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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-04-30

  1. Effective Factors in Successful Use of Assistive Technology at Palestinian

    Authors: Hatem A. Elaydi; Hazem Shehada

  2. Time Streaming of 3D Objects and Movies with Virtual Reality

    Authors: Vipul Chauhan

  3. Time Streaming of 3D Objects and Movies with Virtual Reality

    Authors: Vipul Chauhan

  4. Time Streaming of 3D Objects and Movies with Virtual Reality

    Authors: Vipul Chauhan

  5. Principles of Ubiquitous Computing Systems

    Authors: T.Venkat Narayana Rao

  6. Principles of Ubiquitous Computing Systems

    Authors: T.Venkat Narayana Rao

  7. Analyzing Face Recognition Using Pca and Comparison between Different Distance

    Authors: Bhaskar Gupta; Anil Kumar Singh

  8. HandiCom: Handheld Deaf and Dumb Communication Device based on Gesture

    Authors: T.V.U. KiranKumar

  9. Successful Utilization of Technology for Knowledge Management: A Review of

    Authors: Deve; Gilford Hapanyengwi

  10. Almost Contra Pre-Open and Almost Contra-Pre-Closed Mappings

    Authors: Balasubramanian.S.

  11. High Speed and Area Efficient Parallel Fir Digital Filter Structures for DSP

    Authors: R.Gopalakrishnan; P. Thamarai

  12. An Overview Automatic Identification System and Its Applications

    Authors: V.Bharathan Iyer

  13. Skin Tone Based Secret Data Hiding in Images

    Authors: Prajakta

  14. Floating-Gate MOSFET Based Tunable Voltage Differencing Transconductance

    Authors: Ziad Alsibai

  15. One Dimensional Evolution History Modelling Of Source Rocks in the Central

    Authors: Jonathan Atuquaye Quaye; Xu Sihuang

  16. Advanced Electronic Stability Control (Esc) With Anti-Lock Braking System (Abs)

    Authors: T.V.U. KiranKumar

  17. Performance and Emission Characteristics of an IdI Diesel Engine Using Spark

    Authors: Balasubbramanian Kalyanam; Dr.Sukumar Puhan

  18. Reduced Complexity Wallace Multiplier using Parallel Prefix Adders

    Authors: P.Krishnakumar; Mrs.P.Thamarai

  19. Histogram Based Live Streaming in Peer to Peer Dynamic Balancing & Clustering

    Authors: P. Thamarai

  20. Interference with Bluetooth Device

    Authors: Bhaskar Gupta; Anil Kumar Singh

  21. Tumor Identification Using Binary Thresholding in MRI Brain Images

    Authors: R. Manjula; Vijay Sagar M. R

  22. Grid Network and Energy Optimal Routing In WSN

    Authors: Anamika; Sunita

  23. Cluster, Non cluster and Full Text Indexing Techniques for Efficient Database

    Authors: Karande; Chabukswar Mandar Uttam

  24. Physics Motion Applied to a Ball Using OpenGL

    Authors: S Mohammad Riazur Rehman; N.Naveen Kumar

  25. Virtual Statistics Manager

    Authors: Mohak S. Moondra

  26. Routing & Energy Conservation Protocols in WSN- A Review

    Authors: Preeti Dahiya; Ms Sunita

  27. Renewable Energy: Survey

    Authors: Saptarshi Gupta; Pomali Bose

  28. Analysis of Geothermal Storage of Water

    Authors: R. K. Pal

  29. -Open and Almost Contra-β-Closed Mappings

    Authors: Balasubramanian.S.; C. Sandhya

  30. Crack Detection in Pipelines Using Capacitive Sensors

    Authors: J.Senthil Kumar; M.Manivannan

  31. Detection of Greedy Nodes over Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Pritima Chhillar; Smita

  32. Mechanism of Automation in Vehicles

    Authors: Dr.T.V.U.Kiran Kumar

  33. Some Integral Representations of Generalized Hypergeometric Polynomial Set

    Authors: V.S. Bhagavan

  34. Fibre reinforced Concrete with Available of Rural

    Authors: Karthik M. P.; Maruthachalam D.

