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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series “Pedagogy and Psychology” >>

Vol.5, No.1

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

Publishing Date: 2019-04-25

  1. Support of vital activity of population of Western Ukraine: historical and pedagogical aspect

    Authors: Z.V. Hipters

  2. The task of the head of the educational institution in implementing reforms of secondary and vocational schools in the second half of the 80's of the XX century

    Authors: Yu.І. Bardashevska

  3. Іdeas of European pedagogical experience in Transcarpathian educational environment of 20 – 30 of ХХ century

    Authors: М.І. Kukhta

  4. Тheoretical and methodological principles of support of prevention of deviant behavior

    Authors: Ivan I. Kushnir; О.О. Міshkulynets; N.V. Каmpov

  5. Social and pedagogical conditions of development of education for romani population at the beginning of ХХІ century (on the example of Transcarpathia)

    Authors: К.Ya. Labosh

  6. Bulling in the educational environment of a modern institution of general secondary education: theoretical aspect

    Authors: Nataliia V. Lalak; Iryna Ye. Mayboroda; V.S. Peniak

  7. Меntal cards as innovation in educational process

    Authors: Mariia V. Lavrenova

  8. Didactic potential of the virtual educational environment and the possibilities of its practical implementation in managerial education

    Authors: V.V. Liubaretz

  9. Urgent issues of university education in Ukraine

    Authors: А.І. Pavko; L.F. Kurylo

  10. Primary education of Transcarpathia in the context of pedagogical journals of the second half of the XIX and first half of the XX century

    Authors: Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

  11. The Premises of the Establishment and Functioning of Munkács Hungarian Royal State Primary Public Teacher-Training Institution (1914–1918)

    Authors: Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

  12. Regulatory legal provisions in the context of non-formal education in the european countries

    Authors: Tetiana М. Kravchenko

  13. Biografistics (biography studies) and biography: differentiation of the related concepts

    Authors: Iryna I. Rozman

  14. Use of innovative interactive technologies of gender education in the process of professional training of future teachers

    Authors: N.V. Baydiuk

  15. Training future pre-school teachers for professional activities in a multicultural educational environment

    Authors: Olena M. Dobosh

  16. Use of animation in teaching natural sciences in general secondary school

    Authors: Mykola I. Ihnatyshyn; V.I. Khimich

  17. Priority directions of patriotic education of students of HEE

    Authors: А.V. Кеlemen; І.P. Shynkar

  18. Stages and tendencies of formation of a network of institutions of higher education of Ukraine for the training of future international experts

    Authors: М.V. Кlepar

  19. Training of specialists of the civil protection service in higher education institutions with specific educational conditions: psychological and pedagogical aspect

    Authors: М.S. Koval

  20. Marketing culture of future specialists in the sphere of tourism

    Authors: S. Litovka-Demenina

  21. Peculiarities of formation of linguistic of future teachers of foreign language

    Authors: Oksana Lypchanko-Kovachyk; M.M. Sidun

  22. Pedagogical and local history model of training of a specialist: modern aspects

    Authors: V.V. Маtiash; R.M. Roslavets

  23. Interdisciplinary integration in the process of training of economists

    Authors: G.Т. Mykhalchynets

  24. Scientific and research work as the basis of professional training of future teachers of primary school

    Authors: Т.І. Моlnar; D.V. Ryabets

  25. Professionalism of pedagogical activity as the subject of scientific research

    Authors: Т.М. Моchan

  26. Scientific approaches towards formation professional and personal experience of a specialist of music art

    Authors: N.M. Popovych

  27. Мotivation as the leading factor of formation of cross cultural competence of future specialists of sociological

    Authors: О.Yu. Pryshlyak

  28. Systemic approach to the professional development of teachers of vocational (technical) education institutions

    Authors: N.М. Sysko

  29. Level of formation of professional competence of future specialists in entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activity: communicative-activity component

    Authors: S.V. Steblyuk

  30. Dialogical approach in the training of the future teacher of elementary school as a pedagogical problem

    Authors: Hanna V. Tovkanets; N. S. Vagerych

  31. Training technologies in the professional training of future masters in pedagogical education - specialists in management of education

    Authors: Oksana S. Tovkanets

  32. Improvement of educational process in institutions of higher education by means of information technologies

    Authors: O.V. Shelever

  33. Development of diagnostic and reflexive competencies of future teachers

    Authors: Renáta Orosová; Katarina Petrikova; Volodymyr Starosta

  34. Organizational and pedagogical activity of public associations on the formation of the ecological culture of the youth in the Carpathian Euro region

    Authors: Ivan I. Almashiy

  35. Philosophy of O.V. Dukhnovych in the context of modern educational tendencies

    Authors: Mariia I. Vasilinka; Nataliia V. Lalak; A.V. Petyovka

  36. Dynamics of indicators of physical health of students after introduction of methodical system of fitness technologies

