siliciclastic Sediments in Al Bauga Area, Northern Sudan

    Authors: Elzien S.M; Hamed B. O

  59. Easing Complication and Error Detection of RS Codes Using CA based Codes

    Authors: N.Mageswari; Dr.K.Mahadevan

  60. Immobilized Bioreactors for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater ? A Comparative Study

    Authors: Dr.L.Nageswara Rao

  61. Wormhole Attack Elimination in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks With OPTIMIZED Multipath Algorithm

    Authors: Waseem Ahad; Varun Sharma

  62. AUTOSAR Multicore Operating System Implementation for MPC5668G

    Authors: Devika K; Syama R

  63. Zn- Ni Alloy Deposit for Cadmium Replacement Applications

    Authors: Shanmugasigamani Srinivasan; PR Thangavelu

  64. Peristaltic Transport of a Conducting Jeffrey Fluid in a Vertical Annulus

    Authors: K.Komala; S. Sreenadh

  65. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Technical Teacher Training Programme (TTTP) in Katsina State, Nigeria

    Authors: SagirIlliyasuRafukka; Dr.CheKum Clement; Dr.Abu Raihan