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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD ) >>

Vol.9, No.2

Publisher: TJPRC

Publishing Date: 2019-04-30

  1. Experimental Study for IK Airfoil at Low Speed in a Rectangular Air Cross Flow

    Authors: Amjed Al-Khateeb Mohammed K. Khashan; Ali Sh. Baqir

  2. A Review on Applications of Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) For Solar Panel Selection

    Authors: Sasikumar Gnanasekaran; N. Venkatachalam

  3. A Study on the Effect of Variation Loads with Different Materials on the Spiral Bevel Gears

    Authors: Jenan Mohammed Naje

  4. A Statistical Analysis of Transformation Methods for Wind Power Curve Modelling

    Authors: Divya. P. S Lydia. M Manoj. G; Devaraj Arumainayagam. S

  5. A Multi-Manned Parallel Two-Sided Assembly Line Balancing with Tool Sharing Approach- A Company Case Study Solved by Exact Solution Approach

    Authors: Ashish Yadav; Sunil Agrawal

  6. Optimisation of Fuel Consumption by Taguchi Method in Logistics Systems

    Authors: Benrajesh. P; John Rajan. A

  7. A Study on Economic Benefits of ISO certification to Manufacturing Units

    Authors: Mohanraj. K; Ravi Kumar

  8. Delay Analysis of Pressure Vessels Fabrication using Fuzzy FMEA

    Authors: Gunanto; Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari

  9. The Experimental Studies of Heat Transfer and Friction Factor in a Roughened Solar Air Heater using Arc Rib Geometries

    Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Yadav; Atul Lanjewar

  10. Reliability and Optimization of the Manufacturing of Steel Flanges, by using Mechanical Method, Statistical Method, Firefly Algorithm

    Authors: Nour-Eddine M'Haouache Mariam Elkhechafi Hanaahachimi; Moulaytaibbelghiti

  11. “FEA Analysis and Optimization of Two-Wheeler Bike Mono Suspension System”

    Authors: Amaresh Kumar D Atmanand Anikivi; Shridhar Deshpande

  12. The Failure Mode Effects Analysis to Prevent Delays for Development Projects in Aerospace Industry - A Case Study

    Authors: James Joseph Sriram. K. V Asish Oommen Mathew; Arjun Kanoor

  13. An Assessment of the Soil Fertilization Status of IB-INW Zone of Rajasthan

    Authors: Jyoti Sihag; Divya Prakash

  14. An Industrial IOT in Engineering and Manufacturing Industries - Benefits and Challenges

    Authors: A. Senthil Kumar; Easwaran Iyer

  15. Determination of Multi-Item Inventory Model with Limitations of Warehouse Capacity and Unit Discount in Leading Garment Industry in Indonesia

    Authors: Rafly Isfanur Yassa; Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari

  16. Formation of Gas Bubbles in aA Stagnant Liquid Examined for the Technological Application of Metal Foam

    Authors: Shehab Attia Karel Frana; Iva Nova

  17. A Structural Analysis of a Connecting Rod using FEA

    Authors: A Structural Analysis of a Connecting Rod using FEA

  18. Employee Competencies Acting as an Intermediary on Measuring Organizational Productivity: A Review Perspective

    Authors: Gayatri Panda

  19. Design & Flight Test Result of A Small Scale Hybrid VTOL UAV

    Authors: Kyoung-Moo Min Foong-Yi Chia; Bong-Hwan Kim

  20. Motion Control of Electro-Pneumatic System based on Directional Control Solenoid Valve

    Authors: Ahmed Abdulkadhum Shaalan Munaf Fathi Badr; Ehsan Sabah Al-Ameen

  21. Singularity Analysis of Kuka 6 DOF Robot for Motion Simulation

    Authors: Avantsa V. S. S. Somasundar G. Yedukondalu; K. Shiva Kesavulu

  22. Policies for Sustainable Manufacturing and Extended Producer Responsibility for Green And Sustainable Manufacturing in India – A Review

