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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.8, No.2

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2021-02-02

  1. A Literature Review about Smart Contracts Technology

    Authors: David Nadler Prata Humberto Xavier de Araújo Cleórbete Santos

  2. Classroom experiences in a virtual teaching environment in times of Covid-19 pandemic: Reports of experience in urgency and emergency nursing education

    Authors: Glauber Marcelo Dantas Seixas Susi dos Santos Barreto de Souza Emerson Glauber Abreu dos Santos Lucimario Valente Ferreira Jessika Cardoso de Souza Thamyris Abreu Marinho Enderson Vasconcelos de Lima Samuel Oliveira da Vera

  3. Psychological distress in people facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Northeastern Brazil

    Authors: Maria Vieira de Lima Saintrain Carina Bandeira Bezerra Flaviano da Silva Santos Ana Ofélia Portela Lima Débora Rosana Alves Braga Edla Helena Salles de Brito Camila de Brito Pontes

  4. Fish and Fisheries in India is improving due to COVID Time

    Authors: M. Das S. Zaman S. K. Biswas

  5. Improvement of LEACH based on K-means and Bat Algorithm

    Authors: Trang Pham Thi Quynh Tuyen Nguyen Viet

  6. Slavery and slave Trade Activities: The case of Blackbirding in the Pacific Ocean and Interiors from the 19th to the 21st centuries period

    Authors: Suh Hillary Sama Kenfack Tonnang Florence

  7. Analysis of Parachloroaniline Formation through Protocols of Associations between Irrigating Solutions During Chemical-Mechanical Preparation

    Authors: Glaucejane Oliveira da Silva Eduardo Fernandes Marques

  8. Extracurricular Activity and Vocational Technical training: Meetings and meanings in Integrated Technical Teaching

    Authors: Iranira Geminiano de Melo Elizângela de Souza Bernaldino Clarides Henrich de Barba

  9. Impact of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) towards Economy and Vaccine Industry

    Authors: Nashirah Abu Bakar Sofian Rosbi

  10. Lightning Protection of Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems: A Scientific Approach

    Authors: Swytz Jose Silva Tavares Francisco Hedler Barreto de Lima Morais Caike Damiao Nascimento Silva Ricardo de Castro Gomes Lya Serpa Claudio dos Santos Francisco Geraldo de Melo Pinheiro Lutero Carmo de Lima

  11. Evaluation and selection of scenario-based digital Transformation Projects

    Authors: Alexandre Caramelo Pinto Alexandre Acácio de Andrade Julio Francisco Blumetti Facó Jadir Perpétuo dos Santos

  12. Analysis of stability for uniform rotations of a dumbbell system in an elliptic orbit

    Authors: Denilson Paulo Souza dos Santos Jorge Kennety Silva Formiga

  13. PID Controller Implementation For Temperature Control In Leakage Current Test Chamber 20kv Insulator

    Authors: Agung Nugroho Trias Andromeda Munawar Agus Riyadi

  14. Institutional Theory and the Isomorphic Pressures in the Search for Knowledge: A Study in an APL of Goiás – Brazil

    Authors: Vailson Batista de Freitas Marco Antonio Pinheiro da Silveira

  15. Chilling System Insulation Hatch Design Using Refrigeration For 3GT Sized Vessels

    Authors: Faizal Fachruddin Maimun M Subroto Aliredjo

  16. Action of Matricaria Recutita in the Management of Oral Mucositis in Animal Model: Systematic Literature Review

    Authors: Juliana Borges de Lima Dantas Tila Fortuna Costa Freire Ana Carla Barletta Sanches Roberto Paulo Correia de Araújo Gabriela Botelho Martins

  17. Degradability and gas production of diets enriched with additives in cattle or sheep inoculum

    Authors: Tayrone Freitas Prado Aldi Fernandes de Souza França Cirano José Ulhoa Leonardo Guimarães de Oliveira Cristine dos Santos Settimi Cysneiros Graciele Araújo de Oliveira Daniel Staciarini Corrêa Reginaldo Nassar Ferreira

