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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.2

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-08-01

  1. Ameliorate Student - Teacher Relationship through Spirituality

    Authors: Aina Arora

  2. Security System for Car using CAN Protocol

    Authors: Poonam Bedarkar Atul Halmare

  3. A Study of Adjustment among 12th Standard Students

    Authors: Ramesh D. Waghmare

  4. Hospital Acquired Infections - A Review

    Authors: Riya Johnson Alex Lalbiaknunga Jaidev Kumar Sumana Abdul Rashid

  5. The Mythical Matrix of the Santals (A Key to entry into a tribe dispersed in many states of North India)

    Authors: Vijay Kerketta

  6. Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on the Tensile Behavior of AISI 8620 Gear Steel

    Authors: Prasenjit Ghosh

  7. Biosynthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles using Onion Bulb Extract

    Authors: N. Tensingh Baliah S. Lega Priyatharsini

  8. Chromium-induced growth inhibition and alteration of biochemical parameters in Ocimum basilicum L

    Authors: Ruqaya Jabeen

  9. Analog CMOS Image Sensor-based Radon Counter

    Authors: Chungyong Kim Gyu-Sik Kim

  10. Impact of GST on the Indian Economy

    Authors: C. J. Priya Harshitha M C

  11. Silver Nanoparticles in Dental Cure: Scenario and Confronts

    Authors: Chandani Desai Siddharth Desai

  12. Automatic Headlight Control with Central Locking System

    Authors: S Senthil Kumar Sathiyaprakash K Vijay R Sudharsan D

  13. Study of Metal Contaminated Soil on Various part of Planet Earth

    Authors: Shalini Arora R. S. Lokhande C. K. Jain

  14. Exploring the Possibilities and Effects of Carrier Oriented Continuous Education on Teachers Performance in the Educational system

    Authors: Manoj Kumar Singh Neerja Singh

  15. Popularly Used Security Protocols on All Layers of Network Communication

    Authors: Arpana Chaturvedi Poonam Verma

  16. Providing Traditional Computational Facility through TV SetTop Box

    Authors: Prakruth H S

  17. Home Schooling '“ Advantages and Disadvantages

    Authors: Gurpreet Kaur

  18. Analysis of the ICT user Profile for e-goverment through Bayesian Networks

    Authors: Elia Martínez Guillermo De la Torre-Gea

  19. Bayesian Analysis to the experiences of corruption through Artificial Intelligence

    Authors: Erica Pascual-Garcia Guillermo De la Torre-Gea

  20. Durability Test of a Developed Radon Counter Module

    Authors: Sung-Ha Yun Jai-Won Chung Gyu-Sik Kim

  21. Conceptualising Innovative Jobs as Propeller to a High-Income Economy Status for Mauritius

    Authors: Betchoo Nirmal Kumar

  22. Bayesian Analysis as a Method to determine the Limitations and Advances of e-Justice

    Authors: María Esther Hernández-Ríos Joselito Fernández Tapia Guillermo Alfonso De la Torre-Gea

  23. A Review on Rasamanjari: It's Contribution in Pharmaceutical Science

    Authors: Versha Ratrey Kavita S.M. Parhate K.S. Karbhal M.K. Dash

  24. Overview of Various Industrial Fault Diagnosis Methods

    Authors: Pranita A. Raut U. L. Bombale

  25. A Review on Various Plantar Pressure Measurement Systems

    Authors: Dhanashri D. Kore U. L. Bombale

  26. Review on Detection and Grading the Cataract based on Image Processing

    Authors: R. S. Patil Uttam L. Bombale

  27. An Analysis of turn of the month effect on S&P BSE Healthcare Index in the Indian Stock Market

    Authors: G. LalithaKumari Uthra. V

  28. Growth of Online Marketing: A Special Case study of India

    Authors: Pushpa Suryavanshi Qumar Izhar

  29. An Overview of PSO in Optimization of Machining Parameters

    Authors: Rajesh A S M S Prabuswamy

  30. Review Paper for Design and Simulation of a Patch antenna by using HFSS

    Authors: Kazi K. S Argonda U. A

  31. Successive Security Challenges Implementation on Internet of Things

    Authors: M. Ann Bency

  32. Effective Badminton Coaching Schema using PIC16F887 Microcontroller

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji N. V. Hari Suriya

  33. Anxiety on Body Image among Females Students of Pakistan (A Ternary Model of Body Image Exasperation Appraisal)

    Authors: Hamid Mahmood Adnan Shaukat Usman Akram

  34. A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Honda Activa with Reference to Coimbatore City

    Authors: Deepthi Nivasini

  35. Analysing the Impact of Indian Disinvestment Policy on the Basis of Profitability: A Case of Selected Public Sector Units

