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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.6

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 19/11/2018

  1. Data Flow Diagram DFD in Developing Online Product Monitoring System OPMS of DTI

    Authors: Bryan L. Guibijar

  2. Trade War - An Overview

    Authors: K. P. Manish S. S. Sanjay Krishnan

  3. Supporting Spatial-Temporal Provenance Location Proofs for Ad-Hoc Mobile Users

    Authors: K. Dhanalakshmi

  4. Design and Simulation of Low Noise Amplifier at 15 GHz Using Advanced Design System ADS

    Authors: Htun Myint

  5. Analysis of Some Effective Aspects with VAT and GST

    Authors: Shashanka. B. K

  6. Cloud Intrusion and Autonomic Management in Autonomic Cloud Computing

    Authors: Bilal Hussain CH

  7. Image Filtering Based on GMSK

    Authors: Sehba Yousuf Er. Arushi Baradwaj

  8. Spectrum Handoff Decisions

    Authors: Bisma Bashir Er. Tajinder Pal Singh

  9. Beamforming for 5G Networks

    Authors: Irfan Nissar Bhat Er. Harish Dogra

  10. Inter-Cell Interference

    Authors: Aamir Nazir Beigh Er. Prabhjot Kaur

  11. Pulse Energy Effect on the Optical Properties of Pulse Laser Deposited SiO2 Thin Films

    Authors: Nafie A. Almuslet Yousif H. Alsheikh Kh. M. Haroun

  12. Study of Hepatoprotective Activity of Saussurea Lappa Root Extract

    Authors: Juluri Krishna Dutta Tejaswi R. Govinda Rajan P. Sara

  13. Analysis of Adsorption Time for Solar Adsorption Refrigeration System

    Authors: Soe Soe Nu Mi Sandar Mon

  14. To Design and Develop Intelligent Exercise System

    Authors: Nitu Sharma Nitin Janwe

  15. Solving Initial-Value Problem of the First-Order Differential Equation by Euler's Method using Casio fx 570EX Classwiz Scientific Calculator

    Authors: K. G. Tay T. H. Cheong W. K. Tiong

  16. Physico Chemical Assessment of Bore Water in Muthupet Areas of Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu, India

    Authors: Sujatha. S Sujitha. K

  17. Internet Use and its Contributions to the Social Development of University Business Education Undergraduates in Anambra State Nigeria

    Authors: Ezenwafor Justina I Ukwuoma Annette Amaka

  18. A Study on Role of Technology in Banking Sector

    Authors: Aswin Raj. T Bala Nageshwara Rao

  19. Provision of Recreational Facilities in Asokoro District, Abuja, Nigeria

    Authors: Bogoro Audu Gani

  20. A Study on Investors Perception Towards Sharemarket in Sharekhan Ltd

    Authors: Vijay. S Ch. Balanageswara Rao

  21. A Review of Netra Sharira

    Authors: Majagaiyan Pratikshya Giri Jeevan Kumar H N Abhijith

  22. Investigation on the Existing Geometry of Pathein Suspension Bridge

    Authors: Win Bo Khin Maung Zaw Kyaw Kyaw

  23. Homogeneous Swarm Robots Exploration

    Authors: W. A. F. W. Othman M. A. Rosli A. A. A. Wahab S. S. N. Alhady

  24. Energy Efficient For Cloud Based GPU Using DVFS With Snoopy Protocol

    Authors: Avinash Sharma Anchal Pathak

  25. Condition Monitoring of Wear Progress in Hydrostatic Pumps

    Authors: Emad Ali

  26. Smart City Ranchi A New Dimension of Urban Space

    Authors: Animesh Gope Sangam Suman

  27. Migration and Education Experiences of Refugee Children in the East Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Mary-Ann Awasiri Takwe

