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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.4, No.14

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2015-12-20

  1. Complex of finds from a destroyed early medieval burial in the north of Tatarstan

    Authors: Bugrov D.G. Kazan; Republic of Tatarstan; Russian Federation

  2. Polyanskoe III settlement (on the issue of exploration of the lands across the Kama River by the imenkovo population)

    Authors: Kazakov E.P.; Salugina N.P.

  3. Relationships between the Slavic world and the Khazar Kaganate on the Seversky Donets river: an ethnocultural aspect

    Authors: Koloda V.V. Kharkiv; Ukraine

  4. Signs on bricks of the Semikarakorsk fortress

    Authors: Flyorov V.S.; Flyorova V.E.

  5. On fortification of ancient settlements of the western Volga region

    Authors: Gubaidullin A.M.; Mukhamadiev A.G.

  6. Plan of the Golden Horde Bolgar town: history and perspectives of research

    Authors: Badeev D.Yu.; Valiev R.R.

  7. Medical-forensic research of injuries on the skulls discovered during archaeological excavations on Bolgar fortified settlement

    Authors: Zholobov A.I.; Kiryagin K.V.; Gazimzyanov I.R.

  8. Examining archaeological objects on the territory of the Uvek fortified settlement in 2014 (preliminary report)

    Authors: Kubankin D.A.

  9. Travelers’ notes (14th?15th centures) about the town of Caffa

    Authors: Bocharov S.G.

  10. The most widespread glazed imports of Crimean production and some issues relating to East European trade in the 14th century

    Authors: Bocharov S.G. Simferopol; Russian Federation; Maslovskiy A.N. Azov; Russia

  11. Ugric peoples in the Cis-Ural region: continued

    Authors: Ivanov V.A. Ufa; Russian Federation

  12. On archaeological definition of ethnic group: continued

    Authors: Izmaylov I.L. Kazan; Russian Federation

  13. On the methodology of palaeohistorical reconstructions

    Authors: Napolskikh V.V. Izhevsk; Russian Federation

  14. On the role of the nomads in development of material culture of the Volga Bulgaria and the bulgarian ulus of the Golden Horde

    Authors: Rudenko K.A.; Kazakov E.P. Kazan; Russian Federation

  15. Bronze poleaxe from Zlatoust museum

    Authors: Kuzminykh S.V. Moscow; Russian Federation; Vinogradov N.B. Chelyabinsk; Russian Federation

  16. Archaeological research at Kuchumovo hillfort (Isker) in 2014

    Authors: Adamov A.A. Tobolsk; Russian Federation

  17. Sphero-conical vessels from dig CLXV at Bolgar fortified settlement

    Authors: Nuretdinova A.R. Kazan; Russian Federation; Belyaev A.V. Bolgar; Russian federation

  18. Funerary kaliga from Malaya Ryazan burial ground of the Golden Horde time on the Samarskаya Luka: problems of restoration and attribution

    Authors: Kochkina A.F. Samara; Russian Federation; Levykina T.A. Moscow; Russian Federation

  19. E.A. Khalikova’s Searches and Discoveries in the Volga-Kama Archaeology (on the occasion of her 85th birthday)

    Authors: Valiulina S.I. Kazan; Russian Federation; Kochkina A.F. Samara; Russian Federation; Khuzin F.Sh. Kazan; Russian Federation

  20. Ad memoriam E.A. Begovatov (1937?2015)

    Authors: Kochkina A.F. Samara; Russian Federation