    Authors: Vineeta Mishra; Ajit Mittal

  23. Optimizing Process Parameters of Nano SiC Reinforced AA6061 Cold Extrusion using Response Surface Method

    Authors: A. Vijay Kumar Ch. Ratnam; V. V. S. Kesava Rao

  24. Effect of T6 Heat Treatment on Hardness Wear and Fatigue Behaviour of Nickel Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Al-7079 MMC

    Authors: Anantha Krishna Somayaji; Narasimha Marakala

  25. Analysis and Optimization of Glass Fiber with Epoxy Resin Composite Leaf Spring Used in Cars

    Authors: V. P. Srinivasan S. Karthik Raja Sreeram. V. Panicker S. Sihas Rehman; G. Dinesh

  26. Evaluating the Green Supply Chain Management Barriers in a SME: An AHP Approach

    Authors: Sanatan Ratna; B. Kumar

  27. Influence of Thermal Barrier Coating and Mems Biodiesel on the Performance And Emission Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

    Authors: Srinivas; Abhimanyu R Posangiri

  28. Influence of Thermal Barrier Coating and Mems Biodiesel on the Performance And Emission Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

    Authors: Srinivas; Abhimanyu R Posangiri

  29. Green Supply Chain Practices for Environmental Sustainability A Proposed Framework for Manufacturing Firms

    Authors: Pallawi B. Sangode; Sujit G. Metre

  30. Performance Evaluation of Solar Cooker Made from Locally Sourced Materials

    Authors: S. D. Adewumi A. T. Abdulrahim A. A. Adeleke P. P. Ikubanni; O. O. Agboola

  31. Flexural Analysis of Smart Structural Composite Laminates by Using a New Higher Order Theory

    Authors: P. V. Sanjeeva Kumar A. Hemanth Kumar; N. V. Chalapathi

  32. Effect of Gap Condition Between Two Composite Plates in Ballistic Resistance Tests

    Authors: Ali Kurji; Ehsan Sabah Al-Ameen

  33. Wear Behavior of AL 7075/FA/SiC Hybrid Composites

    Authors: U. S. Ramakanth; Putti. Srinivasa Rao

  34. Impact Analysis of ISO 9001 Certification on Service Companies in Indonesia Using PLS-Sem

    Authors: Doto; Erry Rimawan

  35. SWCNTs - Water on Carreau MHD Flow up a Wall with Distinct Thickness

    Authors: Jaafar Abdul Abbas Abbood Al-Nasrawi Rozaini Bin Roslan R. Kandasamy Inas R. Ali; Radiah Mohamad

  36. An Effect of Sweep Angle on Roll Damping Derivative for a Delta Wing with Curved Leading Edges in Unsteady Flow

    Authors: Renita Sharon Monis Asha Crasta; S. A. Khan

  37. Design and Development of Solar Crop Dryer Integrated with Oil Bath

    Authors: Premkumar. S Ramanarasimha. K; E. S. Prakash

  38. An Analysis of the Effect of Elimination of Six Big Losses on Increasing Profitability in Steel Rolling Mill Companies

    Authors: Untung Mardono Erry Rimawan Tanto Pratondo; Irma Saraswati

  39. A Study on AL2O3 – H2O Nano Fluid in the Presence of Constant Heat Source

    Authors: J. L. Rama Prasad K. S. Balamurugan; G. Dharmaiah

  40. An Experimental Analysis and Process Parameter Optimization on Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Alloys

    Authors: M. Shunmugasundaram A. Praveen Kumar; D. Maneiah

  41. Optimization of Micro Hardness of Finished Surface in Spark Assisted Abrasive Flow Machining

    Authors: Parvesh Ali Ranganath M. S R. S Walia; Q. Murtaza

  42. A Study on the Effects of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy (ADC 12) Reinforced With Iron Oxide (FE2O3)

