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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.4, No.1

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2019-12-09

  1. Absinthe: The Bliss, Curse and Renaissance

    Authors: Dhruv Kishore Bole

  2. Comparative Analysis of Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Method of Concrete Strength using Compressive and Rebound Harmmer Testing Method

    Authors: Onyeka F. C Mama B. O

  3. Rp-99: Formulation of Standard Cubic Congruence of Composite Modulus- A Multiple of the Power of the Modulus

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  4. Knowledge Regarding Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD’s) among B.Sc. Nursing First Year Students

    Authors: Sehrawat V Bisht R

  5. Structural Analysis of Stabilization and Consolidation Settlement of Selected Laterite Soil using Cement Lime and Butimen

    Authors: Onyeka F. C

  6. Power Electronic Interface

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  7. Power Aware Computing

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  8. Importance of Effective Business Communication for Promoting and Developing Hospitality Industry in Saudi Arabia A Case Study of Gizan (Jazan)

    Authors: Dr Ali A Alalmai Dr Mohd Aarif

  9. Performance Evaluation of Stocks: A Comparative Study of PSU’s Stock Performance and Private Sector Company’s Stock Performance

    Authors: C. K. Tewari Vinay Shukla Ankit Yadav

  10. Growth and Significance of RMG Export in Total Export of Bangladesh

    Authors: Rasadul Islam Yasseen Shanewaj Tanvir Mohammed Taj Uddin

  11. Z-Source Inverter Fed Asynchronous Motor Drive

    Authors: Anant Thakur

  12. Constant Control of the Power of DFIG Wind Turbines

    Authors: Amit Kumar Chandan Govind PandyaC

  13. Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions and Wastewater using Water Hyacinth Powder

    Authors: J. M. Mwaniki J. O. Onyatta A. O. Yusuf

  14. Advanced High Speed Black Box Based Vehicle Crash Investigation System

    Authors: S. Sreejith A. Abarnaa S. Dhanush M. Gowtham N. Harish

  15. A Preliminary Study on Phytochemical Screening of Boerhaavia Diffusa, Euphorbia Hirta and Amaranthus Polygonoides

    Authors: R. Ezhilarasi B. Senthilkumar K. Devi

  16. GC-MS Analysis of Bio-Active Compounds in Aqueous Extract of Boerhaavia Diffusa, Euphorbia Hirta and Amaranthus Polygonoides

    Authors: R. Ezhilarasi B. Senthilkumar K. Devi

  17. Analysis of Energy Management Scheme in Smart City: A Review

    Authors: Manisha Kumari Singh Avinash Sharma

  18. Significance of Trikonasana in Healthy Life

    Authors: Jyoti Gangwal Sanjay Kholiya Vijay Jatoliya Vikash Bhatnagar

  19. Folklore of Munda Tribe in Odisha

    Authors: Sudarsana Mohanty Sj. Narendra Kumar Patra

  20. Role of Ashas in Delivering New Born Care Messages to Pregnant and Lactating Mothers in Uttar Pradesh, India

    Authors: Tridibesh Tripathy George Philip

  21. Examining the Impact of the Slate and Stylus as the Lone Response Accommodation on the Academic Achievement of Candidates with Visual Impairment (VI) in the General Certificate of Education

    Authors: Therese Mungah Shalo Tchombe John Teneng Awa Kenneth Ngu Foncha

  22. Level of Anxiety among Unsuccessful Students Undergoing Supplementary Examination

    Authors: Jyoti Dahiya Shikha Sharma Thapa Rahul Bisht

  23. Color Cryptography using Substitution Method

    Authors: Yashvanth. L N. Shanmugapriya

  24. Impact of M-Commerce Technologies on Developing Countries

    Authors: Rekha D. M Divya. L

  25. Analysis of Fall Detection Systems: A Review

    Authors: Nikita Vidua Avinash Sharma

  26. Forensic Auditing and Public Sector Fraud Detection in Rivers State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ekwe Michael. C. Azubike J. U. B. Odogu Laime Isaac

