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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.2, No.24

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2018-05-25

  1. Fortification of the Archaeological Complex Near the Village of Sidorovo (middle flow of the Seversky Donets river)

    Authors: Kravchenko E.E. Donetsk Ukraine

  2. Pre-Revolutionary Collection of Grochan Hillfort from the Funds of Sarapul Local Museum

    Authors: Makarov L.D. Izhevsk Russian Federation

  3. Rock Burials of the Early Middle Ages in Altai and Adjacent Territories: cultural-chronological and ethnic-social interpretation

    Authors: Seregin N.N. Barnaul Russian Federation

  4. A Model for Pottery Material Processing

    Authors: Borisov B.D. Veliko Tarnovo Bolgaria

  5. Mountain Fortified Settlements of East Xia in Primorye (fortification and stratigraphic features)

    Authors: Dyakova O.V. Vladivostok Russian Federation

  6. Comprehensive Studies by Bilyar Archaeological Expedition

    Authors: Shakirov Z.G. Khuzin F.Sh. Kazan Russian Federation

  7. Starokuibyshevskoe VII Settlement: historical and archaeological studies

    Authors: Valiev R.R. Abdullin Kh.M. Sitdikov A.G. Kazan Russian Federation

  8. Golden Adornments of Volga Bolgaria and the Bolgar Ulus of the Golden Horde: comparative analysis experience

    Authors: Rudenko K.A. Kazan Russian Federation

  9. New Bone Overlay with a Dragon Image Discovered at Madzhar Fortified Settlement

    Authors: Obukhov Yu.D. Praskoveya Stavropol Territory Russian Federation Bocharov S.G. Kazan Russian Federation

  10. Shareny Bugor Fortified Settlement (the Town of Hajji Tarkhan) and its Neighbouring Area

    Authors: Pigarev E.M. Yoshkar-Ola Russian Federation

  11. Carved Stones of Chufut-Kale Ancient Fortified Settlement

    Authors: Aibabina E.A. Simferopol Russian Federation

  12. «The Treasure from Aluston»: history of the find

    Authors: Kirilko V.P. Simferopol Russian Federation

  13. Sarymambash-Kermen – a Fortified 14th–15th Century Residence of Yashlavsky-Suleshevy Beks

    Authors: Myts V.L. Saint Petersburg Russian Federation

  14. Ceramic Complex of the First Quarter of the 15th Century from Excavations in the Town of Azov

    Authors: Zenyuk D.I. Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation Maslovsky A.N. Azov Russian Federation

  15. Genghizids in Miniatures of the Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terrible

    Authors: Chernetsov A.V. Moscow Russian Federation

  16. Excavations on the Southern Outskirts of Bolgar Fortified Settlement in 2016 (Excavation CCXVII)

    Authors: Lopan O.V. Volkov I.V. Moscow Russian Federation Sitdikov A.G. Kazan Russian Federation

  17. Archaeological Studies of Pottery Hearths at Bolgar Fortified Settlement in 2016 (Excavation CCXVI)

    Authors: Bocharov S.G. Kazan Russian Federation

  18. Studies of the Trade and Craft District of Medieval Bolgar

    Authors: Badeev D.Yu. Koval V.Yu. Moscow Russian Federation

  19. Foundry Mould Discovered at Excavation CXCIX of Bolgar Fortified Settlement

    Authors: Zorya R.S. Kazan Russian Federation

  20. Types of Medieval Wooden and Earth Defensive Structures and Methods of their Constuction

    Authors: Gubaidullin A.M. Kazan Russian Federation

  21. To the Question of Providing Meat Products to the Medieval City of Bolgar

    Authors: Yavorskaya L.V. Moscow Russian Federation

  22. Comprehensive Geophysical Studies of Bolgar Fortified Settlement in 2016

    Authors: Bezdudny V.G. Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation Marchuk V.N. Fryazino Russian Federation Sitdikov A.G. Kazan Russian Federation

  23. Complex Study of Current State of the Bolgar Fortifed Settlement Territory (Tatarstan, Russia)

    Authors: Usmanov B.M. Gainullin I.I. Khomiakov P.V. Kazan Russian Federation

  24. L.A. Belyaev and the Archeology of the Volga Region

    Authors: Koval V.Yu. Moscow Russian Federation Baranov V.S. Kazan Russian Federation Elkina I.I. Glazunova O.N. Grigoryan S.B. Moscow Russian Federation

  25. Ad Memoriam A. G. Mukhamadiev (1933–2018)

    Authors: Nedashkovsky L.F. Sitdikov A.G. Asylgaraeva G.Sh. Kazan Russian Federation

  26. Section "Archaeology of the Lower Volga Region" in the Annual International Scientifc Conference "Astrakhan Regional Reading»

    Authors: Imasheva M.M. Kazan Russian Federation