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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.3, No.6

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2019-11-02

  1. Influence of Quality Service and Promotion on Purchase Decisions on Indomaret Beringin Tembung

    Authors: Juliati Gulo Togu Harlen Lbn. Raja Karina Silaen

  2. The Effect of Price and Location on Purchasing Decisions at the Swalayan Maju Bersama MMTC Medan

    Authors: Noviyanti Hulu Amril Hayunimah Siregar

  3. Workshop Planning Techniques and the Achievement of Electrical and Power Engineering Students' in Higher Technical Teachers Training Colleges HTTTCs of Bambili and Kumba, Cameroon

    Authors: Ngwa Marcus Suh Nnane Peter Ebontane

  4. Holacracy The Next Generation Leadership in a VUCA World

    Authors: Jyoti Kukreja

  5. Remarketing Features

    Authors: M. Isoraite

  6. Competition Situation in Lithuania From Theory to Practice

    Authors: Margarita Isoraite

  7. Lithuanian Retail Development Trends

    Authors: Margarita Isoraite Neringa Miniotiene

  8. A Short Review on Consumer Behaviour on E Banking and Challenges Faced

    Authors: Devendra Verma

  9. Indian's Melancholy Conditions and their Resistance under Indenture

    Authors: Pummy Yadav

  10. Reflection of Assamese Women Life in the Songs of Rudra Boruah A Study

    Authors: Puranda Gogoi

  11. Development and Validation of RP HPLC Method for Estimation of Vortioxetine in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Form

    Authors: Rathod K. G Bargaje G. S Rathod G. R Deshpande O. V

  12. Secure One Time Password OTP Generation for user Authentication in Cloud Environment

    Authors: Kyaw Swar Hlaing Nay Aung Aung

  13. Effect of Copper Slag on Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Conventional Concrete

    Authors: Shaik Ashraffur Rahaman K. Srinivas

  14. Structural System in Resisting the Effect of Lateral Load in High Rise Building

    Authors: Varun S P B. S. Sureshchandra

  15. Factors Affecting the Motivational Factors of the 21st Century Educators

    Authors: Roberto L. Suson

  16. Annunciating Teachers' Continuous Professional Development

    Authors: Erra Poligrates Roberto Suson

  17. Design and Analysis of Runout Measuring Machine using Fea

    Authors: Sandip Subhash Narkhede Vijay Liladhar Firke Dhruvakumar B. Sharma

  18. The Level of Mutual Trust Between Principals and Educational Stakeholders and its Implication for School Improvement

    Authors: Bah Moses Awazi

  19. Role of Homoeopathic Medicines in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Siva Rami Reddy E Parveen Kumar Sharma Charanjeet Singh

  20. Changing Patterns of General Crops in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: N. Bala Ankanna A. Krishna Kumari

  21. A Review on Performance of Toll Plaza by using Queuing Theory

    Authors: A. N. V. Ravindra S. Siva Gowri Prasad

  22. Factors Influencing the Development of Athletes Excellence

    Authors: Kanchana Kanchanapradit Tatpicha Pongsiri

  23. Development and Testing of Friction and Wear Test Rig

    Authors: Kingsley N. Nwankwo Gbashi M. Samuel Yanshio T. Emmauel

  24. Microgravity and Infertility

    Authors: Jaiyeola O. Paul Oluwafemi A. Funmilola Abdullahi S. Ayegba

  25. Effects of Microgravity on Sexual Organs

    Authors: Jaiyeola O. Paul Oluwafemi A. Funmilola Abdullahi S. Ayegba

  26. Security and Challenges using Clouds Computing in Healthcare Management System

    Authors: Chamandeep Kaur Hanan Mohammed Mourad Sayyada Sara Banu

  27. Factors Affecting Digital Marketing in Tourism An Empirical Analysis of the Nepal Tourism Sector

    Authors: Girish Shrestha

  28. A Theoretical Study on Green Concrete Construction

    Authors: P K Ponsangari

  29. Effect of Grafted Silane on Fly Ash Pha Lai - Vietnam to Properties of Polymer Composite Materials Based on Bisphenol A Type Epoxy Resin

