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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.1

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-01-05

  1. The Effects of Miscommunication between Supervising Officers and Supervised Employees on Company Attrition and Employee Resignation

    Authors: Diabelle Joy Macadangdang Pazcoguin

  2. Application of Online Intelligent Remote Condition Monitoring Management in Thermal Power Plant Maintenance: Study of ThermPower Plant in Zimbabwe

    Authors: IgnatioMadanhire; Kumbi Mugwindiri; Leanmark Mayahle

  3. Cloud Computing: Technical Challenges and CloudSim Functionalities

    Authors: Firas D. Ahmed; Amer Al Nejam

  4. Export Policy of the Government of Bangladesh: An Impact and Evaluation on Economy

    Authors: Alak Kumar Saha

  5. Effects of Corrective Feedback on Academic Achievements of Students: Case of Government Secondary Schools in Pakistan

    Authors: Iqbal Ahmad; Muhammad Saeed; Muhmmad Salam

  6. Chemical Composition and Biodiesel Production from Snake Gourd (Trichosanthes Cucumerina) Seeds

    Authors: Adeniyi Olufemi Adesina; Isiaka Adekunle Amoo

  7. Study of Image Segmentation using Thresholding Technique on a Noisy Image

    Authors: Fari Muhammad Abubakar

  8. Advanced Filter and Minutia Matching For Fingerprint Recognition

    Authors: J.Venkatesh; V.D. Ambeth Kumar

  9. Neural Network based Fingerprint Classification

    Authors: S R Patil Waghjale; S R Suralkar

  10. Image Segmentation using Improved Bacterial Foraging Algorithm

    Authors: Beenu; Sukhwinder Kaur

  11. Rights Approach to Food and Nutrition Security

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed Idris

  12. Leadership and Motivation in Technical and Vocational Organization

    Authors: Azliana Binti Hussin

  13. Technology and Humanity: A Humanist Approach

    Authors: Samuel Asuquo Ekanem

  14. The Impact of Cultural Factors on the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Hyderabad, Sindh

    Authors: Ayaz Ahmed Chachar; Carmine Franco De Vita; Saleha Parveen; Zubair Ahmed Chachar

  15. Offline Handwritten Character Recognition Techniques using Neural Network: A Review

    Authors: Vijay Laxmi Sahu; Babita Kubde

  16. Distributed Data Mining and Multi Agent-Based Distributed Data Clustering

    Authors: Annan Naidu Paidi

  17. Security and Privacy Issues in High Level MANET Protocol

    Authors: Kirti Nahak; Babita Kubde

  18. Implementation of Route Optimization Mobile IP to Analyze the TCP Performance during Handoff

    Authors: Rajesh Singh Thakur; Babita Kubde

  19. A Study on Achromatic Coloring Graphs and its Applications

    Authors: V.Kavitha; R.Govindarajan

  20. Hybridization of Routing and Tolerant Security Mechanism for WANET

    Authors: Gavendra Sahu; Neelabh Sao

  21. Urbanization and its Impact on Coastal Eco Tourism in West Bengal

    Authors: Pijush Kanti Dandapath; Manojit Mondal

  22. Performance and Reliability of Computer System

    Authors: D.S Kushwaha; Jyotsna Sinha

  23. A Survey on Routing Protocols of Location Aware and Data Centric Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Gayatri Prajapati; Palak Parmar

  24. JPEG Picture Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform

    Authors: Nitesh Kumar More; Sipi Dubey

  25. Comparative Study on Face Recognition using HGPP, PCA, LDA, ICA and SVM

    Authors: Hardik Kadiya

  26. Development and Analysis of Stego Image Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Umashankar Dewangan; Monisha Sharma; Swagota Bera

  27. A Study on Motivation Scheme for Executive Employees with Special References to Bhilai Steel Plant

    Authors: A.K. Mishra; Paridhi Bhandari

  28. A Study on Impact of Kisan Credit Card Scheme among the Beneficiary Farmers in Sehore District of Madhya Pradesh

    Authors: Arvind Sharma; Sandhya Choudhary; V.K. Swarnakar

  29. Architecture for Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Data using Standalone Desktop based Cluster

    Authors: Suja P Mathews; Sunu George

  30. Cochlear Implant in Deaf and Blind Patient

    Authors: Rajesh Vishwakarma; Kalpesh Patel; Simple Patadia; Pratibha Goswami; Chandrakant Vishwakarma

