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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.9, No.6

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2022-06-08

  1. Public Civil Action: Advances and Setbacks in its Evolution Legislative

    Authors: Daniela Costa Soares Mattar Flávio Marcos de Oliveira Vaz Mhardoqueu Geraldo Lima França Fabrizia Angelica Bonatto Lonchiat

  2. The Quality of Drinkable Water using Machine Learning Techniques

    Authors: Osim Kumar Pal

  3. The Importance of the Training of Laypeople in Basic Life Support: An Integrative Review

    Authors: Lena Cláudia Maia Alencar Eliane Moura da Silva Clayton Alencar Moreira Giselly Julieta Barroso da Silva Tatiana da Silva Mendes Walda Cleoma Lopes Valente dos Santos Edilson Ferreira Calandrini Silvia Ferreira Nunes

  4. PEU method: An analysis of its applicability and implementation limitations in Brazilian companies

    Authors: Emerson Atilio Birchler Emmanuel Marques Silva Schleiden Pinheiro Nascimento

  5. Quality Assessment of the Pulp Chamber Floor Refining by Different Ultrasound Devices

    Authors: Kelly Ferreira Lopes Verônica Venâncio Ayres Yellen Oliveira Cordeiro Eduardo Fernandes Marques

  6. Importance of Digital inclusion of Students in Proeja If-Sertão Pe Campus Petrolina Rural Zone

    Authors: Marcos Victor do Carmo Loiola Marcos Antonio Cerqueira Santos Rubens Silva Carvalho Vagner Freitas da Silva Alessandro Menezes Brito Florisvaldo Cavalcanti dos Santos Chirley Vanuyre Vianna Cordeiro Luiz Antônio Costa de Santana

  7. The fragility of interpersonal relationships evidenced in the pandemic period with COVID-19

    Authors: Edinaura Rios Cunha Mariana Pimenta de Oliveira Nelzir Martins Costa Angelo Ricardo Balduino

  8. Computer simulation of reinforced concrete columns confined with CFRP

    Authors: Tiago Nobre da Silva Carla Simone de Albuquerque Mauro de Vasconcellos Real Francisco Eudázio Suriano da Silva Júnior

  9. Aracoiaba Dam: Pollution factors and environmental degradation in the surrounding and Upstream Area

    Authors: Maria Lenir Menezes Paz Lívia Paulia Dias Ribeiro Antônio Roberto Xavier Francisco Nildo da Silva Sandra Sely Silveira Maia e Silva

  10. Microbiological diversity aspects and hygienic-sanitary conditions of mussels sold in the Municipal market in the municipality of Belém do Pará

    Authors: Sianny Vanessa da Silva Freitas Vitória Raposo Ribeiro José Ledamir Sindeaux Neto Raquel Soares Casaes Nunes

  11. Inverse of the Generalized Vandermonde Matrix via the Fundamental System of Linear difference Equations

    Authors: Claudemir Aniz Mustapha Rachidi

  12. Water Quality Analysis (IQA) of Lake Uhe Lajeado in Porto Nacional- TO

    Authors: Clóvis Thomaz Soares Borges Ângelo Ricardo Balduíno Marcelo dos Santos Targa

  13. Implications of the rural territorial tax (RTT) on Brazilian functionalized property in light of the 1988 Constitution

    Authors: Orígenes Rosendo da Silva Neto Fabrício Muraro Novais

  14. Management of occupational safety and health (OSH) in university chemical laboratories: A case study at a University Federal Public service in the interior of Paraná - Brazil

    Authors: Marla Corso Flávia Aparecida Reitz Cardoso Polyana Ribeiro de Andrade Luciana Cristina Soto Herek Rezende Rodolfo Marques Sastre

  15. The Importance and Challenges of School Feeding: Literature Review

    Authors: Mayra Telles Souza Paula Raimunda Araújo Teixeira Jamilly Monteiro Sanches Salatiel da Conceição Luz Carneiro Samantha Cecília Vera Cruz da Cunha Madson Matheus Garcia Costa Luís Henrique Martins Gabrielle Silva de oliveira

  16. Factors associated with delay in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Belém/PA

    Authors: Claudia Ozela El- Husny Angela Maria Rodrigues Ferreira Jamilie Suelen dos Prazeres Campos Kamila Nancy Gonçalves da Gama Iací Proença Palmeira Ana Lúcia da Silva Ferreira Priscila Fonseca Souza

  17. Study on the Judicialization of Access to Health Services in The City of Araguaína - To

    Authors: Laryssa Magalhães Da Silva Maykon Jhuly Martins De Paiva Iangla Araújo De Melo Damasceno Fabiana Martins Dos Santos Leda Terezinha Freitas E Silva Wadson Rodrigues Lima Gabriel Rodrigues Brito Samara Brito De Sousa