    Authors: Bach Trong Phuc Nguyen Thanh Liem Pham Thi Huong

  30. SEIR Model and Simulation for Controlling Malaria Diseases Transmission without Intervention Strategies

    Authors: Fekadu Tadege Kobe

  31. Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Dataset using R Language

    Authors: B. Nagajothi R. Jemima Priyadarsini

  32. Daily Human Activity Recognition using Adaboost Classifiers on Wisdm Dataset

    Authors: Khin Khin Oo

  33. A Study for Developing a Microfinance Product in India

    Authors: Tejas Sanjay Lad Pallavi Rahul Gedamkar

  34. Effect of Nano Silica on the Compressive Strength of Concrete

    Authors: Bhupender Sunil Kumar Vikram

  35. Fundamental Characteristics of a Complex System

    Authors: Celso Luis Levada Osvaldo Missiato Antonio Luis Ferrari Miriam De Magalhães Oliveira Levada

  36. Adaptive Mobile Malware Detection Model Based on CBR

    Authors: Kyaw Soe Moe Mya Mya Thwe

  37. Water Quality and Sediment Analysis of Selected Rivers at Satara District, Maharashtra

    Authors: Pallavi Dhekale Pranjal Nikam Sagar Dadas Chetana Patil

  38. An Experimental Study to Develop a Structured Product for Financial Benefits of Investors

    Authors: Aditya Ramchandra Mhasawade Pallavi R Gedamkar

  39. Political Situations under King Mindon 1853 - 1878

    Authors: War War Tun

  40. Service Science An Introduction

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  41. A Study of Fintech in Investment Management - Guided Mutual Fund Portfolios

    Authors: Rishab Kankariya Pallavi R Gedamkar

  42. A Markov Chain Approach on Daily Rainfall Occurrence

    Authors: Phyu Thwe Ei Khaing Win Hnin Pwint Myu Wai

  43. Experimental Investigation of Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates through Copper Slag and Coarse Aggregates by Recycled Aggregates

    Authors: Achal Jain Nitin Thakur

  44. To Study the Properties of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates through Copper Slag and Coarse Aggregates by Recycled Aggregates

    Authors: Achal Jain Nitin Thakur

  45. Analytical Study between Construction Material Wastage and Time Overrun

    Authors: Ar. Chandarani Patil Ar. Pramod Chaugule Joshi Sanjay Dhondo

  46. A Study of Behavioural Factors Affecting Individual Investment Decisions

    Authors: Pawankumar S Hallale Manjiri Gadekar

  47. Correlations and Path Analysis of Some Quantitative and Qualitative Characters in Durum Wheat Triticum Turgidum L. Accessions in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

    Authors: Zewdu Tegenu Dagnachew Lule Gudeta Nepir

  48. Challenges Faced by Teachers in the Implementation of Competency Based Approach in Secondary Schools in the Southwest Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Lucy Nkongho Diffang

  49. An Empirical Study on Comment Classification

    Authors: Shubham Derhgawen Rajesh Tak Subhasish Chatterjee

  50. Investigation of Blockchain Based Identity System for Privacy Preserving University Identity Management System

    Authors: Kyaw Soe Moe Mya Mya Thwe

  51. Design and Fabrication of Solar Powered Mobile Cold Room

    Authors: Makinde Kayode Man Alhaji Sulaiman Amao Enock

  52. The Speech Events

    Authors: Aye Aye

  53. An Analytical Survey on Prediction of Air Quality Index

    Authors: Suraj Kapse Akshay Kurumkar Vighnesh Manthapurvar Rajesh Tak

  54. Energy Efficient Building using Solar Energy and Adoptation of Green Building Techniques

    Authors: P K Ponsangari

  55. Security Analysis of Cement Industry

    Authors: Rachana Mohalkar

  56. Does Firms Size Matter An Empirical Evidence from Non Financial Institutions NFIS Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange GSE

    Authors: Takyi Kwabena Nsiah Cheng Li Mei Ran Kwabena Fosu Sarpong Raphael Amoakoh Addai

  57. PLC Based Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping System

    Authors: Zar Kyi Win Tin Tin Nwe

  58. Effect of Oil Extraction Method on the Functional Properties of Biodiesels of Selected Oilseeds

    Authors: Gbashi M. Samuel Yanshio T. Emmauel Kingsley N. Nwankwo

  59. An Experimental Paper on Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete

    Authors: S. Suryasri K. S. B. Prasad

  60. A Study and Analysis of Emotional Intelligence and its Impacts

    Authors: Jyoti Shikha Sanjeev Singh

  61. Barriers and Motivators to Implementation of an E Learning and Multimedia Technology towards Improving School Education Standards in Mathematics and Health Education in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda

    Authors: Alone. Kimwise Mudaheranwa Benjamin Beatrice Mugabirwe

  62. Soil Stabilization by use of Chemical

    Authors: Sheetal Nalbilwar

  63. Implementation of 5G in Guided and Unguided Optical Communication System with Cellular Frequency Bands

    Authors: Helen Vedanayagi Anita. R

  64. Knowledge Acquisition Based on Repertory Grid Analysis System

    Authors: Be Nue Sabai Win

  65. A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Undergraduate Nursing Students on Bio Medical Waste Management at Selected Nursing College in Bhubaneswar

    Authors: Rahul Ranjan Asokan R

  66. Experimental Study of Third Order Nonlinear Absorption in Pure and MG Doped Lithium Niobate Crystals

    Authors: Vijay Aithekar Vishal Saxana

  67. Food Hygiene A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  68. Food Technology A Tutorial

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  69. The Connection between Cash Flows and the Financial Performance of Non Financial Firms An Empirical Evidence from the Ghana Stock Exchange GSE

    Authors: Takyi Hannah Nyamaa Takyi Kwabena Nsiah Wilson Elorm Pekyi Raphael Amoakoh Addai

  70. Time Performance Analysis of RSA and Elgamal Public Key Cryptosystems

    Authors: Kyaw Myo Thu Kyaw Swar Hlaing Nay Aung Aung

  71. A Study on Brand Resonance of Yamaha at AMS Motors Puducherry

    Authors: Ruth. H Nirmala. G

  72. Computational Creativity

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  73. A Study on Recruitment Process of Competent Employees at Lumina Datamatics

    Authors: Vinod. T Karthik. S Ranjith Kumar. S

  74. Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Psidium Guajava against Some Clinical Pathogens

    Authors: Pooja Soudawat Anand Verma

  75. Experimental Investigation of U Bolt used in Leaf Spring of an Automobile for Various Loads

    Authors: Hitesh Patil S. I. Kolhe

  76. Story of Bigdata and its Applications in Financial Institutions

    Authors: Phani Bhooshan C. Umashankar

  77. IT and ITES Sector Focused Analysis of Venture Capital Investments in India

    Authors: Saranya. S Amulya. M

  78. Cellular Computing

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  79. Design and Implementation of A VHF Tri Loop Antenna for 2 Meter Amateur Band

    Authors: Dexter M. Toyado

  80. Analysis of Solar Diesel Hybrid off Grid System in Myanmar

    Authors: Zarchi San Daw Yin Aye Mon Daw Lin Lin Phyu

  81. ANN Model Based Calculation of Tensile of Friction Surfaced Tool Steel

    Authors: V. Pitchi Raju

  82. Natural Language Processing Theory, Applications and Difficulties

    Authors: Anjali Gharat Helina Tandel Ketan Bagade

  83. Design and Construction of 0 500V 3KVA Variac with Digital Display

    Authors: Makinde Kayode Man Alhaji Sulaiman Lawal Olawale Kazeem

  84. Repair and Maintance of Building Cracks

    Authors: Chandgude Shubham Eknath Baviskar Udit Kailas

  85. Managing Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership in Organization

    Authors: Seema Singh Aditi

  86. An Investigation into the Robustness of the Assessment of Learners with Special Needs Case of Leseli Community School

    Authors: Tsepiso Mncina Tawanda Mukurunge Takura Bhila

  87. Some Physical Properties of Negro Pepper Seed Xylopia Aethiopica Necessary for Post Harvest Handling

    Authors: Elijah G. Ikrang Anyanwu C. Solomon

  88. A Review Paper on Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete

    Authors: K. Sree Sandhya Rajamurugadoss G. Ganesh Prabhu

  89. A Study on Employee Welfare Measure at Vimpro Tech Puducherry

    Authors: R. Mohanapriya G. Allwyn T. Dhinakaran

  90. Impact of Globalization on MSME Prospects, Challenges and Policy Implementation on Economic Growth

    Authors: S. Chandra Sekhar N. Radha

  91. Knowledge and Attitude of the Staff of Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo Campus on the use of Ozone Layer Depleting Substances