  31. Design of GPS and GSM Based Vehicle Location and Tracking System

    Authors: Patel Krishna Harshadbhai

  32. Austere Universe

    Authors: Honey Das; Zohra Begum

  33. Modeling of Hybrid Wind-Photo Voltaic Energy Systems for Grid Connected Applications Based on Conventional and Fuzzy Logic Controllers

    Authors: V. Prasanna; N.PremaKumar

  34. Heat Transfer Analysis of Micro Channel Heat Sink

    Authors: Nivesh Agrawal; Mahesh Dewangan

  35. Morphometric Analysis using Arc GIS Techniques A Case Study of Dharurvagu, South Eastern Part of Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: V.Harinath; V.Raghu

  36. Implementation of Rank Based Semantics Association for Service Discovery and Composition

    Authors: T. Priyaradhikadevi; R. M. S. Parvathi; G.Ezhilarasi

  37. A Survey on Weather Monitoring System in Agriculture Zone using Zigbee

    Authors: Kalyani G. Gajbhiye; Snehlata S. Dongre

  38. Hydrogeomorphology in Relation with other Natural Resources: A Case Study of Jilledubanda Eru Watershed, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: V. Harinath; V. Raghu; K. Mruthyunjaya Reddy

  39. ANN based Technique for Discrimination between Magnetizing Inrush and Internal Fault Currents in Transformer

    Authors: Mudita Mathur; Vinay Barhate

  40. Multi Layer Aperture Coupled Micro Strip Antenna with Variation in Dielectric Constants

    Authors: Ajay Mohan; Jitendra Kumar; Vinay Kumar Verma

  41. Survey on Security Challenge for Data forwarding in Cloud

    Authors: Tushar A. Rane; Shrishail T. Patil; Anita H. Khade

  42. Performance Analysis of AODV and OLSR Routing Protocol with Different Topologies

    Authors: Thakore Mitesh C

  43. An Approach towards Recognition of Size and Shape Independent Bangla Handwritten Numerals

    Authors: Amitava Choudhury; Joydeep Mukherjee

  44. Message Embedding In PNG File Using LSB Steganographic Technique

    Authors: Wai Wai Zin

  45. Characterization of Black Shale of Chimiari Khyber Pakthunkhawa Region of Pakistan for Its Potential as Multi Minerals

    Authors: Muhammad Tariq; Abdul Aziz; Muhammad Shafiq; Muhammad Sajjad; Muhammad Mansoor Iqbal; Bashir Muhammad

  46. Conceptual study on Ontology based Application and its Specification in Information Science

    Authors: Chauhan Vipul; Chauhan Falguni

  47. Numerical Quadrilateral Distance Relay

    Authors: Tushar Yesansure

  48. Enhancing Environmental Efficiency through use of Cleaner Production Technology in the Fertilizer Production Industry: A Case Study of FertCo in Zimbabwe

    Authors: Ignatio Madanhire; Innocent Moyo; Lovemore Kagande

  49. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Private Commercial Banks: A Case Study on Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Mizanur Rahman; Md. Feroz Iqbal

  50. A Hybrid-FAIL Dynamic Channel Allocation Method in GSM System

    Authors: Zahedi Azam; Saif Mohammad Towfiqul Islam; Aktar uzzaman

  51. A Robust Audio Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Psychoacoustics Model

    Authors: Meghali Deokate; Sanjay Ganorkar

  52. Accessory Soleus - A Case Report

    Authors: Rosemol Xaviour; Girijamony V K

  53. Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) - A Review

    Authors: S.Divya; B.Murugesakumar

  54. Survey on Security Systems for Mobile Network

    Authors: Lokesh Giripunje; Sonali Nimbhorkar

  55. Combination of Squat and Plyometric Training Program on the Development of Power Production and Skill Performance of Inter Collegiate Men Volleyball Players

