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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.12

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-12-05

  1. Material Follows Function: Nanotechnology and Sustainability in Steel Building Constructions

    Authors: Farshad Kheiri

  2. Irradiation of Mushrooms - An Overview

    Authors: Kalyani. B; Manjula. K

  3. Autonomous Online Expansion for the Environmental Applications

    Authors: Shweta S. Badgi; N. A. Dawande

  4. An Improved Method for Tanzania Number Plate Location and Segmentation Based on Mathematical Morphology and Regional Features of an Image

    Authors: Isack Bulugu; Pei Zhijun

  5. Joint Forest Management for Decline off Villagers Migration Problem: A Case Study of Three Villages of Central India

    Authors: Garima Tiwari

  6. Assessment of Dry Mass Loss of Stored Cereals Due to Increment of Stored Temperature in Line with Global Warming

    Authors: N. M. G. S. B Navaratne; M. D. S Anjalo

  7. Encryption Algorithms Used for Secured Communication

    Authors: Kulkarni Laxmi G.; N. A. Dawande

  8. Study of Cases of Complications at Port Site

    Authors: Deepak Sharma; Kavach Patel; M. M. Anchalia

  9. A Survey of Waste Sewage Water Recovery Process by Potential Methodology in Water Treatment

    Authors: A. Punjab Singh; K. Ramadoss

  10. Practice in the Preparation, Handling and Storage of Street Food Vendors Women in Sinja City (Sudan)

    Authors: Eshraga Abdallah Ali Elneim

  11. Design and Analysis of Energy Efficient Semi-Serial Link for On-Chip Communication

    Authors: M. Chennakesavulu; J. Raghu

  12. The NGO Research Culture in Zimbabwe: Its Anatomy, Architecture and Typology

    Authors: Herbert Zimudzi; Jeevananda Sanjeevaiah; Samson B.M.Marume

  13. Biodeterioration of Cotton by Cellulolytic Fungi

    Authors: Sivakumaran Sivaramanan

  14. Switching-Controllable of Operational Trance Resistance Amplifier (OTRA) based Bistable Multivibrators

    Authors: G. Shravan Kumar; J. Chandrashekar

  15. Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Beam by Using STAAD Pro.Concrete Model

    Authors: N. Sivakumar; R. Manikandan

  16. Production of Exopolysaccharides in the Kenyan Fermented Milk, Mursik

    Authors: Salome Chelagat Muigei; Anakalo Shitandi; Patrick Muliro; Ogata Rose Bitonga

  17. Anaesthetic Management of a Large Atypical Antrochoanal Polyp for FESS

    Authors: Ravi Prakash; V. K. Bhatia

  18. Semantic Similarity Using Web Search Engine

    Authors: Meghana Raut; Nityaspandana Nalamari; Darshana Rane

  19. Sustainability of NACIL: Post Merger Effects

    Authors: Sarasvathi T A

  20. How Business Beneficial by Collaborating With Social Media

    Authors: Aanchal Kakkar; Utkarsh Saxena; Rana Majumdar

  21. Mass Transfer Studies on Fluidized Bed Adsorption Column for Phenol Adsorption

    Authors: Sunil J. Kulkarni; Ravi W. Tapre

  22. Review on Swarm Intelligence Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

    Authors: Harish Gwalani; Avinash Wadhe

  23. Dental Fluorosis Prevalence among Children in Endemic Fluoride Areas of Chittoor District

    Authors: V. Lakshmi

  24. Authentication of an Image over Wireless Channels Based on Secure Digital Signature Scheme

    Authors: A. Swetha; P. Chenna Reddy

  25. Digital Image Compression and Analysis

    Authors: P. Yakaiah; Ravinder Tirupati

  26. Design and Implementation of Wi-Fi Medium Access Control Layer for Transmitter with VHDL

    Authors: CH. Neelima; Ravinder Tirupati; A. Deepthi

  27. Genetic Divergence, Principal Components and K-means Clustering Analyses of Some Agronomic Characteristics of Eleven Castor (Ricinus communis L.) Accessions

    Authors: SALIHU; Bolaji. Z.; GANA; Andrew K.; AGBOIRE Samuel. A.; ISONG; Abasianyanga E.; and SHAAHU; A.

