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Archived Papers for Journal

International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES) >>

Vol.3, No.2

Publisher: International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES)

Publishing Date: 2018-05-13

  1. Modeling the Drying Kinetics of Plantain Chips under Forced and Free Convection

    Authors: John Iminabo Misel Iminabo Kenneth Dagde

  2. Corrosive Effect of Gas Flaring on Metals in Egi Kingdom (Galvanized Iron and Brass)

    Authors: John T. Iminabo Misel Iminabo

  3. On the Role of Warm-Up Detection in Multi-Level Traffic Simulations

    Authors: Najia BOUHA Zouhir MAHANI

  4. Assessment of Groundwater Quality Resulting from Managed Aquifer Recharge of Treated Sewage Effluent, Wadi Fatimah, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Tariq Cheema

  5. Dynamics of the Population of Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann (Diptera: Tephritidae), Tirana, Albania

    Authors: Anila Gëzhilli Enkelejda Velo Silva Bino Përparim Kadriaj Eglantina Zaimaj Natasha Haka Duraj

  6. Application of Machine Learning Algorithm for Query Processing in Distributed Database System

    Authors: Nkanyi Nwadiogo Ginika Onyekaba Ogechukwu Chieme Gabriel Chukwujekwu Chigbo Chukwuebuka Ikechukwu

  7. Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes for Vibrations of Rectangular and Circular Membranes: A Numerical Study

    Authors: Navid Namdari Amir Dehghan

  8. A Field Study of Changing Groundwater Levels in South Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Waleed Gaid Tariq Cheema

  9. Location Based Services Classifications

    Authors: Ashraf Elazab Bahaa Shabana Hesham Hefny

  10. Performance Test on Canola Oil Using Bio-Diesel Blends

    Authors: R. Ravichandran T. Vigneshwaran M. Naveen Kumar N. Srinivasan D. Vigneshwaran

  11. Multi Task Learning System for Face and Gait Recognition and Comparison of Different Algorithms on These Recognitions

    Authors: Komal Vyas Shahana Qureshi

  12. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Longitudinal Vibratory Systems

    Authors: R. Ravichandran S. Abishek Selvaraj K. Ganeshan E. Prabhu S. Prasanth

  13. Experimental and Investigation of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Using Fins

    Authors: R. Ravichandran Adharsh.G Chinnadurai.K Nickle.R Pradeep.R

  14. Integrated Control of Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) by Mass Trapping in Tirana, Albania

    Authors: Anila Gëzhilli Enkelejda Velo Silva Bino Përparim Kadriaj Eglantina Zaimaj Natasha Haka Duraj

