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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.120, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2020-12-16

  1. Some methods of optimal placement of elements of electrical and electronic circuits

    Authors: Abas Visam Makhdi Abas

  2. Environmental characteristics of oil trace elements

    Authors: Latypova Guzel Ilgisovna; Sharafutdinova Gulnara Minigayanovna; Barakhnina Vera Borisovna; Saitova Kseniya Albertovna

  3. Building a neural network model based on multidimensional data

    Authors: Antipin Andrey Fedorovich; Antipina Evgeniya Viktorovna

  4. Construction of culverts road infrastructure using steel fiber-reinforced concrete

    Authors: Garifullina Gulnaz Failovna; Yakovlev Vladimir Valentinovich

  5. Collection and disposal of mercury lamps on the example of solid municipal waste

    Authors: Dmitrieva Liana Alekseevna

  6. Development of a labor safety management system for the municipal unitary enterprise "Special automobile cleaning office"

    Authors: Dmitrieva Liana Alekseevna; Barakhnina Vera Borisovna; Gilyazov Agdas Akhatovich

  7. Atlas Copco. Industrial air compressors by SF series

    Authors: Pikanerov Dmitriy Yurevich

  8. Effective heat disposal systems using modular units air cooling

    Authors: Stolbova Galina Sergeevna

  9. Use of energy-saving technologies in the enterprise. Heat pumps

    Authors: Stolbova Galina Sergeevna

  10. Algorithm for solving the inverse problem of distribution of a heterogeneous flight resource

    Authors: Fokin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  11. Features of the Fishburne Method Application in Flight Resource Distribution Problems

    Authors: Fokin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  12. Kabardian horse breed

    Authors: Amshokov Khazhismel Kasimovich; Zhekamukhov Magomed Khasanovich; Khaudov Aliy-Bek Danilbekovich; Taova Zareta Khazhismelevna; Berbekova Natalya Vladimirovna; Batyrova Olga Aleksandrovna

  13. The concept and historical cycle of development of bribery

    Authors: Shakhbanova Khadizhat Magomedovna

  14. On the question of abolition of serfdom in the history of the state and the law of russia

    Authors: Fedorushkina Lyudmila Sergeevna

  15. Trends in the development of corporate lending at Sberbank

    Authors: Litvinova Alla Vladimirovna; Vasilev Aleksey Viktorovich

  16. Problems of corporate lending development at Sberbank

    Authors: Parfenova Mariya Viktorovna; Vasileva Natalya Sergeevna

  17. Small business lending problems in Russia

    Authors: Litvinova Alla Vladimirovna; Nesterova Lyudmila Konstantinovna

  18. To the question of the methodology for developing the financial plan of the enterprise

    Authors: Kasyuk Elena Anatolevna; Kasyuk Anatoliy Vladimirovich

  19. Ways to Strengthen the Financial Condition of Russian Commercial Organizations at the Present Stage

    Authors: Parfenova Mariya Viktorovna; Zholud Anastasiya Andreevna; Dosova Alfina Arturovna

  20. On the essence of a comprehensive analysis of the financial condition of an economic entity

    Authors: Kasyuk Elena Anatolevna; Kasyuk Anatoliy Vladimirovich

  21. Methodology for monitoring the financial performance of the organization

    Authors: Zabaznova Valeriya Ivanovna; Kharlamova Ekaterina Evgenevna

  22. The modern technologies in medical care

    Authors: Zelinskaya Yuliya Sergeevna; Bakalskaya Elena Viktorovna

  23. Implementation of state support for tourism development in the Altai krai

    Authors: Ilin Vsevolod Nikolaevich; Frolkov Yaroslav Aleksandrovich

  24. Authentic materials and cultural content in EFL classrooms

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  25. The role of English language for effective communication

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  26. Using Socratic method in seminars

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  27. Teaching communication skills with an emphasis on listening

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  28. Improving writing skills — the role of grammar

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  29. Effective methods of teaching receptive skills

    Authors: Zhalolova Kamola Saydazimovna; Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  30. Technique for teaching intercultural competence in foreign language education

    Authors: Begizova Madina Karimovna

  31. Two heroines with the same name: comparative analysis of Liza N. M. Karamzin («Poor Liza») and Liza A. S. Pushkin («The young lady-peasant»)

