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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.3, No.45

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2023-09-30

  1. The Sokolniy VIII Settlement – the New Site of the Late Neolithic in the Mari Volga Basin

    Authors: Andreev K.M.; Vybornov A.A.; Andreeva O.V.; Kulkova M.A.

  2. A New Neolithic Site in the Nothern Caspian Region

    Authors: Doga N.S; Vybornov A.A.; Gilyazov F.F; Somov A.V.; Grechkina T.Y.

  3. Early Neolithic of the Middle Don in the Light of Current Research (based on materials from the Cherkasskaya-5 site)

    Authors: Skorobogatov A.M.; Dolbunova E.V.; Roslyakova N.V.; Gasilin V.V.

  4. From the Epipaleolithic to the Middle Ages. Preliminary Research Results of the “Alebastroviy Zavod Rockshelter” in the Elbrus Region

    Authors: Golovanova L.V.; Doronichev V.B.; Rezepkin A.D.; Doronicheva E.V.; Palamarchuk R.S.

  5. Middle Trans-Urals and Western Siberia: from the Stone Age of to the Metal Age

    Authors: Korochkova O.N.

  6. Chronology of Central European Impulses in the Volga Forest Region: Fatyanovo and Abashevo Cultures

    Authors: Grigoriev S.A.

  7. Environmental and Cultural Transformations at the Turn of the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age in the Steppe Belt of Eurasia

    Authors: Kulkova M.A.

  8. Funeral Practice of the Sapalli Culture in the Reflection of Vedic Texts

    Authors: Kasparov A.R.

  9. Archaeological Research of the Southern Slopes of Karatau (Shimayla Complex)

    Authors: Murgabayev S.S.; Bakhtybayev M.M.; Maldybekova L.D.; Sizdikov B.S.; Jovita R.

  10. The Studies of the Novo-Ufa Burial Ground in 2000

    Authors: Ovsyannikov V.V.

  11. ΦΙΛΙΣΚΟΣ Ο ΜΑΧΙΜΟΣ (to the Interpretation of the Graffito from Myrmekion)

    Authors: Bekhter A.P.

  12. Bioarchaeology and Paleoclimate Aspects of the Study of the Upper Don Region Population of the Middle Bronze Age

    Authors: Vasilyev S.V.; Borutskaya S.B.; Zheludkov A.S.; Puzanova T.A.; Chendev Yu.G.; Burova N.D.; Lokhova O.V.

  13. Typological Analysis and Assessment of the Bone-Working Stone Inventory of the Zamostje 2 Late Mesolithic Layer

    Authors: Lozovskaya O.V.; Fedorova D.N.; Malyutina A.A.; Taktasheva S.D.

  14. Stone Decorations from the Chalcolithic Sites of the Upper and Middle Kama Region (an attempt at complex analysis)

    Authors: Lychagina E.L.; Smertina A.Y.; Tomilina E.M.

  15. Working of Reindeer’s Antlers at the Neolithic – Bronze Age Settlement Mayak 2 (Murmansk region)

    Authors: Malyutina A.A.; Murashkin A.I.; Taktasheva S.D.

  16. Specifics of Asbestos Utilization in the Second Half of the 4th Millenium Bc in the Eastern Fennoscandia (on the materials of lithic workshop Fofanovo XIII)

    Authors: Blyshko D.V.; Danilov G.K.; Zhul'nikov А.М.; Nedomolkina N.G.; Tarasov А.Yu.

  17. Experimental Work on the Production of Ceramics of the Chirik-Rabat Culture

    Authors: Utubayev Zh.R.; Bolelov S.B.; Kalieva Zh.S.; Suyundikova M.K.; Kassenova A.D.