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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.11

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-11-30

  1. Quantifying Erosion Risk for Little Washita River Watershed Using GIS Technique Integrated with USLE Model

    Authors: Abdul-Sahib T. Al-Madhhachi

  2. Model Analysis of Centre Circular Cutout of Laminated Composite Plate and Square Skew Plate by using FEM

    Authors: Deepanshu Bhatt; Yogesh Mishra; P.K. Sharma

  3. Development and Properties of Hybrid Composites

    Authors: G.Meenambika Bai; H.Raghavendra Rao

  4. Study of Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Biodegradable Fibers before and After Alkali Treatment

    Authors: Y. Indraja; G. Suresh Kumar; H. Raghavendra Rao

  5. Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery for C.I Engine-A Review

    Authors: Baleshwar Kumar Singh; Nitin Shrivastava

  6. A Lossless Implementation of Fault Detection Design for High Speed Memory Applications

    Authors: M.Lakshmi Sarada; K.Jhansi Rani

  7. Study of Rear Impact Analysis using Sled Procedure

    Authors: Vikrama Singh; Sohail ahmed Shaikh

  8. Composite Leaf Spring Optimization Using Static Analysis

    Authors: Prof.R.K.Kawade; Pathan Gulshad Karim

  9. Indoor UWB Communication System Model

    Authors: Gogulamudi. Pradeep Reddy; Dr SVS Prasad

  10. Design of Leaf Spring for Light Commercial Vehicle for Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Reduce Weight to Improve the Performance Over a. Life

    Authors: Prof.Vidyadhar .C. Kale; Dabhade Roshan Megharaj

  11. Automatic Optical Inspection System Design for Tell-Tale Clusters in Automobiles UsinG LabVIEW

    Authors: Prasanna Ragothaman; Prathipa Ragothaman; Thirunavukarasu Manivannan

  12. Bone Quality Assessment Using MEMS Accelerometer

    Authors: G.Manikandan; M. Suresh; K.Anuradha; Sijo Mathew

  13. Evaluation: OFDMA & SC-OFDMA Performance on Wireless Communication

    Authors: G. Manikandan; T. Jenish; S. Prashanthy

  14. A Review on Optimization of Piezoelectric Power Generation in Taper Cantilever Beam at Different Tip Mass Position

    Authors: Satya Narayan Patel; U.K.Joshi

  15. Treatment of Automotive Gas Oil (Ago) - Contaminated Water Using Activated Carbon from Indian Bamboo

    Authors: Fubara-manuel; I.; Jumbo; R. B.

  16. Utilization of Demolished Concrete and Construction Waste as Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

    Authors: Manish Kumar Singh; Dilip Kumar

  17. Enhancement of Power System Dynamics Using TCSC Based Hybride Series Capacitive Compensation

    Authors: Madupu Renuka; Nomula Ganesh; Nagalla Bhargavi

  18. Routing and Broadcasting in MANET: A comprehensive Analysis based on, Routing technique, Clustering and Architectural Model

    Authors: Routing; Broadcasting in MANET A comprehensive Analysis based on; Routing technique; Clustering; Architectural Model

  19. Different Objective Image Quality Assessment Techniques

    Authors: Vandana Azad; Pooja Sharma

  20. Data Mining and Data Warehousing

    Authors: Hitesh Naidu; Aishwarya Tiwari

  21. Effect of Cutting Parameters on Tool Wear of Coated Carbide Tool in Hard Turning of AISI 4340

    Authors: Aman Joshi; Rohit Rampal

  22. Infrequent ITEMSET Mining Using Temporal Frequent Scheme

    Authors: G.Divya; N.Kamalraj

  23. Microstructural Characteriztion of Trimanganese Tetra Oxide (Mn3O4) Nanoparticle by Solvothermal Method and Its Dielectric Studies

