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Archived Papers for Journal

GRD Journal for Engineering >>

Vol.4, No.09

Publisher: GRD Journals

Publishing Date: 2019-03-01

  1. Condition Assessment and Rating of a Building using Condition Survey Protocol (CSP) 1 Matrix

    Authors: Lavingiya Raag; Qureshi Sulaim; Solanki Parth

  2. Effect on Energy use due to Different Orientation: A Case Study of Commercial Building

    Authors: Anuj Pandey; Rinkesh Jadav; Panchal Jenil

  3. Overview of Lean Concept in Construction Industry

    Authors: Naveed A Hafiz Shirgar; Neetu B. Yadav

  4. Research Agenda for Performance Studies on Solid Waste Management Equipment

    Authors: Khant Shah; Devanshu Pandit

  5. Assessment of VOC Emission at West Zone Transfer Station of Surat City

    Authors: Urvi Parekh; Mitali Shah

  6. Water Distribution Network using EPANET: A Case Study of Olpad Village

    Authors: Nisha Patel; Ankita Parmar

  7. Domestic Water Desalination Plant using Solar Energy

    Authors: Parth Patel; Henilsinh Vaghela; Raj Patel; Arti Kashyap

  8. A Review on Micro Plastic Traces in Water Bodies

    Authors: Rudri Vaidya; Mitali Shah

  9. Contamination of Heavy Metals in soil and its Impact around Formal and Informal E-Waste Recycling Area in India

    Authors: Sagarkumar Divetiya; Minakshi Vaghani

  10. A Review on Application of Dispersion Models for an Industrial Point Source using AerscreenEZ

    Authors: Prasanna Kumar Tiwari; Kevin Bhikadia; Hemali J. Jardosh

  11. Comparative Study of Nutrient Values of Ordinary Compost and Vermicompost for Same Proportion of Waste

    Authors: Bony S. Sharma; Anujkumar R. Bhoya; Asst. Parth G. Tandel

  12. Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater by Ozonation

    Authors: Kinjal. N. Parikh; Ankita. A. Parmar; Chandrashekhar. B. Upasani

  13. Landfill Leachate Technologies: A Review

    Authors: Mitali Shah; Jayshree Gami

  14. Developing an Innovative Approach for Enhancing Employability Skills of Civil Engineers

    Authors: Harshal G. Vashi; Neerajkumar D. Sharma

  15. Study of Piled Raft Foundation with Consideration to Soil Structure Interaction

    Authors: Aishwary Pimpalgaonkar; G.N. Ronghe

  16. SMART Model for Urban Land Management

    Authors: Pastagia Digant A.; Macwan Joel E. M. S.V.

  17. Are Disputes in Construction Industry is Really Making a Noteworthy Measure? - A Survey in Surat City

    Authors: Priyanka Siddhpuria; Riya Randeri; Vibhuti Patel; Kamlesh Damdoo

  18. Improvement Plan For Sachin G.I.D.C

    Authors: Parekh Jaimin R.; Mistry Kinjan K.; Patel Bhumit; S. M. Marfani

  19. Hunnarshala: Learning from the Past to Build Future

    Authors: Soumya Mushriff; Ashmili Jadhav; Bhagyashri Sisode; Krupesh. A. Chauhan

  20. Innovative Step towards Balancing Green Space and Increasing Social Cohesion in Urban Environment: Smriti Van (Bhuj)

    Authors: Kaushik P. Sheladiya; Jay V. Tailor; Bhagyashri Sisode; Krupesh A. Chauhan