  35. COD Reduction Using Modified Effluent Treatment Flowsheet for Waste Water

    Authors: Krunal S. Ramanandi

  36. An Horizontal Aggregation Approach for Preparation of Data Sets in Data Mining

    Authors: Mayur N. Agrawal; Chandrashekar D. Badgujar

  37. Dish Portability using Dual Decoder Chips

    Authors: Pawar Tushar Prakash; Kawhale Rohittkumar Krishna

  38. Time for Action to End Violence against Women

    Authors: Radhika S Sakhare; Nikita V Hebbar

  39. Silicone Hose with Braiding Technology

    Authors: Sonal B. Prajapati; Rupande N. Desai

  40. Silicone Hose with Braiding Technology

    Authors: Sonal B. Prajapati; Rupande N. Desai

  41. Video Shot Cut Boundary Detection using Histogram

    Authors: Vrutant Hem Thakore

  42. Dynamic Behaviour of DFIG Driven by Wind Turbine

    Authors: Radha Krishna .A

  43. PI Control Based DC Drive Speed Controller Responses for Small Load Torque

    Authors: Mousam Ghosh

  44. Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete With Steel And

    Authors: Muthukrishnan; D Maruthachalam

  45. A New Class of Combined Bartlett-Blackman Window Family

    Authors: Madhur Jain; Sandeep Kumar Arya

  46. Consistent Query Answering in Inconsistent Databases

    Authors: Zanamwe Ngonidzashe

  47. Constructing the Digital Strategies of work tools towards efficient functioning on

    Authors: N Subbu Krishna Sastry

  48. A Case Study on Implementing ITIL in Business Organization ? Conside

    Authors: Naznin Sultana

  49. Named Entity Recognition in Indian Languages: A Survey

    Authors: Nusrat Jahan; Sudha Morwal

  50. Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Process

    Authors: Piyush Vyas

  51. Comparative Analysis of Energy Generated By Solar Photovoltaic Modules Placed

    Authors: P.Sathya; Dr.R.Natarajan

  52. Secret Sharing Using Visual Cryptography Based on Reversed Images

    Authors: Mrs.C.Banumathi; A.AGNES PEARLY.

  53. Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees (SPIHT)

    Authors: Snehal C.Mane

  54. Human Brain to Computer - Communication for disabled with E-Interface

    Authors: Sudha Devi; Prof.T. Venkat

  55. Determination of GPS Coordinate Transformation Parameters of Geodetic Data

    Authors: Yao Y. Ziggah; Hu Youjian

  56. Optimized Beamforming for Cognitive Network

    Authors: H.Udayaganesh; T.V.U. KiranKumar

  57. Talent Management” in Retaining Talents for Organizational Natural Competitive

    Authors: N Subbu Krishna Sastry

  58. Application of Feature Extraction Used in Biometric Identification

    Authors: Sunita Roy; Susanta Podder

  59. Implementation of Wheelchair Controller using Eyeball Movement for Paralytic

    Authors: A.Kamaraj; P.S.Tulasiram

  60. Minimization of Interferences in ECG Signal Using a Novel Adaptive Filtering

    Authors: Yogesh Sharma; Anurag Shrivastava

  61. Mobile Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bounded Relay Hop

    Authors: Satheesh Babu P.A; P.Thamarai

  62. Nodes Self-Scheduling Approach for Maximising Wireless Sensor Network Lifetime

    Authors: Sivasankari Selvam; Surumbar Khuzhali

  63. Packet Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks

    Authors: Vani. S; Rachelin Sujae

  64. Boundary Detection in Medical Images Using Edge Following Algorithm

    Authors: Vinothkumar. D; P.Thamarai

  65. Hypertext Design and Working Methodology

    Authors: R. N. Jugele; V. N. Chavan