    Authors: Sudhendu Giri

  36. Clinical Applications of Metabolomics in Diabetes Research

    Authors: Seema Ahad

  37. Oblong Mean Prime Labeling of Some Tree Graphs

    Authors: Sunoj B S Mathew Varkey T K

  38. A Comprehensive Study on Female Spouse Participation in Financial Communication during Family Financial Decision Making

    Authors: Twinkle Jain

  39. Application & Analysis of Banana Stem Fibre use as Construction Material

    Authors: Chaudhari Tejas Prakash Govind Singh Solanki Rakesh Sakale Hirendra Pratap Singh

  40. Is the Sum of Interior Angles of a Triangle Always 180 Degree?

    Authors: Swachhatoya Ghosal Vinaya Bhavana

  41. Traffic Congestion - Causes and Solution: A Study of Kota City

    Authors: Harish Uniyal Hemlata Gandhi

  42. Development of a Model for the TPACK for Children with Learning Disability

    Authors: K. S. Sajan Sunitha M S

  43. NABARD: A Financial Inclusion through Regional Rural Banks (RRB's) in India

    Authors: Ramakrishna

  44. Micropropagation of Atropa acuminata Royle from in vitro petiole explant

    Authors: Farhana Maqbool Seema Singh Mahroofa Jan

  45. Leadership: The Essence of Sikhism

    Authors: Navneet Kaur

  46. NAAC Revised Assessment and Accreditation Process at a Glance

    Authors: Rahul Murlidhar Mandale Sanjay. D. Khairnar

  47. Corporate Leadership: A Study of the Psychodynamic Skills in Growing in the Corporate World

    Authors: Satya Subrahmanyam

  48. Reconstruction of European Geopolitics with a Special Reference to Mackinder's Heartland Theory

    Authors: Anindita Mukherjee Mallicka Banerjee

  49. Conceptualization of Management of Healthcare Services

    Authors: Mansour Moklif Alanazi Mohammed Ratoubi Alanazi

  50. Indian Banking Sector and Micro Finance

    Authors: Rajendra Prakash Agrawal A. H. Khan

  51. IoT based Classroom Automation using Arduino

    Authors: Yasodharan R Bennaiah D Harikrishnan V Karthick S Prince Roy

  52. Analysis of Performance Quality of Next Generation Protocol: IPv6

    Authors: Surbhi Khare Ritesh Shrivastav

  53. Challenges and Obstacles for the Formation of State and Nation Building Process in Afghanistan

    Authors: Gulab Mir Rahmany

  54. Human Aspects in Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance

    Authors: S R Chandra Shashidhar K Devendra S Verma

  55. Infrastructure and culture as competitive advantage in enhancing secondary school's performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination in Kenya. A case of Bungoma County

    Authors: Dr Charles Mulandi Zakayo

  56. A Study on Air Pollution Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Pradeep G Pillai Saravanan. P

  57. Consumer Awareness and Satisfaction towards Organic Products in Palakkad District-Kerala

    Authors: Abisha. KA P. Kannan

  58. Design and Analysis of Air Intake System for Single Cylinder Engine

    Authors: Sushil Pant Pankaj Kumar Ranjan Kishor

  59. Predictive Analytics for High Business Performance through Effective Marketing

    Authors: Supriya V. Pawar Gireesh Kumar Eashan Deshmukh

  60. India in Making as a Powered Nation: A Concept

    Authors: Narayan Guchhait

  61. Casualisation of University academic labour and its effect on University Performance in Kenya. A case of Universities in Nakuru County '“ Kenya

    Authors: Dr Charles Mulandi Zakayo

  62. A Review on Homoeopathic Medicines in Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  63. Numerical Analysis of Friction Stir Welding for AA6061 by Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Ronak S. Shah D. A. Warke

  64. The Effect of Biographical Characteristics on Employee Motivational Force and their Tenure in Job: A study in Indian Academic Sector

