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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific Bulletin of Mukachevo State University. Series “Pedagogy and Psychology” >>

Vol.6, No.1

Publisher: Mukachevo State University

Publishing Date: 2020-04-23

  1. Ideas of Neo-romantism in Ukrainian history-pedagogical narrative (end of the XIXth – first third of the XXth century)

    Authors: M.D. Haliv

  2. The Innovative Methods of Vasyl Kuflyuk in the Context of Domestic and Foreign Concepts of Musical Hearing Development

    Authors: Dzvina O. Husar; Larysa M. Oparyk

  3. Uzhhorod Children's School of Arts Formation and Development as an Important Center of Aesthetic Education of School Youth

    Authors: Vasyl I. Kobal; Maryna I. Sofilkanych

  4. Modern View on Educational Management

    Authors: Ivan I. Kushnir

  5. The Psychological-Pedagogical Support of Development of Professional Identity of the Future Social Pedagogues in the Process of Preparation for Tutealage-Educational Activity

    Authors: Halyna M. Lialiuk

  6. Professional Orientation of Students in Historical and Pedagogical Discourse

    Authors: Mahdalyna V. Opachko; Attilo I. Kovach

  7. Scientific and Methodological Support of Self-Educational Activities of Preschool Education Teachers

    Authors: Oksana S. Tovkanets

  8. Retrospective of Establishment of the Primary Education Institutions in Transcarpathia (the Period of XIX-XXI Centuries): Its Preconditions, Features, Trends

    Authors: Oktaviia Y. Fizeshi

  9. Avgustyn Voloshyn – the Director of Uzhhorod Greek-Catholic Chorister and Teacher-Training Seminary

    Authors: Sofiya Yu. Chovriy

  10. Artistic and Aesthetic Environment of Piarists School in Volyn (18th − the First Third of the Nineteenth Century)

    Authors: Ruslana M. Sheretyuk; Nadiia H. Stokolos

  11. The Sence of Cultural Competence of Future Primary School Teachers

    Authors: Tetiana O. Atroshchenko; Anhelina V. Almashi- Kopyn; Lesia A. Bespalko; Olena V. Bilyk

  12. Subjective Properties of the Future Pedagogical Worker in the System of Professional Training

    Authors: Nataliia V. Bakhmat

  13. Pedagogical Conditions and Structural-Functional Model of Future Bachelor’s Professional Identity Formation in Foreign Language Teaching

    Authors: Katalin B. Hnatik; Kateryna M. Lizak

  14. On the content of the medico-social component of training social workers to work

    Authors: Olena V. Honcharenko; Anzhela O. Polianychko

  15. Organization of experimental research of vocational training of future junior specialists in nursing in medical colleges

    Authors: Mykhailo R. Demianchuk

  16. Corporate culture of teachers at higher educational establishments as a pedagogical problem

    Authors: Borys M. Kachur; Myroslava M. Kachur

  17. Theoretical and methodological aspects of application of personal approach in the process of professional education of future specialists in physical therapy, ergotherapy

    Authors: Yuliia V. Kopochynska

  18. Organization of occupational safety during the productive practice of students in higher education institutions

    Authors: Lesia V. Kravchenko; Larysa L. Novak

  19. The role and importance of information and library work in the information support of students of higher education institutions

    Authors: Olha S. Kukharchuk; Kateryna M. Movchan

  20. Pedagogical terms and structural-functional model of forming sociocultural competence of future bachelors of arts in foreign languages on the principles of interdisciplinary integration

    Authors: Mariia V. Lavrenova; Kateryna Y. Fodor

  21. Transportation Technology Bachelors` professional training in Ukraine: Peculiarities and Development Trends

    Authors: Iryna H. Lebid

  22. Formation of students’ tolerance in the multicultural environment of higher education institution

    Authors: Oksana S. Povidaychyk; Rostyslav V. Kozubovsky

  23. Theoretical basis of legal education of future employees of preschool education

    Authors: Olena O. Popadych

  24. The characteristics of formation of writing competence in the context of training of an English language teacher

    Authors: Halyna V. Prystai

  25. Management training of future specialists in physical education (on the example of the National University «Chernihiv Collegium» named after Taras Shevchenko)