  28. Optical Soliton Simulation by Symmetrized Split-Step Fourier Method

    Authors: K. G. Tay W. K. Tiong Y. Y. Choy

  29. Identifying the Slider-Crank Mechanism System by the MPSO Method

    Authors: Chin Wen Chuang Kuan Yu Chen Yi Hua Su

  30. An Experimental Study on Low-Calcium Flyash and Metakaolin Based Geo-Polymer Concrete

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Gupta Rajeev Chandak

  31. Multiple Pyaemic Abscess-An Unusual Presentation in Neonate Case Report

    Authors: Syeda Nishat Fathima

  32. Study of Profitability Ratios of Nationalized Banks and Private Banks Operating in India

    Authors: Jaimin Patel

  33. Strong Semiclosed Sets in Topological Spaces

    Authors: P. Chandramoorthi

  34. Intelligent Exercise System

    Authors: Nitu Sharma

  35. Modified Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy M-LEACH Protocol For WSN

    Authors: Aditi Beohar Pankaj Sahu Rajender Singh Yadav

  36. Aqua Silencer

    Authors: Batta Mahesh

  37. Image Denoising for AWGN Corrupted Image Using OWT and Thresholding

    Authors: Shruti Badgainya Pankaj Sahu Vipul Awasthi

  38. Study on use of Saw Dust Ash as Replacement of Cement in Concrete

    Authors: Mohd Imran Lone Alise Mapnoo Adil Masood

  39. Critical Thinking Level of Bachelor Degree Nursing Students of Two Selected Universities in the Centre Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Eyinga Paul Marius

  40. Single Image Super Resolution using Interpolation and Discrete Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Shalini Dubey Pankaj Sahu Surya Bazal

  41. Use of Industrial Waste in Road Embankment

    Authors: Bothsa Kumari Ch. Damodhar Naidu Pinninti Dileep Kumar

  42. Problems of Glacier Retreats in the Himalaya and Dimension of Environmental Hazards

    Authors: Bishnupada Sheet

  43. SOWA-RIGPA Tibetan System of Medicine

    Authors: Pravin Jawanjal

  44. Wireless Linked Navel Substation for International Boundary Scanning and Surveillance System Using GPS

    Authors: R. Mahalakshmi

  45. A Compression Based Methodology to Mine All Frequent Items

    Authors: Rajendra Chouhan Khushboo Sawant Harish Patidar

  46. Design of a Controller for Systems with Simultaneously Variable Parameters

    Authors: Kamen Yanev

  47. Frequency Regulation and Active Power Control in Wind-Diesel Based Hybrid Power System Using BESS

    Authors: Mohd Azrul

  48. Applications of Energy Storage Systems in Wind Based Power System

    Authors: Mohd Azrul

  49. An Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometric Technology and GSM Module

    Authors: Bilal Hussain Ch Subayyal

  50. Securing Cloud Data with the Application of Image Processing

    Authors: Bilal Hussain Ch Subayyal

  51. Secure E-Banking Using Bioinformatics

    Authors: Bilal Hussain Ch Subayyal

  52. Web Based Electronic Voting System Using Finger Print Authentication and GSM Module

    Authors: Bilal Hussain Ch Subayyal

  53. Estimating of Willingness to Pay for Reducingthe Urban Congestionin the Tunisian Agglomeration

    Authors: Mejri Henda Harizi Riadh

  54. A Comparison Study Between Two Hydrogen Sensors

    Authors: Albashir Zomrawi

  55. The Determinants of Consumer Purchase Decision Brand Image Brand Awareness

    Authors: Indumathi. M CH Bala Nageshwara Rao

  56. Simulation of a Mathematical Model of Malaria Transmission Dynamics in the Presence of Mosquito Net, Fumigation And Treatment

    Authors: Titus Ifeanyi Chinebu Edmund Onwubiko Ezennorom John U Okwor

  57. Simulation of an Intracellular Differential Equation Model of the Dynamics of Malaria with Immune Control and Treatment

    Authors: Titus Ifeanyi Chinebu Edmund Onwubiko Ezennorom John U Okwor

  58. Experimental Investigations on Strength Characteristics of High Performance Concrete Using Silica Fume and Superplasticizer

