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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.1, No.4

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2017-05-28

  1. Investigating marketing of children’s food stuff and methods of advertising in Iran

    Authors: Mitra Zarea Nemati

  2. Bacteriological and physio chemical quality assessment of drinking water The case in shambu Town,Oromia Region, Ethiopia

    Authors: mulatu

  3. Experimental Research Work to Optimize Process Parameters into Electro Chemical Abrasive Flow Machining using Taguchi Methodology

    Authors: Sandeep Singh; Sunil kumar

  4. Data Mining based on Hashing Technique

    Authors: Krishan Rohilla; Shabnam Kumari; Reema

  5. Analysis of phytochemicals, minerals and in vitro antioxidant activities of Gongronema latifolium leaves

    Authors: Usunobun Usunomena; Igwe V. Chinwe

  6. A phenomenological study to explore the mother’s experiences on pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period among high risk mothers at RGGW&CH, Puducherry

    Authors: Deveena Sona Mehta

  7. Constraints to Accessing Micro-Credit and Loan Scheme of Bank of Agriculture among Farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria: Implications for Extension Service Delivery

    Authors: Mbah Evangeline N; Jiriko; R; Paul; H.A

  8. Developing a Constructivist Model for Effective Physics Learning

    Authors: Aina; Jacob Kola

  9. Symmetric Key Generation Algorithm in Linear Block Cipher Over LU Decomposition Method

    Authors: P.Sundarayya; M.G.Vara Prasad

  10. Poverty and it's Alleviation: Lessions fo Nigeria

    Authors: Kalu E. Uma; Paul C.Obidike; Frank O. Ozoh

  11. Comparative Analysis of G.M Tube Characteristics Using (Ba-133) Gamma Source and (Sr-90) Beta Test Source

    Authors: Aondoakaa John Kelvin; Iortile Joseph Teryima

  12. Attitude towards tobacco consumption among residents of Dhankuta Municipality of Nepal

    Authors: Ram Bilakshan Sah; Jha N

  13. Review on Design of Control systems for ethered UUVs using PID controllers

    Authors: Devjani Bhattacharya; H L Viswanath

  14. Experimental research to Optimize Process Parameters in Machining of Non Conducting Material with hybrid non conconventional machining

    Authors: Vikrant Sharma; Sunil Kumar

  15. E-Commerce: Merits and Demerits A Review Paper

    Authors: Ayushi Y. Vadwala; Maitri S. Vadwala

  16. Dyeing of Cotton with Natural Dye Obtained from Barks of Bombax Ceiba Linn locally known as Semal

    Authors: Yogesh Vadwala; Namrita Kola

  17. Enhancement of cloud resources security using verification code

    Authors: Madamidola Olugbenga; Abimbola Tolulope; Afolabi Gboyega

  18. Emerging Next Generation Solar Cells: Route to High Efficiency and Low Cost

    Authors: Samiul Islam Sadek; M Junaebur Rashid; Zahid Hasan Mahmood

  19. A Novel GA-SVM Model For Vehicles And Pedestrial Classification In Videos

    Authors: Akintola Kolawole G.

  20. Web based intelligent inventory management system

    Authors: Madamidola O. A Daramola O.A Akintola K .G

  21. Extraction of Iron (III) with Tributylphosphine Oxide from Hydrochloric & Sulphuric Acid Solutions

    Authors: A.V.L.N.S.H. Hariharan

  22. Data Mining For Supermarket Sale Analysis Using Association Rule

    Authors: Rajeshri Shelke

  23. Protective Effect of Alysicarpus Monilifer L., Against CCl4 induced Hepatotoxicity in Albino Rats

    Authors: K. Manikya Kumari; V. Padmaja

  24. Assessment of water quality in the vicinity of anandapuram visakhapatnam

    Authors: A.V.L.N.S.H.Hariharan

  25. Semantic Web: A Study on Web Service Composition Approaches

    Authors: Michael Raj TF; Siva Prakasam. P

  26. Parametric Study Of Multisoried R.C.C. Flat Slab Structure Under Seismic Effect Having Different Plan Aspect Ratio And Slenderness Ratio