  27. The Role of Employee Motivation to Knowledge Integration Mechanism: Service Organizations in Sri Lanka

    Authors: D M T P Dassanayake

  28. Effects of Changing Lifestyle on Annavahasrotas: A Literature Review

    Authors: Harsha Gambhire Bhadugale

  29. Determination of Etodolac in Commercial Formulations by HPLC-UV Method

    Authors: Tugrul Cagri Akman Yucel Kadioglu

  30. Attaining School Improvement through Internal and External Stakeholders Participation

    Authors: Yveth L. Castro

  31. A Comparative Analysis of the Best Practices of South Korea and Philippine Education

    Authors: Marievel C. Velasquez Christna T. Baratbate Jose L. Tibon Raiza M. Capao Marilyn Miranda

  32. The Future Direction of Smart Grid by 2050 in India

    Authors: Utsab Banerjee

  33. Seasonal Comparison of Contaminants in Drinking Water from Catchment to Household in Fako, Cameroon

    Authors: Malika Esembeson Ndefon Peter Henry Dilonga Meriki Kukwah Anthony Tufon Kamgno Joseph Njunda Anna Longdoh

  34. Ambient Humidity Stabilizer with Nebulizer and Dehumidifier

    Authors: Abdülkadir Çakir Mehmet Ali Binici Mehmet Karakaya

  35. Conceptual Study of Mobile Forensics

    Authors: I. A. Attar M. M. Kapale

  36. Social Media as a Medium for Empowerment of Women

    Authors: Adv. Neeta Deshpande M. M. Samudre

  37. An Innovative Device for Stabilization of Fixed Lingual Retainer

    Authors: Tivanani Venkata Durga Mahendra Vyshnavi. Mulakala

  38. Global Food Waste: A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Tolulope J. Ashaolu Sarhan M. Musa

  39. Experimental Behaviour of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Partial Replacement of Fly Ash and Metakolin

    Authors: M. Sankaran M. Gunasekaran

  40. Design and Manufacturing of Sprocket using Additive Manufacturing Technology

    Authors: B. Raghu G. Sai Hitheswar Reddy D. Rishikesh K. Aseem Kumar

  41. Designing and Manufacturing of Alloy Wheel using 3d Printing Technology

    Authors: B. Shushma N. Aditya B. Pravalika Reddy D. Sindhuja G. Sai Maruthi Sridhar

  42. GC/MS Analysis and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Performance of Aframomum Latifolium Leaf Essential Oil from South West Nigeria

    Authors: Ogunmola Oluranti Olagoke Amusat Mumini A.

  43. Design of an Air Conditioning System for a Commercial Building using Air Handling Unit

    Authors: Basavaraja. Kt G. Hema Satish Babu G. Sai Reddy E. Teja B. Sai Krishna

  44. Women Empowerment in India

    Authors: Sultan Singh Jaswal

  45. Review Article on Chemical Constituents and uses of Turmeric Plant

    Authors: K. M. Jambhale A. H. Yadav

  46. Impact of Taxes on Revenue Generation in Nigeria (A Study of Federal Government)

    Authors: Olaleye John Olatunde Salome Olabimpe Ajayi

  47. Corporate Governance on Earnings Management in Listed Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria

    Authors: Olaleye John Olatunde Amafa Etupu Oluwafunmilayo

  48. Importance of Mobile Security

    Authors: Priyanshi Gupta Latika Kharb

  49. A Research on Strength and Behavior of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Structural Element

    Authors: Juhi Gupta Rajdeep Singh

  50. To Study the Characterstic Behaviour of Concrete using Glass Waste and Steel Waste

    Authors: Amandeep Ashish Verma

  51. Seismic Analysis and Design of Vertically Irregular Mutistoried RC Concrete Building using Staad Pro V8i

    Authors: Anjali Raw Ashish Verma

  52. Vehicle Speed Estimation using Haar Classifier Algorithm

    Authors: P. Devi Mahalakshmi M. Babu

  53. The Influence of Family and Peer Group on Children Consumer Socialization

    Authors: Chetana. M. R. K. Janardhnam

  54. Study on the Investigation of the Effect of Additive Methanol on Performance and Exhaust Emission of a SI Engine - A Review

    Authors: Win Ko Ko Htike Sandar Aung

  55. Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection using Linear Regression with K Nearest Neighbor

    Authors: Deepa Hindoliya Avinash Sharma

  56. Work Life Balance and Employee Retention Evidence from a Selected Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

    Authors: Afodigbueokwu Hillary E. Ofurum Darlington I. Clement Ikwuoche G.

