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Archived Papers for Journal

Ukrainian journal of medicine, biology and sport >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University (Ukraine, Mykolaiv)

Publishing Date: 2017-08-31

  1. Influence of NF-Κb Inhibitor and Melatonin Combined Application on Free-Radical Processes in Rats Exposed to Round-the-Clock Lighting and Carbohydrate-Lipid Diet

    Authors: Belikova O. I. Danylchenko S. I.

  2. Effect of Blue and Red Spectrum Led Irradiation on Immunocytokine State at Purulent-Inflammatory Processes (Experimental Research)

    Authors: Dubovyk O. S. Mishyna M. M.

  3. Influence of General Cooling on Morphometric Indicators of Ovarians and Brown Fatty Tissue in Rats in Experiment

    Authors: Kuzmina I. Yu. Zhulikova M. V. Bozhok G. A.

  4. Morphogenesis of the Upper Jaw and the Adjacent Structures of the Maxillofacial Region in Human Pre-Fetuses Aged 7-9 Weeks of the Intrauterine Growth

    Authors: Oshurko A. P. Oliinyk I. Yu.

  5. Dynamics of the Blood Serum Fractalkine Content in Experimental Gastroenterocolitis

    Authors: Tkachenko A. Gopkalov V.

  6. Implementation of 3D Reconstruction Method in the Study of Prenatal Morphogenesis of Brain Ventricular System

    Authors: Khmara Т. V. Ryznychuk М. А. Komshuk Т. S.

  7. The Influence of Menstrual Cycle Developing on the Chronic Nonatrophic Gastritis Activation in Women of Adolescent Age

    Authors: Avramenko А. А.

  8. The Distribution of Genotypes of Polymorphism A1166C of the Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Gene in Patients with Arterial Hypertension in Combination with Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease

    Authors: Babak O. Zaitseva M.

  9. Empirical Antibacterial Therapy of Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infections

    Authors: Boyko V. V. Riga A. S.

  10. Physical Rehabilitation of Psychonevrological Assylum Elderly Patients with Femoral Neck Fracture without Complications

    Authors: Gutareva N. V. Gutarev V. V.

  11. Nursing Function Condition in Patients with Hypertonic Disease Including Different Forms of Extrasistoly

    Authors: Ivankova A. Ivanova E.

  12. Serum Chemerin and Nesfatin-1 Levels and Peculiarities of Clinical Characteristics in Patients with Hypertension and Obesity

    Authors: Ivanchenko S. V.

  13. The Reamberin’s Usage Effectiveness with the Purpose of Cognitive Functions’ Correction in the Acute Period of Polytrauma

    Authors: Krishtafor A. A. Usenko L. V. Tyutyunnyk A. G. Krishtafor D. A. Perederiy M. M.

  14. Ultrasound Diagnosis of Intestine and Mesentery Damage with Blunt Abdominal Trauma

    Authors: Lavrinenko A. S.

  15. Treatment Tactic in Patients with Local Infected Pancreonecrosis

    Authors: Maksymiuk V. V. Tarabanchuk V. V. Baranetskiy F. I.

  16. Prognostic Potential of Phenotyping of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of Occupational Etiology in Combination with Hypertension

    Authors: Melenevych A. Ya.

  17. Diagnostic Significance of Interleukin-12 in Blood of Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps

    Authors: Onishchenko A.

  18. Evaluation of the Functional State of Patients with Iron-Dificit Anemia by the Data of Standard Instrumental Methods and Kirlianography

    Authors: PesotskaIa L. A. Hetman M. G. Simonova T. A. Yevstigneev I. V. Zamotayev T. V.

  19. Pecularities of the Hypothalamic Syndrome Dynamics in Adolescents of Northern Bukovyna

    Authors: Ryznychuk М. А. Kretsu Т. N. Dmytruk V. P. Kostiv М. I.

  20. Effect of Therapy on Clinical State and Endothelial Function in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

    Authors: Romanova V. O. Sierkova V. K. Kuzminova N. V.