    Authors: Renuka Ramteke

  27. Digital Education and Smart Country South Korea

    Authors: Subhash Desai

  28. Toxicity and Disruptive Impacts of Novaluron, A Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor, on Development and Metamorphosis of The Olive Leaf Moth Palpita unionalis

    Authors: K. Ghoneim; Kh. Hamadah; A.N. Mansour; A. A. Abo Elsoud

  29. Female Aesthetic in Anita Desai’s Where Shall We Go This Summer?

    Authors: T. Pushpanathan; S. Satheesh

  30. Efficient Way To Identify User Aware Rare Sequential Patterns In Document Streams

    Authors: Swati V. Mengje; Rajeshri R. Shelke

  31. Economic Analysis of Moringa in Tamil Nadu

    Authors: Dr Rajendran T

  32. A Review of Friction Stirs Welding

    Authors: Danail Abdullah

  33. Design Pattern Classifiers under Attack for Security Evaluation using Multimodal System Download

    Authors: Rupali Baliram Navalkar; Rajeshri R. Shelke

  34. An Experimental Study on Modification of Dense Graded Bituminous Mix Design

    Authors: Vineet Jain; Utkarsh Nigam; Lokesh Gupta

  35. Trends Of Maternal Mortality In Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria

    Authors: Mustapha Adam Kolo; Muhammad Chutiyami; Isyaku Ibrahim

  36. Document Ranking using Customizes Vector Method

    Authors: Priyanka Mesariya; Nidhi Madia

  37. Study of Ion Scattering Process by the Method of Binary Collision Approximation

    Authors: Kutliev Uchkun Otoboevich; Karimov Muxtor Karimberganovich; Narimonov Nurbek Davronbekovich

  38. Effects of Waste Glass Powder on Compressive Strength of Concrete

    Authors: Sudhanshu Kumar; Bharat Nagar

  39. Improved Clustering Technique in Marketing Sector

    Authors: Pallavi R. Wankhade Rajeshri R. Shelke

  40. Role of Education on Voting Behavior in Afghanistan

    Authors: Gulab Mir Rahmany

  41. A Study on Teaching Effectiveness of Mathematics

    Authors: Y. Raghunatha Reddy Shaik Thajoddin Arif Khan S.Makbul Hussain

  42. A Review Study of various Data Mining Classification & Clustering Techniques

    Authors: Karambeer Kaur Mr Surender Singh

  43. Suppression of frequency fluctuations in Hybrid Power System using Pitch-Angle Controller

    Authors: Rakesh Saini Ankush Bhardwaj

  44. FundMount Platform for Crowd-Sourcing: A Web Application

    Authors: Rohan J. More Mrutyunjaya S.Emmi

  45. Impact of Strategic Cost Analysis on Accounting Information

    Authors: Abubkr Ahmed Elhadi Abdelraheem Badreldin Elhadi Ahmed Serajeldin Aldouma Abdallah Abdalrahman Jedo

  46. Strategic Cost and Activating Competitive Advantage

    Authors: Abubkr Ahmed Elhadi Abdelraheem Badreldin Elhadi Ahmed Serajeldin Aldouma Abdallah Abdalrahman Jedo

  47. Impact of Benchmarking to Applied the Strategic Cost Methods

    Authors: Abubkr Ahmed Elhadi Abdelraheem Badreldin Elhadi Ahmed Serajeldin Aldouma Abdallah Abdalrahman Jedo

  48. A Review Study on Effect of Steel Fibre and Marble Dust with Strength of Pavement Quality Concrete

    Authors: Krishan Kumar Sumesh Jain

  49. Analysis the Effect of Steel Fibre and Marble Dust with Strength of Pavement Quality Concrete

    Authors: Krishan Kumar Sumesh Jain

  50. Effectiveness of hypertension educational package on knowledge, attitude and lifestyle practices among adults at risk in selected urban community, Bangalore