  15. Generation, Distribution and Installation of Utility Services in Multi Storey Buildings

    Authors: Nuruddeen Mohammed Lawal

  16. Development of a Usable and Accessible Interface for the Cognitively Impaired Aged

    Authors: Muinat Adeola ADIO Omowumi ADEYEMO

  17. Static Hand-eye Calibration Method of Industrial Robot

    Authors: Chenxue WANG Xueliang PING Chao XU Nan LI

  18. Satellite Image Classification using Multi Features Based Descriptors

    Authors: Mohammed Sahib Mahdi Altaei Saif Mohammed Ahmed

  19. Social Media and the Word of Mouth Publicity

    Authors: K. R. Subramanian

  20. A Declarative Approach of Dynamic Logic Objects

    Authors: Macaire Ngomo Habib Abdulrab

  21. Design and Implementation of Interoperability Services within the Serpolet System

    Authors: Macaire NGOMO

  22. “Milkrun 4.0” for Smart Manufacturing

    Authors: Ashik Takvir

  23. Hydrogen Fueled Engine

    Authors: G. Elavarasan Karan Singh Abhijeet Anand Mihir

  24. Numerical Solution for Transient Heat Transfer in Longitudinal Fins

    Authors: Navid Namdari Morteza Abdi Hamidreza Chaghomi Farzad Rahmani

  25. Dynamic Optimum Performance of Buckling Restrained Braces in Multi-storey Building using FEA

    Authors: Sneha CS Christin Pious

  26. Parametric Study of CFST Chord in Tubular Brace Truss to Full Scale Model Using FEA

    Authors: Ashid EA Sreeja S

  27. Analysis of Beam-Column Joint in a Prestressed Concrete Structure under Reverse Cyclic Loading

    Authors: Ancilet Sabu Renny Vargheese

  28. Punching Shear Simulation of Flat Slab Using Truss, Stirrup and Stud

    Authors: Naseeba Sithara A Kiran Jacob

  29. The Effectiveness of Sex Education to Increase Personal Safety Skill

    Authors: Widi Astuti Hasnida Rr. Lita Hadiati

  30. Thermal Behavior and Structural Integrity of Structures

    Authors: Reshma S Raju Remya Raju

  31. Non Linear Analysis of Shear Optimization and Strengthening of Light Steel Beams with Stiffened Web Opening

    Authors: Aslam K Salim Jerry Anto

  32. GPU Accelerated Code Optimization: Leaf Disease Detection

    Authors: K. Meghana Rucha Gurav Khushboo Parab Preeti Godabole

  33. An Algorithm for Optimizing Anticancer Treatment

    Authors: Jung Jae Won

  34. Cement Industry and Strategies for Mitigating Carbon Emissions

    Authors: Ahana Ghosh Anubha Mandal

  35. Design Construction of Low Cost Multifacility Cybercrime Station and Individual Home

    Authors: Gopikumar S Sharma Ankit R Sheela Daniel R

  36. Determining the Energy Potential of Corn Cobs in Santo Tomas, Pangasinan, Philippines through Remote Sensing

    Authors: Klifford M. Orge Emman E. Ramos Eliza E. Camaso Guiller B. Damian Ronaldo T. Alberto

  37. Quality Assurance for Implementing International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) in Vietnam and Some Recommendations

    Authors: Dao Thi Dai Trang

  38. An Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete by Using Dredged Sand and Weathered Rock Sand as Fine Aggregate

    Authors: Ragi Rajendran Basil Johny Shaji M Jamal

  39. Operation Research and Mathematical Modeling of Real-Time Signal Traffic Cycle Optimization in Ho Chi Minh City of Southern Viet Nam

    Authors: Nguyen Chi Hung

  40. Water Pumping and Power Generation by Swing Action

    Authors: Sadashiv Bellubbi Pramodkumar B Yogendra S Poojari Nagaraj Mahadev Naveena

  41. An Experimental Study of Concrete with Soaked Recycled Aggregate as Coarse Aggregate

    Authors: Muhammad Ashraf Basil Johny

  42. Analysis of Stand-Alone Solar Photovoltaic for Desert in Iraq

    Authors: Ali A K Al-Waeli Kadhem A N Al-Asadi

  43. Thermal Performance Enhancement for a Simple Solar Wall

    Authors: Sabah I Abass

  44. The Influence of Spiritual Quotient and Emotional Quotient to Internal Audit Judgment

    Authors: Sanggar Pasaribu Hasnida Dan Siti Zahreni

  45. Pedal Operated Areca Nut Peeling & Crops Dehusking Mechanism

    Authors: Sadashiv Bellubbi Umesha Shivaling Y. Argi Shantkumar Manjunatha DV

  46. Gold Geospatial Interpolations: Kriging versus Inverse Distance Weighting

    Authors: Umar Sambo Umar Abdulwahab Muhammad Bello Zaara Munir

  47. Performance and Emission Characteristics of Cardanol Hybrid Biofuel Blend with Diesel

    Authors: Pranav Shetty Prakash Leon Crasto Raslan Shafi Sarvesh M K V Suresh

  48. Hydrogen Separation from Reforming Products by Silica Membrane: A Numerical Study

    Authors: Davood Tahmasbi Hassan Habibi Moghaddam

  49. Thermal Performance Enhancement of Radiators Employing Nano-Fluid: A Review

    Authors: Zakariya Ahmed Akanksha Mishra Mohammed Ali Dima

  50. Simulation Performance of Antilock Braking System under Different Drag Coefficients

    Authors: Ekengwu Bonaventure Onyeka Muoghalu Chidiebere Ekengwu Ignatius Echezona Ezeanya Ifeoma Hope