    Authors: Aditi Banerjee

  65. Autonomous Trajectory Tracking and Contouring Control of Three Dimensional CNC

    Authors: Henna A

  66. Wireless Control 3D Printer with a Liquid Sprinkler Product Replacing Mechanism

    Authors: Nida K

  67. Hematological qualities induced by Methanolic Leaf Extract of Allium ampeloprasum in white mice

    Authors: Azhar Shya Y. Albusasy

  68. Socio-economic Dimensions, Issues and Implications of Post-Independence Odisha and its Manifestation in Odia Poetry with a Special Case Study of Guruprasad Mohanty's Kaalapurusha

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak

  69. Preliminary study report on prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among primary school children, in selected community of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Authors: Anjana Williams Balwinder Kaur Buttar Rajesh Konnur

  70. Importance of Value Chain Analysis in Interrelated Relationships

    Authors: Arelli Ankitha

  71. Impact of Plastic on the Environment

    Authors: Prabhash Kumar

  72. Dynamics of Deviant Behaviour on the Academic Participation of Early Adolescents, Limbe Sub-Division, South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Patrick Fonyuy Shey Tani Emmanuel Lukong

  73. Orca 4.0.1 Mechanism for Robotics

    Authors: Rajesh CVS

  74. Design and Fabrication of Sentry Gun based on Mechatronics System

    Authors: Pradeep S Anand V Harish Kumar R Ragu R

  75. Effect of International Financial Reporting Standard on Corporate Performance of Selected Banks Listed on Nigeria Stock Exchange

    Authors: Elosiuba J. N. Emma Okoye

  76. Smart Dust Cubic-Millimetre Computer for Shrewd Farm

    Authors: I. Lakshmi

  77. Emerging Directions and Current Activities Social Informatics in the Information Sciences

    Authors: I. Lakshmi

  78. Performance Analysis of Four Different Types of Sorting Algorithms using Different Languages

    Authors: I. Lakshmi

  79. A Study of Firefly Algorithm and its Application in Non-Linear Dynamic Systems

    Authors: Gautam Mahapatra Srijita Mahapatra Soumya Banerjee

  80. Effect of substituents on infrared, H1 and C13NMR spectra of Schiff's bases derived from Furfuryl amine

    Authors: R. Rajalakshmi T. Elakiya

  81. Analysis of 1 out of 2 Main Units and 2 out of 4 Subunits System

    Authors: Praveen Gupta Ruchi Yadav

  82. Intergrated Training Model of Business Skills for Kawedegan Farmers, Nganjuk-East Java Indonesia

    Authors: Lena Ellitan Teodora Winda Mulia Lodovicus Lasdi

  83. Experimental Study on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristcs of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using hiTRAN Wire Inserts

    Authors: Manoj Shendre Sandeep Biradar

  84. Keki N. Daruwalla's Poems: A Study of Post Independence Social Realism

    Authors: Md Ataur Rahaman

  85. Symmetric Key Cryptography Algorithm for Data Security

    Authors: Tushar Anil Patil K. V. Kulhalli

  86. The Role of Extradition Treaties in Crime Management and Combating Terrorism

    Authors: Adishi Eric Oluka Nduka Lucas

  87. Holistic Security for Internet-of-Things (IoTs) Implementation in Nigeria

    Authors: Engr. Fidelis C. Obodoeze Francis A. Okoye Ifeyinwa Nkemdilim Obiokafor

  88. Handwritten Digit Recognition

    Authors: Jyoti Shinde Chaitali Rajput Mrunal Shidore Milind Rane

  89. Trends and Facts of Leprosy Prevalence in Purulia District, West Bengal, India

    Authors: Pitchaimani Govindharaj Sampathkumar Srinivasan

  90. Effect of Select Demographic Variables on the Purchase Decision of Khadi Cloth

    Authors: Veena Jha Alok Bansal

  91. IND AS: India's Accounting Standards Converged with the IFRS - (IND AS Adoption and Applicability for Indian Companies)

    Authors: N. Sharadha V. Manickavasagam

  92. An Empirical Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Selected Asian Countries

    Authors: Neha Tiwari

  93. Social Media and Political Communication in India: An analysis of 2017 Legislative Assembly Elections in Himachal Pradesh

