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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Science (IJDOS) >>

Vol.08, No.11

Publisher: SciDoc Publishers

Publishing Date: 2021-11-03

  1. Long Term Evaluation Of Modified Mucogingival Flap Technique With Novel Fish Derived Collagen Matrix And Connective Tissue Graft In Treatment Of Multiple Mandibular Class III Gingival Recession Defects- A Retrospective Study

    Authors: Lakshmi Ramachandran Harinath parthasarathy Anupama Tadepalli

  2. Tumor Thickness and Cervical Nodal Metastasis in N0 Oral Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients: A Prospective Study

    Authors: Samer Issa Omar Heshmeh Issam Alameen Zuhair Al-Nerabieah

  3. Assesing The Ability Of Critical Thinking Among Students Of Medical And Dental Colleges Around Hyderabad: A Cross Sectional Study

    Authors: Tejaswi Kala Mr Maddhireddy Saathvik Ganesh Kulkarni Hariprasad Gone

  4. Hydroxyproline Levels in Gingiva and GCF in Patients with and without Chronic Periodontitis

    Authors: Vishali Ravi Deepa Ponnaiyan P.S.G.Prakash Harinath.P Arya Mitra Loka Anie Mary Paul

  5. Comparing The Effect Of Primary Enamel Deproteinization Before And After Acid Etching On The Shear Bond Strength - An In-Vitro Study

    Authors: Ola Abd El-Geleel.

  6. The Role of CD44 Cancer Stem Cell Marker in the Development and Progression of Lymph Node Metastasis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Authors: Ahmed M. Hussein Asmaa M Zahran Mohamed Badawy Hany G. Gobran Mohamed F. Edrees Enas M. Omar.

  7. Modified Serial Extraction in Patient with Sever Crowding: A Case Report

    Authors: Thamer E Alzahrani.

  8. The Effect Of Ridge Splitting With Laser Bio-Stimulation On Bone Loss Around Four - Implant Supported Mandibular Overdentures (Within- Patient Study)

    Authors: Denewar BA El Waseef FA El Mekawy N Ahmed S.Salem Hegazy SA

  9. Evaluation of The Effectiveness of Using Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Graft for Socket Preservation after Teeth Extraction

    Authors: Jihad Debes Mohamad Hassan Jaafo Mohey Aldeen Amam Kenan Saoud Safaa Shihabi

  10. Prevalence of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms Among Dentists in Benghazi City - Libya

    Authors: Abdelmonem Ali Abdelnabi Rafeeq Mohammed Al Kuwafi Khadeejah Abdulsalam Hashim Marwa Ahmed Bugedar

  11. Effect of Surfosept and Deconex® 53 Disinfectant Agents On The Accuracy And Dimensional Stability Of Panasil Dental Impression Materials: An In-Vitro Experimental Study

    Authors: Parviz Amini Mostafa Alam Arash Ghaffarpasand Nasim Khaje Dalooei Alireza Hadi Kamyar Abbasi.

  12. Latin American Countries' Regulations On Requirements Of The Installation Site, X-Ray Generating Equipment, Occupationally Exposed Worker And Radiological Protection In Dentistry

    Authors: Paz Claudinne Flores GirónHazaria

  13. Effect on Communication Ability of Dental Hygienist in Problem-Solving Ability: Focusing on the Modulatory Effect of Cooperative Self-Efficacy

    Authors: Kyeung-Ae Jang Se Hyun Hwang Soon-Jeong Jeong

  14. Frequency Of Dental Erosion Among Undergraduate Dental Students Of Pakistan

    Authors: Hina Zafar Raja Muhammad Nasir Saleem Ummara Manzoor Maryam Mumtaz Sarosh Ehsan Mariya.

  15. An In Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Zirconia Restorations using Various Cleansing Protocol

    Authors: Sewar Ibrahem Anas Abdo Luai Morad Hassan Achour

  16. Medical Emergencies In Dentistry – A Guide To A Successful Practise

    Authors: Saraswathi Gopal. K Sangavi. R Mahesh Kumar .P

  17. Role Of Occlusal Adjustment As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing In The Management Of Periodontitis

    Authors: R. Saravanan Sheeja Varghese Arvina.

  18. Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Ocimum Sanctum-An In Vitro Study

    Authors: R.Saravanan Jaiganesh Ramamurthy

  19. Gardner’s Syndrome- Clinical Manifestation Of A Rare Syndrome

    Authors: Arathi K Shrivya Saloni Mukul Shetty Akhil Shetty

  20. Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Saudi Dental Hygiene Students Towards Novel Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19): An Online Survey

    Authors: Mushir Mulla

  21. Comparison Of Efficacy Of Aceclofenac Sodium And Piroxicam In Patients Undergoing Surgical Removal Of Impacted Third Molar - A Randomised Controlled Trial

    Authors: Yandeti Srinivasulu Abdul Wahab Dinesh Prabu

  22. A Modified Free Gingival Graft Technique In Vertical And Horizontal Soft Tissue Augmentation Before Dental Implantation: A Randomized, Split-Mouth, Controlled Clinical Trial

    Authors: Zayed Alnuaimi Majd Othman Imad Katbeh Somia Naser Wilfrid Kamgang Olga Voeykova

  23. Hydration Matters, Role Of Body Hydration In Pain Control During Endodontic Therapy

    Authors: Usman Sana Attiqueur Rehman Sobia Masood Tirmazi SaqibNaeem Siddique Mehwish Munawar Nasrullah Khan

  24. Predictors of Dental Care Utilization in School Children in Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Amal Aqeeli Alla T. Alsharif Estie Kruger Marc Tennant.

