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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science >>

Vol.5, No.6

Publisher: Infogain Publications

Publishing Date: 2020-11-11

  1. ÖMER ÖZSİPAHİOĞLU: “Not a Chameleon absorbing the Color of the Culture they come into Contact with”

    Authors: Gülden Kazaz Çelik

  2. Depiction of Tribal Life in Gopinath Mohanty's the Ancestor (Dadi Budha)

    Authors: Ajit Kumar Mohapatra

  3. Exploring Campbell hero’s journey in the light of two selected epic poems: Beowulf and The Mwindo epic

    Authors: Bazimaziki Gabriel

  4. Study on the Role of Context in Discourse Analysis from the Viewpoint of “Make” in Different Sentence Meanings

    Authors: Zhou Ling Tian Chuanmao

  5. Thematic and Narrative Standards in American Cinema: An Analysis on Character Arc, Catharsis and Audience’s Bias

    Authors: David Sunil

  6. Children in War Situations: A Study of Ngugi’s Weep Not Child and Onyekwelu’s Fugitive in Biafra

    Authors: Nkechi Ezenwamadu

  7. Comparison of Social Stratification Theories between Marx and Weber

    Authors: Song Daoxin

  8. Richardson’s Pamela: Predicaments to Handle in Pamela’s Marriage

    Authors: Gassim H. Dohal

  9. The Relationship between Parents' Attention and Self Concept with Learning Achievements in Tenth Grade Students of SMA Negeri 3 Pematangsiantar

    Authors: Susy Alestriani Sibagariang Tambos August Sianturi Sahat Sitompul

  10. Comparative Analysis of the Refusal Language between 2 Broke Girls and Ode to Joy

    Authors: Yi Lingling Tian Chuanmao

  11. An Analysis of Cthulhu Mythos’ Influences in Modern Western Spine-chillers

    Authors: Zhang Zhongjing Tian Chuanmao

  12. The Effectiveness of Rotational Blended Learning Strategy on the Mathematical Word Problem Solving Skills of Grade IV Pupils

    Authors: Junil A. Constantino Ruby A. Constantino

  13. Structural Analysis and Didactic Values of Batak Toba Turi-Turian Sigale-Gale and Tunggal Panaluan (Case Study of Batak Toba Local Wisdom)

    Authors: Junifer Siregar Hetdy Sitio Holmes Rajagukguk

  14. A Brief Analysis of the Main Character Philip Marlowe in The Long Goodbye

    Authors: Ren Baiqian Tian Chuanmao

  15. Brahmaviharas Gleaned in the Selected Works of the 14th Dalai Lama: Implications on Noted Filipino Students’ Values

    Authors: Maria Luisa A. Valdez

  16. Customers' Satisfaction relative to the Operational Services of the College of Arts and Sciences: Basis for its Continuous Quality Improvement

    Authors: Maria Luisa A. Valdez Dairen P. De Luna Chin Chin H. Diaz Jonel M. Corral Almerian B. Tayobong

  17. A Study on "Judaism" of the Third-Generation Jewish American Writers

    Authors: Zhao Xinliang

  18. Creating Space of Identification: The Arab-American Rhizomic Search of Visibility

    Authors: Eman Mohammed Yahya Khalil Farhana Khan

  19. The participatory approach in Morocco against the 2011 constitution: Lure or reality

    Authors: Si Ahmed Attaf

  20. Employee Silence, Organizational Commitment, and Job Burnout of Regular Employees in Local Government Units in the Cotabato Province, Philippines: A Keystone for Intervention

    Authors: Rowell P. Nitafan

  21. The Effectiveness of Eco pedagogy based IPS Electronic Module in improving Attitudes Caring for the Environment of students of Islamic School, Diponegoro, Surakarta

    Authors: Mutiara Danirmala Asrowi Akhmad Arif Musadad

  22. The Digital Economic Literacy of Entrepreneurs Managing Small and Medium Enterprises in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

    Authors: Dewi Kusuma Wardani Baedhowi Laurensia Claudia Pratomo Andryas Dewi Pratiwi