    Authors: Ashish Sharma

  94. Psychological Impact of GST on Small Business

    Authors: Abbul Hasan Khan

  95. ICICI Bank and Services for Society

    Authors: Pushpa Suryavanshi

  96. Rurbanization and it's Role in Shaping the Rural Areas Development

    Authors: Boda Ramesh

  97. Rurbanization it's Advantages and Disadvantages

    Authors: Boda Ramesh

  98. Exploring Stress related to Demographical factors and Confidence in Managing Stress with special reference to Female Faculties of Technical Education Institution in Dakshina Kananda District

    Authors: Veena Shetty. S. S Surekha Prabhu

  99. Characteristics of Rurbanization

    Authors: Boda Ramesh

  100. Ground and Surface Water Polluted in Manpur Block

    Authors: Santan Kumar Prabhash Kumar Surabhi Ranjan

  101. Determination of Physicochemical Parameters and Heavy Metal Levels in Some Well Water of Gwaram Town Jigawa, Northwest Nigeria

    Authors: B. B Yusif A. Anteyi K. A Bichi A. B Mu'azu M. Chutiyami

  102. Seismic Analysis of Multi Storied Building in Different Zones

    Authors: Brajesh Kumar Tondon S. Needhidasan

  103. Going Rural '“ A Glimpse of Rural Marketing Mix

    Authors: N. R Mohan Prakash M. Kethan Ass

  104. Enhanced RZ-Leach using Swarm Intelligence Technique

    Authors: Pallavi Sharma Rajesh Kochher Varsha

  105. An Analysis and Study in Light of Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil

    Authors: Narendra Kumar Bhatt H. N. Gour

  106. Corrosion Characterization of Aluminium 2024 Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Fly Ash in Potassium Chloride Medium

    Authors: R. Lakshmi .H. R. Radha P. V. Krupakara Latha. V

  107. A Progress of Herbal Finish (Aloe Vera & Neem) in Infant Tank Tops in Mother's View Point

    Authors: D. Anita Rachel K. Banupriya B. SenthilKumar

  108. Fault Testing and Diagnosis of Sram based FBGA using Built-In-Self-Test-Architecture

    Authors: Nagma. P Ramachandran. S Sathishkumar. E

  109. An Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal, Ornamental, Agricultural and Wild Plants in Maruthuvambadi Village, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu, India

    Authors: Vijayaraj R Jaquline Chinna Rani I.

  110. Conceptualising Educational Disparity in the Provision of Health Care Services in Cuba and Cameroon: Implications To Educational Administrators

    Authors: Michael N. Agbor Ph.D

  111. Educational Leadership: Implications for Quality Management in the Development of Cameroon Higher Education

    Authors: TamukongNdifor Mariana Ngeche Ph.D

  112. QSAR Modeling of Bisbenzofuran Compounds using 2D-Descriptors as Antimalarial Agents

    Authors: Tripti Kaushal Anita K Bashirulla Shaik Vijay K. Agrawal

  113. Feasibility Study and Entrepreneurial Success: Evidence from Selected Manufacturing Firms in Anambra State

    Authors: Nwakoby Nkiru Peace Ezejiofor Raymond A

  114. Benchmarking Educational Institute: A need of an hour

    Authors: Adv. Neeta Deshpande

  115. Adsorption of Acidic pollutants from Water using Biosorbents

    Authors: Syeda Sameena Aziz Abdul Razzak

  116. A Study on Rural Marketing in India: Challenges and Opportunities

    Authors: Geeta Yadav

  117. Analysis of Reliability Characteristic of a System

    Authors: Praveen Gupta Ruchi Yadav

  118. Making the cities green: Ecological restoration of degraded urban areas using green infrastructure implications

    Authors: Er. Sukhjinder Singh Er. Parvinder Singh Er. Jasraj Singh

  119. A Review on Phytochemical and Pharmacological studies of Berberis Aristata

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  120. Pterocarpus Marsupium Importance in Various Activities - A Review

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  121. A Study of Impact of GST on Leather Industries in India

    Authors: Shailja Singh

  122. Fuzzy Strongly g*s Closed sets in Fuzzy Topological spaces

    Authors: E. Kungumaraj K. Nirmaladevi

  123. Experimental Comparison of Yield of Bio-Oil in Fixed Bed Pyrolyzer

    Authors: Rakhesh I P Rajkumar S R

  124. A Case Study on Elastic Oscillationsand its Applications in Bungee Jumping by Differential Equations

    Authors: Gowri. P Glory Bebina. E

  125. The coating on Al6061 Aluminium alloy surface with WC/Ni powder compact electrode using electrical discharge machining