  57. Study on Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Glass Powder and Steel Slag

    Authors: Shaik. Shajahan P. Balakrishna

  58. Women Participation in Community and Social Development Project (CSDP) in Ondo State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ajayi Grace Tolulope Ajiboye Abiodun Oluwatusin Femi Michael

  59. Study on use of Red Mud with RBI Grade 81 in Black Cotton Soil to Enhancing the Properties of Sub Grade and Base Layer of Re Wall and Semi Rigid Pavement

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Thakur Nitesh KushwahaC

  60. Cultural Beliefs of Female Circumcision (nkim) and Personality Development in the Ejagham Ethnic Group of Cameroon

    Authors: Tarh Martha Ako Mfortem Emmanuel Yenshu Vubo Nsagha Sarah Mboshi

  61. Selection of Material for Improving Heat Transfer Rate for Fins using CFD

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Shreeram Barkhane

  62. Effects of Agricultural Extension Services on the Performance of Members of Women Agricultural Cooperatives in South East, Nigeria

    Authors: Okafor I. P. Umebali E. E

  63. Smart Technology: A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  64. Surveillance and Monitoring in the Social Media Era: Threats and Opportunities to Democratic Processes in Southern Africa

    Authors: Tawanda Mukurunge Neo Tlali Takura Bhila

  65. The Innovation of Sharing Mode of Clothing Industries in the Internet Age

    Authors: Dan Wang Jieling Ning

  66. Sensors Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks: An Assessment

    Authors: Manju Ghorse Avinash Sharma

  67. Virtual Machine Migration and Allocation in Cloud Computing: A Review

    Authors: Khushbu Singh Chandel Avinash Sharma

  68. The Current Situation, Problems and Improvement Countermeasures of Industrial Access System in Grand Canal Business District, Beijing City Sub-Center

    Authors: Changjun Wu

  69. Research on the Green Principle of the General Principles of Civil Law from the Perspective of the Compilation of the Civil Code of China

    Authors: Changjun Wu Huimin Yan

  70. The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Legal Regulation on the Coordinated Development of Express Industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

    Authors: Changjun Wu Jiachen

  71. The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of the Legal Regulation of the Coordinated Development of the Cold Chain Logistics Industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

    Authors: Changjun Wu Shanshan Wang

  72. Empirical Analysis and Countermeasure of Know-Fake-Buy-Fake Cases in the Field of Food Safety

    Authors: Changjun Wu Ziyan Li

  73. The Deep Rooted Gender Biasness in Section 375: Analysis

    Authors: Vandana Shukla

  74. Right to Private Defence of Body

    Authors: Vandana Shukla

  75. Concept of Cruelty under Hindu Marriage

    Authors: Naveen Singh Chouhan

  76. Illustrative Review on Rotavirus Vaccines

    Authors: A. A Bhosale V. U Barge

  77. Adversities that Disrupt Positive Development among Emerging Adult Students in Universities in Cameroon A conceptual review

    Authors: Delbert Akom Afumbom

  78. Accessibility and Physicochemical Properties of Water for Domestic Purposes in Lafia Metropolis

    Authors: Farringoro U. D Ndor E

  79. Capacity Building of the Nigerian Armed Forces and Security Challenges

    Authors: Otu Offiong Duke

  80. The Importance of Information Technology Implementation in Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0: Case Study of Banking Industry

    Authors: Ninuk Muljani Lena Ellitan Jurusan Manajemen

  81. Performance Appraisal of Human Resources in Anglo-Saxon Higher Education Institutions in Cameroon

    Authors: Nforbi Shalotte Lem

  82. Service Quality Impact on Customer Satisfaction: In the Study of Mongolian Banking Sector

    Authors: Damjin Chimed-Ochir Tsetsegmaa Khaidav

  83. Analysis of Sand Dunes Accumulation using Remote Sensing and GIS

    Authors: Abdelrahim Elhag Nagi Zomrawi Sahar Khidir

  84. Formulation and Evaluation of Amlodipine Fast Dissolving Tablets

    Authors: Aparna. P Subash Chandran M. P Remya S B

  85. Work Life Balance and Stress Level of Working Women in India

    Authors: Poonam Vishwakarma Pradhyuman Singh Lakhawat

  86. Disease Detection in Plant Leaves using K-Means Clustering and Neural Network

    Authors: P. Harini V. Chandran

  87. Variable Refrigerant Flow System

    Authors: S. Visweswara Rao K. Rajashekar M. Sandeep R. Dharmendar Kumar

  88. "Entrepreneurship and Innovation: EU Economic Development, Growth and Business Opportunities "