    Authors: Arun Prakash. J; P. Shanmughasundaram

  43. An Analysis of Diesel Water Emulsion in the Direct Injected Diesel Engine

    Authors: Shanmugaraj J Sivasubiramaniam R Mutheswaran R; Raja M

  44. CFD Analysis of Cryogenic Helical Coiled Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

    Authors: S. Jai Kumar A. Umesh Anirudh; K. Janardhan Sai

  45. Multi-Objective Design for a New Type of Frame Saw Machine

    Authors: Dang Hoang Minh Phung Van Binh; Nguyen Viet Duc

  46. Energy Output Evaluation from Aphotovoltaic System at Different Selected Sites in Jordan

    Authors: Saad S. Alrwashdeh

  47. The Engine Testing Work-Flow Analysis through Value Stream Mapping and Simulation

    Authors: Sreejyothi. R Thenarasu. M; Gokulachandran. J

  48. Condition Monitoring of Air Compressor in Steel Industry using ANFIS

    Authors: Ganeha. B; K. N. Umesh

  49. Impact Response of the Film Mechanical Properties of the Coated Glass Plate

    Authors: Kook Chan Ahn

  50. Experimental Investigation on Silicon Carbide Reinforced Duralumin based MMC Produced by Cold Compacting

    Authors: Gowri Shankar M. C Y. M Shivaprakash Siddesh Kumar N. M Siddhartha M. A; Avishek Dutta

  51. Control of Boundary Layer Build-Up in an Impeller

    Authors: C. Nithiyapathi; B. Akilan

  52. A Study on Safety Aspects in Steel Industries

    Authors: P. Lakshmana Kumar; P. Shanmughasundaram

  53. An Effect of SiO2 and Carbon Nano Tubes on Mechanical Properties of LM-12 Aluminium Alloy Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite

    Authors: Vidyasagar Shetty; Vijaya Kumar

  54. Peri-Urban Areas: Sustainability Dimension

    Authors: Ar. Manita Saxena; Supriya Vyas

  55. Design and CFD Analysis of A Low-Altitude VTOL UAV

    Authors: Kyoung-Moo Min Foong-Yi Chia; Bong-Hwan Kim

  56. Influence of Stacking Sequence and Nanoclay Content on Macroscopic Behaviour of Nanoclay/Epoxy Composites

    Authors: Kook Chan Ahn; Ho Duck Kang

  57. Plastic Buckling of Axially Compressed Cylinders: Correlation between Theory and Experiments

    Authors: O. Ifayefunmi

  58. The Optimization of Tool Life by Fillet Radiuson Cold Forging Die Using Finite Element and Low Cycle Fatigue Theory

    Authors: S. Thara K. Prommul; B. Watcharasrisamroeng

  59. Quench Hardening and Mechanical Characterization of AISI 4140 Steel

    Authors: Bhagyalaxmi Sathyashankara Sharma; Anuvamshi Shetty

  60. Influence of Tool Pin Geometry on Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys - (AA5083 & AA6061)

    Authors: M. Shiva Chander; P. Satish Kumar

  61. A Novel Approach to Improve WEDM Performance on Inconel718, by Using Small Diameter Zinc Coated Wire

    Authors: Dhale Susheel R; Bhagyesh B Deshmukh

  62. A Study on Calculation of Optimum Gear Ratios of a Two-Stage Helical Gearbox with Second Stage Double Gear Sets

    Authors: Nguyen Thi Hong Cam Vu Ngoc Pi Tran Thi Hong Le Hong Ky; Luu Anh Tung

  63. Modelling and F. E. Analysis of AL-AA8090 Nano Composites by R. V. E Method

    Authors: Madhulatha Suryaprakash; Ratnakar. P

  64. Automatic Rebalancing of Radial Gates of the Spillway Dam in Cameroon

    Authors: Theodore Tchotang Jurin Tsopmo Lucien Meva'a Bienvenu Kenmeugne; Medard Fogue

  65. Test Section Blockage Corrections for Subsonic Open-Circuit Wind Tunnel

    Authors: Manoj Veetil Spoorthi S. Prasad; Abhay Vir Singh

  66. Structure of Fuzzy Control Module with Neural Network

    Authors: Muhamediyeva Dilnoz Tulkunovna

  67. Qualitative Analysis on Second Order Neutral Delay Difference Equations

    Authors: G. Gomathi Jawahar

  68. Applications of Lean Tools in Coconut Oil Manufacturing Company at Erode District

    Authors: P. Sundharesalingam M. Mohanasundari; P. Vidyapriya

  69. Experimental Flow Analysis of Aerospace Duct of Equipment Cooling System in an Aircraft

    Authors: Neeraj Chaurasia; S. P. S. Rajput

  70. Comparison of Liquid Desiccants for Air Cooling Systems Using Wetted Wall Column

    Authors: S. Shanmuga Priya Priyadarshini Balachandar; Sanober Wadhwania

  71. Crack Depth and Crack Location Identification using Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Abhijeet H. Kekan; B. Raghu Kumar

