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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology >>

Vol.6, No.6

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2021-11-13

  1. Effect of Distillery Spent-wash on Channel Bed and Groundwater Quality: Case Study of Unicol Distillery District Mirpurkhas

    Authors: Nadir Ali Rajput M. S. Mirjat M. A Talpur H.R Mangio Ashique Ali Chohan Shafi Muhammad Misbah Kamboh

  2. Artificial Insemination Rate and Income of Farmers in Padang Pariaman District

    Authors: Eriya Oktanova Jaswandi Arfa'i Syintia Dwi Agustina

  3. Financial Analysis of Fishing Business using Jubi Catching Equipment in Bulutui Village, West Likupang District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province

    Authors: Christian R. Dien Grace O. Tambani dan Fanny Silooy

  4. Mitigating an Airport’s Carbon Footprint Through the Use of “Green” Technologies: The Case of Brisbane and Melbourne Airports, Australia

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  5. Impact of silver nanoparticles on enhancingin vitro proliferation of embryogenic callus and somatic embryos regeneration of Date palm cv. Hayani

    Authors: A. A. Elsayh Sayed

  6. Factors Affecting Turmeric Production in Sunsari District, Nepal

    Authors: Able Shrestha Smriti Baral Sushma Sharma

  7. Application of different concentrations of licorice and willow extracts as rooting stimulator in hardwood cuttings of olive (Oleaeuropaea L.)

    Authors: Aram Akram Mohammed

  8. A comparison of bacterial variability across biogeographic regions based on PGPR

    Authors: Sampa Biswas Arghya Nath Rajat Pal

  9. Influence of Inoculums Source and Pretreatment on Biogas Production from Cashew Nut Shells (Anacardium occidentale)

    Authors: Mahamadi Nikiema Joseph B. Sawadogo Marius K. Somda Ynoussa Maiga Iliassou Mogmenga Cheik A. T. Ouattara Dayéri Dianou Alfred S. Traoré Aboubakar S. Ouattara

  10. Plant formations of Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir. in Sudanian and Sahelian zones

    Authors: Habou Rabiou Issiaka Issaharou-Matchi Kossi Adjonou Kossi Novinyo Segla Babou André Bationo Kouami Kokou Ali Mahamane

  11. Effect of drinking saline water on performance, digestibility and nitrogen utilization of growing camels feed different quality roughages

    Authors: A.M. Abdel-Wahed

  12. Characterization and evaluation of the antibacterial potential of bacterial microbiota of cultivated soils of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) and Black pepper (Piper nigrum) in the city of Igarapé Açu – Pará, Brazil

    Authors: Nilson Veloso Bezerra Jonatan Carlos Cardoso da Silva Juliana Hiromi Emin Uesugi Caroline Ferreira Fernandes Maria Clara Coelho Prazeres Daniel dos Santos Caldas Jose Alyson Rocha Pismel Hadassa Hanna Soares Martins José de Sena Gomes Júnior

  13. Socio-economic impact of cassava wastewater on some communities in Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: Onyeke Ochu Linda Amuta Elizabeth Aguoru Celestine

  14. Impact of climate change on the water balance of the Sankarani river basin in West Africa

    Authors: Hamidou Diawara Tadjouko Berthe Souleymane Bengaly Ekaterina Vladimirovna Gaidukova Korotoumou Sangare Sékoumar Diarra

  15. Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Fauna of Krishnarajanagar Town, Mysore District, Karnataka

    Authors: Nijagal B.S. Hema K

  16. Selected formulations of Bacillus cereus strain SLBE3.1AP with different storage durations for control Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. capsici Chili Plants

    Authors: Yulmira Yanti Hasmiandy Hamid Zulfadhli Syarif Suci Nur Afeland

  17. FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) spectroscopic analysis of dried leaf and fruit peel extract of Capparis divaricata lam

    Authors: Vanamane R.S Vhankade A.M Bhosale P.A Salgar.P.S Manjunath Gopika

  18. Growth of Lettuce (Lactucasativa L.) Plant Under Red-Blue-White Light and Grow Light LEDs in Plant Factory System

    Authors: I Ketut Suada I Gede Putu Wirawan Rindang Dwiyani Linawati I Nyoman Setiawan Hery Suyanto Ni Nyoman Suryantini Qomariah

  19. Response of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea var capitata) to Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Growth and Yield Parameters and Incidence of Insect Pest

    Authors: S. Iddrisu M. E. Essilfie G. Bolfrey –Arku

  20. Biofortification: Effect of Zn and Fe application on wheat genotypes in Bangladesh

    Authors: M R Khan A A Mahmud M Jahiruddin M A Tarafder M H Rahman

  21. Molecular Characterization of Bacterial that degrades herbicides isolated from soil environment in Abuja

    Authors: Owuna J.E Asa A.A. Ahmad A.A. Ibrahim Y. Haruna I.M.