    Authors: U Elaiyarasan N Sivaharinathan S Karthi A Mohamed Ismail

  126. The Realization and Effectiveness of Management Control Systems in India

    Authors: Arelli Ankitha

  127. Warning Signs of Pregnancy among Antenatal Mothers

    Authors: Kanchan Bala Balwinder Kaur Buttar Ramesh Singh

  128. Antimicrobial activity of mustard against Mackerel fish pathogens

    Authors: Khushali Chandulal Ahire Ranjana Ganesh Khade

  129. Injector Based Smart Vada Maker

    Authors: Vishnu A Sriram K Praveen N Arun Kumar K Ashwin Ramnath S

  130. Scope of Parthenium hysterophorus L. and Acorus calamus L. as Biopreservative for Non-durable Wood Timber Species

    Authors: Bandana Dhiman Dr Kulwant Rai Sharma Y Y Sumtahne

  131. Knowledge regarding smoking hazards among adolescents

    Authors: Amandeep Kaur Atul Chaudhary Kanchan Bala

  132. Digitalization - A Step towards Cashless Economy

    Authors: Harish Tigari

  133. Case Study on :'œMarketing strategies of Henry Ford of heart surgery - Narayana Health Care also known as Narayana Hrudayalaya, Leading India in World for Health care'

    Authors: Manish Gupta

  134. Image Processing in MATLAB 9.3

    Authors: Shete S. G. Ghadge Nagnath G.

  135. Influence of Goat Manure as Organic Amendment on Physical and Physico Chemical Properties of Therisoil

    Authors: Indira E. Annadurai B. Sundaram S.

  136. A Descriptive Research on the Contributing Factors in Mutual Fund Investment Across India

    Authors: Dipa Mitra

  137. Influence of Goat Manure as Organic Amendment on Physical and Physico Chemical Properties of Therisoil

    Authors: Indira E. Annadurai B. Sundaram S.

  138. A Descriptive Research on the Contributing Factors in Mutual Fund Investment Across India

    Authors: Dipa Mitra

  139. A Study on Enhancing Employability Skills of Graduates in India

    Authors: P. Vanitha A. T. Jaganathan

  140. An Empirical Study on Organizational Climate in Neycer India Limited, Vadalur

    Authors: E. Surenderbabu P. Chinnadurai

  141. A Review on Rural Marketing in India: Oppurtunities, Challenges and Strategies

    Authors: Pooja Yadav

  142. Calcrete Geochemistry in identifying Kimberlite / Lamproite Exploration Targets -A case study from Nalgonda district, Telangana, southern India

    Authors: P. Ramesh Chandra Phani M. Srinivas

  143. SCADA for National Critical Infrastructures: Review of the Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures

    Authors: Fidelis Chukwujekwu Obodoeze Ifeyinwa Nkemdilim Obiokafor Tochukwu Chijindu Asogwa

  144. Green Marketing: Barriers and Suggestions

    Authors: Nisha Yadav

  145. Automated Greenhouse

    Authors: Sambasivam. R Gogul Ram. J. K Jayapal. M Leela Krihnan. N Subesh Melwin. S

  146. Design and Implementation of 4 Elements Circular Patch Antenna with High Gain for 3.0 GHz Applications

    Authors: Olabisi .O Ajao O. S Adeniran A.O Adgboyega O.

  147. Quality of Water for Irrigating Urban Vegetable Farms: An assessment of Toxic and Essential Metals in Water from an Urban Lake

    Authors: Edna Dzifa Doe Nash O. Bentil Adolf Kofi Awua

  148. Optical and Microstructural Analysis of Chemically prepared Lead Sulphide (PbS) Thin Film

    Authors: Olabisi O. Adegboyega O.

