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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.142, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2024-04-15

  1. Etymology of the ethnonyms Polovces and Pechenegs

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  2. Shadow schemes in government procurement as a type of economic crime

    Authors: Butsanets Arseniy Vasilevich; Mavrina Kseniya Andreevna

  3. Accounting reflection of transactions with the digital ruble

    Authors: Elistratov Andrey Dmitrievich

  4. Warehouse management system: a key factor for business success in modern logistics

    Authors: Parfenyuk Veronika Sergeevna; Grigovich Anastasiya Nikolaevna

  5. Investment climate in the national economy

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Semenova Zhanna Andreevna

  6. Insurance as a way to increase economic security

    Authors: Sazonskiy Vyacheslav Dmitrievich

  7. Features of the formation of innovative activity of enterprises

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Sibagatullina Izaliya Ramilevna

  8. Neural networks in inclusive marketing

    Authors: Kushnirchuk Margarita Nikolaevna

  9. Clusters in the regional economy system

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Mukhlynina Kristina Damirovna

  10. Features of the development of the digital education market in Belarus and foreign countries

    Authors: Vakulich Natalya Aleksandrovna; Dmitruchina Aleksandr Nikolaevich

  11. Distribution of economic resources across Russia

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Vasileva Kristina Vladislavovna

  12. Philosophical understanding of the problem of good and evil

    Authors: Ivanov Vladislav Sergeevich

  13. Peculiarities of legal texts in simultaneous interpretation

    Authors: Safaralieva Aziza Ashurovna; Akhmedov Oybek Safarboevich

  14. Features of debt collection under a loan agreement concluded between citizens under Russian law

    Authors: Rakhimova Ekaterina Anatolevna

  15. Fulfillment of obligations. The concept and principles of fulfillment of obligations

    Authors: Simonova Elizaveta Konstantinovna

  16. The concept and types of forms of law

    Authors: Tyurikova Mariya Sergeevna

  17. Necessary defense and protection of the individual from criminal liability

    Authors: Akhmetshin Nikita Denisovich

  18. Legalization (laundering) of criminal proceeds: issues of theory and practice

    Authors: Penner Egor Aleksandrovich

  19. The limitation period. Limitation periods and their application

    Authors: Lvova Elizaveta Valerevna

  20. The circle of persons provided with state pensions

    Authors: Lvova Elizaveta Valerevna

  21. Cybercrime Investigation Process

    Authors: Bogush Olesya Vladimirovna

  22. The procedure for appointment and conduct forensic examination

    Authors: Vedrov Sergey Yurevich

  23. Building basic competences in students based on an interactive approach

    Authors: Avezova Zaynab Ravshanovna

  24. Ensuring international harmony and religious tolerance among students as a social-pedagogical problem

    Authors: Rashidova Nigina Ramshidovna

  25. The role of the teacher in the formation of a harmonious personality of the student

    Authors: Ivanova Kseniya Sergeevna

  26. Spiritual and moral education in history lessons

    Authors: Abdrashitova Irina Petrovna

  27. Features of the methodology of educational work in institutions of secondary vocational education (on the example of the St. Petersburg College of Automotive Mechanics)

    Authors: Zhukov Stanislav Valentinovich; Luchkovskiy Rodion Nikolaevich; Palanduzyan Elena Yurevna; Palanduzyan Yuriy Khalatovich

  28. Advanced study of biology with gifted children: why it is important and how it is implemented

    Authors: Yarullina Alisa Maratovna; Kutneeva Elena Nikolaevna

  29. Methodological aspects of professional training of IT specialists using the LeetCode resource

    Authors: Glushchenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna; Savitskiy Yuriy Viktorovich

  30. Methodology for constructing an educational process when studying disciplines in the field of intelligent information processing technologies

    Authors: Savitskiy Yuriy Viktorovich

  31. The role of professional self-determination of students in the process of studying in secondary vocational education programs

    Authors: Pilipenko Mariya Sergeevna

  32. Features of the implementation of the subject-spatial environment in kindergarten for children with functional visual impairments

    Authors: Oreshkina Elena Mikhaylovna

  33. Reading that captivates the mind and heart

    Authors: Filippova Elizaveta Anatolevna

  34. Conservative treatment of uterine leiomyoma

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  35. Modern aspects of hepatitis C therapy

    Authors: Samigulov Artur Sabirovich; Landar Larisa Nikolaevna

  36. Modern aspects of pharmacological correction of tick-borne borreliosis caused by borrelia miyamotoi

    Authors: Samigulov Artur Sabirovich

  37. Theoretical study of the emotional and volitional sphere of the convicts personality

    Authors: Talalaeva Alina Alekseevna

  38. An experiment to test the psychotechnology of optimizing the experiences of convicts with a long sentence

    Authors: Talalaeva Alina Alekseevna

  39. Features of the emotional and volitional sphere of the personality of those sentenced to long terms of imprisonment: diagnosis and correction

    Authors: Talalaeva Alina Alekseevna

  40. Studying of the conflict behavior of convicts in the context of the penal system’s development

    Authors: Khokhlova Yuliya Aleksandrovna

  41. The theoretical aspect of the motivational and personal sphere of drug-addicted convicts

    Authors: Dymich Denis Olegovich

  42. Features of psychocorrection of the personality of a convicted person with aggressive behavior

    Authors: Darkina Nina Viktorovna

  43. Features of psychoemotional states of male convicts with long terms of imprisonment

    Authors: Darkina Nina Viktorovna

  44. Youth extremism

    Authors: Tuchkova Sofiya Andreevna

  45. Psychocorrective work with convicts prone to deviant behaviors

    Authors: Prokofeva Sofiya Alekseevna

  46. Psychological analysis of the approaches of russian scientists to the study of the problem of suicidal behavior

    Authors: Ledkova Evgeniya Sergeevna

  47. Penitentiary and psychological studies of psychological support for convicts prone to suicidal behavior

    Authors: Ledkova Evgeniya Sergeevna

  48. Psychological features of adaptation of persons sentenced to imprisonment for the first time

    Authors: Azikova Anastasiya Valentinovna

  49. Features of the emotional-volitional sphere of the personality of a convicted person

    Authors: Azikov Aleksey Sergeevich

  50. Prevention and correction of post-traumatic stress disorders of employees of the penal system

    Authors: Gorshkova Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  51. Game and play activities as a means of developing communication skills in older preschoolers

    Authors: Sasova Svetlana Yurevna

  52. Changes in morphological properties of trees in deciduous forests depending on the impact of environmental factors

    Authors: Gulinchuk Denis Alekseevich

  53. The uniqueness of lake Turgoyak and its connection with lake Baikal

    Authors: Ardushevskiy Mikhail Evgenevich; Pilipenko Mariya Sergeevna