    Authors: Rammuanpuii Paihte Dr.Dinesh Selvam S

  51. Different Configurations and Technologies in PV-Wind based Hybrid Power System

    Authors: Ghanshyam Jayswal Gagan Deep Yadav

  52. Techno-Economic and Environmental Analysis of Wind-Diesel Power System

    Authors: Ghanshyam Jayswal Gagan Deep Yadav

  53. A Review Study on Preventing and Detecting Technique of Black Hole Attack in MANET

    Authors: Kavita Babriya Surender Singh

  54. Musical Stress Management for Women Entrepreneurs

    Authors: Shveata Misra Ina Shastri

  55. Combined Effect of Marble Dust and Steel Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of High Strength Concretes


  56. A Critical Appraisal of Listenership Preference of FM Radio Stations in the Tamale Metropolis of Northern Ghana

    Authors: Iddirisu Andani Mu-azu G.P. Shivram

  57. Power Quality Improvement in Solar-Wind based Power System using BESS

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar Satish Kumar

  58. Different Technologies and Components of Renewable Energy Sources based Power System: A Review

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar Satish Kumar

  59. Different Strategies for Power Quality Improvement in Off-Grid Renewable Energy Based Power System

    Authors: Rajbir Sood Geena Kalpesh

  60. A Review on Energy Storage Systems for Mitigation Power Fluctuations in Wind Turbine based Power System

    Authors: Sarvesh Garg Geena Kalpesh

  61. Automation of Solar Solution Toolkit License

    Authors: Akash A. Muttoor Mrutyunjaya S. Emmi

  62. Missing Item Prediction and Its Recommendation Based on Users Approach in Ecommerce

    Authors: Himanshu Deulkar Rajeshri R. Shelke

  63. THD Reduction and Power Quality Improvement in Grid Connected PV System

    Authors: Rajbir Sood Geena Kalpesh

  64. Virtualization & Scheduling in Real Time OS: A Survey

    Authors: Shabnam Kumari Reema Shahdab Payami

  65. Design and Implementation for Trucks Tracking System Using GPS Based on Semantic Web

    Authors: Yasser Ahmed Nada

  66. Graduation Approach '“ Economic Resilience for Extreme Poor '“ Ethnography Study From World Vision India's Intervention in Assam

    Authors: Subramania Siva Priskla Macwan

  67. The Use of Problem-Based Instruction Strategy (PBIS) in Gas Laws Class: A Gender Academic Performance Difference

    Authors: Popoola Rachael Adewumi Olorundare A. Solomon

  68. Simulation of VANET Routing using A-star Algorithm

    Authors: Shabnam Kumari Reema Monika

  69. Focus on Human Resource as Improvement of the Flexible Manufacturing Operation of Organization

    Authors: Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

  70. Optimization of 36cm2 Effective Area on Serpentine Flow Channel of PEMFC

    Authors: Dr.V.Lakshminarayanan

  71. An Empirical Study of Test Management in Bug Tracking System

    Authors: M. Rajeswari K. Parimala X. Joshphin Jasaline Anitha

  72. Use of Internet / Web Resources by the Faculty Members and Students of Engineering College Libraries in Sri Venkateswara University Area

    Authors: T. Raghunadha Reddy V. Pulla Reddy

  73. Mechanical Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Partial Replacement of Rice Husk Ash

    Authors: D Sathya Narayana A Pavani N Venkata Hussain Reddy

  74. Validated RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Nelaribine in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form