    Authors: R.Annadurai; S.Rajaram

  56. Influence of Government Policy, Legal Policy and Social Infrastructure on the E-Adoption: A Cross Country Analysis

    Authors: Priya Mary Mathew

  57. Improved Image Compression using Hybrid Transform

    Authors: Chander Mukhi; Pallavi Nayyar; Mandeep Singh Saini

  58. Design and Implementation of DDR SDRAM Controller using Verilog

    Authors: Priyanka Bibay; Anil Kumar Sahu; Vivek Kumar Chandra

  59. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and its Applications

    Authors: Beena R. Ballal; Ankit Chadha; Neha Satam

  60. Analysis of Networked Control of Speed of DC Motor using Neural Network

    Authors: Yogendra Narayan; Sunil Kumar

  61. Myanmar Spell Checker

    Authors: Aye Myat Mon; Thandar Thein

  62. Some Tribological Investigations on Zinc Base Alloy

    Authors: Vijaykumar N Chalwa; Nishal Kadli

  63. Recommendation of Web Pages for Online users using Web Log Data

    Authors: V.Chitraa; Antony Selvadoss Thanamani

  64. A Survey on Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: N.Nithya; R.Maruthaveni

  65. High Level Synthesis Scheduling with Evolutionary Programming

    Authors: Shilpa Gundagi; Sangamesh

  66. Automated CAD for Lung Nodule Detection using CT Scan

    Authors: Shilpa Gundagi

  67. Assessment of the Economic Impact of Full Scale use of Domestic Solar Water Heaters in Zimbabwe in Comparison with other Electrical Management Options

    Authors: Lovemore Kagande; Ignatio Madanhire; Canicius Matsungo

  68. Perception of the Bukusus on Traditional Male Circumcision Practices and their Risks, Bungoma District, Kenya

    Authors: Florence Mbachi; Mary Kariuki

  69. Non Linear Modeling of Split Phase Type Single Phase Induction Motor

    Authors: Sujay Sarkar; Subhro Paul; Pradip Kumar Saha; Gautam Kumar Panda

  70. The Adequacy of Instructional Materials and Physical Facilities and their Effects on Quality of Teacher Preparation in Emerging Private Primary Teacher Training Colleges in Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Sarah Likoko; Stanley Mutsotso; Joseph Nasongo

  71. A Study on the Impact of Training on Employees in SRF Ltd, Viralimalai, Trichy

    Authors: N. Renganayaki

  72. Customer Relationship Management and Bank Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Validation Study

    Authors: Kenneth C. Adiele; Justin M.O. Gabriel

  73. Determinants of Farmers Participation Decision on Local Seed Multiplication in Amhara Region,Ethiopia: A Double Hurdle Approach

    Authors: Mesay Yami; TekluTesfaye; Adam Bekele

  74. An Experimental Study on Parametric Optimization of High Carbon Steel (EN-31) by using Silicon Powder Mixed Dielectric EDM Process

    Authors: Devdatt R. Vhatkar; B.R.Jadhav

  75. Increasing Incidence of Dermatophytic Infection among Patients

    Authors: Jha BK; Mahadeva Murthy S

  76. A Survey on Bayesian Visual Reranking

    Authors: Nightingale.D; Akila Agnes

  77. Design of a Single-Phase PV Fed Nine Level Inverter to Drive an Induction Motor

    Authors: K.Sharmila Sowjanya; Sri. M. Gopichand Naik; J.V.G. Rama Rao

  78. Comparison of Compensation Techniques using Multilevel Inverter based Active Power Filter in High Voltage Systems

    Authors: N.V.N. Anusha; Sri. M. Gopichand Naik; D. Deepak Chowdary

  79. Spatial and Temporal Variations in Physical and Chemical Parameters in Water of Rupsha South Western BangladeshRiver and Relationship with Edaphic Factors in Khulna

    Authors: Syeda Mushahida-Al-Noor; Sk. Kamruzzaman

  80. Natural Radioactivity and Associated Radiation Hazards in some Commonly Consumed Tubers and Cereals in Oil Mining Lease (OML) 58 and 61, Oil and Gas Producing Areas, Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

    Authors: Avwiri G.O.; Alao A.A

  81. Interleaved Voltage Source Converters Based Enhanced Asymmetric Space Vector Modulation for Total Harmonic Distortion Diminution

