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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.1, No.87

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-07-16

  1. The analysis of the dynamics of tb incidence among children under the age of 18 years for 2012-2017 in baikonur with using time series

    Authors: Alimbaeva Aknur Alzhapbarovna; Denisov Evgeniy Nikolaevich; Denisova Aleksandra Eduardovna; Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Kolosova Natalya Ivanovna

  2. Enhancing communicative skills in EFL learners

    Authors: Begizova Madina

  3. Cultural specific of translation of phraseological units in English, Russian and Karakalpak languages

    Authors: Seytimbetova Aykumar Pulatbaevna

  4. Development of the requirements of set-theoretic models of the employee and the position

    Authors: Asadullaev Rustam Gennadevich; Grebenik Artem Aleksandrovich

  5. On the main aspects of improving the training of specialists for practical health care

    Authors: Zaytseva Natalya Vladimirovna; Chernakova Oksana Petrovna

  6. Formation of P.n. Miliukova as academic historian

    Authors: Abdullaeva Mariem Shapievna

  7. Analysis of volunteer activities of college students

    Authors: Vinogradova Elena Sergeevna; Gorislavskaya Anastasiya Alekseevna

  8. Processing the results of experimental data on the determination of the working indices of the developed device for weight determination

    Authors: Isanberdin Ilnur Railevich

  9. Information technologies of interaction in municipal government

    Authors: Yulanov Vazir Kadirovich

  10. Sorption of heavy metal ions by the polysaccharide sorbent juice

    Authors: Belova Natalya Aleksandrovna; Dzyubina Anastasiya Andreevna; Nikiforova Tatyana Evgenevna; Smirnova Nikol Eduardovna

  11. Analysis of foreign experience in applying public-private partnership mechanisms for health development

    Authors: Puzikov Roman Vladimirovich

  12. Analysis of foreign domesticexperience in applying public-private partnership mechanisms for health development

    Authors: Puzikov Roman Vladimirovich

  13. On the issue of popularizing a healthy lifestyle among students

    Authors: Kuzmina Anna Yurevna

  14. Organization of unknown calculations in commercial banks

    Authors: Datsenko Aleksey Valerevich

  15. Overview of devices and equipment for repairing fire-fighting equipment

    Authors: Kisilev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  16. Using Agile methods in enterprise management

    Authors: Akimenko Svetlana Anatolevna; Barlit Darya Sergeevna; Pavlov Artem Yurevich

  17. Training of economic profile in the digital space

    Authors: Konakova Ekaterina Andreevna

  18. Plastic bank cards and perspective directions of their development

    Authors: Vechkanov Artem Sergeevich; Madulloev Abdurakhmon Akramovich

  19. Running, as a means of strengthening health

    Authors: Saleev Eldar Rafaelevich; Khalitova Ruzilya Radikovna; Shagaeva Alina Aydarovna

  20. Analysis of the fiscal policy of the Russian Federation in 2018 and the main issues of its improvement

    Authors: Rymanova Tatyana Yurevna

  21. The reasons for the adoption of the laws of 1906

    Authors: Alimguzin Dinislam Ruslanovich; Shaymukhametov Almaz Zaminovich

  22. Improvement of the work of local governments in the sphere of water supply of housing stock

    Authors: Zenkina Yuliya Mikhaylovna

  23. Phraseological concepts in modern linguistics

    Authors: Kadirova Nodira Kamilovna

  24. Proverbs are as a parameological unit

    Authors: Mukhammadieva Madina Eshmakhamat kizi

  25. Ways of forming English idioms

    Authors: Khan Tatyana

  26. Synthesis of telecommunication terminals relating to a complex interference on the basis of the methods of the theory of artificial intelligence

