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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.111, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2020-01-16

  1. Evolution of software

    Authors: Gavrikov Vadim Vladimirovich

  2. General information about diffraction

    Authors: Mitryukhina Olga Viktorovna

  3. Nonwovens: an overview of the properties, fire hazard, the use

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  4. Attempt to explain the mechanism of action of flame retardants

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  5. Screw-rotor robotic device for emergency rescue operations in hard-to-reach areas

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  6. Modernization of the drilling machine to determine the intensity of wear of structural materials

    Authors: Zarubin Vasiliy Pavlovich; Legkova Irina Anatolevna

  7. Neutral buoyancy unmanned aerial vehicle project

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  8. Influence of corrosion on elements of brake mechanisms of cars and methods of protection against corrosion

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  9. Perspectives of expansion of use of ferromagnetic liquids in technical means

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  10. Functional modeling as a formalized approach to providing services to the population

    Authors: Ryzhkov Sergey Pavlovich

  11. Features of creating spatial objects in the graphics program ArchiCAD

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  12. Building materials based on magnesia binder and PET fibers of the specified fire resistance

    Authors: Yudin Igor Igorevich

  13. Development of passenger traffic management information system

    Authors: Alipova Svetlana Nikolaevna

  14. Functional features CRM-systems

    Authors: Miltsin Maksim Vyacheslavovich

  15. Forms of government financial support for innovative projects

    Authors: Khaldeeva Violetta Olegovna; Teslova Svetlana Anatolevna

  16. Economic security of enterprise: criteria and assessments

    Authors: Khakimova Gulnaz Faritovna

  17. Financial security of the enterprise: risks and threats

    Authors: Kruppa Anna Dmitrivena; Magazeyshchikova Diana Aleksandrovna; Alyabeva Elena Mikhaylovna

  18. Economic security of modern instruments of remote bank services

    Authors: Ezangina Irina Aleksandrovna; Gasanova Zalina Vladislavovna

  19. Lending trends for small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Kruppa Anna Dmitrievna; Magazeyshchikova Diana Aleksandrovna; Mozhanova Irina Ivanovna

  20. Role and significance of economic analysis for internal control of an economic entity

    Authors: Kasyuk Elena Anatolevna

  21. Religion in the global information society

    Authors: Soloveva Ekaterina Sergeevna

  22. Specific shimade debensa in the unreal and the experience in the time of the city (on the name of M. Petrosyan "Home, in which...")

    Authors: Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna; Spirina Olga Igorevna

  23. The capacity of the reception and the White Rabbit

    Authors: Stroykov Andrey Vladimirovich

  24. The legal nature of the military service contract

    Authors: Maslenikov Ilya Igorevich

  25. Criminological characteristics of crime in rural Omsk region

    Authors: Maksheeva Oksana Aleksandrovna

  26. Criminological characteristics of the personality of the criminal in rural Omsk region

    Authors: Maksheeva Oksana Aleksandrovna

  27. About the restriction of the criminals for crimes provided by art. 107 and p. 4 art. 111 of the criminal code

    Authors: Yushko Elizaveta Viktorovna

  28. To the question of the destination of killing in the condition of the killing provided by part 1 of art. 105 of the criminal code

    Authors: Yushko Elizaveta Viktorovna

  29. Departmental control over preliminary investigation: concept and legal nature

    Authors: Gadzhieva Aysha Ansarovna

  30. Physical education of students with deviations in health

    Authors: Vyatkina Anastasiya Andreevna

  31. Influence of interactive methods of carrying out the lessons on the quality of education

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  32. Imitation of professional activity — a new direction in the training of specialists

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  33. Stages of development of skills to determine support reactions

    Authors: Pokrovskiy Arkadiy Alekseevich

  34. The problem of the criterion of readiness of the body for repeated muscular activity

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  35. Gastric and duodenal ulcers in athletes

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  36. Pilates and exercise therapy: the main similarities and differences

    Authors: Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  37. Ultrasound examination of the heart

    Authors: Anshakova Mariya Maksimovna; Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Denisov Evgeniy Nikolaevich

  38. The influence of the psychological factor on the results of the examination

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  39. About the so-called "Athletes Heart"

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  40. Changes in protein metabolism as signs of the state of fitness of the body with extreme muscular work and further training

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  41. On the physiological study of the individual characteristics of athletes

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  42. Methods of functional analysis of the course of recovery processes after exercise

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  43. Changes in the health of the body directly during training sessions

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  44. Changes in intraocular pressure and visual field in adolescents and youths under the influence of a long gymnastics workout

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  45. The nature of physiological changes in gymnasts in the competitive period

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  46. On the age dynamics of the indicator of static endurance

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  47. On the study of the nervous system of athletes

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  48. Placebo Effect

    Authors: Duluba Yuliya Stanislavovna

  49. Types of emotional states and ways to control them

    Authors: Duluba Yuliya Stanislavovna

  50. The influence of ethnocultural traditions on the value orientations of primary schoolchildren

    Authors: Karpova Nadezhda Alekseevna; Solnyshkina Svetlana Olegovna

  51. Leadership. Types and types of leadership

    Authors: Dekalin Aleksandr Andreevich

  52. Russian and international experience of sports potential development

    Authors: Gataullina Emma Flaritovna

  53. The history of American fashion of the XX century and modern style

    Authors: Vyatkina Anastasiya Andreevna

  54. Old Russian family: its traditions and values

    Authors: Soloveva Ekaterina Sergeevna