  18. The Challenge of Managing Megaprojects

    Authors: Leandro Alves Patah

  19. The Repercussion of the Brazilian Forest Code in the Small Property of Family Agriculture

    Authors: Lizziane Coelho Carvalho May Rildo Mourão Ferreira Alberto Barella Neto Elza Soares Batista Mourão

  20. Diagnosis of the Knowledge of Students and Professors About Environmental Education - Case Study

    Authors: Luiz Henrique de Souza Silva Daniele de Castro Pessoa de Melo Eduardo Antonio Maia Lins Luís Filipe Alves Cordeiro Wanderson dos Santos Sousa

  21. Systematization of nursing assistance to a newborn with congenital malformation – Experience report

    Authors: Fernando Conceição de Lima Mercês Rodrigues Ferreira Ana Flávia Silva dos Anjos Tatiane de Souza Vasconcelos Weber Marcos Thalyta Mariany Rêgo Lopes Ueno Laydiane Martins Pinto Matheus Almeida Ramalho

  22. Study of the Relationship between Sports Efficiency Index and the Classification Performance of the Clubs of the Brazilian Championship Series A

    Authors: Adriana Kroenke Hein Nelson Hein Maycon Peter da Rosa Roberto Pires Soares Junior Fabio do Nascimento Siqueira da Silva Gabriel Ferreira Franco

  23. A Framework Approach for Risk Assessment and Management of CO2 Geological Storage~

    Authors: Talita Pontes Drielli Peyerl Evandro Moretto

  24. Human Sexuality in the Life of Adults and the Elderlys: Report of a Field Study in Porto Velho,Rondônia, Brazil

    Authors: Leonardo Severo da Luz Neto Carlos Alberto Paraguassu-Chaves Luiz Carlos Cavalcanti de Albuquerque José Arilson de Souza Jasmine Paz Cruz Ana Paula Farias Janaína Gianne Araújo Medeiros Jéssica Oliveira Santana Mariana Oliveira Silva

  25. Accessibility of hearing-impaired people at IFPB through an educational resource in LIBRAS for the practice of handball sportive

    Authors: Emmanuel da Paixão Neto João Ricardo Freire de Melo

  26. Development of a Decision Support Tool to Evaluate New Ideas Validation in Idea Generation Process in Organizations

    Authors: Abdullah Ahmed Al-Gamdi Mohammed Abdullah Balubaid

  27. The effect of different bone level and prosthetic connection on the biomechanical response of unitary implants: Strain gauge and finite element analyses

    Authors: Carlos Eduardo Datte Vinícius Anéas Rodrigues Fabiana Barbi Datte Guilherme da Rocha Scalzer Lopes Alexandre Luiz Souto Borges Renato Sussumu Nishioka

  28. Esthetic-functional multidisciplinary rehabilitation – Case report

    Authors: Gleicy Kelly Campoy Jocarla Alves dos Santos Rachel Gomes Eleutério Fernando Accetturi Marcílio Félix Daniele Raineri Mesquita Serva Spressão Daniela Vieira Buchaim Rogério Leone Buchaim Eliana de Souza Bastos Mazuqueli Pereira

  29. The Manufacturing Industry and the Big Data Challenges: The case-study of the Global Tech Company

    Authors: Cezar Honorato Francisco Cristóvão Lourenço de Melo Reinaldo Cesar de Morais

  30. Potentially Meaningful Teaching Unit: Building Mathematical Problems Involving Power

    Authors: Antonio Vanderlei dos Santos Marcelo Paulo Stracke Graciela Paz Meggiolaro Dal Molin Carlos R. Brazzola Mario O. Oliveira

  31. The Performance of the LGBT Space, unit I, João Pessoa - Paraíba, as an articulating body of protection and support to the LGBT+ population

    Authors: Amanda Leal Barros de Melo Deivisson Victor Pilato da Silva Maria de Nazaré Tavares Zenaide

  32. Environmental and Geography Effects of Health Arising from the Sugar Alcohol Sector in the municipalities of Nova Glória, Ipiranga de Goiás and Rubiataba, Goiás state

    Authors: Renata Sousa Nunes Murilo Marques Costa Sérgio Sousa Nunes Suelen Marçal Nogueira Geisenely Vieira dos Santos Ferreira Doraci Maria dos Santos Trindade