  21. Organization of Medical and Psychological Gender-Special Family Certified Support for Patients with Post-Chisofenic Depression

    Authors: Stakhanov K. O.

  22. Influence of Levocarnitin Treatment during a Stable Ischemic Heart Disease in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Obesity

    Authors: Shevchenko T. I. Sorokina S. I. Kudrya I. P. Shaposhnyk O. A.

  23. Specifics of Modern Dermatological and Cosmetological Assistance Organization to Patient with Acne

    Authors: Osipenko T. Al-Nagash M.

  24. Morphological and Densitometric Changes in the Temporally Mandibular Joint in Patients with Pulmonary Anomalies

    Authors: Kuroedova V. Stasyuk A. Vizhenko E.

  25. The Principle of Maximum Life Length Calculation

    Authors: Artemov A. V. Buryachkovsky E. S.

  26. Iron Deficiency Anemia: Basic Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Prophylactic Approaches

    Authors: Gutareva N. V. Yakovenko V. G. Gutarev V. V. Yablochanskaia E. E.

  27. Influence of Dietary Yeast Restriction on Pathological Changes in the Body of the Fruit Fly under High Consumption of Amylose Starch

    Authors: Abrat O. B. Didukh J. O.

  28. Involvement of the TOR signaling pathway in metabolism regulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown under carbohydrate-limited conditions

    Authors: Valiskhevich B.V.

  29. Influence of Pyrrole Derivatives MI-1 Combinations with Prednisolone on State Morpho-Functional Caecum of Rats with Ulcerative Colitis

    Authors: Yena M. S.

  30. Characteristics of Sensory and Memory Response in Conditions of Auditory Deprivation

    Authors: Zagaykan J. V. Sprin A. B.

  31. Monoculture and Microorganisms’ Associations at Chronic Obstructive Disease of Lungs in Professional Etiology

    Authors: Ivchuk V. V. Levina E. V. Kovalchuk T. A.

  32. Dynamics of Congenital Development Disorders Prevalence in Ukrainian Regions and their Structure in Kherson Region

    Authors: Lanovenko Elena

  33. Influence of Alpha-Ketoglutarate on Drosophila melanogaster Resistance to Different Toxicants

    Authors: Lylyk M.P. Golovchak M.V. Shmihel H.V. Bayliak M.M.

  34. Biological Effect of Erytropoetine in Different Concentrations on the Cell Culture

    Authors: Maksymenko O. Shkuropat A. Hasiuk O.

  35. Zinc Citrate Influence on Antioxidant Defence in Rats’ Liver and Pancreatic Gland during Experimentally Diabetes

    Authors: Slivinska O. M.

  36. Influence of Mild and Severe Cellular Dehydration on Histochemical Changes in the Thyroid Parenchyma of Rats

    Authors: Khomenko I. V. Boomeister V. I.

  37. Peculiarities of Structural Organization of Myocardium in Old Rats with Simulated Alimentary Obesity at the Background of Cryopreserved Cord Blood Nucleated Cell Administration

    Authors: Chernyavskaya E. A. Babijchuk V. G.

  38. Population-Centric Method of Somatotyping Application among Female Students of the Medical Universities

    Authors: Bugaevsky K. A.

  39. Dynamics of Physical Development Indicators in Children with Cerebral Palsy using Bobat Method in the Course of Physical Therapy

    Authors: Bukhovets B. O. Romanchuk O. P.

  40. Cryotherapy Efficiency of Myophascial Pain Syndrome in the Rehabilitation Program of Patients with Scattered Sclerosis

    Authors: Lysenko Yu. A. Mytсkan B. M. Vypasnyak I. P. Popel S. L.

  41. Complex Examination of University Students’ Psychosomatic Health

    Authors: Iagotin R. Dehtiarenko T. Bosenko А.

  42. Basic Directions of Rehabilitation Work of a Physical Training Teacher

    Authors: Muskharina Yu. Gutareva N. Dyachenko І.