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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.3

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-03-05

  1. Low Hardware Layered Decoding Architecture for LDPC Code

    Authors: N. Aravind; L. Praveen Kumar

  2. EEPROM Memory Controller Architecture for an Out of Order Execution

    Authors: Shankaran S; K. Hari Priya

  3. Online based Content Recommender System based on Consumer Behavior Modeling

    Authors: K. Thenmozhi; D. Sridhar

  4. Information from Graphical Analysis of Heart Rate Variability using Chaos Theory

    Authors: Hoang ChuDuc; Thuan NguyenDuc

  5. Implementation of Adaptive Viterbi Decoder for Wireless Communication

    Authors: Rupali Dhobale; Kalyani Ghate; Nikhil Pimpalgaonkar; R. B. Khule

  6. Role of Prostate Specific Antigen, Digital Rectal Examination and Trans Rectal Ultra Sonography in the Diagnosis of Lower Urinary Tract SymptomsProstate Cancer in Patients with

    Authors: Sunanda De; Ranjit Kumar Das; Sanhita Mukherjee

  7. Countering Phishing Threats using Visual Cryptography

    Authors: G. Pavithra; D. S. John Deva Prasanna

  8. Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise through Modified Decision based Un Symmetric Trimmed Median Filter

    Authors: K. Santhosh Kumar; M. Gopi

  9. Geographical Routing in MANET using Flexible Combination of Push and Pull Algorithm

    Authors: E. Rathidevi; N. Senthil Kumaran

  10. Enhancing Security and Response Time for Secure Search in Unstructured Peer to Peer Network

    Authors: A. Suganya; P. Laura Juliet

  11. Implementation of Space Time Block Codes for Wimax Applications

    Authors: M Ravi; A Madhusudhan

  12. Design of AMBA 3.0 (AXI) Bus Based System on Chip Communication Protocol

    Authors: P. Akhila; K. Ch. Prathap Kumar M

  13. FPGA Implementation of Picoblaze based Embedded System for Monitoring Applications

    Authors: G. Arun Kumar; A. Madhu Sudhan

  14. Subjective Norms and Information Systems Implementation: A Case of Higher Education Institutions in a developing country

    Authors: Wambugu G. Mariga; Wausi A. Nduku

  15. Malicious User Detection in Cooperative Environment in Cognitive Radio Networks

    Authors: Sripriya. N; Geetha Ramani. J

  16. Review of g*G-axioms in Topological Spaces

    Authors: R. Sudha; K. Sivakamasundari

  17. VLSI Implementation of H.264 Transform and Quantization Algorithms

    Authors: G. Dileepvamshi; P. Ramakrishna

  18. Updates in Streaming Data Warehouses by Scalable Scheduling

    Authors: Mohan Raj. A; M. N. Sushmitha

  19. Design and Analysis of CMOS Telescopic Operational Transconductance Amplifier for 0.35 micro Technology

    Authors: Kalpesh B. Pandya; Kehul A. shah

  20. Performance Evaluation of Different Types of CMOS Operational Transconductance Amplifier

    Authors: Kalpesh B. Pandya; Kehul A. shah

  21. A Relative Comparison between BAP and JSSP using Two Heuristics AFSA and ACO

    Authors: K.Sumangala; S. Sulthani Begum

  22. Voltage and Frequency Control of Asynchronous Generator for an Isolated Wind Energy Conversion System

    Authors: Pranay Bhadauria; Mohd. Ilyas

  23. An Enhanced Biometric System using Palm Images

    Authors: Umamaheswari.R; Geetharamani.J

  24. Effect of High Frequency Modes on Pushover Analysis of Structures

    Authors: Salsala Abubaker

  25. Sonographic Assessment of Endometrial Layering in Different Menstrual Stages in Sudanese Normal Women in Khartoum State