    Authors: J. Jose Prabhu

  89. Research on the Construction and Application of Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System of Law Major in Colleges and Universities

    Authors: Changjun Wu

  90. Over Review on Plant Tissue Culture

    Authors: Rohan R. Vakhariya Rutuja R. Shah

  91. Review Paper on RCC Beam with and without Fibre Reinforced Polymer

    Authors: Rahul Dev Bharti Nitesh Khuswaha

  92. Comparative Study on RCC Beam with and without Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer using Ansys Software

    Authors: Rahul Dev Bharti Nitesh Khuswaha

  93. Dalit of Odisha: A Case Study of the Dombos in Rayagada District

    Authors: Paramananda Naik

  94. An IOT Based Low Power Health Monitoring with Active Personal Assistance

    Authors: B. N. Meenakshi N. V. Durga

  95. The Impact of ERP on Business Organization in Mongolia

    Authors: Ganzorig Munkhjin Bayanmunkh Nandinchimeg

  96. Review on Traditional Indian Herbs Punarnava and Its Health Benefits

    Authors: P. A Ingalwad V. S Veer

  97. Analysis of Various Image De-Noising Techniques: A Perspective View

    Authors: Bhavna Kubde Seema Shukla

  98. Analysis of Different Techniques for Person Re-Identification: An Assessment

    Authors: Richa Jain Seema Shukla

  99. India and China: The Freshwater Dispute Amongst the Two Thirsty Asian Giant’s

    Authors: Sumedh Lokhande

  100. Long Term Effect of INM on Yield and Nutrient Uptake of Rice-Rice Cropping System in North Konkan

    Authors: S. S. Bhosale D. G. Jondhale

  101. Behavioural Finance Paradigms and Its Influences on Investment Decisions and Performance of Equity Market- A Study in Bangalore

    Authors: H. Prakash Rekha D. M

  102. A Review Study on Seismic Behavior of Tall Structure by using Floating Columns with Shear Wall

    Authors: Shivani Barde Nitesh Kushwaha

  103. A Review Study on Silos for Safe Storage of Food Grain

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Nitesh Kushwaha

  104. Real-time Activity Recognition using Smartphone Accelerometer

    Authors: Shuang Na Kandethody M. Ramachandran Ming Ji Yicheng Tu

  105. Reinforcement of Pond Ash Bed with Recron 3S and Analysis of Its Geotechnical Properties

    Authors: Ummar Rashied Nasir Ali

  106. Linking School Improvement to Teacher Motivation and Job Satisfaction: The Challenge of Change

    Authors: Roberto Suson Sheila Pearl Mejica Ji-an Catibig Marciano Placencia Jr Marilyn Miranda

  107. Illustrative Review on Needle Free Injection Technology

    Authors: Indrajeet. B. Pawar Prashant. H. Khade Sujit. S. Kakade

  108. Distributed Power Flow Controller by using Modern Facts Devices

    Authors: Shaik Abid C. Dinakaran

  109. An In-Depth Study of Pottery as a Livelihood through a Discussion of its Process, Shocks, Seasonality, Trends and Economics

    Authors: Saswatik Tripathy Jayabrata Bardhan

  110. A Novel Approach for Programmable Interface Based Load Shedding for Voltage Stability Improvement

    Authors: Saima Yousuf Prashant Thapliyal

  111. Design of Modern Grid Fed from Hybrid (Solar and Wind) Energy Source

    Authors: Jaffar Hussain Nipun Aggarwal

  112. Matlab Implementation of Power Quality Improvement Based on Fast Dynamic Control

    Authors: Mujeeb Ullah Malik Nipun Aggarwal

  113. A Study on Relationship between Firm Size and Profitability: Selected Private Sector Banks in India

    Authors: Dhanuskodi Rengasamy

  114. A Study on the Impact of Organizational and Personal Factors on the Stress Levels of Business Education Teachers in Bangalore

    Authors: H. Prakash Bharathi. A

  115. Influence of Psychological Factors on the Investor’s Trading Decisions with Reference to Equity Market - an Insight

    Authors: H. Prakash Rekha D. M

  116. Children with Hearing Impairment and Their Difficulties in Learning in School and Community Environments: The Case of Buea-South West Region Cameroon