  18. The Anti-Racist Compliance

    Authors: Veyzon Campos Muniz

  19. A Study of the Impact of Multiple drilling parameters on Surface Roughness, Tool wear and Material Removal Rate while Drilling Al6063 applying Taguchi Technique

    Authors: Md Shahrukh Khan Shahnawaz Alam

  20. Practical Model for Firm’s Capital Structure

    Authors: Marcelo Nunes Fonseca Wilson Toshiro Nakamura Victor Eduardo de Mello Valerio Giancarlo Aquila

  21. Breastfeeding and Emotional Aspects during the Covid-19 pandemic Period in two Counties in the Metropolitan Region of Belém/Pará, Brazil

    Authors: Paula Rayssa Lobato da Silva Ananda Leticia Silva Cabral Alan de Sousa Nunes Andressa da Silva Pinheiro Bruna Macedo Lopes Bárbara Martins de Sales Santos Natasha Assunção Oliveira Giovana Dias Lima Rosangela Santos Nonato

  22. Brazilian Exports: Bibliometric Analysis from 2000 to 2020

    Authors: Dayane Carolina Nunes Vieira Isabelle Santos Vieira Jucimar de Melo Pereira Leonardo Morais Leticia Delfino Fernandes Luan Fernando de Oliveira Ramos Luana Rodrigues Rosa Edenis Cesar de Oliveira

  23. Spiraled Cultural Dialectics: Construct for Human and Social Sciences

    Authors: Nicolas Theodoridis

  24. Relationship of Food Consumption and Family Income of Children under 2 Years Old in Three Counties in the Metropolitan Region of Belém

    Authors: Douglas Monteiro de Sousa Ananda Leticia Silva Cabral Alan de Sousa Nunes Ana Carolina Silva Crispino Élida Cristina Bezerra Gadelha Graziela Maria Benevenuto Bezerra Letícia Flávia de Oliveira Borges Lorenna Vidal Rodrigues da Silva

  25. Potential of Fruit Plants in the Yard to Support Urban Farming and Agroindustry in Madiun-City, East Java, Indonesia

    Authors: Ratna Mustika Wardhani Wuryantoro

  26. The Effects of Pesticides on Humans and the Environment

    Authors: Moises da Silva Martins Helena Cassia de Oliveira

  27. Prevalence of Apical Periodontitis in a Public Dental Service in Northern Brazil

    Authors: Laíssa Gualberto Silva de Araújo Larissa Macedo Marques Ana Claudia Garcia Rosa Eduardo Zambaldi da Cruz André Machado de Senna

  28. Production and Analysis the Properties of Mahua Methyl Ester

    Authors: C. Syed Aalam

  29. Shoaling-breaking Water Wave Modeling Using Velocity Potential Equation with Weighting Coefficient Extracted Analytically from The Dispersion Equation

    Authors: Syawaluddin Hutahaean

  30. Study of the hosting capacity of photovoltaic distributed generators in low voltage distribution networks: A probabilistic approach using Monte Carlo simulations

    Authors: Getúlio Santiago dos Santos Júnior Olívio Carlos Nascimento Souto Sérgio Batista da Silva Fernando Nunes Belchior

  31. A CHF Model for Pool Boiling on Rough Surface under Exponential Heat Supply

    Authors: Avdhoot Walunj Alangar Sathyabhama Amol Mande Ravindra Kolhe Dattatray Palande

  32. Educational and informative booklet on the perioperative period of bariatric and metabolic surgery: An integrative revieW

    Authors: Clayton Alencar Moreira Eliane Moura da Silva Lena Cláudia Maia Alencar Giselly Julieta Barroso da Silva Tatiana da Silva Mendes Silvia Ferreira Nunes Valeria Regina Cavalcante dos Santos Silvestre Savino Neto Walda Cleoma Lopes Valente dos Santos

  33. The Brazilian criminal recidivism: Reflections under the perspective of the comparative law

    Authors: Lisandra Moreira Martins Eloísa de Sousa Arruda Isael José Santana

  34. Detection of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces of an Intensive Care Unit

    Authors: Irinéia de Oliveira Bacelar Simplício Monica Karla Vojta Miranda Adriana Barrinha Fernandes Fernanda da Silva Lima Jociléia da Silva Bezerra Mariane Santos Ferreira Carlos José de Lima Nelly Vinhote Leandro Procópio Alves