  28. HVDC and Facts in Power System

    Authors: S. Mohamed Yousuf; M. Siva Subramaniyan

  29. Performance Analysis of Heat Operated Ejector Refrigeration System with Natural Refrigerants R-717 and Propane

    Authors: Jitender Kumar; Nitin Jain

  30. Effect of Yoga on Anxiety Levels in Working Women

    Authors: Swati R. Gawali; Sunita S. Dhule

  31. Impact of E-Learning in Education

    Authors: Himanshu Agarwal; G. N. Pandey

  32. A Study on Locus of Control and Its Impact on Employees' Performance

    Authors: Vishal Mali

  33. Face Recognition in a Group Photograph using Haar Wavelet Coefficients and ED vector

    Authors: Simranpreet Kaur; Harshit Kaur

  34. Enhancing the Character Segmentation Accuracy of Bangla OCR using BPNN

    Authors: Shamim Ahmed; Mohammod Abul Kashem

  35. Economic Recession and Its Impact on the Bangladesh's Economy with a Special References of RMG and Remittance Sectors

    Authors: Mohammad Ekramol Islam; Mahbuba Sultana; ASM Mahbubul Kamal

  36. E-Tourism for Baan Pihuchang as a Cultural Tourism Destination

    Authors: Niracharapa Tongdhamachart; Suparada Prapawong

  37. Synthesis Fabrication and Characterization of ULSI

    Authors: A. Napolean; S. Arunprathap

  38. Sudeck's Osteodystrophy - Case Report

    Authors: Kiran. A. V; Bhaskar Babu. B. D; Jajee P. R

  39. Analysis of the Potential Contribution of the Distribution and Tourism Sector in the Economic Growth and Development Process: A Case Study of Zimbabwe (1980-2013)

    Authors: Mhazo Simabarashe

  40. Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud

    Authors: Anuja Musale; Chaitra Rane; Nikita Zambad; Anuja Birari

  41. Secure and Dependable Cloud Storage Services for CRM

    Authors: U. Rama Govinda Reddy

  42. Eve Teasing and Molestation - A Case Study of District Srinagar

    Authors: Aadil Bashir; Shabana Khurshid

  43. Status of Human Rights in the Globalized Era

    Authors: G. Hemalatha

  44. An Overview of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Opportunity for Women's Empowerment in Ethiopia

    Authors: Sreepada Hegde; Vijayalaxmi Hegde

  45. Technological Changes in Blast Furnace Iron Making in India since Last Few Decades

    Authors: A. K. Mandal; O. P. Sinha

  46. Beta 2 Agonist: Therapeutic Use Exemption, Misuse in Sports and its Adverse Effect on Health

    Authors: Jaipal

  47. Evaluation the Effect of In-Office Bleaching On Color Changes On Restorative Composite Resins

    Authors: Ameer AL-Ameedee; Hala Ragab; Ziad Salameh; Essam Osman

  48. Rheological Effect of Produced Water on Crude Oil Flow in Production Tubing String: A Case Study of Agbami Oil Field, Nigeria

    Authors: Akinade Akinwumi

  49. Fostering Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Relationship Marketing in the Hospitality Industry: A Case of Hotels and Lodges in Masvingo City, Zimbabwe

    Authors: Clay. Hutama Basera

  50. A Data Acquisition System for QRS Detections

    Authors: Hoang ChuDuc; Kien NguyenPhan

  51. Modeling and Forecasting Nigerian Crude Oil Exportation: Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Approach

    Authors: Kayode Ayinde; Habib Abdulwahab

  52. Image Encryption and Iterative Reconstruction of an Encrypted Image

    Authors: N. Nagaraja Kumar; M. Sucharitha

  53. Corporate Governance for Future Corporate Governance Executives: A Comparative Study among CA and CS Professionals

    Authors: T. Nagalakshmi; A. Sudhakar; K. Raghuveer; R. Jyosna Reddy

  54. Present Scenario of Teacher Education in India

    Authors: Sukhvir Kaur

  55. Fingerprint Recognition using Texture Features

    Authors: Manidipa Saha; Jyotismita Chaki; Ranjan Parekh

  56. Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages Use Among Students at University Level

    Authors: Shiv Kant

  57. Fracture Toughness of Sugar Palm Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

    Authors: Parween Ali Khudhur; Omer S. Zaroog; Basim A. Khidhir; Zainab Shaker Radif

  58. The Application of Bakers Taxonomy on Translation of Literary Texts, A Case Study of George Orwells Animal Farm

    Authors: Amin Amir Dabbaghian; Sanaz Solimany

  59. Cloud Computing and E-Commerce in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's): The Benefits, Challenges

    Authors: Samer Jamal Abdulkader; Abdallah Mohammad Abualkishik

  60. Study on Neonatal Transport at Tertiary Care Centre

    Authors: Ekta Dalal; Gaurav Vishal; Devang Solanki

  61. A Novel Approach of Modified Run Length Encoding Scheme for High Speed Data Communication Application

    Authors: S. Joseph; N. Srikanth; J. E. N.Abhilash

  62. Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design for 57 Ghz to 63 Ghz EHF Narrow Band Systems