    Authors: Ogunmola Oluranti O Odedoyin Boluwatife E Amusat Mumini A

  92. Weather Prediction Model using Random Forest Algorithm and Apache Spark

    Authors: Thin Thin Swe Phyu Phyu Sandar Pa Pa Thein

  93. A Study on Absenteeism at Shri Annalakshmi Spinning Pvt.Ltd, Dindigul

    Authors: N. Hasmuk Dilip Deepak Juno Jasmine. J

  94. A Study on Manpower Planning at Solara Active Pharma Science in Cuddalore

    Authors: Jayasri. N Balamurugan. S Thiruselvan. J

  95. A Study on Buying Behavior of Retailers at Sri Jayalakshmi Garments Dindugul

    Authors: A. Mohamed Bilal A. Priyanka Jain V. Priyanka

  96. Extradition within the CEMAC Sub Region Prospects and Perspectives

    Authors: Akuhfa Harriette Akama Samuel Penda

  97. Indoor Exposure to Environmental Gamma Radiation in selected Locations in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Babatunde A. Adebo

  98. Design an electric vehicle using PV array with five phase permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Authors: Dhirender Kumar Ameen Uddin Ahmad

  99. Phenhylephrine Hydrocloride Gastro Retentive Floating Matrix Tablets Design and in Vitro Evaluation

    Authors: Sujit Ubale Tejasvee Shinde Adnan Shaikh

  100. Objectives and Importance of Green Accounting System in India

    Authors: Piyush. M. Modi

  101. A Study on Ratio Analysis at Accord Puducherry

    Authors: Pramodh. V Abinayaselvan. V Sindhuja. K

  102. Study the Effect of Recession on Real Estae Sector with the Help of Case Study of PMC Pune Municipal Corporation

    Authors: Priti Arun Patil Satyajit B Patil

  103. Research on the Impact Mechanism of the Evaluative and Developmental Performance Appraisal on Overwork of Knowledge Based Employees

    Authors: Niu Jingrui Li Guangyi

  104. Comprehensive Evaluation of Economic Development Level of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Cities Based on TOPSIS Method

    Authors: Xiaomei Zou Renhao Jin

  105. Study on the Spatial Pattern and Driving Factors of China A Class Logistics Enterprises

    Authors: Jin Renhao

  106. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis on Pondicherry Industrial Promotion Development and Investment Corporation Limited PIPDIC , Pondicherry

    Authors: Kalaivanan. K Jeyakumar. J Sindhuja. K

  107. A Study on Effectiveness Traning and Development at Solara Active Pharma Science Limited Puducherry

    Authors: Jaya Priya Aravindasamy

  108. A Study on Influences of Organizational Culture at Golden Cashew Products, Pondicherry

    Authors: Ramya. K Sowmia Devi. M Sindhuja. K

  109. A Study on Television Advertisement on Consumer Buying Behaviour at Darling Electronics Pvt Ltd, Puducherry

    Authors: Nivetha. M Gnanapreetha. K

  110. Future Scope in Application Developement of Visual Basic

    Authors: K. Keerthana B. Bhuvaneswari S. Vigneshwaran

  111. Scientific Interpretation of Mritsanrakshan Paddhati as Per Sushruta Samhita

    Authors: Jyoti Gangwal Sanjay Kholiya Vikash Bhatnagar Sandeep M. Lahange

  112. A Study on Effective Performance Appraisal System in Eid Parry Nellikuppam

    Authors: Manoj Kumar. M Rohini. S Dhilip. S

  113. A Study of Wheat Flour Tortillas using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy LIBS

    Authors: Charles Ghany Hervé Sanghapi C R Bhatt Bader Alfarraj Fang Y. Yueh Jagdish P. Singh

  114. A Study on Employee Motivation at Solara Active Pharma Science Limited Sipcot Cuddalore

    Authors: V. Vijayakousalya A. Tony Churchill M. Rishab Anand

  115. A Study on Customer Relationship Management at Yamaha Srinivasa Motors Puducherry

    Authors: Poorani. R Arulselvi. T Junojasmine. J

  116. Analysis and Comparison of Different Spectrum Sensing Technique for WLAN

    Authors: Abrar Ahmed Rashmi Raj

  117. A Study on Employee Job Satisfaction at Eid Parry Nellikuppam Cuddalore

    Authors: S. Jasmeen K. Haritha M. Selva Ganapathy

  118. A Study on Employee Motivation at Tanfac Industries Limited Cuddalore

    Authors: Pavithra. J Keerthana. R Ilanchezion. V

  119. A Study on Consumer Preference towards Four Wheeler Loans with Reference to Coimbatore District

    Authors: R. Maheswari T. Ramesh Kumar M. Jency Abisha

  120. A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Zomato Online Food Ordering with Special Reference to Coimbatore City