  35. Artificial Intelligence approaches for IoT Security: State of Art

    Authors: Ismail Chahid Mohammed Benabdellah

  36. Sustainability of Passenger Waterway Transportation under Demand and Service Level Constraints: A case study in Belém, Brazil

    Authors: Maisa Sales Gama Tobias Marcus Pinto da Costa da Rocha Paulo Sérgio Lima Pereira Afonso

  37. Importance of Regulation in the Brazilian Intellectual Property Legal System and the Consequences of the Delay for the Development of the Country

    Authors: Guilherme Aparecido da Silva Maia Lídia Maria Ribas

  38. Screening for cross-cultural adaptations of the Patient’s Dignity Inventory

    Authors: Alessandra do Nascimento Cavalcanti Karina Danielly Cavalcanti Pinto Eulália Maria Chaves Maia

  39. Systematic Literature Review (SLR) Development of the IoT Industry in the South America Region

    Authors: Izialber Muniz Douglas Castro da Silva Bryan Alexander Saravia

  40. A computerized solution for controlled distancing in a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil

    Authors: Patrícia Silva da Silva Nicolas Ferreira dos Santos Ronaldo Bordin Rita de Cássia Nugem

  41. The Management of Solid Waste in the Rodolfo Aurelian forum - Case Study

    Authors: Amara Rosa Amaral de Carvalho Eduardo Antonio Maia Lins Talden Queiroz Farias Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz Daniele de Castro Pessoa de Melo Wanderson dos Santos Sousa

  42. Gamma Radiation (137Cs) for the Treatment Against Resistant Fungi in Two Brazilian Libraries

    Authors: Antonio Carlos Augusto da Costa Mayara Nascimento Arbach Ana Cristina de Melo Ferreira Márcia Teresa Soares Lutterbach Ana Lucia Chaves de Oliveira

  43. Digital Exclusion: Nuances of a phenomenon which causes inequalities and compromises civic engagement in information society

    Authors: Marcelo Salvador Celestino Vânia Cristina Pires Nogueira Valente

  44. Process of humanization of childbirth: Historical evolution and perspectives

    Authors: Nayara Sousa de Mesquita Pamela Nery do Lago Ana Paula Caetano Pereira Mariana Regina Pinto Pereira Carla Renata dos Santos Carolina Costa Pinto Ronaldo Gomes Rodrigues Valéria Cristina de Sousa Juliana da Silva Mata

  45. Preclinical Toxicological Evaluation of the Consumption of Fish from the Cachoeira River Hydrographic Basin in Rats

    Authors: Sônia dos Santos Toriani Larissa Delmônego Heloiza Fiamoncini Maria Helena Packer Aline Scheller Coan Paula Roberta Perondi Furtado Eduardo Manoel Pereira Débora Delwing-Dal Magro Daniela Delwing-de Lima Therezinha Maria Novais de Oliveira

  46. Occurrence and type of complications associated with mandibular bilateral removable partial denture: Prospective cohort data

    Authors: Ana Clara Soares Paiva Tôrres Ana Larisse Carneiro Pereira Kássia de Carvalho Dias Rachel Gomes Cardoso Patrícia dos Santos Calderon Adriana da Fonte Porto Carreiro

  47. Food Consumption and Anthropometric Evaluation of Students in Elementary School: Literature Review

    Authors: Adriele Nayara Cruz Leal Udsom Felipe Moraes Borges Aline Vitória dos Prazeres Lima Marcelo Pio da Silva Tvares Heloisy Andrea da Costa Brasil Letícia Flávia de Oliveira Borges Aléxia Maria Santos Araújo Rayssa Nayara Abrahão Sousa

  48. The Portuguese Police System: Conflicts and Tension

    Authors: José da Cruz Bispo de Miranda

  49. Nutritional status of children under five years of age in the metropolitan health region I state of Pará: SISVAN web 2016 to 2020

    Authors: Rosangela Santos Nonato Bruna Macedo Lopes Ananda Leticia Silva Cabral Paula Rayssa Lobato da Silva Paula Raimunda Araújo Teixeira Lediane Nunes Camara Barbara Vitoria Monteiro Reis Augusto Caroline Priscila Oliveira dos Santos

  50. Coloretal Cancer Prevention and Screening before the Economic and Social Impact of Costs for Cancer Treatment In Brazil

    Authors: Ana Carolina Alves Diniz Dornelas Daniel Rodrigues Silva

  51. Residential Graywater Treatment Through Phytoremediation

    Authors: Fábio José de Matos Barbosa Helder Ribeiro Freitas Denes Dantas Vieira Míriam Cleide Cavalcante de Amorim Jose Getúlio Gomes Sousa