    Authors: Saushkina Lyudmila Vladimirovna

  32. Conversation and shortening as productive word formation means

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  33. Using foreign language in the classroom

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  34. The structure of modern English language

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  35. Word formation in modern English

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  36. The English language varieties

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  37. Compounding as a major type of word formation

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  38. Language means of creating the image of A.V. Suvorov in the memoirs of the Swedish statesman count Gustav Moritz Armfeldt

    Authors: Sorokina Lyubov Mikhaylovna

  39. Phraseology as a subsystem of language

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  40. Russian Russian laziness as one of the qualities of a Russian person and the specifics of its artistic implementation in Russian literature

    Authors: Eremina Viktoriya Vladimirovna

  41. Formation of the English language by stages

    Authors: Beysembaeva Aygerim Urazanbekovna

  42. Place of aphorisms in the narrative system of authors — representatives of literature of russian abroad

    Authors: Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna; Sedysheva Valeriya Olegovna

  43. Problematic issues of qualification non-execution of a court verdict, court decision or other judicial act

    Authors: Dmitrieva Elena Aleksandrovna

  44. On the social and legal conditionality of detention as the most severe measure of criminal procedure coercion

    Authors: Chuprinov Aleksey Yurevich; Bilyaev Vladimir Aleksandrovich

  45. Principles of civil law

    Authors: Kovanev Ivan Vladimirovich

  46. Problems of invalidity and non-execution of transactions

    Authors: Kovaneva Valeriya Andreevna

  47. Economic rights of the child

    Authors: Mishura Natalya Amirovna; Mishura Viktoriya Olegovna

  48. Leaving in danger: the ratio of article 106 of the criminal code and article 125 of the criminal code

    Authors: Antonenko Dmitriy Vladimirovich

  49. Brief overview of the solution of the problems of dual citizenship in the law of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Babkova Alina Yurevna; Bystrov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich

  50. Features of criminal responsibility and punishment of women

    Authors: Shakhbanova Khadizhat Magomedovna

  51. Criminal characterization of the involvement of a minor in the commission of antisocial actions

    Authors: Zaidova Manarsha Usmakhanovna

  52. Murder in the Russkaya Pravda and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: a comparative analysis

    Authors: Babkova Alina Yurevna; Bystrov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich

  53. Consequences for victims of crimes under articles 134 and 135 of the criminal code

    Authors: Sharapova Lesya Yurevna

  54. Pedagogical conditions for the formation of family and moral values among schoolchildren in extracurricular activities

    Authors: Andreeva Olga Vasilevna

  55. Learning the topic of "Adverb" in the lessons of the native (erzian) language using project learning technology

    Authors: Vodyasova Lyubov Petrovna; Konakova Irina Valentinovna

  56. Synergetic potential of language and culture learning in the course of a foreign language by students of non-language facults

    Authors: Nebieridze Polina Kornelievna

  57. Features of the emotional sphere of older preschool children with mental retardation

    Authors: Voronin Sergey Vladimirovich; Ushkova Vladlena Dmitrievna

  58. The need to study the character

    Authors: Patimat Rasulovna Zubairova

  59. Influence of the type of temperament on the success of educational activities

    Authors: Limonova Ekaterina Maksimovna; Malinina Yana Vladimirovna

  60. Psychological aspects of eating disorders

    Authors: Nechaeva Anna Andreevna; Antonova Oksana Andreevna

  61. The role of virtual communication in the life of young people

    Authors: Nedozrelova Yuliya Sergeevna

  62. Study of emotional burnout of mothers raising children with mental retardation

    Authors: Romanova Tatyana Sergeevna; Bazaleva Lyubov Aleksandrovna

  63. The meaning of emotions in human life

    Authors: Mityurnikova Kseniya Arturovna

  64. The research of anxiety characteristics of primary school children with signs of minimal brain dysfunction

    Authors: Karandashova Aleksandra Sergeevna; Bazaleva Lyubov Aleksandrovna

  65. Study on Gender Aspects of Emotions and Aggression

    Authors: Nikolina Tatyana Aleksandrovna; Khaeva Anna Igorevna

  66. The psychology of loneliness

    Authors: Pakholenko Irina Sergeevna; Rvyanin Daniil Mikhaylovich