    Authors: K. Perumal S. Senthilkumar K. Sekar

  59. Milkweed Plantcalotropis, A Review

    Authors: Sri Padmapriya. R Anita R. J. Singh

  60. Design and Analysis of Revolutionary Elevated Supersonic Axial Turbines

    Authors: Nadupuru Bhaskara Rao Rajesh CVS Uppada Komali

  61. Analysis of Artificial Neural-Network

    Authors: Rajesh CVS Nadikoppula Pardhasaradhi

  62. Irregular Composites Thermal Establishment for Vibration Control

    Authors: Nadupuru Bhaskara Rao Rajesh CVS Dommeti Srinivasa Rao

  63. Design and Evaluation of MAC Protocol Strategies Techniques in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

    Authors: Prince Kumar Rashmi Raj

  64. Water Quality Issues Related to Special Industrial Zones Along Hlaing River

    Authors: Cho Cho Thin Kyi

  65. Experimental Analysis of Optical Coherent Communication System in India Through Atmospheric Turbulence

    Authors: Umar Fayaz Marazi Rashmi Raj

  66. Analysis and Comparision of Different Spectrum Sensing Technique for IEEE 802 11

    Authors: Adil Niyaz Makhdoomi Rashmi Raj

  67. Globalization and its Impact on Human Resource Management an Overview

    Authors: V. Sriramulu

  68. Capital Market Instruments in India - A Profile

    Authors: Prasanta Kumar Dey

  69. Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease Using Text Mining

    Authors: Meena Preethi. B Darshna. R Sruthi. R

  70. Study of Obesity in Relation to Blood Groups in a Randomly Selected Population of College Students

    Authors: M. Haritha V. Venugopal Rao

  71. Library Automation An Overview

    Authors: Pramila Khushali Velip

  72. Non Linear Analysis of Diesel Engine Connecting Rod

    Authors: Vytla Jayaprakash Alok Kumar Rohit Ch. Srinivas

  73. Varicose Veins Treatment And Prognosis In Ayurveda Ascompared To Modern

    Authors: Rajeev Kumar Gayatri Neelam Sajwan A. K. Gupta

  74. A Review on Herbs with Esterogenic Activity

    Authors: G. Rathiga M. Mohammed Fharook

  75. Experimental Study of Mechanical Strength of the Iron Mixed Concrete

    Authors: A. Malliha

  76. Soil Classification Using Image Processing and Modified SVM Classifier

    Authors: Priyanka Dewangan Vaibhav Dedhe

  77. In Search for the Super Element Algorithms to Generate Higher Order Elements

    Authors: Mohammad Tawfik

  78. Oral Cavity Considerations for the Patient with Renal Disease

    Authors: Amit Kumar Verma

  79. Bony Changes in CKD Patient with or Without Hemodialysis

    Authors: Amit Kumar Verma

  80. Aluminium Alloy Scraps as Useful Raw Material in Component Manufacturing and the Attendant ILL Effects

    Authors: P. A. Ukachi K. E. Ojaomo

  81. Analysis Of Underwater Image De-Hazing Approaches A Perspective View

    Authors: Priya Jha Keerti Gupta

  82. A Review on Neural Networks

    Authors: Joselin. J Dinesh. T Ashiq. M

  83. Review on Recent Advancements in the Field of Reinforced Epoxy Nano Composits

    Authors: Sandesh K S Mahesh V M Muralidhara B K

  84. A Case Study on the Village Keelamattiyan and its Believes

    Authors: Saswatik Tripathy Aditi Khan

  85. Workflow in Treatment Process

    Authors: Sumagna Patnaik Towheed Sulatna

  86. Some Studies on Protection for the Hidden Attribute Based Signatures without Anonymity Revocation

    Authors: S. Mahathi M. Ravindar

  87. Revolutionary Change of English Studies in India

    Authors: S. Joseph Arokia Raj

  88. ZCT Precoding Based SLM Technique for PAPR Reduction

    Authors: A. A. A. Wahab L. T. Zhan H. Husin W. A. F. W. Othman Syed Sahal Nazli Alhady