    Authors: Mrs.P.D.Chaithanya Sudha Prof.D.Gowri Sankar

  75. Exploratory Model of the Impact of Agriculture on Nigerian Economy

    Authors: Okeke Evelyn Nkiruka Okeke Joseph Uchenna

  76. Problems in Task Scheduling in Multiprocessor System

    Authors: Mukul Varshney Jyotsna Abhakiran Rajpoot Shivani Garg

  77. Construction and Analysis of Flyover by BRTS

    Authors: T Anil A Pavani N Venkata Hussain Reddy

  78. Basic Requirements of Teaching

    Authors: J. Jayapriya

  79. IDEAS OF JUSTICE: Relevance of Weber's Approach

    Authors: Jan-Erik Lane

  80. Power Quality Improvement in Grid Connected PV System

    Authors: Anjali Gourav Sharma

  81. A Review on Grid-Connected PV System

    Authors: Anjali Gourav Sharma

  82. Optimization of Media Mix Planning in Health Care System by an AHP Based Goal Programming Model

    Authors: A. V. S. Prasad Y. Raghunatha Reddy

  83. REST based API

    Authors: Shabnam Kumari Deepak

  84. Einstein's Relativity, Simultaneity and Young's Double Slit Experiment

    Authors: C. Siam A. Hazarika J. Saikia R. Mahanta G.D. Baruah

  85. Maximum Power Extraction Strategy for Wind Energy Conversion Systems using Intelligent Controllers

    Authors: Aabid Hussain Sheikh Dr O P Malik

  86. An Experimental Investigation on Effect of Fly Ash on Egg Shell Concrete

    Authors: G Anisha A Pavani

  87. Various Approaches for Dynamic Load Balancing for Multiprocessor Interconnection Network

    Authors: Mukul Varshney Anand Sharma Abhakiran Rajpoot

  88. Agricultural Sector in District Anantnag of J&K: A Shift from Producer to Consumer

    Authors: Syed Damsaz Ali Andrabi Mohd. Yousuf Bhat

  89. Research and Implementation of Innovated Rehabilitation Robotics Manipulators

    Authors: Chin-Wen Chuang Meng-Hsiu Wu Kuan-Yu Chen

  90. A Comparison of ABK-Means Algorithm with Traditional Algorithms

    Authors: H. N. Gangavane

  91. Key Definitions, Concepts And Setting Up of A Company Under Companies Act 2013

    Authors: Jay Girishkumar Dave

  92. Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images based on Fourier Filtering in HSV Color Space

    Authors: Meenu Manchanda

  93. Health Workers' Competence in Diagnosis and Management of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Internally Displaced Persons in Plateau State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ajio Daniel K Ogunyewo A.O Salihu Dauda Gusen Nanle Joseph

  94. Determination of Rate of Shell Accretion in Pesticide Induced Fresh Water Bivalve, Parreysia Corrugata

    Authors: Pramod P. Phirke S.P. Zambare

  95. Efficient Opportunistic Overlay Prototype with Reliable Routing and Distributed Resource Discovery Services

    Authors: Madhav Gopal Sharma R.B. Patel

  96. Performance Analysis of Different PV Topologies with MPPT

    Authors: Himanshu Sharma Pankaj Kumar Jagannath Patra Nitai Pal

  97. Effects of Parameter Variations of PV Module based on MATLAB-Simulink Modeling

    Authors: Himanshu Sharma Pankaj Kumar Jagannath Patra Nitai Pal

  98. Pharmacological Applications of Isorhamnetin: A Short Review

    Authors: S Kandakumar Dr V Manju

  99. A Novel Secure Cloud SAAS Integration for User Authenticated Information

    Authors: C. V. Satyanarayana P. Suryanarayana Babu

  100. Environmental Crisis and the Role of Media

    Authors: Vineet Kaul

  101. Weight Based Backbone Clustering Implemented for Multicast MANET

    Authors: Tharani.s G.Arutchelvan G.Arulanandam

  102. Seed Quality Analysis Using Image Processing and ANN

    Authors: Shivpriya Desai Dr.A.P.Rao

  103. Automated Testing: An Edge Over Manual Software Testing

    Authors: Jyotsna Mukul Varshney Shivani Garg Abha Kiran Rajpoot

  104. Molecular Mechanism of Microtubules Dynamics and its Precise Regulation Inside Cells

    Authors: Aijaz Rashid Shazia Ahad

  105. Sperm Motility as a Screening Strategy for the Identification of Microtubule Targeting Drugs

    Authors: Aijaz Rashid

  106. Application of Genetic Algorithm in Cryptanalysis of Mono-alphabetic Substitution Cipher

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  107. Clustered Genetic Algorithm to solve Multidimensional Knapsack Problem

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  108. A Study of Paddy Crop Grown in Polluted Irrigated Water

    Authors: Mridula Anand Prashant Kumar Aryan