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Archived Papers for Journal

Herald of the Economic Sciences of Ukraine >>

Vol.41, No.2

Publisher: The Institute of the Economy of Industry of the NAS of Ukraine

Publishing Date: 2021-12-20

  1. Methodology for Evaluating of Threats Influence on the Energy Security Level

    Authors: Sukhodolia О. M. Riabtsev G. L. Kharazishvili Yu. M.

  2. World Trends in the Development of Hydrogen Energy

    Authors: Shevchenko V. G. Lyashenko V. I. Osadcha N. V.

  3. Ways and Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Natural Resources in Ukraine. (Management Mechanisms and Means of Hydrogen Sulfide Mixture Processing into the Black Sea)

    Authors: Andrushkiv B. M. Hahaliuk O. I. Kyrych N. B. Pohaidak O. B. Cherep A. V. Sherstiuk R. P.

  4. Conceptual and Analytical Support for Strategic Planning of the Socio-Economic Development of the Country and Regions

    Authors: Stolyarova V. V.

  5. The Current State and Prospects for the Development of State-Owned Enterprises in the Geological Exploration Industry

    Authors: Buleev I. P. Ziuz D. V.

  6. The Impact of Local Government Reform and Territorial Organization of Power on Regional Development

    Authors: Dvigun A. О.

  7. Implementation of the Integration Component of Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies: Scientific and Methodological Approach

    Authors: Shvets N. V.

  8. A landscape park as a way of revitalizing slag heap of blast-furnace slag

    Authors: Amosha O. O. Kocheshkova I. M.

  9. The Problems of Development of the Natural Gas Market in Ukraine on a Competitive Basis

    Authors: Pushak H. I. Vasyliv M. Yu.

  10. Current Trends and Prospects for the Development of Public-Private Partnership in the Implementation of Smart-Specialization in Ukraine

    Authors: Petrova I. P.

  11. Direct Foreign Investments in the Ukrainian Economy: State and Problems of Attracting

    Authors: Sokolovska О. M.

  12. Improvement of Regulatory Policy and Investment and Financial Calculations for the Formation of a Favorable Investment Environment in the Old Industrial Region

    Authors: Sytnyk Ye. А.

  13. Features of the development of Event Management as an Element of Information and Communication Technologies in Public Administration

    Authors: Melchenko V. I.

  14. International High-Tech Cluster as a Component of the Modern Concept of European Integration into the Scientific-Educational and Innovation Space

    Authors: Zaloznova Yu. S. Soldak M. O.

  15. Intelligent Management of the International Corporation Competitiveness

    Authors: Popova D. V.

  16. Human Capital of Ukraine in the Context of International Comparisons: Problems and Tasks of its Development to Ensure Technological Changes

    Authors: Antonyuk V. P.

  17. Relationship between Socio-Economic Transformations and the Formation of a New Quality of Life

    Authors: Кhandii О. О. Shamileva L. L. Kobtseva D. A.

  18. The Content of the Entrepreneur Profile and the Rationale for the Methodology of Comparative Analysis

    Authors: Chebotarov Ie. V. Chebotarov V. A.

  19. Green Logistics in Freight Transportation: Problems, Possible Solutions

    Authors: Boichenko M. V.

  20. The Methodical Basis of Evaluation of the Company’s Pricing Processes

    Authors: Erfort I. Yu.

  21. Meeting the Strategic Imperatives of Trade Enterprise Development

    Authors: Kosteniuk Yu. B. Tkachenko M. O.

  22. The Communication Component of the Marketing Activities of Public Utilities as a Factor in Ensuring the Competitiveness of the City

    Authors: Popova G. Yu.

  23. Internet Marketing as a Means of Improving the Efficiency of Activity and Competitiveness of Companies in the Tourism Industry

    Authors: Latysheva O. V. Ipatova N. O. Ipatov V. V.

  24. Genesis of the Concept «Logistic Activity of the Enterprise»

    Authors: Shkrygun Yu. О.

  25. Prerequisites, models and structures of industrial cluster associations

    Authors: Utkin V. P.

  26. The Essence of the Concept of “Financial Monitoring” in the Context of Ensuring National Security

    Authors: Pushak Ya. Ya. Trushkina N. V.

  27. Providing a New Quality of Working Life in Ukraine in the Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy: Conceptualization of Research

    Authors: Novikova O. F. Pankova O. V. Azmuk N. A. Kasperovich O. Yu.

  28. Differentiation of population incomes: prospects for reducing inequality in terms of digitalization

    Authors: Pizhuk O. I.

  29. Real-Sector Enterprise Intellectualization as a Promising Avenue for the Development of the Modern Economy (Conclusions and Recommendations of an Online Science and Practical Conference)

    Authors: Amosha О. I. Zaloznova Yu. S. Bryukhovetskaya N. Yu. Buleev I. P.

  30. Global Education and the National Economic Elite: Methodological Foundations for Understanding the Problem

    Authors: Zadorozhny G. V.

  31. Comments and Suggestions to the Draft Law of Ukraine “On the Support and Development of Innovative Activity”

    Authors: Pidorycheva I. Yu. Liashenko V. I. Antoniuk V. P. Shevtsova H. Z. Shvets N. V. Zemliankin A. I.