  89. Ayurvedic Management and Rehabilitation Therapy for Vardhakyajanya Badhirya

    Authors: Ashwini Kumbar Suraj Kumbar A. M. Madni

  90. Contra µ-β-Generalized α-Continuous Mappings in Generalized Topological Spaces

    Authors: Kowsalya M Sentamilselvi M

  91. Effect of Quartz sand Grains Diameter on the Mechanical Properties of Mortars

    Authors: Azhar Badaoui Abdeslam Benamara Mohamed Amine Benaimeche

  92. NOSQL Database Engines for Big Data Management

    Authors: Yasmeen

  93. Bluetooth Broadcasting

    Authors: S. Atchaya S. Deepika S. Selvanayaki

  94. Solid-State Mixture Identification of Crystal Indomethacin by Spectroscopy Comparison with Thermal Analysis

    Authors: T. B. Sundaresan

  95. Performance Analysis of PV Modules A Review

    Authors: Trupti L. Chavan

  96. A Technique for Partially Solving a Family of Diffusion Problems

    Authors: Ayaz Ahmad

  97. Study on Hiring Process of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering at Hindupur, India

    Authors: Nalla Bala Kalyan J. Viswanath

  98. Determination of Maximum Optical Range of FSO Link Affected by Atmospheric Attenuation in Spatial Diversity

    Authors: Poonam Agrawal Sandeep Kumar Toshniwal

  99. Analysis of Dual-axis Solar Tracking System by using Lock Anti-Phase Drive Method

    Authors: Swe Swe Mar Zarchi San Thuzar Mon

  100. Design and Simulation of 80 kHz High Frequency Converter Using CD 4047IC CMOS

    Authors: Mary Htun Soe Winn Win Moet Moet Htwe

  101. Analysis of Active Power Flow Control with Phase Shifting Transformer in AC Transmission Line

    Authors: Thandar Oo Su Mon Myint Aye Khaing Zin

  102. Green and Light Weight Vehicles Power Transmission System Design and Development

    Authors: Rajesh C V S P Janardhana Kiran

  103. Analyses of some Geotechnical Indices of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti Lateritic Soil used for Bricks

    Authors: Bamidele I. Faluyi Adeyemi E. Adetoro

  104. Analyses of some Engineering Properties of Isan - Ekiti Soil, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Adeyemi E. Adetoro Silas A. Oladapo

  105. Assessment of some Chemical Properties of Isan - Ekiti Soil, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Silas A. Oladapo Adeyemi E. Adetoro

  106. Comparative Study on the Properties of Cement Stabilized Lateritic Bricks Sourced from Different Locations

    Authors: Adeyemi E. Adetoro Bamidele I. Faluyi

  107. Staphylococcus Aureus Pigment-Bio Colour as a Novel Antibacterial Agent Against Staphylococcus Aureus Isolate from Coins

    Authors: Ayisha Begum M. K. Aishwarya Aeliya Zehra. M Achiffa Abdul Rahiman R. Ushasri

  108. CFD Analysis of Solar Air Heater Provided with Discrete Inclined Rib Roughness on the Absorber Plate A Review

    Authors: Ajay Jain H. S. Sahu

  109. Investigation on Friction Stirs Welding of Aluminum Alloy and Copper Dissimilar Metals

    Authors: J. Eswara Kumar J. Sree Hari L. Anwesh Kumar

  110. Urbanization in North East India 1991 :- 2011

    Authors: N. Pautunthang

  111. Human Resources Management and School Effectiveness in Government Technical Secondary and High Schools in Cameroon

    Authors: Tam Vivian Ekwen Fonkeng Epah George

  112. A Survey on Various Disease Prediction Techniques

    Authors: C. Leancy Jannet G. V. Sumalatha

  113. A Review on Different Topologies and Control Method of Static Synchronous Compensator

    Authors: Arjun Singh

  114. Voltage Regulation in Grid Connected Power System Using 24 Pulse STATCOM

    Authors: Arjun Singh

  115. Matlab Simulink Model of Sinusoidal PWM For Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter

    Authors: Asha Durafe

  116. Experimental Analysis of Corrosion Resistance on Columnar to Equiaxed Transition Region of as Cast Structures of AL:-CU Alloys

    Authors: Ganesan Venkatachalam

  117. Ayurvedic Management of Lagophthalmos :- A Case Report

    Authors: Chandana P Gururaj Anil Bhat Ashwini M J

  118. Floral Initiation of Poinsettia Euphorbia Pulcherrima as Affected by Photoperiod and Different Rates of Paclobutrazol

    Authors: Aizel Y. Celeste Jesusa D. Ortuoste

  119. IOT Based Structural Health Monitoring

    Authors: Junaid Rasool

  120. Home Automation Android Based GSM System

    Authors: Snehal Arun Khulape Sakshi Rajendra Malage Manasi Sudhir Patil Arfa Aslam Bargir Sagar V. Chavan

  121. Is Employment Empowering Women an Analysis of Selected Case Studies of Internal Migrated Women in Dhaka City

    Authors: Montasir Fahad

  122. A Review Paper on Sloping Ground Building Structures under Seismic and Wind Load Conditions

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Pratiksha Malviya

  123. Vitamin D Deficiency in Association with HSCRP Linked to Obesity

    Authors: Pushpamala Ramaiah Ayman Johargy Lamiaa Ahmed Elsayed Grace Lindsey

  124. Engineering Surveying Course Taught to Civil Engineering Students in KSA Universities A Case Study of Albaha University