    Authors: Cecilia Tongwa Nkemngong Atemnkeng

  117. Formulation and Evaluation of Cefixime Trihydrate Dispersible Tablets

    Authors: Remya S. B Subash Chandran M. P Aparna P

  118. Personalization Aspects Affecting Users' Intention to Revisit Social Networking Site

    Authors: Darshana Desai

  119. A Study on Digital Payment Awareness among Small Scale Vendors

    Authors: N. Velmathi

  120. A Descriptive Study of Standard Dialect and Western Dialect of Odia Language in Terms of Linguistic Items

    Authors: Debiprasad Pany

  121. Q-Learnıng Based Real Tıme Path Plannıng for Mobıle Robots

    Authors: Halil Cetin Akif Durdu M. Fatih Aslan M. Mustafa Kelek

  122. Motion Control of Mobile Robots using Fuzzy Controller

    Authors: Halil Çetin Akif Durdu

  123. The Impacts of the Travel Service Quality: A Study in the Mongolian Tourism Sector

    Authors: Tsend-Ayush Munkhnasan Undrakhbuyan Altangerel

  124. Importance of Bhujangasana in Daily Life

    Authors: Jyoti Gangwal Sanjay Kholiya Vikash Bhatnagar Sandeep M. Lahange

  125. Concept of Beauty and Ayurveda Medicine

    Authors: Jyoti Gangwal Sanjay Kholiya Vijay Jatoliya Vikash Bhatnagar Sandeep M. Lahange

  126. Simulation Study on Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine with Varying Ethanol Gasoline Blends

    Authors: Shiekh Kashif Mehraj Er. Arashdeep Singh

  127. Microhardness of Silicon Nitride Ceramic and Its Composites

    Authors: Showket Hussain Dar Er. Arashdeep Singh

  128. Tourism Entrepreneurship in India: Its Untapped Potential and Challenges

    Authors: Pallabi Bharali

  129. Impact of Demographic Factors on the Snacking Behavior of Individuals

    Authors: Gunathilak U G S A Wijewardhana U S Navaratne S B

  130. Stereotyping, Stylization, and Spectacle in the Comedia Performance

    Authors: Adelaida A. Figueras-Lucero

  131. Calix Assisted Palladium Nanocatalyst: A Review

    Authors: Keyur D. Bhatt Krunal Modi

  132. LoRa Technology - DNA of IoT

    Authors: Helina Tandel Anjali Gharat Ketan Bagade

  133. Literature and Memory, Presence and Absence in Vergílio Ferreira and Malraux

    Authors: Cardoso L.

  134. The Narrative Construction in the Novels of Vergílio Ferreira: The Influence of the Nouveau Roman and Nouveau Cinéma

    Authors: Cardoso L

  135. A Comparative Study on Performance of Diesel Engine using Jatropha Biodiesel as Fuel

    Authors: Namdev K. Gavade Ashokkumar Vangire M. A. Boda

  136. Satellite Communication and Energy Conservation Theories

    Authors: Palaniraj Kannapillai

  137. Graphics Processing Unit: An Introduction

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  138. GPU Computing: An Introduction

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  139. A Conceptual Study on Factors Leading to Stress and its Impact on Productivity with Special Reference to Teachers in Higher Education

    Authors: Bharathi. A H. Prakash

  140. Assessment of Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVB-N) and Microbial Contents of Iced Marine Fish Species

    Authors: Ahmed Rashed Al-Najada

  141. Transfer of Learning using Simulation Based Education among Students of Teaching Institutions

    Authors: Sahar Mohammed Aly Pushpamala Ramaiah Sushmitha Ramaiah Tasnim Atef Elgazzar