  72. Development of Renewable Energy through Heat Enhancement for Lubricants by Adding Nano Materials

    Authors: Suresh Babu Koppula; N. V. V. S. Sudheer

  73. A Cost-Effective Technique to Avoid Communication and Computation Overhead in Vehicle Insurance Database for Online Record Monitoring

    Authors: Eswaraiah Thummula Ravi Kant Yadav; Arokiaraj David

  74. The Investigation of Performance & Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine by Dual Fuel (Bio Diesel + Bio Gas)

    Authors: R. Sasikumar; G. Sankaranarayanan

  75. Lean Manufacturing Implementation Using Value Stream Mapping to Eliminate Seven Waste in Painting Process

    Authors: Hernadewita; Anni Rohimah

  76. Effect of Polyacrylamide with ZnO Nano Aqueous Solution on the Chemical Flooding Method with Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) – An Experimental and Modelling Study

    Authors: Nizar Jawad Hadi Mohammed Hamza Al-Maamori; Saja Haider Mohmmed

  77. The Investigation of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties on Al7075- TiC-SiC Reinforced Hybrid Composites by Stir Casting

    Authors: D. Vishnuvardhan Reddy P. Salonica Sravani N. Deepthi; C. Thirupathaiah

  78. Equivalent Stress Prediction of Automobile Structural Member Using FEA-Ann Technique

    Authors: P. V. Senthiil V. S. Aakash Sirusshti; T. Sathish

  79. Static Structural Analysis of Go-Kart Chassis

    Authors: P. N. V. Bala Subramanyam B. Nageswara Rao O. Naga Sree Harsha; M. Pavan Sai Kumar

  80. Stylistic Design Engineering (SDE) for an Innovative Green Vehicle Following QFD and TRIZ Applications

    Authors: Leonardo Frizziero Giampiero Donnici Daniela Francia Gianni Caligiana; Annarita Gaddoni

  81. The Effect of Temperature and Thermodynamics Studies on The Removal of Heavy Metal by using Adsorbent

    Authors: A. Muthulakshmi; R. Baskaran

  82. Artificial Intelligence Based Green Manufacturability Quantification of a Unit Production Process

    Authors: P. V. Senthiil V. S. Aakash Sirusshti; T. Sathish

  83. Fabrication Study on the Effect of Double Sprocket Mechanism in Bicycle

    Authors: Rajesh Boorla Manichandra Bollepelly; SRV Narsaiah S

  84. Experimenting Bicycle Handlebar for the Evaluation of Muscle Fatigue, Grip Strength & Oxygen Satuaration Percentage on Cyclist’s Comfort

    Authors: Pradeep M. Ingole Nilesh S. Pohokar; Atul B. Borade

  85. Forced Convection upon Heat Sink of AL-Cu for Design Optimization by Experimental and CFD Analysis for Cooling in CPU

    Authors: Srinivas. D S. Ramamurthy; Juhi. A

  86. Performance and Emissions of Ci Engine Operated with Linseed Oil Biodiesel-Diesel Blends under Varied Compression Ratio

    Authors: Avinash Kumar Namdeo; Rajesh Gupta

  87. Topological Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Planar Parallel Mechanisms

    Authors: P. Vijay A. Srinath; Parvatini Sri Naga Venkat

  88. Usage of the Modified Variational Iteration Technique for Solving Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations

    Authors: Ahmed A. Hamoud Lafta A. Dawood Kirtiwant P. Ghadle; Shakir M. Atshan

  89. Studies on Mild Steel Particulates Reinforced Duralumin Composite Fabricated Through Powder Metallurgy Route

    Authors: Y. M. Shivaprakash B. M. Gurumurthy M. A. Siddhartha N. M. Siddesh Kumar; Avishek Dutta