    Authors: Nagi Zomrawi Mohammed

  125. Automatic Attendance System Using Speaker Recognition

    Authors: Zaw Win Aung

  126. Wireless Body Area Network A Review on Issues, Routing Techniques and Various Applications

    Authors: Madhukar Anand Ravi Kumar Malik

  127. Computational Approach to Analyze Political Behavior, Culture and Policies to Understand the Revolution of a Society

    Authors: Arijit Bag

  128. Automatic Railway Gate Control System Using Android

    Authors: Snehal Patil Komal Jadhav Rutuja Chinchawde Aditi Patil Sagar V. Chavan

  129. A Review on Rain Fade and Signal Attenuation by Rain in Ku and Ka Band Satellite Communication at MGC Campus Punjab India

    Authors: Er. Sukhjinder Singh Er. Iqbal Singh Er. Jasraj Singh

  130. Issues with Reliability of Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: Graeme Heald

  131. Effects of Sub-Grade and Sub-Base Materials Quality on Flexible Pavement A Case Study

    Authors: Getu Tamiru Palani Ponnurangam

  132. Sixth Sense Technology

    Authors: Girubaa. G Pavithra. M Deepak. K

  133. A Review on Architecture, Issues, Challenges and Applications in Underwater Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Gaurav Rai Ravi Kumar Malik

  134. Approach Towards Analysis of Biopsy Slide of Breast Cancer

    Authors: Indra Kanta Maitra Samir Kand Bandyopadhyay

  135. Variation in the Lobar Pattern of the Right and Left lungs A Case Report

    Authors: Shobha G Jeevan Kumar Giri Pratikshya Majagaiyan Manu Krishnan Santosh Singrapu

  136. Cloud Computing in Data Backup and Data Recovery

    Authors: Monisha. S S. Venkateshkumar

  137. A Study on Security and Privacy in Internet of Things

    Authors: Muthu Lakshmi. R T. Sathiyabama

  138. A Study on Mobile Robotics in Robotics

    Authors: Karthick Vishal. K S. Venkatesh Kumar

  139. Virtualization in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Arun Prasath. M T. Sathiyabama

  140. Fault Detection and Prediction in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Swetha. S S. Venkatesh kumar

  141. Security Issues in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Mahalakshmi. D T. Sathiyabama

  142. A New Hybrid Synchronous Reluctance Machine Capable of Ultra-High Output Power

    Authors: S E Abonyi

  143. Review Performance Evaluation of Single Species and Multispecies Constructed Wetland by using Septic Tank Effluent

    Authors: Suhas J. Patil S. M. Bhosale A. A. Kulkarni

  144. Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells :- A Prospective Regenerative Therapy

