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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.3, No.25

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2018-09-25

  1. Final Palaeolithic Site Beganchik at the Mouth of the Kama River (Research Results 2013)

    Authors: Galimova M.Sh. Kazan Russian Federation Berezina N.S. Berezin A.Yu. Cheboksary Russian Federation

  2. Geophysical and Remote Studies of the Ulak-1 Fortified Settlement of the Bronze Age in Bashkir Trans-Urals: the Correlation of the Obtained Data with the Results of the Archaeological Excavations

    Authors: Bakhshiev I.I. Ufa Russian Federation Noskevich V.V. Ekaterinburg Russian Federation Nasretdinov R.R. Ufa Russian Federation

  3. Problematics of Paleoecological Reconstructions Based on Exposed Cultural Layers of Long-Term Post-Silent Functioning (on the Example of the Monuments of the Later Bronze Epoches of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

    Authors: Golyeva A.A. Moscow Russian Federation Shuteleva I.A. Shcherbakov N.B. Ufa Russian Federation

  4. Extraordinary Burial of the Eneolithic Burial Ground Ekaterinovsky Cape

    Authors: Korolev A.I. Kochkina A.F. Stashenkov D.A. Khokhlov A.A. Samara Russian Federation

  5. Assamblages of the Early Iron Age from the Collection of Archaeological Museum of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

    Authors: Chizhevsky A.A. Kazan Russian Federation Antipina E.E. Moscow Russian Federation Asylgaraeva G.Sh. Nuretdinova A.R. Kazan Russian Federation

  6. Palynological Studies of Cultural Layers of the Settlement Birsk

    Authors: Ovsyannikov V.V. Kurmanov R.G. Ufa Russian Federation

  7. The Mound with “Mustaches”Atasu-2

    Authors: Beisenov A.Z. Almaty Republic of Kazakhstan Torgoev А.I. Saint Petersburg Russian Federation Duysenbai D.B. Akhiyarov I.K. Almaty Republic of Kazakhstan

  8. Bone Weapons from Mesolithic Site Pogostische 15 (Typology, Technology of Manufacture, Use-Wear Traces)

    Authors: Zhilin M.G. Moscow Russian Federation Kosorukova N.V. Cherepovets Russian Federation

  9. Artifacts with General Non-Utilitarian Wear Traces in the Assemblage of the Eneolithic Flint Workshop Ugdym Ib (The Middle Vychegda, Republic of Komi)

    Authors: Karmanov V.N. Syktyvkar Russian Federation Giria E.Yu. Saint Petersburg Russian Federation

  10. Stone Tools from the Eneolithic Dwelling of Excavation 2 in Igim Settlement (According to the Results of Trasological Analisis)

    Authors: Golubeva E.N. Kazan Russian Federation

  11. Variants of Reconstruction of Stationary Dwellings of end of Bronze Age – Beginning of the Iron Age in the Western Siberian Taiga

    Authors: Borzunov V.A. Yekaterinburg Russian Federation

  12. Arkaim Textile

    Authors: Medvedeva P.S. Chelyabinsk Russian Federation

  13. New Evident of the Paleolithic in a Southern Coast of the Taganrog Bay and the Delta of the Don River

    Authors: Zorov Y.N. Rostov-on-Don Russian Federation Kolesnik A.V. Donetsk Ukraine Ocherednoy A.K. Saint Petersburg Russian Federation

  14. Recent Traces of Palaeolithic in the Donbass Region

    Authors: Moroz V.V. Donetsk Ukraine

  15. Lasta VIII – the basic Eneolithic site on the Pizhma River (Komi Republic)

    Authors: Istomina T.V. Toronto Canada Makarov A.S. Syktyvkar Russian Federation

  16. Materials of the Eneolithic from the Isakovo hillfort on the Sviyaga River

    Authors: Lyganov A.V.; Khamzin R.N.; Galimova M.Sh. Kazan Russian Federation

  17. Characteristics of stone toll-kit of the Late Eneolithic in the Ik and Belaya interfluve

    Authors: Shipilov A.V. Kazan Russian Federation

  18. Lamellar bronze grivna of the Final Bronze – Beginning Early Iron Ages

    Authors: Khusnutdinov E.A. Shaykhulakhmetov A.A. Kazan Russian Federation

  19. Material culture features of the Ananyino combed-corded wear culture in the Vyatka and Vetluga basins

    Authors: Orudzhov E.I. Kazan Russian Federation

  20. Monument of the Late – Final Bronze Age in West Part of the Orenburg Region (Burial Mound Near the Kamenka Village)

    Authors: Кuptsova L.V. Faizullin I.A. Krukova E.A. Orenburg Russian Federation

  21. Some issues in defining “ethnic and cultural components” of the Andreevka-Piseraly type of sites: burial rite

    Authors: Bugrov D.G. Kazan Russian Federation Myasnikov N.S. Cheboksary Russian Federation

  22. Review of the Monograph in the Journal: Novikov A. V. Settlements with Comb-Corded and Corded Ceramics of the Early Iron Age from the Kostroma Volga Region // Archaeology of the Eurasian Steppes. 2018, № 2. P. 7–289

    Authors: Stavitsky V.V. Penza Russian Federation

  23. For the Jubilee of Professor Andrey Mikhailovich Belavin

    Authors: Krylasova N.B. Sarapulov A.N. Perm Russian Federation

  24. Natalia Dmitrievna Aksenova (For the Jubilee of the Scholar)

    Authors: Rudenko K.A. Kazakov E.P. Kazan Russian Federation

  25. For the Jubilee of Madina Shakirovna Galimova

    Authors: Asylgaraeva G.Sh. Chizhevsky A.A. Kazan Russian Federation