    Authors: R. Maheswari G. Swarnalatha T. Gayathri

  121. Design Calculation of Main Components for Lab Based Refrigeration System

    Authors: Ko Ko Aye Aye San Khin Maung Than

  122. Design Calculation of Lab Based Vapour Compression System

    Authors: Ko Ko Khin Maung Than Aye Aye San

  123. The Super Stability of Third Order Linear Ordinary Differential Homogeneous Equation with Boundary Condition

    Authors: Dawit Kechine Menbiko

  124. Design and Construction of a Portable Antenna for Military Operational Vehicle

    Authors: Emmanuel George Whyte Jerome Olajide Ibileke

  125. An Article on "Artifact of Bicycle and Bakelite" Theory Social Construction of Technology SCOT with the theme of Technology and Society

    Authors: Pranav Patel Sunkara Manisha Ajay Kumar Samariya

  126. Energy Harvesting Alternatives for Powering Critical WSN Based and Autonomous Monitoring Systems

    Authors: Fidelis C. Obodoeze Ndidi Fidelia Ugwoke Edith Angela Ugwu

  127. Development and Validation of an RP HPLC Method for Analysis of Sitagliptin

    Authors: Pradnya Lokhande

  128. A Study on Employee Safety and Welfare Measures with Special Reference to Cotton Industries in Coimbatore District

    Authors: A. G. Mythili R. Sharmitha

  129. Factors Influencing Gender Disparities in the Prevalence of HIV AIDS in Fako Division Cameroon Case Study of Limbe and Buea Regional Hospitals

    Authors: Bisong Prisca Mboh

  130. The Influence of Parental Behaviour on Adolescent's Emotional Development in the Bamenda II Sub-Division of the North West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Neba Vernat Neh Neba Clovis Nebangeh

  131. An Evaluation of the Financial Performance Analysis at Rane Brake Lining Limited, Puducherry

    Authors: Bakyalakshmi. K Sinouvassane. N

  132. Influence of Media Programmes on Consumers' Behaviour in Nigeria

    Authors: Lucas Nduka Oluka Chibueze Kelvin Obi Augustina. N. Ezeh

  133. Social Media and Mental Health

    Authors: Dr P. S. Shanmugaboopathi

  134. A Review on Contract Management on Sewage Treatment Plant STP

    Authors: Dharam Vir Singh Sumesh Jain

  135. To Study the Contract Management on Sewage Treatment Plant STP

    Authors: Dharam Vir Singh Sumesh Jain

  136. A Study on Supply Chain Management in Textiles Industry

    Authors: S. O. Priya A. Vishal

  137. Suicide, A Dangerous Multidimensional Epidemic

    Authors: Sinchan Das Priyankesh Mishra

  138. Smart Water Metering

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  139. Instructional Supervision by Principals An Appraisal from the Perspective of Teachers Job Performance in Some Selected Secondary Schools in Boyo Division

    Authors: Ngong Gaius Mufua

  140. Encryption Data Measurement and Data Security of Hybrid AES and RSA Algorithm

    Authors: Khet Khet Khaing Oo Yan Naung Soe

  141. Effects of Financial Management Reforms on Financial Corruption in Nigeria Public Sector

    Authors: Onukelobi Peace Chinwe Okoye Pius V. C.

  142. Actinobacterial Diversity of Machilipatnam Coast India with an Emphasis on Novel Preparation of Salinispora Actinobacterial Probiotics in Sustainable Aquaculture

    Authors: D. Srinivasa Rao Khudsia Hussain

  143. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Mutual Fund with Reference to Axis Mutual Fund

    Authors: R. Maheswari R. Dineshkumar

  144. A Review on Quality by Design and its Approaches

    Authors: Supriya Khatal Ashok Bhosale Tejaswini Kande Pallavi Dhekale Punam Bramhadandi Pratima Pokale

  145. Factors Affecting Organizational Work Conditions on Employee Job Satisfaction Evidence from the Ethiopian Airline Industry