    Authors: R.Arun kumar; S.Sankarananth; V.RaviKumar; T.Bharani Prakash

  82. Determinants of Audit Expectation Gap: Evidence from Limited Companies in Kenya

    Authors: Charles Guandaru Kamau

  83. Indoor Air Pollution from Burning Biomass&Child Health

    Authors: Nimesh Patel; Benita Okocha; Swastika Narayan; Manthan Sheth

  84. Equivalence of the 3 Methods of Estimating Bad Debts

    Authors: Damito D. Magpantay

  85. Privacy Preserving Suppression Algorithm for Anonymous Databases

    Authors: Ebin P.M; Brilley Batley. C

  86. Research and Development of Portable Instrumentation Lab using Arm-7

    Authors: Amit Kumar Shrivastava; Somnath Koley; Abid Khan

  87. Edge Detection Techniques using Character Segmentation and Object Recognition

    Authors: V.B.Maduria; S.Vydehi

  88. The Impact of Performance Appraisal and Training in Improving, Developing and Advancing Professional Staff

    Authors: Arsim Gjinovci; Xhevdet Shkreta; Amir Pllana

  89. Image Clustering using Color Moments, Histogram, Edge and K-means Clustering

    Authors: Annesha Malakar; Joydeep Mukherjee

  90. Image Similarity Measure using Color Histogram, Color Coherence Vector, and Sobel Method

    Authors: Kalyan Roy; Joydeep Mukherjee

  91. Abnormal Venous Plexus around Sciatic Nerve, a Rare Cause of Piriformis Syndrome

    Authors: Yashavantha Kumar C; Satish Shervegar; Ravi Kumar

  92. Apparel Industry Export Competitiveness in India and Challenges

    Authors: Ankita Pandey

  93. Developer SQL Scripts to Upgrade Database Schema

    Authors: Yogesh S. Patil; Abhijit P.Ingale; Aniket D.Pathak

  94. Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

    Authors: Patel Swapnil

  95. An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Agricultural Banking Industry profitability in Bangladesh: An Evaluation of Internal Indicators of RAKUB

    Authors: Md. Rashidul Alam Mahumud; Md. Golam Hossian; Syeda Zabin Nessa Sultana

  96. Measurement of Activity Concentrations of 40K, 226RA And 232TH for Assessment of Radiation Hazards from Soil Samples from Oil Mining Lease (OML) 58 and 61, Oil and Gas Producing Areas in The Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

    Authors: Alao; A.Adewumi

  97. Studies on Molecular Interaction in Bromo Substituent Salicylaldehyde with Aniline

    Authors: C. Ramachandra Raja; R. Ida Malarselvi

  98. Bio prospecting Mokkathotakalli Leaves of Piper Betel L. Cv. Kapoori as a Potential Source of Anti Microbial Agents against selected Bacterial Strains

    Authors: Lydia Swapna Nandam; Hari Krishna Rama Prasad; Ammani Kandru

  99. Impact of Training Packages on Cheese Making and the Socio Economic Lives for Effort to Reduce Poverty

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed Idris

  100. Studies on Grain Yield Components in NPT Lines of Rice to Develop Super Rice Hybrid

    Authors: Shivam Soni; Harish Kumar Netam

  101. Prevalence, Incidence and Distribution of Sweet Potato Virus: Its Effect on the Yield of Sweet Potato in Southern Region of Ethiopia

    Authors: Tesfaye Tadesse Tefera; Fikre Handoro; Mesele Gemu

  102. Cascaded Seven Levels H-Bridge Inverter Control of DSTATCOM for Compensation of Reactive Power and Harmonics

    Authors: V Jayalakshmi; M.Kalavathy

  103. An Introduction to Laplace Transform

    Authors: Karan Asher

  104. A Study on Perception and Usefulness of Seed Village Program for Soya Bean Crop among the Beneficiary Farmers of Indore Block of Indore District Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Sunil Mandloi; Sandhya Choudhary; V. K. Swarnakar