  21. Ancient Civilisation Study through Dholavira Archaeological Site in Kutch District: A Study

    Authors: Hrutvik Sharma; Rishikesh; Krupesh A. Chauhan

  22. Tourism and Culture: Pioneers of Development Local Rural Resort, Hodka Village (Bhuj)

    Authors: Pragya Verma; Shivani Bhardwaj; Bhagyashree Sisode; Krupesh A. Chauhan

  23. Study of Climate Responsive Building Form for Kutch Region

    Authors: Plabita Sharma; Ruchi Singhal; Bhaghyasree Sisode; Krupesh. A. Chauhan

  24. Review of Macro Strategic Plan of DP 2011 and Proposed DP 2025 for Bhuj Area, Kutch: A Study

    Authors: Prashitha. C; Gayathri. M. P; Bhaghyasree Sisode; Krupesh. A. Chauhan

  25. Identification of Urban Void Spaces in an Area of Vadodara

    Authors: Ruchita Patel; Bhasker Vijaykumar Bhatt; Jagruti Shah

  26. Critical Review on Smart Systems Adopted in Stormwater Drainage Design

    Authors: Parmar Noel; Jagruti Shah

  27. A Review: Application of Value Engineering for Affordable Housing

    Authors: Success N Ambaliya; Jagruti Shah; Amitkumar Raval

  28. A Social Infrastructure Planning Based on Accessibility Analysis – A Review

    Authors: Rajnandi Patel; Jagruti Shah; Bhasker Bhatt

  29. A Review Study on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Index by using Different Criteria

    Authors: Isha M. Patel; Jagruti Shah

  30. A Review: Factors Affecting Quality of Life Index

    Authors: Dhruv Gandhi; Jagruti Shah; Amit Shah

  31. Seismic Performance of Sliding Type Isolation with Variable Friction

    Authors: M. J. Chauhan; D. P. Soni

  32. Seismic Response of High Rise Building with Ground Soft Storey

    Authors: Hitenkumar L. Kheni; Krishna Kakadiya

  33. Seismic Base Isolation using Shape Memory Alloy

    Authors: Burhanuddin H. Adenwala; Devesh P. Soni

  34. Seismic Control of Highway Bridges using Fuzzy Logic Control

    Authors: Umang N. Patel; Devesh P. Soni

  35. A Study on Seismic Behaviour of Symmetrical Coupled Shear Wall Systems with Different Height to Depth Ratio of Coupling Beams

    Authors: Pratikkumar M Patel; Dhruti M Pandya

  36. Seismic Performance Evaluation of Setback Building with Open Ground storey

    Authors: Jayant Shaligram; K. B. Parikh

  37. Comparative Study on IS 456:2000 and Eurocode 2: EN 1992-1-1 for Analysis and Design of R.C.C. Beam

    Authors: Luisa Da GracaSambora Mugire; Gaurav K. Parmar; Ashish J. Satasiya

  38. Approaches and Challenges in Investigation of Cement Paste Characteristics

    Authors: Rinkal Prajapati; Parth Thaker

  39. Incorporation of Electronic Waste in Industry Concrete as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate

    Authors: Patel Kiran; Raut Latika; Zadafiya Nandish; Patel Khyati; Jugal Patel

  40. A Study of Manufacturing Concrete Block using Agro-Waste

    Authors: Patel Krishna; Mahyavanshi Srushti; Patel Raj; Gajjar Ekta; Jugal Patel

  41. Optimization of Cement Mortar Mix using Digital Image Analysis: State of Art

    Authors: Chintan Vohra; Parth Thaker

  42. Parametric Study to Analyze Hydrodynamic Response for Intze Water Tank

    Authors: Saurin P. Trivedi; Dhruti M. Pandya

  43. Parametric Study on Dynamic Behaviour of Waffle Slab

    Authors: Vinit P. Thakor; Tushar N. Patel

  44. Comparative Analysis of Concrete Filled Steel Tube as a Compression Member

    Authors: Adishri D. Dhondrikar; S. B. Borghate

  45. Optimize Positioning of Relief Shelf in Cantilever Retaining Wall

    Authors: Hitesh Rathi; G. N. Ronghe

  46. Study on Low Cost Concrete with Paper Industry Waste - Lime Sludge

    Authors: Keyur J. Prajapati; Darshan J. Mehta; Pradeepsinh N. Chauhan; Mehul J. Bhavsar

  47. Steel Optimization of Stacker Recalimer

    Authors: Shaikh Tozim Nisarhusain; Manish Makwana

  48. Analysis of Intze type Water Tank with Different Staging System & its Optimal Design

    Authors: Affan M Ashfak Aakhunji; Keval L Vanpariya

  49. Recent Study on the Behaviour of CFG Pile, DM (Deep Mixing) Column and Stone Columns Ground Improvement Technology

    Authors: Prof N. B. Umravia; Manthan Parmar; Shreyas V. Patil; Pathan Yasirarfatkhan V; Modhiya Aman

  50. To Study Traffic Characteristics of Urban Midblock Section Influenced by Crossing Pedestrians under Mixed Traffic Conditions

    Authors: Hareshkumar Dahyabhai Golakiya; Ashish Dhamaniya

  51. Utilizing the Leftover Spaces under Flyover in Surat City

    Authors: Sharukh Marfani; Patel Smit; Rana Nirav; Patel Savan

  52. Laboratory Evaluation of Potholes Patch Repair Mix with Aggregate and Cationic Type Medium Setting Emulsion as Per IRC 116-2014