  23. Formulation of a Remarkable Stylistic Approach: A Study Based on Ali Smith’s Hotel World

    Authors: Hema S

  24. Factors Influencing Homosexuality in Men: A Term Paper

    Authors: Margie P. Vito

  25. Illegal Drug offenses among Children in Batangas, Philippines: A Narrative Introspection

    Authors: Dairen P. De Luna Maria Luisa A. Valdez Chin Chin H. Diaz

  26. Needs Assessment in Danahao Integrated School

    Authors: Romar B. Dinoy Riza A. Beltran Ramil S. Bulilan Margie Vito Ariel Christian Viodor Jusel A. Monalim Blandina M. Ombajin

  27. Awareness and Implementation of Career Development Plan towards Job Performance and Satisfaction of Employees

    Authors: Ramil S. Bulilan

  28. Portrayal of Underprivileged Children: Problem of Child Labour in Lost Spring: Stories of Lost Childhood by Anees Jung

    Authors: Neeharika Singh Lodhi

  29. Voicing Darfour’s Hu (Wo)man Memory: Tears of the Desert through World Literature and Collaborative Translation Grid

    Authors: Riham Debian

  30. Climate Change, Ecological Risk in Mumbai and Kolkata with reference to Amitav Ghosh’s The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable -An Ecocritical Review

    Authors: Seema S. R

  31. Investigation of the individual and feminist cultural memory in the epistolary biography of Anadibai Joshee by Meera Kosambi

    Authors: Niranjana G. Bhuvaneswari

  32. Diexsis in Novel Bumi Manusia and Bukan Pasar Malam by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

    Authors: Abelian Jordi Wicaksono Retno Winarni Muhammad Rohmadi

  33. Adversity Quotient of NEUST-SIC CoEd Faculty

    Authors: Maricar H. Sison Junil A. Constantino Eloisa C. Gabriel Ma. Teresita C. Vega

  34. Technology- A Firm Foundation for Entrepreneurship

    Authors: Shashi Prabha Nagendra

  35. Face Cover: It is Time to upgrade our Masks

    Authors: Omkar Gijare

  36. Investigation and analysis on the current situation of English translation of the three Kingdoms Cultural attractions in Jingchu Area, China

    Authors: Jingwen Chen Yan Fang Hou

  37. Review of Overseas Communication of Chinese Internet Literature

    Authors: Song Jiaojiao Duan Youguo

  38. Improving speaking Skill through discussion Debate Strategy of fourth Semester students of English Education Study Program of Nusa Nipa University in the Academic Year of 2019/ 2020

    Authors: Marselus Yumelking Genoveva Dua Eni Florizan Gani

  39. A Research on Aesthetic Representations in Three English Versions of Transient Days from the Perspective of Translation Aesthetics

    Authors: Zhu Xinyi

  40. Research on the influence of China's outward foreign direct investment on technological progress of equipment manufacturing industry

    Authors: Chen Shaogui

  41. Critical Study on Delusional Ressentiment: The Case of Filipino Community

    Authors: Patrick Neil M. Santiago

  42. The hidden role Patriarchy in Malayalam Cinema: An analysis of the movie ‘sufiyum sujathayum’

    Authors: Febini M Joseph Cefy Joice J

  43. What is inside the Mask: White or still Black? A Post-Colonial Musing on Wole Soyinka’s The Interpreters

    Authors: Raj Kumar Baral Nitesh Chandra Karki

  44. Analyzing Verbal Idioms in Gadis Pantai Novel of Pramoedya Ananta Toer

    Authors: Muhammad Zainul Arifin Suyitno Raheni Suhita

  45. Environmental Hermenetics: From Cognition to Nature understanding

    Authors: Nelya Filyanina Al-Saedi Ahmed Viktoriya Chitishvili

  46. Career opportunities of Honor Graduates and Student Leaders: The case of STO Domingo District

    Authors: Rouselle U. Rara Sally V. Mateo Gener S. Subia

  47. Faculty Empowerment: Its Influence on Teachers' Organizational Citizenship Behavior

    Authors: Krissina F. Posadas Priscila A. Santos Gener S. Subia

  48. The story of mourning : rehashing or passing ?

    Authors: Hemiri Driss

  49. Design of Information Systems in Support of Nutrition Services Based on Halal Assurance Certification in Hospitals

    Authors: Febitya Valent Difiana Apoina Kartini Ratih Sari Wardani

  50. Conflict between Reality and Illusion in Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie

    Authors: Pradnya Bhawar

  51. The Enigma of Political Self-Destruction in Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

    Authors: Mohammad Safaei

  52. Portrayal of Women and their Mental Trauma in the Patriarchal Society through the Play ‘Kamala’ by Vijay Dhondopant Tendulkar

