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Archived Papers for Journal

Collection of Scientific Works of Kirovohrad National Technical University. Economic Sciences >>

Vol.23, No.1

Publisher: Kirovohrad National Technical University

Publishing Date: 2013-05-14

  1. The formation of system of reproduction of the basic means of the industrial enterprise

    Authors: G. Rotanov

  2. Quantitative relationship between the amount of income and consumption in macroeconomic region (part 1)

    Authors: Y.Malakhovsky

  3. Problems of financing higher education region

    Authors: T.Kotenko

  4. The administrative-command methods of management of railway transport of Ukraine in the 30s of the ХХ century

    Authors: Y. Bondarchuk

  5. Creating competitive advantages for milk processing enterprises of food market of Ukraine

    Authors: S. Ostryanina

  6. Problems of development of small enterprise are in the Kirovograd area

    Authors: О. Hachaturian

  7. Model of the oil and gas production process as spheres of origin of specific functions and management tasks

    Authors: I. Vasylyk

  8. Theoretical definitions of charges are on a health protection

    Authors: Тetyana Sitash

  9. Strategic aspects of partnerships

    Authors: I. Dzebko

  10. Development of object oriented management style of productive activities of modern industrial enterprise

    Authors: O.Kiritchenko

  11. Features strategic assessment of potential corporate enterprise

    Authors: N. Tolstaya

  12. United states corporate research : University of North Texas experience

    Authors: O. V. Volchanskyy L. S. Garkusha

  13. The value-based management of the activities of the quasi-corporate association of region competing enterprises

    Authors: Y.Malakhovsky R.Zhovnovach S.Shevchenko

  14. Reason and effect model of quality management system based on K. Ishikawa diagram

    Authors: L.Ribalko-Rak V.Panchenko

  15. Competitiveness of enterprise marketing management

    Authors: R. Zhovnovach

  16. State, problems and perspectives of intellectual services market forming

    Authors: O. Storozhuk

  17. About the features of economic activity and structure of employment of population of rural locality of Ukraine

    Authors: B. Zima G. Zima

  18. Analysis of basic component factors of influence on the social market economy of country

    Authors: O. Abashina

  19. Managerial aspects of forming conditions for successful functioning of retail sale enterprises

    Authors: O. Mezentseva

  20. Study of the efficiency of the production cluster

    Authors: V. Zakharchenko А. Bondarenko

  21. The management of knowledge as an instrument of staff

    Authors: L. Shiryaevа N. Zakharchenko

  22. Target priorities of the segmented labor market regulation at the regional level

    Authors: N. Krasnozhon

  23. Some questions about the essence of labor potential of the industry

    Authors: T. Nemchenko

  24. Development of service-oriented cooperatives as a way of increasing job-placement in rural areas

    Authors: T. Reshitko

  25. Improvement of professional training, re-training and raising the level of professional skills

    Authors: A. Shinkarenko

  26. Diagnostic of disable people motivation employment

    Authors: O. Zaiarniuk

  27. The main problems of youth employment in the system of consumer cooperatives in Ukraine

    Authors: O. Shevchenko

  28. Time as no alternative a limited resource

    Authors: D. Yadranskyy

  29. The influence of the institutional environment for the creative development of the regional economy

    Authors: K. Shaposhnykov

  30. The National Bureau of lending as an institution for improving credit - monetary system of Ukraine

    Authors: P.Karas L. Grishina S. Sergiychuk

  31. Ways of attracting customers in the commercial banks

    Authors: V.P. Kravchenko A.O. Mogiley

  32. The management of resource support to the small enterprises with technological innovations

    Authors: N. Merkulov L.Gluschenko

  33. Financing of social services in Ukraine

    Authors: V.Popov K.Nerevckaiy

  34. Directions Improvement of efficiency of financial resources of the state pension

    Authors: A. Sydorchuk

  35. Key factors and impact of inflation in Ukraine

    Authors: L. Fіlshteyn N.Gohgelerint

  36. Investment potential of ukrainian automobile enterprise: methodological bases of its definition and realization

    Authors: V. Gordienko

  37. The structure of intellectual capital

    Authors: G. Kozinets

  38. The organizational providing of increasing the investment attractiveness of the enterprise

    Authors: V. Laptevа

  39. The historical aspect in the study of the essence of the mortgage

    Authors: Anastasia Marachevskaya

  40. Innovative Marketing Communication Technologies

    Authors: Y. Pochotova

  41. Assessment of the level of tax burden on the economy of the region (for example Crimea)

    Authors: E.Sushkova

  42. The dependence of the profitability of freight traffic from system maintenance and repair of vehicles

    Authors: V. Aulin O. Zamota

  43. Ecological audit: theory and research approaches

    Authors: E. Artyukh-Pasyuta I. Kravchenko

  44. An integrated approach to improving the energy efficiency measures of innovation receptivity

    Authors: V. Dyujev N. Popov

  45. Organizational and methodical aspects of the accounting of unforeseen assets at the water supply and water disposal enterprises

    Authors: N.Golovchenko A.Golovchenko

  46. Features and controversial aspects of the financial statements in accordance with National accounting Standard

    Authors: N. Prohar

  47. Proposals on the formation, distribution, and accounting for the costsof the sphere of material maintenance of bakeries

    Authors: O. Pugachenko

  48. The Impact of Value-added Tax Obligations Accounting Procedures Currently in Force and the Ways of its Improvement

    Authors: G. Kuzmenko

  49. Main features of intangible assets evaluation in the accounting

    Authors: V. Shelest

  50. Political Market Regulations in Ukraine: theoretically-economic basing

    Authors: R. Yakovenko

  51. The activation of employers and higher educational institutions collaboration as a factor of machine-building enterprises development strategy improvement

    Authors: A. Levchenko O. Tkachuk

  52. Current approaches for the providing of food safety of Ukraine

    Authors: A. Nemchenko T. Nemchenko

  53. The economic security of the enterprise: the nature and main components

    Authors: V. Zaychenko S. Kovalenko

  54. Modern problems of accounting and analytical support to the system of economic security

    Authors: T. Grinka

  55. Role and Place of Law Enforcement Agencies In Legal State

    Authors: V. Zaychenko A. Lapteva

  56. Important aspects of the bankseconomic security

    Authors: O.Storozhuk O.Zaiarniuk

  57. Approaches to the Ensuring the Acceptable Level of Auditor’s Independence

    Authors: N. Shalimova

  58. The basic stages of construction of model of monitoring the state of the system, profit management

    Authors: V. Voronina

  59. Issues keeping tolling in foreign economic activity

    Authors: I. Smirnova Y.Klymenko

  60. Problems of the accounting of realization of services of water supply and water disposal in apartment houses

    Authors: N.Golovchenko A.Golovchenko

  61. The role of innovation as a strategic element of the investment activity of agricultural enterprises

    Authors: I. Kipioro