    Authors: Thakor Rachana; Patel Krishna; Patel Roky; Pritika Prajapati

  53. To Study Pedestrian Safety at Undesignated Urban Midblock Section by User’s Perception

    Authors: Bhaveshkumar Natvarbhai Parmar; Hareshkumar Dahyabhai Golakiya; Pinakin N. Patel; Ashish Dhamaniya; Laxmansinh B. Zala

  54. Optimum Route Identificationby using Road Graph Pluginin QGIS

    Authors: Pranav Shah; Payal Zaveri

  55. Application of Geo-Textiles in Road Construction

    Authors: Jaladhi Chitaria; Jitendrasinh Raol

  56. Pedestrian Management at an Urban Intersection: A Case Study

    Authors: Vishal D. Gheewala; Pratik V. Parmar; V. G. Yadav GEC

  57. Traffic Flow Study at Majura-Gate Intersection of Surat City

    Authors: Vaidehi J. Patel; Neha D. Solanki; Ankita J. Patel; V. G. Yadav

  58. Estimation of Annual One Day Maximum Rainfall using Probability Distributions for Waghodia Taluka, Vadodara

    Authors: Pranav B. Mistry; T. M. V. Suryanarayana

  59. Meteorological Drought Assessment in Banaskantha, Gujarat

    Authors: Pranav B. Mistry; T.M.V. Suryanarayana

  60. Investigation of Fresh Water Cultivation from Vadamaradchy Lagoon: A Case Study of Jaffna District

    Authors: MH. Mohammed Suhail; Rasenthiram Athavan; Darshan J Mehta

  61. A Comparative Study of Irrigation Scheduling for Tomato by Cropwat 9.0, Water Balance Method and Water Balance Method using Root Zone Depth by Cropwat 9.0 - Case Study for Aat Distributary Navsari of Navsari Branch Canal KLBMC, Gujarat, India

    Authors: Mansi Jayeshchandra Pathak; Dilip Shete

  62. Determining Missing Rainfall Data of Rain Gauge Stations in South Gujarat Agroclimatic Zone by Closest Station Method: Special Reference to Navsari District

    Authors: Monalika Malaviya; Vilin Parekh

  63. Longitudinal Velocity Distribution in Straight and Curved Open Channels: A Model Study

    Authors: Misbah Ul Haque; Mohammad Athar; Ismeet Singh Saluja

  64. Scour and Deposition around Causeways and Bed Bars

    Authors: M. Aman; M. Athar; I. S Saluja; H. Athar

  65. Integrated Approach for Flood Modeling using Arc GIS, HEC-GeoRAS – A Case Study on Purna River of Navsari District of Gujarat State

    Authors: Azazkhan I. Pathan; Pankaj J. Gandhi; P. G Agnihotri

  66. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Cropping Pattern Mapping: A Case Study of Olpad Taluka, Surat

    Authors: Kakadiya Bhumika; Babulal M. Vadher; P. G. Agnihotri

  67. Application of the Fuzzy Logic Model for Prediction of the Monthly Evaporation Rate

    Authors: Keval Jariwala; S. I. Waikhom; V. G. Yadav

  68. Optimizing Reservoir Capacity, Water Allocation and Crop Yield using Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) Technique

    Authors: Vijendra Kumar; S. M. Yadav

  69. Analysis of Hydrologic Parameters using SWAT Model: A Case Study of Subbasin of Vishwamtri Watershed, Gujarat, India

    Authors: D. P. Navadiya; T. M. V. Suryanarayana

  70. Change Detection of Land use/Land Cover (LULC) using Remote Sensing and GIS in Surat City

    Authors: Roma Patel; B. M. Vadher; Sahita Waikhom; V. G. Yadav

  71. Development of NDVI and LULC Map of Surat District using GIS and Remote Sensing

    Authors: Sahita Waikhom; V. G. Yadav; Bhumika Kakadiya

  72. Suitability and Prominent Analysis on Proposal for Constructing a Dam on Wakal River Basin, North Gujarat-Rajasthan Border

    Authors: Utkarsh Nigam; Patel Savankumar; Thakkar Darshit

  73. Climate Classification of Various City of Gujarat by Koppen - Trewartha

    Authors: V. G. Yadav; S. I. Waikhom; Shashikant Singh

  74. Analysis of Rainfall Concentration and Seasonality over a Semi-Arid City (Una) of Gujarat

    Authors: Hiran Dhola; Sahita waikhom; V.G. Yadav; Darshan J. Mehta

  75. State Feedback Controller for LNG Storage Tank System using Pole Placement Method

    Authors: Dashrath S. Panchal; Devesh P. Soni; Dipesh H. Shah