  33. Reflective Groups: Viable and Necessary Environmental Penal Alternative

    Authors: Angela Issa Haonat Angelo Ricardo Balduino Silvânia Gonçalves de Carvalho Oseias Costa Rego

  34. Robot Navigation through the Deep Q-Learning Algorithm

    Authors: Madson Rodrigues Lemos Anne Vitoria Rodrigues de Souza Renato Souza de Lira Carlos Alberto Oliveira de Freitas Vandermi João da Silva

  35. A Study on Grid-Size and Time-Step Calculation using the Taylor Series in Time Series Water Wave Modeling

    Authors: Syawaluddin Hutahaean

  36. Signs in Libras for inorganic compounds as a translator of scientific concepts: a prospection in bibliographic databases

    Authors: Maria da Conceição Silva de Melo Caracol João Ricardo Freire de Melo Frederico Campos Pereira

  37. Relationship between the Flooded Area and Cases of Malaria Disease before and after Construction of Jirau Hydroelectric Plant, Madeira River, Brazil

    Authors: Johnatan Almeida de Sousa Christiano Luna Arraes Bruno Ferezim Morales

  38. Application of Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Unproductive Times in a Valve Spring Inspection and Packaging Cell

    Authors: Cleginaldo Pereira de Carvalho Luiz Edvaldo Leite

  39. Dental management in hypertensive patients

    Authors: Ana Cristina Silva de Souza Maria Luiza de Freitas Pereira Gabriela Meira

  40. Dysnomy and Executive Processing Errors of SARS-COV-2 post-infection

    Authors: Marco Orsini Jacqueline Fernandes do Nascimento Janie Kelly Fernandes do Nascimento Antonio Marcos da Silva Catharino Marcos RG de Freitas Marco Antônio Alves Azizi Thais de Rezende Bessa Guerra Nicolle Nunes Adalgiza Mafra Moreno

  41. The use of Antibiotics and the Contribution to the Increase in Bacterial Resistance: A Perspective from a Research in a Health unit in Salvador

    Authors: Thaís Sento Sé Brandão de Oliveira Bruna Oliveira do Nascimento Isleide da Silva Santos Juliana Azevedo da Paixão

  42. Scientific Dissemination as Journalistic Activity

    Authors: Manuela Pereira de Almeida Michelle Cristine Laudílio de Souza Neila Cristina Ramos Lirio Rosiane Rocha Oliveira Santos

  43. Proposition of New Cost Management Models Applied to Agribusiness

    Authors: Marcella Fernanda Fantato Nilton Cezar Carraro Flávio Gabriel Bianchini Edenis Cesar de Oliveira

  44. Production and characterization of caffeic acid-loaded microfibrous polycaprolactone mats obtained by electrospinning technology

    Authors: João de Deus Pereira de Moraes Segundo Maria Oneide Silva de Moraes Ana Lorena de Brito Soares Gedeandro Gonçalves dos Santos Rudyere Nascimento Silva Rosemeire dos Santos Almeida Walter Ricardo Brito Marcos Akira d'Ávila

  45. Myocarditis as a serious complication of COVID-19

    Authors: Uri Adrian Prync Flato Piero Biteli Daniela Ortega Balbo Rodrigues Reina Fábio Tadeu Rodrigues Reina Adriano Cressoni Araújo Gabriela Achete de Souza Gyovanna Sorrentino dos Santos Campanari Júlia Novaes Matias

  46. Synthesis of Si3N4 powder by powder metallurgy method in atmospheric pressure N2: A review

    Authors: Cuong Van Tran Huy Duc Vu Ninh Van Tran Na Thanh Thi Nguyen Khanh Quoc Dang Anh Duy Nguyen Bac Thanh Le Van Phuoc Mai Duong Duc La Xuan Thanh Phan

  47. Basic Human Needs Theory and SARS-CoV-2: An integrative literature review

    Authors: Beatriz Cristina Barbosa Anjos Ana Carolina Almeida Pimentel Pinto Carolyny Rosa Freire de Sá Aline Moraes Monteiro Camila Andresa Monte Bezerra Andrea dos Santos Mendes Gomes