    Authors: Mahasin Gamal Al-ddin Yaqoub Hassan

  26. A Review of Safety Procedures and Guidelines in Welding and Cutting

    Authors: Hassan Tukur; Qu Zhoude

  27. A Review on Duo Mining Techniques

    Authors: R. Marutha Veni; M. Praveena; V. GanaPriya

  28. Web Data Extraction and Alignment

    Authors: M. Jude Victor; D. John Aravindhar; V. Dheepa

  29. Limnological Investigation and Zooplankton Diversity of Karanja River, Karnataka

    Authors: Umadevi.T

  30. Movement based and Voice enabled Device Switching for basic needs of Physically Challenged Persons

    Authors: B. Ramana Reddy; J. V. Sharma

  31. Review of Machine Learning Techniques in Anemia Recognition

    Authors: Jameela Ali Akrimi; Abdul Rahim Ahmad; Loay E. George

  32. Spectroscopic and DNA Binding Studies on a Novel Water Soluble Binuclear Copper (II) Schiff base

    Authors: Wahengbam Bembee Devi; R. K. Bhubon Singh

  33. Family based Factors Leading to Street Children Phenomenon in Kenya

    Authors: Benard Sorre; Peter Oino

  34. Evaluation of Carbon Stocks of Some Freshwater Fishes of Manipur

    Authors: Wahengbam Sarjubala Devi; Ch. Sarojnalini

  35. The Danger of HIV/AIDS Prevalence among Street Children on the Public in Kenya: Experiences from Eldoret Municipality

    Authors: Benard Sorre; Peter Oino

  36. Statistical Analysis of DCT Coefficients for Ascertaining Ears Biometrics

    Authors: Nisha; Jatinder Kansal; JPS Raina

  37. Launch Time Application Security: The Trusted Approach

    Authors: Renu Mary Daniel; Angela Francis; Vinodh Ewards S. E.

  38. Impact of Urbanization on the Microbiological Quality of Ground Water - A Case Study of Visakhapatnam City, AP. India

    Authors: M. Vijaya Chandran; T. Byragi Reddy; Mekonen Aregai

  39. Brokering Strategy in Network and Resource Performance with Multi Node Proxy Server

    Authors: Abika. S; Shamila Ebenezer.A

  40. Study of Management of Solitary Thyroid Nodule

    Authors: Nirav Priyadarshi; Dhaval Mistry; Nilesh Kharadi

  41. Optimal Query Processing in Semantic Web using Cloud Computing

    Authors: S. Joan Jebamani; K. Padmaveni

  42. Design of IEEE - 754 Floating point Arithmetic Processor

    Authors: J. Laxmi; R. Ramprakash

  43. An Efficient Approach for High Dimensional Data Clustering of Gene Expression using Dynamic Error Threshold Estimation Model

    Authors: K. Arun Prabha; A. Amutha

  44. Comparative Survey of Distributed Energy Aware Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: T. Ganesan; V. P. Dhivya

  45. Customers Perception and Shopping Motivation at Organized Retail Outlets

    Authors: Anita Chaturvedi; Viveka Nand Singh

  46. Bridging Social and Data Networks in Collective Behavior

    Authors: S. N. Vinodh; S. G. Gino Sophia

  47. Comparative Study on Hierarchical and Partitioning Data Mining Methods

    Authors: Agrawal Rammohan Ashok; Chaudhari Rahul Prabhakar; Pathak Aniket Dyaneshwar

  48. Sigma Delta Modulator with Improved Performance through Evolutionary Algorithm

    Authors: T. K. Bandopadyay; Manish Saxena; Raghav Shrivastava

  49. CPV: Open Source Software Survivability Analysis by Communication Pattern Validation Approach

    Authors: Angel Mary; N.Sambasiva Rao

  50. Review of Better Detail Preserving Algorithm for Impulse Noise Reduction

    Authors: Jasdeep Kaur; Mamta Garg

  51. Data Encryption and Decryption Process using PSR Methodology and Performance Analysis with RSA

    Authors: P. Srinivasarao; B. Chaitanya; K. Venkatesh

  52. Recurrent Pleomorphic Adenoma of Nasal Cavity: A Case Report

    Authors: Ankit D. Mahuvakar Shaikh Mohsin Ahmed Atish B. Gujarathi V. K. Ambulgekar

  53. Constraints and Opportunities to Guinea Fowl Production in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of the Midlands Province, Zimbabwe