    Authors: S.Vijaya Lakshmi; S.Pauline; V.Maria Vinosel

  24. A Comparative Analysis of Density Based Clustering Techniques for Outlier Mining

    Authors: R.Prabahari; Dr.V.Thiagarasu

  25. Image Enhancement through Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Transforms

    Authors: P.Rakesh Reddy; Bethini Saiteja; S. Bala Moulika

  26. Re-Encryption Scheme to Provide Secure Data Forwarding in Cloud Storage System

    Authors: D. Hema Latha; D. Rama Krishna Reddy; K. Sudha

  27. Delay Constrained Multicast Tree with Neural Networks in Fixed Time

    Authors: N. Saber; M.Khouil; M. Mestari

  28. A Study of Various Techniques of Preparing Magnetic Abrasives

    Authors: Baljinder Singh; Charanjeet Singh Sandhu

  29. Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Thermo-tolerant Bacteria from Hot

    Authors: Yaseen Khashman Hussein; Fahrul Hyup

  30. Physical Properties of Sugarcane Pertaining to the Design of a Whole Stalk Sugarcane Harvester

    Authors: Joby Bastian; B. Shridar

  31. Proficient Network Traffic Categorization Method with Strange Flow Detection

    Authors: P.Thirugnanam; M.Kalaimani

  32. Design and Analysis of Poppet Engine Valve for Enhanced Mechanical Properties with Varied Geometric Parameters and Materials

    Authors: Vidyadhar.C.Kale; Sagar.S.Deshpande

  33. Design and Analysis of Poppet Engine Valve for Enhanced Mechanical Properties with Varied Geometric Parameters and Materials

    Authors: Vidyadhar.C.Kale; Sagar.S.Deshpande

  34. Certain Application of GERT Network Analysis in Statistical Quality Control

    Authors: Resmi R

  35. Structural Health Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Building

    Authors: R. Lavanya; T. Saravanan; G. Tamizharasi

  36. A Novel Data Anonymization Technique for Privacy Preservation of Data Publishing

    Authors: P.Sreevani; Dr.P.Niranjan; P.Shireesha

  37. Efficient Design Of 4-Bit Binary Adder Using Reversible Logic Gates

    Authors: Abinash Kumar Pala; Jagamohan Das

  38. Modifying SHA-512 using Padding, Tree structure and Permutation Boxes

    Authors: Sumita Tyagi

  39. Geological CO2 Monitoring Methods: A Review

    Authors: Wagh Sushama M.; Devi R. J.

  40. Comparison of Epoxy and PTFE Teflon Vortex Tube Process Parameters Using Taguchi Technique

    Authors: Kakarla Venkateswarlu

  41. Structural and Spectral Analysis Host Bi2O3-B2O3-LiF and RE3+(Ho3+ or Pr3+): Bi2O3- B2O3-LiF Glasses

    Authors: Karuturi Srinivasa Rao; Chandragiri Parthasarathi Reddy; Srinivasa Buddhudu

  42. Multivariate Optimization of Conventional Spinning Process Parameters

    Authors: G. Sreenivasulu; M. Nagaphani Sastry

  43. Reduction of Flywheel Housing Failures in Field by Process & Design Optimization

    Authors: Vikas Garg; Rohit Rampal

  44. Evaluation of the Physicochemical Quality of Springs Water in the El Hajeb Area, Morocco

    Authors: LAAFOU Said; ABDALLAOUI Abdelaziz

  45. Preparation of Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites by Using Stir Process

    Authors: V.Chandramohan; R.Arjunraj

  46. Study on Mechanical Behavior of Bio-Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite

    Authors: V.N.Loganathan; M.Palanisamy; K.Sathish Kumar

  47. Thermophoretic Effect on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow over a Vertical Porous Plate in a Rotating System with Suction/Injection

    Authors: R. Bhuvanavijaya

  48. Review on Performance Analysis of Content Addressable Memory Search Mechanisms

    Authors: Karpakam.B; S.Mythili

  49. Mineralogical Characterization of Goethite- Lateritic Ore & its Implication on Beneficiation

    Authors: Nirlipta P. Nayak

  50. Implementation of Power Line Communication for energy measurement

    Authors: Mohamed Azeem Hafeez; Vinay Birhman

  51. Emergence of New Wireless Technologies : 802.11ac and 802.11ad

    Authors: Nayan Seth; Vivek Sanghvi Jain; Ankit Vajani; Harish Narula; Lakshmi Kurup