    Authors: Jitendra Pal Singh

  63. Implementing FC-TCR in Kalpakam - Khammam Line for Voltage Regulation

    Authors: V. K. Roshan; K. R. S. Kashyap

  64. A Fuzzy Pattern Application in Multiple Disease Diagnosis on Large Database: Review

    Authors: Namrata D. Ghuse; S. R. Gupta

  65. Effect of Spirulina (Candies) Supplementation On Pre-School Children

    Authors: R. Varalakshmi; Anangamathi. E

  66. A Study: Cryptology Techniques and Methodologies

    Authors: Cutifa Safitri; Haroon Shoukat Ali; Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim

  67. Genetic Variability in Barley (Hordeum vulgare (L.)) Landrace Collections from Southern Ethiopia

    Authors: Shegaw Derbew; Elias Urage; Hussein Mohammed

  68. Effects of Lease Finance on Performance of SMEs in Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Abdus Salam

  69. Testing on Weak Form Market Efficiency Hypothesis: The Evidence from Dhaka Stock Market Year 2004-2012

    Authors: Md. Abdus Salam

  70. Fisher's Effect in Nigeria: Empirical Analysis Using ARDL (Bound Test) Approach

    Authors: Adegboyega Soliu B; Odusanya Ibrahim A; Popoola; R.O

  71. Multiview Face Recognition based on Canonical Correlated PCA

    Authors: B. Mamatha

  72. Population Management Strategy Implementation Brown Planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal. (Homoptera: Delphacidae) Integrated

    Authors: Nofa Ayu Prayana; Gatot Mudjiono; Bambang Tri Rahardjo

  73. Effect of Process Parameter of Stir Casting on Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: Shubham Mathur; Alok Barnawal

  74. An Implementation of Watershed based Image Segmentation Algorithm using FPGA Processor

    Authors: R. Kiruthikaa

  75. An Improved Search Engine by Semantic Web using Ontology

    Authors: P. Hema Priya; R. RangaRaj

  76. Academic Achievement in Relation to Achievement Motivation of High School Students

    Authors: Sukhvir Kaur

  77. The Biochemical Analysis of the Carcass of Two West African Caridean Shrimps: Macrobrachium vollenhovenii (Herklot's, 1857) and Macrobrachium macrobrachion (Herklot's, 1951) of the Great Kwa River, Nigeria

    Authors: Paul J. Udo; Patience B.Opeh

  78. A Study of Results of Seton Therapy as a Treatment for Complex Anal Fistulas: A Case Series

    Authors: Suyog Bharambe; M. M. Anchalia

  79. Complementary Feeding Practices - A KAP* Study

    Authors: Harshil Savalia; Anuya Chauhan; Gargi Pathak

  80. Correlation between Anthropometric Variable and Goal Shooting of Korfball Player

    Authors: Parveen Dhayal; Tejpal; Ashok Kumar Sharma

  81. An Efficient Higher LSB Method for Hiding Encrypted Data into Guard Pixels Region of a Multicarrier Image Objects

    Authors: Komal B.Bijwe; G. R. Bamnote

  82. Effects of Composition of Ral and Sesame Seed Oil on Burns

    Authors: Surendra Kumar Gupta; Ankita Gupta

  83. Mental Stress Assessment of ECG Signal using Statistical Analysis of Bio-Orthogonal Wavelet Coefficients

    Authors: Vikas Malhotra; Mahendra Kumar Patil

  84. Comparative Study on the Use of Widal Test and Stool Culture in the Laboratory Diagnosis of Salmonella Infection in Adult and Children in Jos Metropolis, Plateau State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ramyil; MS; Ihuoma; OJ; Ogundeko TO; Ameh JM; Olorundare F; Adeniyi OG; Amapu TY; Izam MM

  85. An overview on Erythropoietin use in Sport

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar Siwach

  86. Design and Development of Model Predictive Controller for Binary Distillation Column

    Authors: R. Sivakumar; Shennes Mathew

  87. Reliable ECG Signals Based on GMM for Body Area Network

    Authors: Ahmed Shoeb Al Hasan; Md. Hasan Tareque

  88. Clustering Techniques for Network lifetime Improvement: A Survey

    Authors: Sanjay Madaan; Dinesh Kumar; Robin