    Authors: Robert Kudzanayi Gono; Walter Svinurai; John Vengai Muzvondiwa

  54. Performance Comparison of L-MRC Receivers over Nakagami-M Fading and Hoyt Fading Channels

    Authors: V. G. Venkatesan; S. Karthik; P. Agilan

  55. A Survey on English Digit Speech Recognition using HMM

    Authors: Vaibhavi Trivedi

  56. A Study of Ground Water Resource Condition: Quality and Quantity in Southern Area of Delhi Region

    Authors: Rajesh Bhagwat Jadhao

  57. A New Approach of Groundwater Resource Development in Indo Gangetic Plain

    Authors: Rajesh Bhagwat Jadhao

  58. Effect of Psycho-Education on Quality of Life in People Living with HIV/AIDS

    Authors: Lakshmi M G; Dr Sampathkumar

  59. Effect of Visual Skill Fitness Training Programme on Selected Psychomotor Variables of Male Cricket Players

    Authors: G. Shivaji; G. Jeyavelmurugan

  60. Analysis of Automatic Generation Control Two Area Network using ANN and Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Deepika Lathwal; Priyanka Malik; Sunil Kumar

  61. IT Enable Customer Relationship Management in the Bank Sector

    Authors: Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury; Ayesha Jahan; Rokeya Akter Jui; Sadeka Parvin

  62. Analysis of Voltage Stability Margin and Prediction of Asynchronous Machine using ANN

    Authors: Naresh Kumar; Minakshi Hooda; Sunil Kumar

  63. ICT Strategy of GrameenPhone (GP) in Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury; Ayesha Jahan; Rokeya Akter Jui; Sadeka Parvin

  64. Role of Urgent Situation Communication Services during Disasters

    Authors: Naznin Sultana; Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury; Sadeka Parvin

  65. Os Trigonum - A Case Report Rosemol Xaviour

    Authors: Girijamony V K

  66. Object Tracking Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network Environment

    Authors: B. Siva Naga Raju; K. Raghava Rao

  67. Cipher Suites - The Cryptographic Computations in Routing of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET)

    Authors: J Rajeshwar; G Narsimha

  68. Efficient Regular Expression Signature Generation for Network Traffic Classification

    Authors: Vinoth George C; Vinodh Ewards

  69. Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing

    Authors: B. Raj Kumar; S. Satyanarayana

  70. Quality of Service in Wireless Networks using Weighted Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: M. Anil Kumar; V. Srikanth; N. Vijaya Gopal

  71. Statistical Models for Retrieval of Himalayan Land Surface Parameters for Geomorphologic Research

    Authors: Manjeet Singh; V. D Mishra; N. K Thakur; Jyoti Dhar Sharma

  72. A New Novel Based Approach to Enhance Security in Arithmetic Coding using Random Probabilities

    Authors: N. Karthikeyan

  73. Efficient Image Mining Techniques using Spatial Information

    Authors: Hemavathy R; Shobha G

  74. Advanced Enhancement Method for Micro Calcification in Mammography

    Authors: M. Ravi Babu E; K. Nagaiah E

  75. Secure Routing to Prevent Sybil Attack in Sensor Networks

    Authors: Mohammed Abrar; P. Subhadra

  76. Optimization Performance of a Robot to Reduce Cycle Time Estimate

    Authors: Pratik P. Gandhi; A. K. Jain

  77. Utilizing Serial Interface to Make Effective Communication for 16X2 LCD

    Authors: Pooja Soni; Kapil Suchdeo

  78. Launching Virtual Machine in OpenNebula and Ensuring Accountability in Cloud Data

    Authors: Midhu Babu; A. M. J Muthu Kumaran

  79. A Review of Friction Stir Welding Process and its Variables

    Authors: M. S. Srinivasa Rao; Kode Jaya Prakash; B. V. R. Ravi Kumar

  80. Review of Active Reactive Power Flow Control using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)

    Authors: Prashant Dhoble; Arti Bhandakkar

  81. Power Flow Control in Power System using FACT Device Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC): A Review