  52. Vehicle Security and Accident Information System

    Authors: D.Satheeshbabu; B.Govardhana

  53. Design and Simulation of Canny Edge Detection

    Authors: D Narayana Reddy; Vaijanath V.Yerigeri; Harish Sanu

  54. Modeling of Residential Microgrid Application Integrated with Full-Bridge-Forward DCDC Converter

    Authors: Lukka Ajaykumar; P Srinivasarao

  55. Automation of Inter-Networked Banking and Teller Machine Operations Using Face Recognition

    Authors: Prof.Mazher Khan; Dr.Sayyad Ajij; Majed Ahmed Khan

  56. Evaluation of Various Forms of DSRC System- A Review

    Authors: M. Abinaya; T. Suganya Thevi

  57. Evaluation of Various Edge Detection Algorithms ? Review

    Authors: K. Moniga; S.ArunKumar

  58. Data and Parity Storing Techniques:A Survey

    Authors: Kavitha Sreekala Krishnan; S. ArunKumar

  59. The Midrex Process and the Nigerian Steel Industry

    Authors: Oluwafemi O Olayebi

  60. The Midrex Process and the Nigerian Steel Industry

    Authors: Oluwafemi O Olayebi

  61. The Midrex Process and the Nigerian Steel Industry

    Authors: Oluwafemi O Olayebi

  62. The Midrex Process and the Nigerian Steel Industry

    Authors: Oluwafemi O Olayebi

  63. The Midrex Process and the Nigerian Steel Industry

    Authors: Oluwafemi O Olayebi

  64. Effect of Process Variables on the Production of Biodiesel by the Non-Catalytic Supercritical Trans-Esterification of Sheanut Oil

    Authors: Okafor; W.C; Olayebi; O. O; Odisu T.; Alutu N; C

  65. Applications of Electrocoagulation in treatment of Industrial Wastewater : A Review

    Authors: Er. Devendra Dohare; Tina Sisodia

  66. Review on Reducing the Power in Network-on-chip

    Authors: Akshaya.K.R; Dr.Chitra.C

  67. Information Capacity and BER Improvement Using Haar Transform in DWT-CDMA Water Marking Based on Pseudorandom Sub Space Projection

    Authors: Ch.Aruna Kumari; G.V.Vinod

  68. Study of Computer in Smart Antenna System: A Comprehensive Approach

    Authors: Giriraj Prajapati; Rajiv Trevedi

  69. Investigation of Smart Antenna: An Overview

    Authors: Giriraj Prajapati; Rajiv Trevedi

  70. Utilization of Fly ash in Improving Concrete Properties

    Authors: Vastav Desai; Devarshi Patel; Ronak Motiani

  71. Creating a Virtual Touch Screen Using MEMS and Flex Sensors: A Survey

    Authors: Nivas.R; Dr.G.Athisha

  72. Virtual Security Zones for Student Tracking System Using GPS Watch

    Authors: Keerthi Priya.D; Gopalakrishnan.S

  73. A Survey on Automatic Vehicle Parking and Retrieval Using Android Smartphone

    Authors: Arockia Muthu.A; Revathy.M

  74. Speech Recognition Technique for Deaf and Dumb People: A Survey

    Authors: Ramnath.KV; Gopalakrishnan.S

  75. MicroRNA mRNA Module Prediction Leading to Microarray Data Analysis to Develop Gene Regulatory Network

    Authors: Roma Chandra

  76. Energy Efficient Tunable Spectral Analysis for Built in Testing and Calibration Approaches

    Authors: Tharani.D; Kaleel Rahuman.A

  77. VLSI Implementation of Image Compression And Encryption Using SPIHT And Stream Cipher Method

    Authors: Sampada Dange; Mrs.Sumedha S. Borde

  78. The Quantum Expression of the Role of Relaxation Time on Optical Absorption in Semi Conductors

    Authors: Mohammed Eltoum Fideil; Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