    Authors: Namrata Tiwari

  145. Opinions and Suggestions of Farmers in Adoption of Intercrop in Sugarcane from Kolhapur District

    Authors: Bhingardeve S. D. B. T. Kolgane D. P. Deshmukh

  146. Heart Rate Variability Analysis of PC Interactive E-Learning Studies

    Authors: Arjun Singh Vijoriya Ranjan Maheshwari

  147. Design and Construction of an Electric Arc Welding Machine's Transformer

    Authors: Asiwe Uchechukwu. M Edema Anthony Edeafeadhe Godspower

  148. Attacks and Risks in Wireless Network Security

    Authors: A. C. Sounthararaj B. VeeraPandiyan

  149. An Overview on Nano-Technology

    Authors: A. C. Sounthararaj P L. Subramanian

  150. End to End Encryption using QKD Algorithm

    Authors: N. Abirami M. Sri Nivetha S. Veena

  151. A Review on Transformer - Less UPFC

    Authors: Shaikh Mohammed Tauseef S. M. Kulkarni

  152. Study on Building Structures with Sloping Ground under Seismic and Wind Load Conditions

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Pratiksha Malviya

  153. Crowd Sensing Systems A Mini Review

    Authors: W. A. F. W. Othman S. S. N. Alhady A. A. A. Wahab M. H. A. Ahmad

  154. Coal Ash-Bentonite Mixture as Landfill Liner

    Authors: Er Anu Javed Iqbal

  155. Brief Review of Liquid Crystals

    Authors: V. Viswanatha C. Rajaramb S. R. Fathimac D. Bhanu priyad

  156. Skin Cancer Detection using Digital Image Processing and Implementation using ANN and ABCD Features

    Authors: Khaing Thazin Oo Moe Mon Myint Khin Thuzar Win

  157. Nàgàrjunas Reflection on Motion and Rest

    Authors: Sudipta Chattopadhyay

  158. Soft Skills Should be a Part of Curriculuminthe Present Education System

    Authors: I. Suresh Rajeswari Surisetty B. Ramanuja Srinivas

  159. Data Processing Through Image Processing using Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying

    Authors: Nadiya Mehraj Harveen Kour

  160. Future Antenna for 5G Mobile Communications

    Authors: Nazia Hameed Vipin Gupta

  161. Performance Evaluation of Coating Materials and Process Parameters Optimization for Surface Quality During Turning of Aisi 410 Austenitic Stainless Steel

    Authors: C. Amarnath A. Harinath N. Phani Raja Rao

  162. Optimization of Process Parameters in MIG Welding of Two Dissimilar Materials

    Authors: M. S. Amarnath Reddy J. Sree Hari K. Sai Kiran

  163. Improved Privacy Preserving Through Random Pixel Shifting Method RPSM in Cloud

    Authors: Rahul Kumar Dangarh Arun Jhapate

  164. Stress Corrosion Studies of Titanium Dioxide Particulate Reinforced ZA-27 Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: K. Vinutha P. V. Krupakara H. R. Radha

  165. Job Insecurity Affects the Employee Performance with, Mediating Role of Turnover Intention A Case of Highnoon Pharmaceutical Company Pvt Ltd

    Authors: Hamid Mahmood Abdul Rauf

  166. A Survey on Clustered and Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Diksha Pandita Ravi Kumar Malik

  167. Parental Financial Commitment and its Effect on the Academic Achievement of Persons with Visual Impairment

    Authors: Melem Linda Fangwi

  168. A Review on Distribution Cables and Their Diagnostic Methods

    Authors: Vikas J. S. Arya

  169. Experimental Investigation of Different Characterisitcs of PVC and XLPE Cables

    Authors: Vikas J. S. Arya

  170. Internet of Things IoT Meaning, Application and Challenges

    Authors: Ibrar Ahmed Shilpi Mohammad Amjad

  171. Automated Biometric-EVM Implemented Using Lab-View

    Authors: Hemavathi. R Roopa A E

  172. Crack and Object Detection in Pipeline using Inspection Robot

    Authors: Hemavathi. R Pushpalatha B A

  173. Foray Spotlight System

    Authors: Mrs A. Nalini

  174. A Survey Paper on Car Parking Reservation System for Parking Slots using Android Application

    Authors: Raghuveer Raibagi Vivek Khubchandani Aniket Ahuja Kantesh Pidwani Sagar V. Chavan

  175. Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Tetrahydrobenzothienopyrimidine Derivatives

    Authors: Neetu Chopra Kiranpreet kaur Sanjeev Kumar

  176. Assessment of Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory Activity and Docking Study of Novel 2- Arylimino -5- Indole-2-Yl-Methylidene -1, 3-Thiazolidine-4-one Derivatives

    Authors: Neetu Chopra Kiranpreet Kaur Sandeep Kaur

  177. A Case Study of Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis of Ajnal River at Harda M P During Monsoon Season

    Authors: Anand Verma Sunil Kumar Bourasi Narendra Khore

  178. Cardiac Finding in CKD Patient in Geriatric Population

    Authors: Bharti T Punit G

  179. Physio-Chemical Analysis of Water Samples Collected from Jummapatti Area, Neral, Maharashtra

    Authors: Leena Muralidharan Sangeeta Gaur Chinmay Muralidharan

  180. The Creation of Abuja, Nigeria Slums A case of Abuja, Nigeria's failed Master Plan Implementation

    Authors: Obiadi Bons N Nzewi N. U Onochie Aloysius Osita

  181. Role of Microbes Relating to Hygiene Hypothesis and Effect of Microbe Symbiosis on the Human Health- A Review

    Authors: Rishabh Jain

  182. A Correlation Between Leg-Heel Alignment, Tibial Torsion and Q Angle Amongst Ideal, Overweight and Obese Individuals

    Authors: E. Jayakanthan Rijula Raj. R

  183. Effectiveness of Hot Application with Breast Massage on Breast Engorgement Among the Postnatal Mothers

    Authors: Sangeeta Thakur Gomathi B Kanchan Bala

  184. Re-reading Caste and Gender A Study of the Rituals of Kodungallur Sri Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple of Kerala

