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Archived Papers for Journal

"Foods and Raw materials" Journal >>

Vol.7, No.1

Publisher: Kemerovo State University

Publishing Date: 2019-06-10

  1. A comparative study of physical properties of selected rice varieties in Nigeria

    Authors: Arije O.O. Adewumi B.A. Olayanju T.M. Adetifa B.O.

  2. Production of bioethanol from Robusta coffee pulp (Coffea robusta L.) in Vietnam

    Authors: Phuong D.V. Tan Q.L. Van T.P. Doan D.L.

  3. Effects of chitosan coating enriched with thyme essential oil and packaging methods on a postharvest quality of Persian walnut under cold storage

    Authors: Talebi H.R. Zomorodi S. Talaie A. Kalateh J.S.

  4. Comprehensive assessment of fruit jelly with an improved carbohydrate profile based on unconventional plant raw materials

    Authors: Nikitin I.A. Nikitina М.А. Allilueva N.М. rivosheev A.Y.

  5. Effects of natural herbal extracts on hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) oil quality indicators

    Authors: Hamidioglu I. Salaseviciene A. Zaborskiene G.

  6. Effects of various brans on quality and volatile compounds of bread

    Authors: Hussein A.M. Ibrahim G.E.

  7. Effects of Vietnamese tamarind fish sauce enriched with iron and zinc on green mussel quality

    Authors: Tien N.P. Siripongvutikorn S. Usawakesmanee W.

  8. Effects of protein-containing additives on pasta quality and biological value

    Authors: Osipova G.A. Koryachkina S.Y. Koryachkin V.P. Seregina T.V. Zhugina A.E.

  9. Effects of Granucol activated carbons on sensory properties of sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) wines

    Authors: Shkolnikova M.N. Rozhnov E.D. Pryadikhina A.A.

  10. Immobilisation of bifidobacteria in biodegradable food-grade microparticles

    Authors: Voblikova T.V. Mannino S. Barybina L.I. Sadovoy V.V. Permyakov A.V. Ivanov V.V. Selimov M.A.

  11. Quantitative and qualitative profile of biologically active substances extracted from purple echinacea (Есhinасеа Рurрurеа L.) growing in the Kemerovo region: functional foods application

    Authors: Zaushintsena A.V. Milentyeva I.S. Babich O.O. Noskova S.Y. Kiseleva T.F. Popova D.G. Bakin I.A. Lukin A.A.

  12. System modelling of non-stationary drying processes

    Authors: Antipov S.T. Klyuchnikov A.I. Panfilov V.A.

  13. Effective technological scheme for processing triticale (Triticosecale L.) grain into graded flour

    Authors: Kandrokov R.H. Pankratov G.N. Meleshkina E.P. Vitol I.S. Tulyakov D.G.

  14. Detection of protein aggregation markers in raw meat and finished products

    Authors: Chernukha I.M. Kovalev L.I. Mashentseva N.G. Kovaleva M.A. Vostrikova N.L.

  15. Using neural networks to identify the regional and varietal origin of Cabernet and Merlot dry red wines produced in Krasnodar region

    Authors: Temerdashev Z.A. Khalafyan A.A. Kaunova A.A. Abakumov A.G. Titarenko V.O. Akin'shina V.A.

  16. Optimisation of important processing conditions for rice bran sourdough fermentation using Lactobacillus plantarum

    Authors: Bolarinwa I.F. Hanis-Syazwani M.G. Muhammad K.

  17. Phytochemical screening and nutraceutical potential of sandbox tree (Hura crepitans L.) seed oil

    Authors: Ajani O.O. Owoeye F.T. Owolabi F.E. Akinlabu D.K. Audu O.Y.

  18. Pulsed infrared radiation for drying raw materials of plant and animal origin

    Authors: Buyanova I.V. Altukhov I.V. Tsuglenok N.V. Krieger O.V. Kashirskih E.V.

  19. Changes in physico-chemical properties of milk under ultraviolet radiation

    Authors: Kharitonov V.D. Sherstneva N.E. Kharitonov D.V. Yurova E.A. Kurchenko V.P.

  20. Volatile aroma compounds in Moskovskaya cooked smoked sausage formed in different types of casings

    Authors: Semenova A.A. Ivankin A.N. Kuznetsova T.G. Dydykin A.S. Nasonova V.V. Mileenkova E.V.

  21. Optimisation of functional sausage formulation with konjac and inulin: using D-Optimal mixture design

    Authors: Safaei F. Abhari K. Khosroshahi N.K. Hosseini H. Jafari M.

  22. Evaluation of rheological parameters of dough with ferrous lactate and ferrous gluconate

    Authors: Codină G.G. Ropciuc S. Voinea A. Dabija A.

  23. Environmental regulations in Russian food security

    Authors: Lisina N.L.

  24. Developing freeze-dried bioproducts for the Russian military in the Arctic

    Authors: Artyukhova S.I. Kozlova O.V. Tolstoguzova T.T.

  25. Antipathogenic effects of emulsion and nanoemulsion of cinnamon essential oil against Rhizopus rot and grey mold on strawberry fruits

    Authors: Naserzadeh Y. Mahmoudi N. Pakina E.