  79. Characterization of Leaf and Comparison with Optical and Millimetre Wave for Identification

    Authors: Manab Kumar Sengupta; Manish Kumar Verma; Ruchika Kaushik; Vandta Tiwari; Charu Arora

  80. Implementation on Distributed Network Services Using SSO for Secure Mechanism

    Authors: D.S.Baravde; S.S.Bere

  81. Analyzing the Makespan using Processing Time Splitting Technique in Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems

    Authors: Baskar A; Sreenivasan K

  82. Performance Evaluation of Carry Select Adder-Review

    Authors: M.Priyadharshini; M.Thiruveni

  83. Optimization of Security Framework Mechanism Based on Local Knowledge Discovery Process for WSN

    Authors: Sonika; Rajeshwar Singh

  84. Thermal Biometrics: A New Approach in Biometrics Detection

    Authors: Raviprakash S. Shriwas; Gaurav P. Kathale

  85. Investigations on the Penetration Properties of Electromagnetic Waves in Biological Media

    Authors: P.S.N. Bharani; Ch. Rajani Chandra; Y. Ratna Kumar

  86. Image Fusion and Improving Classification Accuracy: A Survey

    Authors: Vivekan A.J; Thirumurugan.P; Dhanarega A.J

  87. Review Paper on Vibration Reduction in Hand Held Power Machinery

    Authors: Dhumal.N.V.; Hargude.N.V.

  88. Reduction of Multipliers in FIR Filter Using Various Algorithms-Review

    Authors: C.Ananthi; M.Thiruveni

  89. Energy Aware FSM Based Architecture for Matching of Data Encoded With ErrorCorrecting Codes: Survey

    Authors: Senthamizh Selvi.T; Kasthuri.M

  90. Evaluation of Mass Fluxes and Phase Parameters to Identify the Adiabatic two Phase Flow Patterns in Vertical And Horizontal Tubes

    Authors: Anusha Peyyala; Dr.N.V.V.S.Sudheer

  91. Enhancement of Bit Error Rate using TDM OFDM in Passive Optical Network

    Authors: C.James Belsith; K.Batri

  92. Social effects of Cell Phone’s Packages on College Students

    Authors: Arshad Ali; Syed Ali Hassan M. Phil Fellow

  93. The Usage of Internet for Education Promotion A Case Study of University Students

    Authors: Abdul Wajid Khan; Arshad Ali; Malik Adnan; Shehla Jabeen

  94. Tire Inflation Rate Modeling

    Authors: Mohamed Gomma Elnour; Hala Abbas Laz

  95. Black hole and Gray Hole attacks in MANET: A Survey

    Authors: S.V. Vasantha; A. Damodaram

  96. Differential Protection of Three Phase Power Transformer Using Wavelet Packet Transform

    Authors: Jitendra Singh Chandra; Amit Goswami

  97. Pose Estimation in Automated Visual Inspection System using PSO

    Authors: A. Mukhopadhyay; S. Kundu

  98. An Experimental Investigation of Effect of Cutting Fluids on Chip Formation and Cycle Time in Turning of EN-24 and EN-31 Material

    Authors: Prasanna P Kulkarni; Shreelakshmi.C.T.; Shruti.V.Harihar; Radha Bai.N.

