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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.VII, No.2

Publisher: National Museum of History of Moldova

Publishing Date: 2013-10-10

  1. The legal status of călăraşi in Bessarabia: from Moldovan traditions to the Russian imperial administrative system

    Authors: Valentin Tomuleţ

  2. West-European books in Bessarabia: ways of distribution and government oversight (1812-1862)

    Authors: Andrei Emilciuc

  3. Byzantine military-administrative units in the Eastern Bulgaria and on the Lower Danube during the reign of John I Tzimisces

    Authors: Vasile Mărculeţ; Ioan Mărculeţ

  4. Historiographical reflections on local and transit trade relations on the Prut-Dniester area and the Lower Danube (late 13th - 14th century)

    Authors: Silvia Barcari

  5. The Kishinev copy of three 14th-century anti-latin writings

    Authors: Lora Taseva

  6. On finding of once lost building plates of the 15th century from the fortress of Belgorod

    Authors: Andrey Krasnozhon

  7. Cultural life and printed books during the reign of Matei Basarab

    Authors: Dumitra Bulei

  8. The destiny of woman in the history of Moldavia. Myths and realities about Catherine the Circassian ? the second wife of the hospodar Vasile Lupu

    Authors: Lilia Zabolotnaia

  9. The Slavic kalabalik: the Pruth campaign, Charles XII’s Swedish camp at Bender and the rise of pan-slavism (A Theory on Peter I’s campaign in Wallachia, Moldova and its Legacy)

    Authors: Jackson Little

  10. Some categories of epitaphs in Moldova and neighboring countries in the 17th - early 19th centuries

    Authors: Alina Felea

  11. What was the original structural plan of the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in the Căpriana Monastery?

    Authors: Vlad D. Ghimpu

  12. Aspects of economic relations between the Russian Empire and the Principality of Moldova in the late 18th - early 19th centuries

    Authors: Irina Cereş

  13. Urbanonyms of Southern Bessarabia in the middle of the 19th century (Akkerman, Izmail (Tuchkov), Kiliya): general trends and characteristics)

    Authors: Igor Gulyanovich

  14. L’orfèvrerie ecclésiastique du Bessarabie (1812-1827)

    Authors: Liliana Condraticova

  15. Representatives of bourgeois elite in Bessarabia: Greek merchant Pantelei Sinadino (1830-1850)

    Authors: Valentin Tomuleţ; Victoria Bivol

  16. A manuscript about clergymen of the Nativity Cathedral in Chişinău during 1840-1851

    Authors: Igor Cereteu

  17. From the history of a private school for girls in Bălţi

    Authors: Tatiana Chicaroş

  18. Confirmation of the titles of nobility by Bessarabian nobles in the first half of the 19th century: The noble family of Frunzetti (Frunză)

    Authors: Cristina Gherasim

  19. Des législations sur la consolidation des nécropoles et la construction des églises dans les cimetières dans la première moitié du XIXe siècle

    Authors: Manole Brihuneţ

  20. Additions and clarifications on the biography of Ioan Pelivan

    Authors: Dinu Poştarencu

  21. Charitable activities of the Stroesku’s family in Braşov

    Authors: Cristina Tănase

  22. Valuable books from the library of Paul Gore (Identification and/or inventory of sources)

    Authors: Maria Danilov

  23. Bessarabian clergy during the First World War

    Authors: Silvia Scutaru

  24. Three Political and Journalistic Events in Romania (1925-1927)

    Authors: Marian Petcu

  25. Church of St. Elijah in the town of Teleneşti (from the time of foundation until the beginning of 20th century)

    Authors: Alexandru Furtună

  26. The “League of Militant Atheists” (1925-1947) in the struggle against religion

    Authors: Nicolae Fuştei

  27. Teachers’ salaries in the totalitarian system

    Authors: Angela Lisnic; Nadejda Scobioală

  28. National Liberation Movement in the Moldavian SSR, 1989-1991: some contributions

    Authors: Igor Caşu

  29. The Bulgarians in Transnistria

    Authors: Jerzy Hatłas

  30. On the multiparty system in the Republic of Moldova

    Authors: Gheorghe Pisica

  31. Les symboles héraldiques de la commune de Lipnic, district d’Ocniţa

    Authors: Silviu Andrieş-Tabac

  32. On the origin and development of portable firearms (14th-19th centuries)

    Authors: Sergiu Dobrea

  33. Holy images on blades: unique swords from the State Hermitage Museum (preliminary publication)

    Authors: Vsevolod Obraztsov; Yuri Pyatnitsky

  34. Museum exhibition “Soviet Moldova: Between Myths and the Gulag”

    Authors: Elena Postică

  35. Movie posters from the collection of the National Museum of History of Moldova

    Authors: Vera Stăvilă

  36. Agricultural advertising in periodicals of the late 19th - early 20th centuries from the collection of NMHM

    Authors: Vera Serjant

  37. Amusement places in Chişinău. Cafe Man’kov (Late 19th century - the 30ies of 20th century)

    Authors: Ana Griţco

  38. The image of Our Lady of Hârbovăţ from the collection of icons of the National Museum of History of Moldova

    Authors: Adelaida Chiroşca

  39. The exhibition “In the World of Toys”

    Authors: Lucia Marinescu-Tonu

  40. Museum Event 2013: International Project When Sweden was ruled from Moldova

    Authors: Elena Ploşniţa

  41. Museology: an academic discipline or form of cultural activity?

    Authors: Elena Ploşniţa