    Authors: L. Priyadharshini

  53. The Arabized and the Intruder in Al Muheet Dictionary by Al Fayrouzabadi

    Authors: Shatha Jassim Hadi

  54. The Efficacy of Bimodal Subtitling in Improving the Listening Comprehension of English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners

    Authors: Kenneth Christopher S. Dumlao Ruth C. Alfonso Elgin S. Paguirigan Gener S. Subia

  55. Principals’ Quality Control Measures and Secondary School Goal Attainment in Obudu Local Government Area, Cross River State-Nigeria

    Authors: Eton Idorenyin Clement Kajang Margaret Ngieagba Omorobi Garieth Omorobi

  56. Films: The Space to Propagate Gender Equity

    Authors: Jereena Babu

  57. The Abominable Killer: An Introspection of the Bundy Murders; The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

    Authors: Jereena Babu

  58. Harmony and Integration:The Core of Woolf’s Truth— A Brief Analysis of “Wedge-shaped Core of Darkness” in To the Lighthouse

    Authors: Jing Wang Baihan Gao

  59. Collective Self-Estimate in the Aymaras Communities (Puno-Peru)

    Authors: Vicente Alanoca Arocutipa Jorge Apaza Ticona Roberto A. Quenta Paniagua Guillermo Cutipa Añamuro

  60. Literature: A Means of Production and Reflection of Nationalistic Ideal

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar Giri

  61. The Determinants of Defense Expenditure in China’s Peaceful Rise

    Authors: Lixiang Chen

  62. Critically Analyzing War on Terror in the light of Fatima Bhutto’s “The Shadow of the Crescent Moon”

    Authors: Sara Zainab Perveen Akhter Farhat Akmal Basharat

  63. Geographical Indication Helvas in Turkey

    Authors: Abdullah Badem

  64. The Superwoman Trope - An Analysis on Excessive Masculine Woman Superheroes in Movies, Anime, and TV Shows

    Authors: David Sunil

  65. Art as the Creation of Nature Complex

    Authors: Raju Chitrakar

  66. South Indian Tamil Cinema’s Influence on Sri Lankan Tamil Filmmakers

    Authors: R. Joel Jairus Sivapriya Sriram

  67. Research on the Relation between Real Economy and Virtual Economy

    Authors: Ran Wei

  68. Investigating the Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Experiences of Teachers Teaching Grades 11 and 12 World History without a Textbook

    Authors: Dorji S Ramesh Kumar Chettri Karma Phuntsho Thukten Jamtso

  69. Sadism and Fear as Dominant Metaphors in the African Novel: A Study of Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong’o’s The River Between, Wizard of the Crow and Henri Lopes’ The Laughing Cry

    Authors: Alphonse Dorien Makosso Anicet Odilon Matongo Nkouka

  70. Impact of Motivation on Students’ Retention in Public Secondary Schools in Rorya District, Tazania

    Authors: Philimini Philemon Demetria Gerold Mkulu

  71. Influence of School heads’ Leadership Styles on Students’ Academic Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Nyamagana District, Mwanza, Tanzania

    Authors: Upendo John Demetria Gerold Mkulu

  72. Roles of Students’ Council involvement in Management of Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Bariadi District Council, Tanzania

    Authors: Hamis Lumanija Demetria Gerold Mkulu

  73. Development of Information Systems Management of Food Order in Web-Based Patients in Hospital Nutrition Installations

    Authors: Maimun Bilondatu Apoina Kartini Ratih Sari Wardani

  74. Alienation and Despair in Okey Ndibe’s Arrows of Rain

    Authors: Wisely C. Mkandawire

  75. Assessment on the Outcome of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in Tabuk City, Kalinga

    Authors: Jane Chad-en B. Busaing

  76. Disaster Preparedness of the Residents of Tabuk City: An Assessment

    Authors: Jovy C. Ao-wat Florentina B. Carbonel

  77. Effectiveness of E-Learning Technology on The Performance of the CSS NC II Trainees (Computer Systems Servicing) of Tesda Accredited Training Centers in TESDA-Kalinga