  51. Auxiliary Regenerative Braking System

    Authors: Manjunath Rakesh J Ranjith P Shridhar Kadadi Shubham R Gaonkar

  52. Performance Evaluation of a Solar Powered Poultry Egg Incubator

    Authors: Kifilideen L. Osanyinpeju Adewole A. Aderinlewo Olayide R. Adetunji Emmanuel S. A. Ajisegiri

  53. The Emitted Noise from a Spark Ignition Engine Fueled by Methanol Added to Gasoline

    Authors: Adel M Salih Khaleel I Abass

  54. The Implementation of “Petal Flowers” Model For Peace Education in Developing Students Peace Culture in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

    Authors: Idrus Affandi Dinn Wahyudin Leni Anggraeni

  55. Scope Creep in Construction Industry of Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Moayyad Sindi

  56. Viruses: A Novel Anticancer Weapons

    Authors: Yun Ju Jung

  57. Improvement of Dyeing and Weaving Hot Water Temperature Control System Response Using a PID Controller

    Authors: Mbaocha C. C. Ubbaonu C. F. Ugoh C. A. Inaibo D.S.

  58. Investigating the Effective Factors in Packing Products Influencing the Consumer Purchasing Behavior and the Role of Consumer’s Mental Structure Influencing on These Factors (Case Study: Diary Industry)

    Authors: Hossein Vazifehdoust Zohre Feyzabadi

  59. Thermo-elastic Analysis of a Rotating Solid Cylinder under Transient Thermal Stresses

    Authors: Reza Moheimani Mohammad Babayi Nima Dadar Majid Rashidi Sadegh Shokouhmandi

  60. Hybrid System Analysis with Renewable Energy and Thermal Energy for Health Clinic – A Case Study

    Authors: Mannepalli Nithin Chowdary Mahesh Kumar Nagar Manish Kumar Nishi Kant M. K. Paswan Sandip Kumar

  61. Influence of Low Frequency Mechanical Vibrations on Crystal Growth of GaInSb Ternary Alloy: Growth by VDS Technique

    Authors: Pravin S. More Ramesh N. Zade D. B. Gadkari

  62. Experimental Investigation on Strength Properties of Rice Husk and Silica Fume as Mineral Admixtures for Vermiculate Concrete

    Authors: G. Prabhakaran Chinnakotti Sasidhar

  63. Investigating the Effective Factors Influencing on the Choice of Distribution Channels and Their Significance Improving the Competitive Advantage of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Producers

    Authors: Mirza Hasan Hosseini Moslem Soleymanpour

  64. Historical Paradigms of Architects Le Corbusier and Anthony Almeida on Modern Architecture and City Planning with an Overview of Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

    Authors: Livin Henry Mosha

  65. Architectural Design of a Secured Web-Based Healthcare Portal

    Authors: Rotimi-Williams Bello

  66. Efficiency of Ozonation Disinfection in a Domestic Wastewater Treatment for Removing Existing Infectious Bacteria and Viruses and a Comparison with Chlorine Disinfection

    Authors: Amir Hajiali Gevorg P. Pirumyan

  67. Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of KCaF3 Type Fluoro-Perovskite

    Authors: K. Neupane Himanshu Joshi Lalhriatpuia Hnamte R. K. Thapa

  68. Evaluation and Comparison of Depth and Season Effects on Heavy Metals and Contaminants Concentrations in an Aquatic Region

    Authors: Lida Salimi Amir Hajiali Roghayeh Amiri

  69. Cyber Security in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Way Forward

    Authors: UWADIA Francis ETI I. Friday

  70. Housing Design for Elderly People in Tanzania; Significance of Adaptable Housing

    Authors: Huba Mary Nguluma Emmanuel Fares Kemwita

  71. A Survey on Security and Privacy Issues in the Use of Wireless Sensor Networks for Health Care Monitoring

    Authors: Aleburu Deborah Omotosho O.O Joshua Jonah

  72. Embedded Engines of Telemedicine: A Systematic Review

    Authors: Rotimi-Williams Bello Firstman Noah Otobo

  73. Virtual Learning Environment-Some Realities

    Authors: Rotimi-Williams Bello Firstman Noah Otobo Eka John Eru