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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.34, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2017-05-17

  1. Approximation by the Lamé-Gielis formula of the shell contours at superplastic forming of sheet blanks

    Authors: О.S. Anishchenkо V.V. Kukhar E.A. Mktrchan

  2. Effects of the phase transformation in alloy structural steels at heating and cooling on their microstructure and impact resistance

    Authors: I.F. Tkachenko F.K. Tkachenko K.I. Tkachenko V.I. Miroshnichenko

  3. The possibility of obtaining termografenit with magnetic properties from dispersed Fe-C metallurgical wastes

    Authors: V.О. Maslov Y.P. Pustovalov L.О. Trofimova L.О. Dan

  4. Interrelation of wear resistance, surface roughness and carburized structural steels quenching parameters

    Authors: О.P. Cheiliakh M.A. Ryabikina N.E. Mak-Mak

  5. Multipurpose optimization of the chemical composition of the steel E36 with the use of computer methods of the deep data analysis

    Authors: I.F. Tkachenko M.A. Uniyаt

  6. Effect of post-heat treatment on the microstructure and microhardness of a plasma sprayed Fe-C-Mn-Cr-W-V coating

    Authors: Yu.G. Chabak V.I. Fedun В.V. Efremenko A.M. Zusin A.V. Dzherenova

  7. Reduction of structural inhomogeneity of 35GL alloys through modification by means of electric emission current in the process of crystallization

    Authors: O.M. Zhbanova L.N. Saithareyev

  8. Gas hydrates forming and decomposition conditions analysis

    Authors: M.A. Pavlenko B.A. Kutnuy N.M. Abdullah

  9. Way to increase back-up rolls cracking and wearing resistances at high-speed deposition with low heat input

    Authors: S.V. Shchetinin V.I. Shchetinina

  10. Selecting the induction heating for normalization of deposited surfaces of cylindrical parts

    Authors: O.V. Berezshnaya

  11. Research of fatigue failure of marine auxiliary machine parts and structures in case of various stresses

    Authors: V.V. Chigarev I.V. Kovalenko

  12. Cylindrical articles surfacing with a strip electrode at an angle to the generatrix

    Authors: V.P. Ivanov V.P. Lavrik О.V. Lavrova

  13. Improving the technology of deposition using strip electrode

    Authors: S.V. Gulakov V.V. Burlaka A.І. Mіronenko

  14. Metallographic examination of hardened layers after surface treatments by highly concentrated plasma jet

    Authors: S.S. Samotugin V.А. Haharin V.A. Mazur O.Yu. Nesterov

  15. Plazma modification of threading tools

    Authors: S.S. Samotygin O.A. Khrystenko

  16. The structural and dynamic characteristics of a water-polimer high-speed jet

    Authors: A.V. Pogrebnyak

  17. Evaluation of power losses due to reduced power quality

    Authors: I.V. Zhezhelenko V.V. Nesterovych

  18. Hardware and software system for monitoring oil pump operation in power high-voltage transformers

    Authors: M.D. Dyachenko S.V. Kodulev

  19. Balancing the electric mode by shifting with time of one-phase electric receiver load graphs

    Authors: L.B. Tereshkevich О.О. Khomenko

  20. On the possibilities of electric power quality control via electric loads with active rectifiers

    Authors: V.V. Burlaka S.V. Gulakov S.K. Podnebennaya O.S. Savenko

  21. Electric calciner control in the production of carbon products

    Authors: O.A. Zhuchenko M.G. Khibeba

  22. Automation of manufacturing products from intelligent polymeric composites with regard to the components relative velocity

    Authors: O.M. Khalimovskyy O.L. Sokolskiy V.M. Kurylenko

  23. Using contextual advertising in Internet marketing

    Authors: Т.О. Levitskaya I.Y. Shamin

  24. Data protection by using the «Chua’s circuit» chaos generator

    Authors: Levitskaya Т.O. Ganzina D.I.

  25. Functional model of the system promotion affiliate program in partner networks

    Authors: D.S. Mironenko

  26. Fuzzy control of the iron ore pellets thermal treatment on a conveying car

    Authors: V.Y. Lobov K.V. Lobova

  27. Modern state of the structural perfection of hopper cars for transportation of grains and their development prospects

    Authors: О.V. Fomin N.G. Murashova V.S. Voropay V.V. Kovalenko

  28. Performance analysis of locomotive park of the transport service of rolling mills metallurgical enterprises

    Authors: G.V. Maslak O.S. Krasulin

  29. New analytical techniques for traffic management on the basis of system studies in logistics

    Authors: O.P. Kirkin V.I. Kirkina T.Y. Kirkina

  30. Managing wastes in food production

    Authors: V.S. Voloshin

  31. Peculiarities and problems of determination of the predicted durability term of steel constructions coatings

    Authors: A.I. Kovaliov S.A. Vedula O.V. Grushovinchuk

  32. Route planning of raw materials transportation in the industrial hub of Mariupol city

    Authors: J.V. Bulgakova T.A. Hutsal