  149. Analysis and Control of Grid Connected DFIG Under Sub & Super Synchronous Modes of Operation

    Authors: T. Suhasini M. Mohana Rekha

  150. Pregnancy Outcomes and Risk Factors among Adolescents in Buea Health District, Southwest Region, Cameroon: A Comparative Study

    Authors: Marcelus U. Ajonina Carine K. Nfor Kenric B. Ware Raphael A. Abong Elvis A. Akomoneh Sylvester N. Atanga

  151. An analytical framework on deceptive Advertising with reference to Hyderabad City, Telangana State, India

    Authors: Mohammad Sirajuddin Ch. B. V. L. Sudheer

  152. Geochemicals Heavy Metal Pollution of River Ganga - Causes and Impacts

    Authors: Hasnahara Khatun Arshad jamal

  153. User Data Integrating with Anti-Collusion Scheme and SVC in Cloud Groups

    Authors: Meenambigai. D Mathavan. V

  154. Predictive Analytics for High Business Performance through Effective Marketing

    Authors: Supriya V. Pawar Gireesh Kumar Eashan Deshmukh

  155. Data Injection using Kalman-Like Particle Filter Based Smoother is Diagonalized into Subsystem

    Authors: Sarumathy. B Indra. E

  156. Data Storing in Multitenant Clouds using Split and Merge Method

    Authors: Aswini. S Prasanna. S

  157. Basics and Features of Artificial Neural Networks

    Authors: Rajesh CVS M. Padmanabham

  158. Bayesian analysis of internet access through apps as an e-government development strategy in Mexico

    Authors: Rafael Rentería Gaeta Guillermo Alfonso de la Torre-Gea

  159. Clinical Research - A Big Data Science Approach

    Authors: Elton Mathias Roveena Goveas Manish Rajak

  160. Mother's work profile in tribal communities and its effect on child feeding

    Authors: Subhangi Sahoo

  161. Effectiveness of Erythinae variegata juice on dysmenorrhoea among final year nursing students

    Authors: A. Rajarajeswari G. Muthamilselvi C. Susila

  162. Cloud Accounting - It's Benefits and Challenges

    Authors: Piyush. M. Modi

  163. A New breed NN Based UHVDC for Offshore Wind Power Plant to Enhance the Transient Response

    Authors: M. Sangeetha R. Arivoli B. Karthikeyan

  164. Community health concern and behavioral sciences

    Authors: Dr Veena. S. Algur

  165. Representation of the Perverted Politics: A Study of Anurag Mathur's The Department of Denials

    Authors: Anshu Sailpar

  166. Perception of Employees towards Quality Work Life in Garment Industry

    Authors: K. Prabha Kumari C. S. Ganesh

  167. Smart Bag with Theft Prevention and Real Time Tracking

    Authors: Ankush Sutar Tukaram Kocharekar Piyush Mestry Prathamesh Sawantdesai Suhasini S. Goilkar

  168. So Many Hungers! - Still an Existing Reality in the Country (In Reference to Bhabani Bhattacharya's Novel, 'So Many Hungers')

    Authors: R. Chandra Sekhar

  169. Pharmacological Properties and Therapeutic Benefits of Seaweeds (A Review)

    Authors: Latife Ceyda IRKIN Özlem YAYINTAS

  170. Review on FPGA Implementation of 16*16 Vedic Multiplier in VHDL Environment

    Authors: N. Divya

  171. In vitro plant regeneration from hypocotyl explants of Rheum webbianum Royle

    Authors: Sabreena Rashid Zahoor A Kaloo Seema Singh Iram Bashir

  172. Modern Poetic Trends of Odisha versus the Neoteric Strives of Guruprasad

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak Akshay Kumar Panigrahi

  173. A Complete Review on Rubia Cordifolia

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E

  174. Camouflage of Fragmentation and Alienation in Nathanael West's A Cool Million

    Authors: P. Ranjithkumar R. Palanivel

  175. Smart Grid Infrastructure for Efficient Power Consumption Using Real Time Pricing Algorithm

    Authors: S. Varun Kumar S. M Jayasurya

  176. Impact of Product Packaging Cues on Product Quality Perceptions: Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Shopping Malls