    Authors: Sudheesh S Athira Prakash

  185. Investigation on Mechanical Properties of AL6061 Alloy Processed by FSW

    Authors: B. S. Bharadwaj N. Phani Raja Rao

  186. Natural Resources in Unconventional Energy Production Capacity on the Basis of the Study A Case Study of Mirzachul Region

    Authors: Nazarav X. T Ganiyev Z. A Ibragimov L. Z

  187. The Production of Instant Powder Fermented Soy Food Supplement Enriched with Rice Bran

    Authors: Sri Kumalaningsih

  188. Restructuring Cameroon's Educational System Towards Ensuring Quality Education for Children with Visual Impairment

    Authors: Charly R. Nyugap

  189. A Descriptive Study on the Knowledge Regarding Breast-Feeding Problems and its Management Among Post Natal Mothers in Selected Hospital, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Authors: Neha Verma Kanchan Bala Laxmi Kumar

  190. Case Report Accessory Great Saphenous Vein

    Authors: Shobha. G Uma. B. Gopal Santoshkumar Singarapu Akashata. B. K Jeevankumar Giri Manu Krishnan. K

  191. Performance Improvement of QCA Design XOR Logic Gate using Bistable Simulation Engine Vector

    Authors: Haritika Satle Aastha Hajari

  192. Responsibilities and Qualities of a Supervisor

    Authors: K. Usha Rani

  193. Design and Development of Honeycomb Structure for Additive Manufacturing

    Authors: Narendra Kumar Rajak Amit Kaimkuriya

  194. Analysis of CNT Based Hybrid Composite Plate Using Material of Mechanics Approach and Fem

    Authors: Yogendra Singh Thakre Amit Kaimkuriya

  195. Efficient Design of 2 1 MUX Multiplexer using Nanotechnology Based on QCA

    Authors: Sohan kumar Dahana Aastha Hajari

  196. Performance Analysis of K-mean Clustering Map for Different Nodes

    Authors: Subham Bhawsar Aastha Hajari

  197. Knowledge and Practice Regarding Child Birth Spacing Among Women in Selected Community Area Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Authors: Swati Guleria Mugdha Devi Sharan Sharma Shobha Masih

  198. Incorporating Health Education in the Curriculum The Kenyan Experience

    Authors: Lewis Ngesu Alice Gichohi

  199. The Impact of Employee Loyalty Towards Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance Reference to Private Banks In Coimbatore City

    Authors: M. Suresh S. Mahalingam

  200. Effect of Audit Quality on Financial Performance Evidence from Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

    Authors: Ezejiofor Raymond A. Erhirhie Felix E.

  201. Effectiveness of Warm Compress on Pain Among Primi Mothers with First Stage of Labour Admitted in Labour Room

    Authors: Preeti Bahuguna Laxmi Kumar Gomathi B

  202. Biocomputing

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  203. Essence of Business 4 0

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  204. Towards the Utilisation of Technologies in Curbing Examination Misconduct in a Nigerian University

    Authors: Peter Ajelabi Ph.D

  205. Measurement of pH of the Three Nano Fluid and Development of New Correlations

    Authors: M. Raniammal

  206. Multi Model Biometrics Data Retrieval Through Big-Data

    Authors: Manish Vala Kajal Patel Harsh Lad

  207. Spectrum of AKI in Geriatric Population

    Authors: Punit G Bharti T Nikita J Swati S

  208. Multimodal Biometrics Authentication System using Fusion of Fingerprint and Iris

    Authors: Kamble Sunayana Nivrutti Gund. V. D. Kazi K. S

  209. Estimating Nigerian Power System Post Contingency Line Flows Using Power Distribution Factors

    Authors: Emmanuel. A. Anazia Onyedikachi N. Samuel Obroh O. Rebecca

  210. Effect of Methanol Leaf Extract of Vitex Doniana on Cadmium Chloride-Induced Toxicity in Kidney and Liver Tissues of Male Wistar Rats

    Authors: Olajide J. E. Sanni M. Omattah G. O.

  211. Effect of Biodiesel Blends on Diesel Engine

    Authors: Akash Paul Amiya Bhaumik Kushal Burman

  212. Planning Skills as a Correlate of Selfregulated Learning Skills and Learning Outcomes Among Adolescents in Secondary Schools in The South West Region of Cameroon

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