    Authors: Natanime Tilahun Wodajo

  146. Teaching Listening Skills to English as a Foreign Language Students through Effective Strategies

    Authors: Nu Nu Wah

  147. A Study on Customer Preference towards Aavin Milk Products with Special Reference to Nilgiri District

    Authors: P. Balakrishnan S. Manimegalai

  148. Cyber Security Intelligence

    Authors: M. Swetha L. Prabha S. Rajadharani

  149. Foundation and Synchronization of the Dynamic Output Dual Systems

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

  150. Curriculum Reform in Cameroon An Analysis of the New Primary School Curriculum

    Authors: Fedelis Lekeaka Alemnge

  151. A Performance Appraisal of the Pedagogic in Service Training Programme ISTP Multiplicators in C.B.C. Secondary Schools of the North West Region Teachers' Perspective

    Authors: Vanity Mugob Nshukwi

  152. Professional Etiquettes among Nursing Students

    Authors: Neha Sharma Shailza Dadwal

  153. Knowledge Regarding Uterine Cancer among Reproductive Age Women

    Authors: Dadwal S Sharma N

  154. Study of the Effects of Process Parameters on Tool Wear Rate in Electrical Discharge Machining by Taguchi Method

    Authors: Minh - Nguyen Duc Tai - Bui Tien

  155. A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Filpkart in Coimbatorecity

    Authors: R. Maheswari N. Sandhiya

  156. Customer's Behaviour towards Social Media Marketing

    Authors: G. Abinaya P. Balakrishnan

  157. Design and Structural Analysis of 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine Table

    Authors: Nyein Chan Than Zaw Oo Aung Myo San Hlaing

  158. A Study on Patient Satisfaction towards Cancer Hospital

    Authors: Dhivya. S Harshath. S

  159. A Study on the Quality of After Sales Service in Honda Coimbatore

    Authors: R. Dhivya W. Jeason

  160. A Study on Customer Statisfication on Digital Marketing

    Authors: G. Swarnalatha Anusha

  161. An Assessment of the Effect of Disposal and Management of used Sachet Water Ploythene Bags in Potiskum City

    Authors: Ibrahim Abubakar Audu Abubakar Nuhu

  162. Architectural Education in Rural Areas - An Overview

    Authors: Ar. Chandarani Patil Ar. Pramod Chaugule

  163. Comparative Study of Free Radical Scavenging and Lipid Peroxidation Inhibition Potentials of Oxythenanthera Abyssinica Rhizomes Sourced from South Eastern Nigeria

    Authors: Jonathan Chinenye Ifemeje Kizito Ifeanyi Amaefule Charles Tochukwu Nwachukwu

  164. Design and Construction of GSM Based Fire Alarm System using PIC Microcontroller

    Authors: Cing Nuam Man Wai Mar Myint Aung

  165. Influence of Leadership Style and Employee Motivation toward Work Productivity of Employee Cooperation Operations PT. Angkasa Pura Solution with PT. Integreted Service Solutions KSO APS ISS

    Authors: Susi Ernita Manurung Togu Harlen Lbn. Raja Amril

  166. Application of Vertex Colorings with Some Interesting Graphs

    Authors: Ei Ei Moe

  167. Preliminary Study of Phytochemical Constituents and Acute Toxicity of Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extracts

    Authors: Dada I. B. O. Bada S. O.

  168. Design and Analysis of Quantization Based Low Bit Rate Encoding System

    Authors: Nilesh Bodne Sunil Kumar

  169. The Effect of the Non Cognitive Trait Self Efficacy as a Predictor of Students' Academic Productivity in Anglo Saxon Universities in Cameroon

    Authors: Neba Vernat Neh

  170. Nano Robots for Continuous Blood Glucose Diagnosis

    Authors: Puru Malhotra Nimesh Shahdadpuri

  171. Design of State Estimator for a Class of Generalized Chaotic Systems

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

  172. Quality of Life and Psychological Well Being among Elderly Living in Old Age Homes and Living with their Families in Selected Areas of Uttarakhand

    Authors: Priyanka Thakur Grace M. Singh J. ManoRanjini

  173. Characteristics of Ovarian Cancer Metabolic Abnormality of Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Ikuo Konishi