  22. The Effect of Trichoderma Biourine Application on Growth, Occurrence of Fusarium Wilt Disease and Yield of Several Shallot Varieties

    Authors: I Made Sudantha Suwardji

  23. Antibacterial Activity and Identification of Active Compounds of Seaweed Extract Sargassum sp., Halimeda opuntia and Halymenia sp. from Lae-Lae Island of South Sulawesi

    Authors: Darfiah Kasmiati Gunarto Latama

  24. Development and validation of a bovine parainfluenza virus type 3 indirect ELISA

    Authors: Silvina Soledad Maidana Maria Mercedes Odeon Carola Maria Ferrecio Noelia Magali Grazziotto Eddie Pisano Irene Alvarez Lucia Rocha Gladys Viviana Parreño Sonia Alejandra Romera

  25. Mass Propagation of Agarwood Producing Plant (Aquilaria Malacensis L.) with Application Auxin and Cytokinine Concentrations in Vitro Culture

    Authors: Benni Satria Rachmad Hersi Martinsyah Warnita

  26. The use of Coastal Land for the Cultivation of Vegetable and Species on Small Islands in the Sub-District of Tatoareng Sangihe Regency

    Authors: Paulus Adrian Pangemanan Decky Kamagi Farly Tumimomor

  27. An Assessment of Singapore Airlines Environmentally Sustainable Energy Management

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  28. The Performance and Haematological Indices of Broiler Chickens Fed Chromium Propionate, and Vitamin E Supplemented Diets

    Authors: Oluwafolaranmi Segun Omoleye Francis Bosede Adebayo Olufemi Adebayo Adu Clifford Adinma Chineke Samuel Adebowale Adeyeye Olugbenga David Oloruntola Simeon Olugbenga Ayodele

  29. Profitability of blantic cattle traders as a supply chain institution in Minahasa Regency, Indonesia

    Authors: Richard E.M.F Osak Meiske L. Rundengan Stevy P. Pangemanan Yohannis L.R. Tulung R.R. Durandt

  30. An Assessment of the Role of ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in Underpinning Environmentally Sustainable Airline Operations

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  31. Decarbonizing International Air Cargo Transportation’s Carbon Footprint: A Review of the World Air Cargo Carrying Airlines Current and Potential Environment Related Measures and Strategies

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  32. Toxic Test of Lavender Leaf (Lavandula angustifolia) Ethanol Extract as Biolarvicide for Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Vectors of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

    Authors: Alfrits Komansilan Ni Wayan Suriani Reinhard Komansilan

  33. Production and Marketing of Mandarin in Putalibazar Municipality of Syangja

    Authors: Mathews P Raj Reena Susan Philip

  34. Wetland Ecosystem – Interplay of Factors Influencing Microclimate and Seasonal Variation - a Review

    Authors: Mathews P Raj Reena Susan Philip

  35. Effect of use Probiotics and Organic Fertilizer on Yield of Peanut on Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam

    Authors: Nguyen Thi Lang Le Hoang Phuong Nguyen Thi Hong Loan Le Minh Khang NT Khanh Tran Bui Chi Hieu

  36. Business Feasibility Analysis of Vaname Shrimp (Litopenaeus vanname) Cultivation Through Demonstration Farming in Barru Districk

    Authors: Alvia Dina Amsari Sutinah Mahyuddin

  37. An Assessment of Sustainable energy management at a Major Scandinavian Hub Airport: The Case of Oslo Airport Gardermoen

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  38. Towards Carbon Neutral Airline Operations by 2045: The Case of Finnair PLC

    Authors: Glenn Baxter

  39. Assessment of Phenotypic Diversity in Breeding Lines of Barley at Rampur, Chitwan

    Authors: Pabitra Ale Aakash Adhikari Babita Dhungana Jigyasha Gautam Anup Adhikari Krishna Hari Dhakal

  40. Role of Trees in Farm Bunds – A Case study in Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: S. Saravanan

  41. Effect of Alchornea cordifolia, Tithonia diversifolia and Mezoneuron benthamianum treatment time on agromorphological parameters of tomato in Daloa (Côte d’Ivoire)

    Authors: N'Guettia Marie Yah N'dri Jacob Kouassi Kouakou Abessika Georges Yao N'guessan honorine Assouman Atta Taky Hortense Diallo

  42. Quality Characteristics of Chicken Burger Processed from Broiler Chicken Fed on Different Levels of Quinoa Seeds

    Authors: Engy F. Zaki

  43. Influence of different Temperatures and Substrates on the Germination of Munguba (Pseudobombax munguba (Mart. & Zucc.) Dugand.)

    Authors: Antenor P. Barbosa Michele Braule P. R. de Oliveira Adrielly O. Pereira