    Authors: Nataliia O. Terentyeva

  26. Socio-cultural competence in the professional training of future primary school teachers

    Authors: Hanna V. Tovkanets; Andriana A. Hlebova

  27. To the problem of professional competence of future primary school teacher

    Authors: Vasyl M. Tiahur; Valerii V. Basarab; Nina V. Korol; Olha H. Kutsyk

  28. The essence and structure of professional readiness of future primary education masters for innovation

    Authors: Oksana P. Tsiuniak

  29. Program for designing the professional competence of future border officers

    Authors: Artem M. Chornyi

  30. Competence approach in the content of educational programs for training future officers of the Ukrainian Navy (EL master)

    Authors: Ruslan I. Shevchenko

  31. Vectors of professional self-development in the conditions of a competently oriented approach in the educational process

    Authors: Tetiana V. Yakovyshyna

  32. Multidisciplinarity as a basis of the future petroleum specialists training

    Authors: Nadiia M. Tymkiv

  33. Integration of the preschool children`s speech and motor development in a game activity

    Authors: Svitlana D. Demianenko

  34. Forming tolerance as a professionally important quality leaders of pre-school education institutions

    Authors: Olena M. Dobosh

  35. Application of animation and BYOD − technology in physical lessons in secondary general education school

    Authors: Mykola I. Ihnatyshyn; Viacheslav V. Gorobets; Taras M. Shvardak

  36. Digital education development agenda: directing to formate digital competences

    Authors: Liubov A. Kartashova; Iryna V. Plish

  37. Methodological approaches and didactic competence of a modern teacher of physics

    Authors: Iryna M. Kozlovska Myroslav F. Kryshtanovych Iryna S. Myskiv Mahdalyna V. Opachko

  38. Pedagogical conditions of formation of preschool children’s creativity in the process of work with different materials

    Authors: Yuliia S. Kotelianets

  39. Health culture of civil safety professionals as the basis of professional competence formation

    Authors: Liliia Ye. Klos; Myroslav F. Kryshtanovych; Nataliia V. Mukan; Olena V. Mukan

  40. Development of creative abilities of junior schoolchildren in the process of artistic and labor activity

    Authors: Nataliia V. Lalak; Iryna Ye. Mayboroda; Mariia I. Vasilinka

  41. The hexagon method and the development of critical thinking at history lessons

    Authors: Hanna M. Marinchenko

  42. Animator as a subject of socio-cultural activities

    Authors: Halyna M. Oliynyk; Olha L. Hlavatska; Nadiia Yu. Bryzhak

  43. Pedagogical culture as a factor in the competitiveness of mathematics teachers

    Authors: Mykhailo M. Povidaychyk

  44. Morning meetings as a means of forming multicultural education of junior schoolchildren

    Authors: Halyna M. Rozlutska; Mariana O. Sokol

  45. The use of an integrated approach on the lessons "I am exploring the world" in the New Ukrainian School

    Authors: Iryna O. Sichko

  46. Interactive forms of work with parents of pupils in the conditions of a modern preschool institution

    Authors: Nataliia I. Cherepanya; Nadiia M. Rusin

  47. Interactive methods of teaching the Ukrainian language to foreign medical students

    Authors: Mariia V. Tsurkan

  48. Partnership pedagogy: successful school-family interaction

    Authors: Tetiana K. Yarov

  49. Verbs of reporting in academic writing

    Authors: Gergely Hladonik

  50. Tasks of microteaching in the context of Bloom's taxonomy

    Authors: Renáta Orosová; Katarina Petrikova; Volodymyr Starosta

  51. Foreign language training for professional intercultural communication as one of the components of modern legal education