    Authors: Ronald U. Wacas

  78. Graduate Students' Acceptance and Readiness for Open Distance Education in Kalinga State University

    Authors: Jessie Grace M. Sannadan Marilou B. Adora Pinky Larcelle D. Lang-ay

  79. Level of Satisfaction of Mothers on the Health Services Provided by Midwives in the Different Birthing Centers in Tabuk City

    Authors: Nellie Valera Apatas

  80. Reflection of Spiritualism: An Interpretation of Vedanta by Max Mueller and Aurobindo

    Authors: Suprita Jha

  81. Performance of Male Midwives in the different Hospitals and Clinics in Kalinga

    Authors: Isaiah G. Patong

  82. Physicochemical Properties of Macaranga (Gamu) used in Kalinga Basi (Bayas) Production

    Authors: Divina Alunday – Balocnit

  83. Process Configuration Plan of Sales and Distribution for Kalinga State University

    Authors: Mathew Jun P. Mariani

  84. Recruitment and Hiring Process Configuration Plan for Kalinga State University

    Authors: Jayhan C. Sarne

  85. The Kalinga State University Human Resources Training Needs: An Analysis

    Authors: Marilou B. Adora Jessie Grace M. Sannadan Jovita E. Saguibo Maria Cyrila C. Bawer

  86. Multiple Intelligences Strategies in Teaching Araling Panlipunan among Public Secondary Schools in the City Division of Tabuk, Kalinga

    Authors: Venus F. Baliling

  87. Analysis of Infiltration Rate in Kalinga State University (KSU) using Mathematical Models

    Authors: Gerlie S. Tolentino Rafael J. Padre Maria S Ramac Pomy A. Viloria

  88. Anti – Bullying Programs in Review

    Authors: Irene M. Daguasi

  89. Error Analysis in the Operations of Algebraic Expressions of Grade 8 Students at Kalinga State University Laboratory High School

    Authors: Genalyn A. Ferrer

  90. Lechon Data Recovery of the Yookah Native Pigs of KSU Native Pig R&D Project

    Authors: Sharmaine D. Codiam Mark Stephen S. Ballog Chester N. Dongga-as Marcelino G. Saliw-an Jerwin O. Aquino Lito S. Binsay Christian Betao

  91. Demand and Consumption Pattern Analysis of commercial drinking water among selected barangays of Tabuk City

    Authors: Jovita E. Saguibo Eduardo T. Bagtang Marilou B. Adora

  92. Level of Awareness on the Procurement Law (Ra9184) and its IRR by the Provincial Government of Kalinga Employees

    Authors: Juan Moshe M. Duyan John John C. Venus Karen Razelle M. Duyan

  93. Loneliness and Anxiousness as Predictors of Facebook use among College Students

    Authors: Aleli M. Langgaman

  94. On-The-Job-Training (OJT) of KSU Students at the Agro studies International Centre for Agricultural Studies in Israel: An Assessment

    Authors: Esmerlyn P. Bayangan Paulino P. Reyes II Joy Grace P. Doctor

  95. Managing Behaviour in Large Classes: Ceit faculty best Practices

    Authors: Erica Vane R. Balcanao-Buco Vida V. Gunnawa Matthew Jun P. Mariani

  96. The Ilocanos in Tabuk City, Kalinga: A Study on their Migration

    Authors: Janette P. Calimag

  97. Variation of Pronouncing Cultural Words of Biga, Tongrayan, and Limos Groups in Kalinga, Philippines

    Authors: Gian Karla M. Rodriguez Aida P. Cawili Emalyn B. Puyoc

  98. Language Cognitive Strategy Analysis in Learner Diaries of College Freshman Students in Kalinga State University, Philippines

    Authors: Sheila Fesway-Malao Brenda Banggawan Lumines

  99. Homosexuality and prevalence of Stigma in Indian Milieu

    Authors: Madan Mohan Laddunuri