    Authors: Anam Javeed Sany Sanuri bin Mohd Mokhatr Ismail bin Lebai Othman

  177. A DC'“DC Converter with High Voltage Gain and Two Input Boost Stages for Solar Applications

    Authors: K Hima Vani Ch Chinna Veeraiah

  178. Effect of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria

    Authors: E. M. Chukwuma

  179. A Study of Child Abuse in India: Current Issues and Prevention

    Authors: Geeta Yadav Nisha Yadav Pooja Yadav

  180. A study of correlation between conceptual understanding and achievement in Biology subject of standard 10th

    Authors: Nilesha Sisodiya

  181. Impact of Conflict Management on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Business

    Authors: E. M. Chukwuma

  182. Improving Surface Finishing Quality by Using Radius Carbide Tips

    Authors: Yeddula Manohar Reddy K. Pavan Kumar Reddy Jayam Sree Hari

  183. Analysis of Debt '“ Equity Ratio of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies of India

    Authors: Ankita. M. Zadeshvariya

  184. GRS '“ Gesture based Recognition System for Indian Sign Language Recognition System for Deaf and Dumb People

    Authors: D. Anbarasan R. Aravind K. Alice

  185. Appraising Capability Models for Conceptualising the Development of Competencies amongst Students of the Higher Technical Teachers' Training College (HTTTC), Kumba

    Authors: Massa Ernest Massa

  186. Perception of Security in Mexico through Bayesian Networks

    Authors: Carlos Ramírez Guillermo De la Torre-Gea

  187. Automatic Car Window Opener for safe Driving

    Authors: S Senthil Kumar Anjali S Hashina Parveen S Aishwarya R

  188. A Survey on Classification of Feature Selection Strategies

    Authors: R. Pradeepa K. Palanivel

  189. A Study on Orbital Mechanics

    Authors: N. Gayathri S. Mahalakshmi

  190. Structural Marketing Pedagogy and Market Demarcation- Substituting Demographic Analysis

    Authors: Dhruv Sabharwal

  191. A Comparative Study between Public and Private Insurance Company in India

    Authors: Sakharam Mujalde Anshita Kandari

  192. Environmental - Friendly Brick Blocks using E-Waste

    Authors: Aniket Ravindra Ingole Abdul Siddique Abdul Khalik Shaikh Rahul Ashokrao Tapke

  193. Fertility Response Following Induction of Lactation in Infertile Dairy Cows

    Authors: K. Kumar S. N. Shukla S. Bhandekar S. K. Singh P. Inwati

  194. Effects of English on Pattern of Education System in India

    Authors: SK Habib

  195. Application of immobilized banana peels (Musa paradisiaca L.) into calcium alginate beads for removal of chromium (VI) from aqueous solution

    Authors: Amit S. Sharma Satish A. Bhalerao

  196. Design and Simulation of MPPT Algorithm for Three Phase Induction Motor Solar Water Pump

    Authors: Swati Killedar S. N. Patil A. P. Kinge

  197. The Performance Analysis of PAPR Reduction using a SLM technique at different parameters u and M in OFDM-MIMO System

    Authors: Er. Sukhjinder Singh Er. Parvinder Singh Er. Jasraj Singh

  198. Mitosis Detection in Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations: A Critical Review

    Authors: Rakshitha K. S Radhika K. R

  199. Study on effect of Polypropylene and Steel Fiber on the strength of Concrete

    Authors: Akanksha Agrawal

  200. Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas '“ A Truth of Our Future

    Authors: Vinay kumar Gupta Jai Singh

  201. Advanced Crop Monitoring using Internet of Things based Smart Intrusion & Prevention in Agricultural Land

    Authors: G. Naveen Balaji V. Nandhini S.Mithra R.Naveena N.Priya

  202. An Efficient Brain Tumor Detection Algorithm based on Segmentation for MRI System

    Authors: Merlin Asha. M G. Naveen Balaji S. Mythili A. Karthikeyan N. Thillaiarasu

  203. Synthesis of Thin Film Ternary Chalcogenide Glasses and Study of its Optical Properties

    Authors: Vivek Kumar Dwivedi

  204. Organising the Unorganised Unprofessional Daily Wage Earners Who Provide Services at Home - A Study Made in Guwahati City of Assam

    Authors: Sangita Das

  205. Study on Real-time Operating System and its Scheduling Procedures

    Authors: Durgesh Raghuvanshi

  206. The Study of Culinary Tourism Management - A Tool for Revenue Generation and its Importance for Pune's Economic Status

    Authors: Vijay Kulkarni Gauri Shah

  207. Identification of Water Potential Zones in Drought Prone Area's '“ A Case Study of Rolla Mandal, Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: Ganesh Raju J Shweta Sharma

  208. A Study on Awareness Level of Investors towards the Methodology of Credit Rating Agencies

    Authors: Ekta Rokade

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