  142. Formal Training in Educational Administration: The Perceptions and Challenges of Educational Leaders in Cameroon

    Authors: Tamuh Divine Chenwi

  143. Characterization and Dielectric Study of Mihaliccik Tremolite

    Authors: Ertugrul Izci

  144. Dug-Uhay: A Blood Donor Finder Application

    Authors: Cris Norman P. Olipas Elizor M. Villanueva

  145. Study and Analysis of Big Data Security Analytics for Protecting Cloud Based Virtualized Infrastructures

    Authors: Hilal Ahmad Khan Gurinder Pal

  146. Changing Issues Related to Declining of Non-Performing Assets in Banks

    Authors: Mohan S. Rode

  147. Use Arduino and the Mblock as the Process Control of Innovation Study Tool: Case Study of freshmen of University

    Authors: Chin-Wen Chuang Yi Hua Su Meng-Hsiu Wu

  148. Dalit Involvement in Petty Entrepreneurship and Changes in their Socioeconomic Status

    Authors: Kushal Das Barthani Mohammad Rubel Jahirul Islam

  149. Literature and the Word Metamorphosis: Vergílio Ferreira and the Adaptations of His Novels

    Authors: Cardoso L

  150. The Novel Cântico Final and the Metaphysical Value of the Art in Vergílio Ferreira: From the Novel to the Film

    Authors: Cardoso L

  151. Achieving Competitive Advantage through Operations Strategy: A Case in Gobi Cashmere

    Authors: Naranjargal Jambalsuren Chintuya Tumurbaatar

  152. An Investigation of the Perception of Teachers towards Inclusion of Children with Visual Impairment in the Regular UBE Classrooms: Evidence from South-South Nigeria

    Authors: Francesca Uche-Ezekiel Uko

  153. Effect of Small Stores Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction

    Authors: Buzmaa Bayarsaikhan Bayarmaa Baasanbat Ariuntuya Erdenebaatar

  154. Factors Determining on Customer Loyalty: Overview and Future

    Authors: Zoljargal Purevjargal Dulguun Ganbolor Nyamsuren Delgertsogt

  155. Determinants of Audit Fees: Evidence from Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry of Bangladesh

    Authors: Noor Hossain Raihan Sobhan

  156. Development and Validation of Analytical Methods for Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Pioglitazone and Glimepiride by Derivative Method

    Authors: Tejaswini Kande Pallavi Dhekale Supriya Khatal Priyanka Borude

  157. The Recovery of Debts Inherent in Cheques without Cover in Cameroon via the OHADA Simplified Recovery Procedure and Enforcement Measures

    Authors: Akama Samuel Penda Nji Keneth Ndikum

  158. Mediated Dialogue: The Only Tool for Conflict Resolution in Cameroon

    Authors: Atemkeng Peter

  159. Proceeds of Crime and the Havoc it is Causing to Legitimate Business in Cameroon

    Authors: Akuhfa Harriette Galega Samgena D

  160. Formulation Development and Evaluation of Oral Fast Dissolving Films of Metaclopromide HCL

    Authors: Zeenath Ruhy

  161. RP-HPLC Method Developed for the Estimation of Etodolac and Thiocolchicoside in Bulk and Combined Dosage Forms

    Authors: Prapulla Putta

  162. Service Quality Influence on Customer Satisfaction: In the Case of Mongolia Online Trade Sector

    Authors: Ganbaatar Otgontsetseg Batkhuyag Sukhbat

  163. Nutrition and Academic Achievement of Filipino Learners: A Literature Review

    Authors: Mariepet A. Cristuta Joanne E. Berongan Manuelito D. Radam Maureen S. Saladaga Marilyn Miranda

  164. Identification of the Fungal Postharvest Disease on Peach Fruits

    Authors: Ahmed Rashed Al-Najada

  165. An Analytical Survey on Data Access Control Mechanism in Cloud using Blockchain

    Authors: Rushabh Rajendra Desarda Nishant Ganesh Chavan Amit Gunaji Chaure Pankaj Ramanlal Gandhi S. E. Ingale

  166. 21ST Century Education: Classroom Management beyond Perspective

    Authors: Marjorie A. Nellas Marita C. Pacaldo Ma. Gina C. Estorgio Judith C. Lopez Julie Ann A. Lauronal

  167. Qualitative Design of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for a Regenerative Type Heat Exchanger

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni Divya Rajendra Lagmavar

  168. Analysis of Different Controllers used for Boiler Drum Level Control by using LabVIEW Simulation

    Authors: Sumit Patel Vinit Sharma

  169. Using Image Processing Techniques for Automated Detection and Annotation of Faulty Regions in Thermal Infrared Images of PV Modules

    Authors: Atilla Ergüzen Muhammet Sait

  170. Dominance of Automation over Traditional Managerial Practices

    Authors: Manoj Jagnade Vaibhavi Anil Dhotkar Tanmay Chhapparghare Pratik Wankhede Shantanu Zade Kartik Salve