  25. Combined Use of Hyaluronic Acid with Nano-bioactive Glass Enhanced BiocementBased Silicate Stimulated Bone Regenerative Capacity in Tibial Bone Defects of Rabbits: In-Vivo Study

    Authors: Fatema Aziz Al-Sayed Radwa Hegazy Zeinab Amin Dr.Hanan El-Beherie

  26. Is Age Related to Orthodontic Treatment

    Authors: Suma S Chandrashekar BR Dr Pradeep S.

  27. Assessment Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis Using Ultrasound As An Adjunct To Clinical Evaluation

    Authors: Krishna S. Kumar Jayaprasad Anekar Raj Achikanam Chirakara.

  28. The Assessment Of The Antibacterial Effect Of Diode Laser Versus Nanosilver Fluoride On Streptococcus Mutans Count Of Oral Biofilm Of Primary Teeth

    Authors: The Assessment Of The Antibacterial Effect Of Diode Laser Versus Nanosilver Fluoride On Streptococcus Mutans Count Of Oral Biofilm Of Primary Teeth

  29. Zirconia In The Service Of Anterior Aesthetic Restorations

    Authors: Sihem Hajjaji Rihab Dakhli Hayet Hajjemi Abdellatif Boughzela

  30. Management Of Multi Stages Case Of Basal Cell Carcinoma By Hand Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

    Authors: Ali Al-awad Ammar Al Mofti Amam Ali Amam Sami Ibrahim

  31. Association of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Gene Promoter Polymorphisms with Periodontitisin Type II Diabetic Syrian Population

    Authors: Faten Kafa Ali Abou Sulaiman Shaden Haddad

  32. The Expression of Toll-like Receptor (TLR)4 of Immune Cells In The Saliva Associated with Serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D/25(OH)D in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Pilot Study

    Authors: Hendri Susanto Diah Savitri Ernawati Awalia

  33. Palatal Plate Therapy In Children with Down Syndrome: A Systematic Review Of Literature

    Authors: Farah Chouchene Fatma Masmoudi Ahlem Baaziz Fethi Maatouk Hichem Ghedira.

  34. Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis: A mini - Narrative Review

    Authors: Melika Mokhtari.

  35. Effect of Lower Third Molar -Presence and Position on the Occurrence Mandibular Angle and Condyle Fractures: A Prospective Clinical Study

    Authors: Marwan Ajeel Qaro Shehab Ahmed Hamad

  36. Do Conservative Access Cavity Designs Increase The Etiological Complications Incidence Rate? (in Vitro Study)

    Authors: Hussam Zaitoun Mouhammad Al Tayyan

  37. Elimination Of Post-Extraction Atrophy And Deformation Of The Alveolar Part Of The Jaw By Injecting Osteoplastic Materials

    Authors: Bezrukov S.G Shepelev A.A Bezrukov G.S Odilbekov U.A Yelcheva L.A

  38. Role of Salivary Biomarkers in Caries Risk Assessment

    Authors: Omair M. Bukhari Amin A. Marghalani.

  39. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction And Swallowing Difficulties In Stroke - An Observational Study” To International Journal Of Dentistry And Oral Science

    Authors: Nithin Kumar S D. Malarvizhi.

  40. Reliability of SAR Angle in Assessing Anteroposterior Apical Base Discrepancy in Different Growth Patterns

    Authors: Subashree Rathi Selvan Arvind Sivakumar Balavenkata Bharathi Chaturvedula.

  41. Role Of Adjacent Soft Tissues In Determining Dimensions Of Maxillary Anterior Teeth

    Authors: Payal Kapse Sowmya MK.

  42. Cannabinoids and Orofacial Pain Management: A Review

    Authors: Sasiprapai Weerathataphan Panupol Kunasarapun Tasanee Tengrungsun Somsak Mitrirattanakul

  43. Reverse Twin Block and Class III Malocclusion: A Systematic Review

    Authors: Alessandra Putrino Martina Caputo Maria Rosaria Abed Carlo Lilli Ersilia Barbato Gabriella Galluccio

  44. To Comparatively Evaluate Oxygen Saturation Level Among Dental Health Professionals Using 3 Different Types of Masks -N95, KN95 And Surgical Three-Layered Mask

    Authors: Ajay Singh Rao Suwidhi Ranka Unnati Shah Meghna Kothari.

  45. Root Morphology Of Mandibular Anterior Teeth In Mecca City Population

    Authors: Abdulaziz S. Almatrafi Ammar K. Alhazmi Khalid A. Alshahrani Wahdan M.A. Elkwatehy

  46. Awareness of Antibiotic Prophylaxis Prescription for Patients with Prosthetic Joint Undergoing Dental Implant Placement

    Authors: Alaa Alqutub Khalid Aboalshamat Abrar Demyati Amjad Alotaibi Lujain Almehmadi Sarra Alotaiby

  47. Diamond-Like-Carbon Coating Over Prosthetic Screws: Analysis Of The Torque Maintenance After Retorque

    Authors: Rafaela Cristiane Canavezi Viviane Maria Gonçalves de Figueiredo Alecsandro Moura de Silva

  48. Comparison of Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) and Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) in Saliva of Normal, Gingivitis and Periodontitis Patients

    Authors: Santhosh Kumar Caliaperoumal Harish Gnanasekaran Sriram kaliamoorthy

  49. The Effectiveness Of Laser Radiation On Curved Root Canals: A Review Study

    Authors: Farshad Khosraviani Mojgan Danyal Khosravi Tara Azimi.

  50. Measurement Of Surface Dose To The Thyroid Gland In Intraoral Radiography

    Authors: Priyadarshini SK Sathasivasubramanian S Murali V