  99. Hardware Implementation for Motion Estimation in Real Time Scenario

    Authors: Chandrakala B; Subramanyam Avvaru; P Ajay Kumar Reddy

  100. Activated Sludge Model 1 (ASM 1)

    Authors: Malek Hassanpour

  101. Parallel Programming with OPENMP

    Authors: Igli Tafa; Erlind Çuka; Julian Fejzaj

  102. Reviews on Algorithms and Architectures for Efficient Design of MIMO Accelerator

    Authors: Kanchanadevi.P; S.Mythili

  103. Optimal Placement of Multiple Distributed Generators in HVDC System for Performance Improvement

    Authors: Deepmala Dodiya

  104. Optimize Parity Encoding for Power Reduction in Content Addressable Memory

    Authors: Nisha Sharma; Manmeet Kaur

  105. Peristaltic Couple Stress Flow of Blood through Coaxial Channel with Effect of Porous Medium: Blood Flow Study

    Authors: Dr.S.Ravi Kumar

  106. Testing of Randomness of the Number Generated by Fisher and Yates

    Authors: B. K. Sarmah; D. Chakrabarty

  107. Modeling of Friction Stir Welding on Conventional Vertical Milling Machine and its Validation

    Authors: Aamir Khan; Danish

  108. Deficiency and Secure the Attack Superficies to Your Organization Localization Main DNS SERVER

    Authors: Yashpal; Rajesh Bhagat; Diwaker

  109. A Review: Six Sigma Implementation Practices in Manufacturing Units and Benefits Derived

    Authors: Bhavikkumar N. Prajapati; Darshak A. Desai

  110. A Review: Text Detection in Natural Scenes with Stroke Width Transform

    Authors: Hemil A. Patel; Mrs.Kishori S. Shekokar

  111. Experimental Techniques to find Thermal Residual Stress in Composite Materials ?A study of the Literature Review

    Authors: Mujeebulla Khan Guttal; Dr.Abdul Shareif

  112. Dynamics Analysis of Two Storey Plane Rectangular Rigid Frame Subjected to Ground Motion

    Authors: Ezeh J.C.; Ibearugbulem O.M.; Ezeokpube G.C.; Ozioko H.O.

  113. Assessment of Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) Susceptibilities of Some OutokumpuProduced Stainless Steels in a River Harbour Mud Using Accelerated Test

    Authors: TN Guma; WC Solomon; HL Sambo

  114. Literature Survey for Bone Diseases Identification Using Thickness of Bone

    Authors: Nivedha.A; Jayanthi.VE

  115. To Estimate the Amount of Total Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity in Water Extract of Centipedegrass (Eremochloa Ophiuroides)

    Authors: Garima Gupta; Charu Sharma; Anamika Verma o

  116. Versatile Economical Message Transfer

    Authors: Kaushal P Patel; Adit J Solanki; Kinjal H Patel; Sunny S Shahdapuri

  117. A Survey on Black hole Attack Detection Methods

    Authors: Vidhya Patil; Porf. Devangini Dave; Kishori Shekokar

  118. E-Vision: An Innovative Electronic Travel AID (ETA) sor Visually Impaired

    Authors: Abhishek Govande; TusharShelke; Narvirsinh Raj; Parth Chauhan; Prof.Viral Patel

  119. A Survey on Various Methodologies of Hiding Association Rules for Privacy Preserving

    Authors: Divya Girdharlal Khatri; Devangini Dave; Kishori Shekokar

  120. Survey on Efficient Data Integrity Techniques for Distributed Cloud Storage

    Authors: Divyesh K Joshi; Devangini Dave; Kishori Shekoka

  121. A Comparative Study on Fastness of Silk Fabric Dyed with Reactive Dye and Metal Complex Dye

    Authors: Swapan Kumar Ghosh; Abir Baran Das; Rajib Bhattacharyya

  122. Biological Treatment of Wastewater Using Activated Sludge Process and Sequential Batch Reactor Process - A Review

    Authors: Er. Devendra Dohare; Er. Mahesh Kawale

  123. Advanced Neural Network Applied In Engineering Science

    Authors: Nikita Patel; Rakesh Patel; Ankita Gupta

  124. Blue Eyes the Future Technology

    Authors: Ekta Agrawal; Rakesh Patel; Preeti Patel

  125. LI-FI (Light Fidelity)-The Future Technology in Wireless Communication

    Authors: Ankita Gupta; Rakesh Patel; Nikita Patel

  126. The Screen of the Future E-Paper

    Authors: Srishti Mishra; Rakesh Patel; Chhaya Mehar

  127. Fabrication and Mechanical Performance Investigation of Sisal and Sugarcane Fibers

    Authors: T.E.Narentharan; M.Sengottian

  128. Design and Analysis of Catalytic Converter Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Authors: K.Sathish Kumar; V.Chandramohan

  129. An Evolutionary Study of Software Matrices for Object Oriented Products

    Authors: Anushree Asodiya; Ashi Jain; Anurag Punde