  174. Experimental Study on Properties of SMA Mixed with Sisal Fiber and Partially Replaced Aggregate with Scrap Tyre

    Authors: Umashankar Yadav Nitesh Kushwah

  175. An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate with Plastic Scrap and Sand with Foundry Sand in Concrete

    Authors: Mithilesh Kumar Singh Nitesh Kushwah

  176. Comparison of Gauss Jacobi Method and Gauss Seidel Method using Scilab

    Authors: S. Sathya T. Ramesh

  177. Human Computer Interface Augmented Reality

    Authors: Bharath. D S. Vengateshkumar

  178. Comparison of Several Numerical Algorithms with the use of Predictor and Corrector for solving ode

    Authors: Subhashini Srividhya. B

  179. Characteristics of Fuzzy Wheel Graph and Hamilton Graph with Fuzzy Rule

    Authors: Nisha. D Srividhya. B

  180. Mobile Phone Selection Problem Solved by an Unbalanced Assignment Model by using ROA Method with Ghadle and Muley Rule in Mat Lab

    Authors: Gowri. C Manikandan. K. M

  181. Impact of GST on FMCG Sector and Consumers - A Study

    Authors: Rekha D. M Swathi. V

  182. Involvement in Distractive Activities and Academic Performance of Students in Catarman National High School

    Authors: Perfecto L. Anquilo II

  183. In School Activities and Scholastic Performance of the College Council Officers in the University of Eastern Philippines Inputs for Policy Formulation

    Authors: Leah A. de Asis Brenfred N. Romero

  184. The Effectiveness of School Management Boards An Appraisal from the Perspective of Public Secondary Grammar Schools in Fako Division

    Authors: Haddassah Limunga Mbake

  185. Are Accessibility Indices, a Smart Decision Support System Tool for Measuring Access of Mobility Impaired in Public Spaces A Review

    Authors: Valliappan Alagappan Saratha Valliappan

  186. Factors Affecting Awareness of Mental Health among Adults of Selected Area of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Authors: Rahul Singh Gusain Grace M. Singh Rajkumari Sylvia

  187. Comparative Study of Parallel Vertical Junction Solar Cell Photovoltages

    Authors: Dieme Nf. Sane M. Honadia P. Ab. Aziz Barro F. Id.

  188. A Taxonomy of Data Prefetching Mechanisms

    Authors: Yee Yee Soe

  189. Skills Gap Identification of RAC TVET Based Curriculum among Practitioners Enhanced Module

    Authors: Mateo A. Alin Jr. Eugenio A. Ermac

  190. Prototype Learning Activities for Grade 9 Science

    Authors: Gwelyne Albaracin Roberto L. Suson

  191. Secure Verification Process in Smart Card Technology

    Authors: I. Gowtham T. Sathiyabama

  192. A Data Sharing Protocol to Minimize Security and Privacy Risks in Cloud Storage

    Authors: S. Nandhini Devi S. Rajarajan

  193. Skin Lesion Classification using Supervised Algorithm in Data Mining

    Authors: G. Saranya S. M. Uma

  194. Finding the Extreme Values with some Application of Derivatives

    Authors: Kyi Sint Kay Thi Win

  195. To Study Characterstic Behaviour of Recycled Concrete Aggregate

    Authors: Nitin Jain Ashish Verma

  196. Prevalence, Associated Risk Factors and Effects of Depression among Prison Inmates Case of Buea Central Prison South West Region Cameroon

    Authors: Binwi Florence Sylvester Ndeso Atanga AP Ambei Moses Chu Endii Negatah Abungwah

  197. Impact of Informal Care Giving on Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV Positive Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women in Fako Division

    Authors: Ebobesem Margaret E.O. Nsagha Dickson Shey Kamga Henri Fokam Pius Emmanuel Yenshu

  198. Effect of Product Quality and Service Quality toward Customer Satisfaction Case Study at K UNCLE Restaurant at PT. Benua Penta Global

    Authors: Robinson Nainggolan Marasi Rustiani Hotmaida Arisman Parhusip

  199. Effect of Work Environment and Giving Incentives to Employee Employee Spirit Case Study at PT. Benua Penta Global in Chop Buntut Cakyo Restaurant

    Authors: Putra Raja Tunggal Hasugian Serli Herlina Br Siallagan Karina Silaen

  200. Robust Exponential Stabilization for a Class of Uncertain Systems via a Single Input Control and its Circuit Implementation

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

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