    Authors: Natalia V. Telychko; Diana Zavydovska

  52. Examination of strategy use during foreign language comprehension and text creation tasks

    Authors: Hanna V. Tovkanets; V.V. Sуladiy

  53. Examination of strategy use during foreign language comprehension and text creation tasks

    Authors: Hanna V. Tovkanets; V.V. Sуladiy

  54. Formation of the couple's hearing about the process of communicative speech training of future social workers

    Authors: Liudmyla I. Berezovska

  55. Criteria approach to the formation of communicative culture of future teachers by means of interactive technologies

    Authors: Lesia I. Varha; Nataliia V. Martyn

  56. Training translators as mediators in intercultural communication

    Authors: Tomash T. Vrabel

  57. Introduction of coaching technologies in the process of professional training of future specialists in the psychological and pedagogical sphere

    Authors: Nataliia A. Zobenko

  58. Theoretical and methodological aspects of the formation of linguistic communicative professional competence of the future specialists in the field of public management and administration

    Authors: Kateryna Ya. Klymova

  59. Features of intercultural communication in the practice of social work in a polyethnic region

    Authors: Liliia Z. Rebukha; Oksana M. Rudakevych

  60. The concept of intercultural competence: essence and content

    Authors: Valeriia O. Skrypnikova

  61. Teacher traning system development in the USA and Canada: a comparative study

    Authors: Tamara I. Bondar

  62. The evolution of the accordion-bayan arts of Ukraine and Poland (comporative characteristics)

    Authors: Maryna V. Bulda

  63. The development of the socio-political system of Canada in the early nineteenth century and its impact on the development of school education

    Authors: Liudmyla I. Huk

  64. Multicultural teacher training for schools and preschools in the United States

    Authors: Iryna V. Kozubovska; Larysa Yu. Sidun; Zoriana I. Mygalyna

  65. Current trends in education reform in Norway

    Authors: Nataliia V. Lalak; Mariana V. Hrab

  66. Approaches to the development of curricula of foreign language teacher education at the US Universities

    Authors: Marianna I. Levrints

  67. From the history of Career Aptitude Tests in the USA

    Authors: Svitlana A. Myshko

  68. Conceptualization of the giftedness problem in foreign and domestic researche

    Authors: Oksana L. Protas

  69. Analysis of the professional training status future designers in the higher educational institutions of Europe

    Authors: Liubov M. Fenchak; Daryna Ye. Zyablovska

  70. The international cooperation of the institution of general secondary education as a scientific and pedagogical problem

    Authors: Kateryna O. Kryshynets-Andyaloshi

  71. Value orientations in the structure of personality orientation

    Authors: Mahdalyna S. Barchiy; Olha Yu. Voronova

  72. Development of non-conflict interaction of accentuated adolescents with the environment

    Authors: Yuliia O. Bokhonkova; Oksana V. Burovina; Yurii V. Serbin

  73. Personal alienation as a factor in the occurrence of hypochondriac disorders of the elderly people

    Authors: Inessa M. Vizniuk

  74. Empirical indicators of psychological components of self-esteem in men with acquired disorders of the musculoskeletal system

    Authors: Olha V. Litvinova; Liudmyla V. Pylypenko

  75. Technologies for the emotional self-regulation development of adolescents

    Authors: Olha M. Palamarchuk; Yuliia A. Korotsinska

  76. Psychological features of formation of freshmen life prospects

    Authors: Tetiana D. Shcherban; Hanna V. Shcherban

  77. Social and psychological characteristics of the ecological component of university seminars

    Authors: Ivan I. Almashiy

  78. About the results of the experimental verification of the program for the development of professional thinking of future border guards

    Authors: Olena F. Volobueva; Andrii O. Fedyk

  79. Psychological vectors of stress prevention and prevention of maladaptive states

    Authors: Maryna O. Martsenyuk; Olha V. Yusko

  80. Psychological vectors of stress prevention and prevention of maladaptive states

    Authors: Maryna O. Martsenyuk; Olha V. Yusko

  81. To the problem of unemployment: psychological aspects

    Authors: Beata V. Barchi