  171. A Review Paper on Fin Efficiency Enhancement

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Udit Singhal

  172. Illustrative Review on Radiopharmaceuticals

    Authors: K. R. Satav T. P. Shangrapawar Ashok Bhosale

  173. Appropriating Motivational Strategies in the Classroom: Approaches to the 21st Century Educators

    Authors: Janice G. Torrefalma Adrian A. Sab Ma. Wenavil Y. Omane Heide S. Omilig Honeylane C. Legaspi

  174. Review on Microemulsion a Novel Approach for Antifungal Drug Delivery

    Authors: Monali B. Lalage Sujit Kakade Ashok Bhosale

  175. The Existence of Approximate Solutions for Nonlinear Volterra Type Random Integral Equations

    Authors: S. G. Shete R. G. Metkar

  176. The Role of Micro Finance in Rural Indian Economy

    Authors: Vaibhav Vitthal Gadhave

  177. Analysis of the Characteristic behaviour of Concrete with Rice Husk Ash and Sugarcane Bagasse Ash

    Authors: Sultan Singh Er. Sunil Kumar Er. Vikram

  178. Optimization Parameters for MIG Welding of 316 L Austenite Steel by Taguchi Method

    Authors: Suhas Baliram Dahitankar Sayyad Shafik

  179. A Study of Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Online Shopping

    Authors: Nyamsuren Bayartogtoh Gantogtoh Tsogtgerel Ariuntuya Erdenebaatar

  180. The Impact of Quality on Satisfaction: Case Study of Mongolia Private Hospitals

    Authors: Uugantsetseg Davaadorj Otgontsetseg Galindev

  181. Consumer Satisfaction Factor in Tourism Sector

    Authors: Munkhzul Tuvshinbat Khash-Erdene Baasanjargal

  182. Effects of Satisfaction and Adoption on Online Banking

    Authors: Chuluudai Delgerzaya Anar Badral Yondon Badarch

  183. Study on Stress among for Teachers in Mongolia

    Authors: Enkhtsetseg Agvaan Munkhzul Mangal

  184. The Study of Coffee Shop: A Case Study of Taiwan

    Authors: Erdenebileg Myadagbadam Serdamba Nemekhjargal

  185. Khaan Bank Customer Satisfaction of Mongolia

    Authors: Baigali Ganbaatar Tsetsegmaa Ganbayar Nyamsuren Delgertsogt

  186. Rp-106: Formulation of Solutions of a Class of Standard Congruence of Composite Modulus of Higher Degree

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  187. Comparative Study on Analysis and Design of Skew Bridge by STAAD and ETABS Software using Finite Element Method

    Authors: Patil Akshay Mukund Nitesh Kushwaha

  188. Implementing Secured and Comport Transportation using Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network for Realistic City Scenario

    Authors: Pooja Deshpande Vrushali Uttarwar Ekta Choudhari

  189. Sensory and Nutritional Evaluation of Biscuit Supplemented with Hibiscus Rosasinensis Flower

    Authors: Babita Dahiya Parvinder Kaur

  190. The Responsibility of the Judicial Police Officer under Cameroonian Law

    Authors: Ngatchou Toto Carles

  191. Herbal Cosmetics for Skin and Hair Care in Ayurveda

    Authors: Sanjay Kholiya Jyoti Gangwal Rajendra Prasad Sharma

  192. A Review Study on Comparative Study on Single Web System Truss Tower with Portal System Truss Tower

    Authors: Ishrat Jahan Siddiqui Nitesh Kushwaha

  193. Study on Shallow and Deep Bin for a Constant Volume at Same Loading Condition a Review

    Authors: Rahul Patidar Nitesh Kushwaha

  194. Research into Properties of Spot Welded Steel Sheets

    Authors: Luboš Kašcák Denis Cmorej

  195. 21st Century Pedagogy: Transformational Approach

    Authors: Novelita T. Bornea Ma. Georgina B. Español Ma. May A. Buala Pedrito S. Ocba Jr

  196. Artificial Intelligence in Power Station

    Authors: P. Naveen S. Nikitha P. Sudeesh V. Vaishnavi

  197. Investigation on the Effect of Intake Manifold Water Injection on the Performance of Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine

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