    Authors: V. O. Zhamardiy

  37. Formation of public consciousness in a political crisis

    Authors: G.F. Iltyo

  38. Formation of skills of creative thinking of high school students on the basis of interactive technologies

    Authors: L.V. Kalinina; A.R. Kadashchuk

  39. Historical and pedagogical analysis of the problem of formation of critical thinking of junior schoolchildren

    Authors: Mariia I. Kuzma-Kachur; L.V. Beiko

  40. Educational environment and educational space of the institution of higher education in the formation of the personality of the future specialist

    Authors: A.I. Margitych

  41. Pre-school labor education as a precondition for their professional self-determination

    Authors: K.V. Mykhailova; A.K. Mykulina

  42. Formation of the aesthetic perception of the future teacher in the process of studying the disciplines of the natural cycle

    Authors: O.M. Pynzenyk

  43. Pedagogical discourse – the main technologies and directions

    Authors: I.M. Syladiy

  44. Social adaptation of children with special needs in the context of the introduction of inclusive education

    Authors: Yu.V. Starova; M.N. Pauk; N.V. Kertys

  45. Features of the formation of multicultural competence of the future artist in an educational foreign language environment

    Authors: Natalia V. Telychko; M.P. Kostyuk

  46. Formation peculiarities of calculating skill of primary school children

    Authors: Oksana S. Tovkanets; U.V. Shcherbei

  47. Social and pedagogical support of formation of social competence of high school children

    Authors: М.V. Fedoruts

  48. Modeling of interactive learning in elementary school

    Authors: Liubov M. Fenchak; M.-M. Pashkulyak

  49. The motor field of preschool children as a factor in the successful development of a child

    Authors: Nataliia I. Cherepanya; N.P. Voloshyn; Nadiia M. Rusin

  50. Integration in educational interaction

    Authors: Tetiana D. Shcherban; Hanna V. Shcherban

  51. Formation of communicative competence of the future head of secondary education in the process of master's training

    Authors: O.M. Fentsyk

  52. Methodological features of the study of an adverb as part of speech at the lessons of Ukrainian language in elementary school

    Authors: O.M. Khoma; E.V. Almashiy

  53. Integration of competences in foreign language education of modern specialists

    Authors: І.V. Cheypesh

  54. Forms and methods of control of the foreign-language communicative competence

    Authors: Natalia V. Telychko

  55. Peculiarities of higher education in Hungary at the beginning of the XX century: geographical and regional aspects

    Authors: Vasyl I. Kobal

  56. Prevention of deviant behaviour of migrant children in primary school of the USA

    Authors: Iryna V. Kozubovska; Rostyslav V. Kozubovsky; Zoriana I. Mygalyna

  57. Pedagogical practising in the system of professional training of future teachers: experience of Canada and Britain

    Authors: L.S. Nos

  58. Formation of professional mobility of future social workers: foreign experience

    Authors: V.А. Polischuk

  59. Structural features of the higher education system in Canada

    Authors: М.Yu. Stepanets

  60. Organizational and pedagogical aspects of the development of elementary school in European countries

    Authors: Hanna V. Tovkanets; N.V. Landel; N.V. Senkovych

  61. Learning of foreign language in educational establishments of Hungary: historical and pedagogical aspects

    Authors: Kateryna Y. Fodor

  62. Partnership between schools and families in the educational space of an educational institution: Foreign experience

    Authors: Tetiana K. Yarov

  63. The main features of loneliness and their consequences

    Authors: Ashan Fatyh Yashar

  64. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of development of social behaviour in preschool children with general underdevelopment of speech

    Authors: V.V. Ivanova O.I. Chekan O.M. Kasyanenko

  65. Psychological support of social workers in professional activity with people of late growing up

    Authors: О.G. Kovalenko

  66. Relation between intelligence indicators and high anxiety of a pupil

    Authors: I.O. Kornienko; T.A. Zaytseva

  67. On the development of intellectual abilities of students in a psychological context and their success in education

    Authors: Orbei Sait Chavshyn

  68. Subcultural perception of the student youth of the psychological phenomenon of «attitude towards money»

    Authors: V. Shtifurakh

  69. Psychological aspects of preparation of creative teacher of New Ukrainian school

    Authors: Beata V. Barchi; Mahdalyna S. Barchiy

  70. Psychological aspects of the competitiveness of future specialists in the tourism industry

    Authors: L.I. Berezovskaya; Ye.V. Rusyn

  71. Formation of psychoanalytic pedagogy in the context of meta psychology of Z. Freud (Ch. 2)

    Authors: Ye.V. Nelin

  72. Ethno psychological studios of F. Potushnyak

    Authors: M.I. Shynkar; G.I. Sniozyk

  73. Role of cognitive metaphors in conceptualization of the concept «sin»

    Authors: Ilona Lechner

  74. Theoretical basis of implementation of strategies of foreign language teaching

    Authors: Vaszil V. Szilágyi