    Authors: Shapkarin Aleksey Mikhaylovich; Shatovkin Roman Rodionovich

  27. Modern illegal migration as one of the main threats to the countrys national security

    Authors: Andryushenkov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

  28. Difficulties in teaching articles and the ways of their solution for A2 level learners

    Authors: Mukhamedova Nigora Abdulkhaevna

  29. Cultural connotation of phraseological units in Russian, English and Karakalpak languages

    Authors: Seytimbetova Aykumar Pulatbaevna

  30. Gnoseological analysis of the problem artificial intelligence

    Authors: Shapkarin Aleksey Mikhaylovich

  31. Philosophical aspects of the problem of artificial intelligence (possibility of existence, security, useful)

    Authors: Shapkarin Aleksey Mikhaylovich

  32. The prospects of internationalization of teaching foreign languages on the basis of the introduction of online technologies in the master degree

    Authors: Tukhtakhodzhaeva Zulfiya Tukhtaevna

  33. The role of Teacher Observation in Secondary Schools

    Authors: Mukhamedova Nigora Abdulkhaevna

  34. The role of psychological features in the use of technical means of teaching

    Authors: Mavlyanova Nargiza Abdulkhaevna

  35. Degrees of Equivalence in the Translation of Headlines

    Authors: Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  36. The problem of the adequacy of communication in the theory of simultaneous interpretation

    Authors: Mukhamedova Nigora Abdulkhaevna

  37. Career potential of personality

    Authors: Machulskaya Alina Vitalevna; Nikolaeva Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

  38. Integrated assessment of indicators for efficiency of fuel and energy complex

    Authors: Shumega Vasiliy Vladimirovich

  39. Power management in the mining company by results of power audit

    Authors: Shumega Vasiliy Vladimirovich

  40. Proverbs are as a parameological unit

    Authors: Mukhammadieva Madina Eshmakhmatovna

  41. The importance of teaching phrasal verbs

    Authors: Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  42. Fraud using electronic means of payment: fiction or reality?

    Authors: Andryushenkov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

  43. Ways of optimization of language proficiency testing in Uzbekistan

    Authors: Tukhtakhodzhaeva Zulfiya Tukhtaevna

  44. Examination methods of cities passenger transportation of general use

    Authors: Koleber Yuliya Andreevna

  45. Health and Entertainment Service for Children in Ryazan region

    Authors: Lobusheva Aleksandra Dmitrievna

  46. Implementation of ITIL provisions in software products using 1C:ITIL as an example

    Authors: Khizhnyak Yuliya Dmitrievna

  47. Training as a group learning method

    Authors: Zhuraeva Turgunoy Umarzhonovna

  48. Motivation training activities

    Authors: Inomidinov Azamzhon Valizhonovich

  49. Advantages of the group form psychological works

    Authors: Mamaturaimova Mokhina Abdulaziz kizi

  50. The peculiarity of the friendly relations of students

    Authors: Boltaboev Azizbek Khasanboy ugli

  51. Activities Iishokxon Ibrat and prospects for the youth of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Alieva Zulkhumor Zhabbor kizi; Zhurakhonov Ozodbek Oybek ugli

  52. Diagnosis and development of the emotional sphere and mental resilience of employees of EMERCOM of Russia

    Authors: Savinkov Stanislav Nikolaevich

  53. Problematic issues in the sphere of legalization (laundering) of funds or other property acquired by other persons by criminal means

    Authors: Suntsova Nadezhda Albertovna; Filippova Nina Ivanovna

  54. Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of the CRM system

    Authors: Toichkina Margarita Andreevna

  55. Forming and accounting of mutual fund in the agricultural production cooperative

    Authors: Kulkova Nadezhda Serafimovna

  56. Aromamarketing, as an instrument of influence on the client

    Authors: Toichkina Margarita Andreevna

  57. Construction of microstructure of activated carbon by thermal carbonization of wood

    Authors: Khalikov Rauf Muzagitovich; Sharipov Rashit Akhmetovich

  58. Control system of a gearless electric drive of a shredder of leaf-forage feeds

    Authors: Moiseev Aleksey Sergeevich