  105. Appropriateness of Mother-Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) in Urban Areas: A Synthesis Study

    Authors: Mondez; Remilyn Getuiza

  106. Performance and Exhaust Emission Analysis of Direct Injection Diesel Engine using Pongamia Oil Compared for Conventional Diesel

    Authors: R. Lokanadham; K.Ravindranath

  107. Nutritional Management of Celiac Disease patients in Gaffer IbnOaff Pediatric Hospital, Khartoum State

    Authors: Yahia; A. D; Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed

  108. Martingale Approach to the Pricing of European Style Contingent Claims

    Authors: Godswill U. Achi; Okafor; J.U

  109. The Stability Analysis of the Mathematical Model of Tuberculosis Transmission Dynamics

    Authors: Godswill U. Achi; Okafor; J.U; Kenneth Chimereucheya

  110. Analysis of Packet Dropping and End to End Delay in WSN using Routing Algorithm

    Authors: Sunita; O. S. Khanna; Amandeep Kaur

  111. Effect of Geogrid Reinforcement on Hyperbolic Stress Strain Behavior of Sand: An Experimental Investigation

    Authors: M.Y. Shah; Sawmi Saran; S. Mittal

  112. Reliable Data Delivery Mechanisms for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: Jubin Sebastian E; Sreeraj V. R; Tauheed Ul Islam

  113. Display Technologies and their Applications in E Books

    Authors: D.S. Kushwaha; Jyotsna Sinha

  114. Initial Supervised Refractive Surgical Experience: Outcome of PRK and LASIK

    Authors: Urmil Shah; Mahesh Shah; Bharati Shah

  115. Evaluation of Speech Perception Skills after Unilateral Cochlear Implantation in 45 Pre Lingual Deaf Patients

    Authors: Neha Lala; Manav Gargi; Tarang Kheradia

  116. Comparison of Proactive and Reactive MANET Protocols for Delivery Ratio and Load with Changing Mobility

    Authors: Patel Jitendra Jayantilal; Pankaj K.Dalal

  117. Bioefficacy of Insecticides as Seed Treatment against Early Sucking Pests of Soybean Crop

    Authors: Harish Kumar Netam; Rajeev Gupta; Shivam Soni

  118. A Survey on Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Patel Nakul

  119. Visionary Leadership Models to Increase Employee Morale Research in De Risole Familys Cafe: JL.Citarum 24 Bandung West Java Indonesia

    Authors: Aan Agustina; Anisa Rosdiana; Dwi Dina Rahma V

  120. The Influence of Reliatation Safety and Healthy Work to Work Productivity Employees at PT PLN (Persero) Jawa Barat and Banten

    Authors: Moch Yanuar Rezkyan N; Darwadi; Riska Yuliana

  121. December Effect of Stock Market Return in Indonesia Stock Exchange 1998-2012

    Authors: Adi Raharjo; Fathul Mubaraq; Faisal Mundir

  122. Brand Positioning in Measuring Effectiveness Promotion: A survey on visitors Ciater Spa Resorts Subang West Java

    Authors: Rakhmat Hidayattullah; Yaya Sundjaya; Ima Santhika

  123. Cyber Marketing: Media Effective Interest for Potential Customer in Advertising Products and Services Online

    Authors: Imas Widowati; Elly Setidewi; Dian Sitimasitoh

  124. Effect of Return on Assets (ROA) Against Tobins Q: Studies in Food and Beverage Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange Years 2007-2011

    Authors: Erik Syawal Alghifari; Sigit Triharjono; Yuyu Siti Juhaeni

  125. A Newtons Method for Nonlinear Unconstrained Optimization Problems with Two Variables

    Authors: R. Sophia Porchelvi; S. Sathya

  126. Secure One Time Password Generation for Website Security using Mobile Phone with Biometrics

    Authors: C. Josy Nambickai Rani; Linda Joseph; E.R.Naganathan

  127. Solving a Multi Objective Fuzzy Variable Linear Programming Problem using Ranking Functions

    Authors: R. Sophia Porchelvi; L. Vasanthi

  128. Advanced Composite Materials Wrapped Concrete: Stress-Strain Models

    Authors: S. R. Bhagat

  129. Museum and Education a Special Reference of Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad - India

    Authors: Perumallapally Suresh