    Authors: Priyanka Kathal; Arti Bhandakkar

  82. Effect of Body Posture on Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials

    Authors: Rashmi Ananth Pai; Jayashree S. Bhat

  83. An Epistemology for Online Information Gathering

    Authors: C. Arun Kumar; Rajeswari Palaniswamy

  84. On the Lattice of L-closure Operators

    Authors: Raji George; T. P.Johnson

  85. Effect of Water Depth on Productivity of Solar Still with Thermal Energy Storage

    Authors: Sathish Kumar T R; Raja Bharathi B

  86. Effect of Vermicompost on the Regeneration of Medicinal Plant Bacopa Monnieri (Linn)

    Authors: Suman Kashyap; Neera Kapoor; Radha D Kale

  87. Influence of Selenium on Lead Caused Variations of Phosphofructokinase in different Brain Regions of Fresh Water Teleosts

    Authors: Mangla Raibole; S. A. Shaffi; Nitin Raibole

  88. A Secure Account based Mobile Payment Protocol with Public Key Cryptography and Biometric Characteristics

    Authors: Pawandeep Singh Aujla; Harneet Arora

  89. Design of Low Power Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier

    Authors: Purvi D. Patel; Kehul A. Shah

  90. Investigation of Solvents Efficiencies on Oil Extraction and Biodiesel Production from Hura Crepitans Seeds

    Authors: Muhammed Nasiru Abdulkadir; Isiaka Adekunle Amoo; Adeniyi Olufemi Adesina

  91. Chemical Composition of Hura Crepitans Seeds and Antimicrobial Activities of its Oil

    Authors: Muhammed Nasiru Abdulkadir; Isiaka Adekunle Amoo; Adeniyi Olufemi Adesina

  92. Wear behavior of AL6063-Alumina Metal Matrix Composite

    Authors: V. Daniel Jebin; D. Shivalingappa; J. Jenix Rino

  93. Analysis of Power Control Mechanisms of MAC Protocol for wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Dharam Vir; S. K. Agarwal; S. A. Imam

  94. Selenium Content in some Brands of Bottled Beer Marketed in Makurdi Town Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: A. D. Oklo; R. Sha'Ato; K. Asemave; C.Mkurzurum

  95. Nigeria Industrial and University Education Entrepreneurial Experience

    Authors: Ola Adebayo

  96. The Impact of Inflation to Private Banking Profitability

    Authors: Lery Alfani; Irvan Rustandar

  97. Static, Modal and Fatigue Life Prediction through CAE for a Leaf Spring used in Light Commercial Vehicle

    Authors: Santosh Krishnaji Sindhe; S. G. Bhatwadekar; V. V. Kulakarni; Satish Mullya

  98. Elementary Teacher Student Perspective to Natural Science Learning as Accomodate Effort of Need Study Capability

    Authors: Yanti Fitria; Anna Permanasari; Fransiska Sudargo; Wahyu Sopandi

  99. IT Relatedness Effect on IT Outsourcing Strategies and Knowledge Management on Organizational Performance Impact on Provincial Government Agencies Papua

    Authors: Oscar O. Wambrauw

  100. Wireless Fetal Monitoring

    Authors: Sangita Bhong; S. D. Lokhande

  101. Morphology, X-ray Diffraction and Solubility of Underutilized Legume Starch Nanocrystals

    Authors: Abraham Olasupo Oladebeye; Aladesanmi Augustine Oshodi; Isiaka Adekunle Amoo; Alias Abd Karim

  102. Sociolinguistics Measure for Paternal Gender Dominance over Maternal One among Javanese Muslim

    Authors: Giyoto

  103. Performance Analysis of Central Gas Turbine Power Station, Edjeba, Delta State, Nigeria

    Authors: Adegboyega Gabriel A; Famoriji John O

  104. A Hybrid Security Model for Mobile Agents in Distributed Systems

    Authors: Ini J. Umoeka; Imo J. Eyoh

  105. A Study on Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Pongamia Oil

    Authors: Viswanath K Kaimal; Vijayabalan

  106. Policy Impact Analysis of Multiple Licenses to Indonesia Business Banking

    Authors: Herry Achmad Buchory