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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.6

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-06-05

  1. Assessment of Sustainable Urban Development: The City of Sardasht in Iran

    Authors: Hassan Houshyar; Dalir Alavi

  2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Knee Joint Pain at King Saud Medical City, Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Mustafa Z. Mahmoud; Maram A. Fagiri; Atallh Fowzan Al-Motrfi; Abdelmoneim Sulieman

  3. Value-Driven Approach for Project Success and Change Management in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL)

    Authors: Ammy Amelia Faisal; Cutifa Safitri; Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan

  4. Contemporary Issues in Fine and Applied Art Education in Nigeria and the Way forward

    Authors: Saibu Alasa

  5. A Comprehensive Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intension of Private Commercial Bank Employees in Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Mizanur Rahman; Md. Feroz Iqbal

  6. Effectiveness of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy in Patients Suffering from B.P.P.V

    Authors: Rajamani Santhosh Kumar; I Radha Srinivasan

  7. Success Factors and Change Management in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL)

    Authors: Cutifa Safitri; Ammy Amelia Faisal; Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan

  8. Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) using Colour Duplex Imaging (CDI) versus D Dimer Test.

    Authors: Nadia A.Salih; BushraH.Almalik; Abu Naib BaderEldin

  9. Estimation of a Co-integration Model Using Ordinary Least Squares (A Simulation Study)

    Authors: Rotich Titus Kipkoech Orwa Otieno George Mung'atu Kyalo Joseph

  10. Assessment of dietary management of patients with Cirrhosis liver

    Authors: Dr. Shadia Mohamed Idris; Ebtesam AL Ali

  11. Estimation of a Co-integration Model Using Ordinary Least Squares (A Case Study of the Kenyan Market)

    Authors: Rotich Titus Kipkoech

  12. Influence of Students Attitude towards Performance in Mathematics in Primary Schools in Keiyo South District, Kenya

    Authors: Jonah Kipsang Kiptum

  13. Accuracy of Color Duplex Imaging (CDI) in Diagnosis Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) versus Clinical Prediction Index

    Authors: Bader Abu Naib; Nadia A.Salih

  14. A Study: Volatility Forensic On Hidden Files

    Authors: Cutifa Safitri

  15. Effective Segmentation Approaches for Renal Calculi Segmentation

    Authors: Dr.P.R.Tamiselvi

  16. Classification of Cloud Data using Bayesian Classification

    Authors: Krunal Patel; Rohit Srivastava

  17. Chronobiology of rate pressure product in young adults

    Authors: Sunita Bisht Nene; A.R.Sumandatta; S.V.L.Praveenya; K.Lavanya


    Authors: Shital P. Kalyankar; S.R.Chougule

  19. Role of Sacred Groves in Phytodiversity Conservation in Rajouri (J & K)

    Authors: Bandana Gupta; Sanjay Sharma

  20. A review on electronically assisted gasoline direct injection 4-stroke single cylinder engine system

    Authors: P.K.Gajbhiye; S. P.Chincholkar

  21. Wireless Data Transfer Using Light Fidelity

    Authors: Jitesh Nagdev; Dipesh Sher; Rohit Nathani; Gaurav Kalwani

  22. Remote Rural Health Care Management for Preliminary Detection of Diseases using Android based Cell Phone

    Authors: Akash R. Dudhe; Vasif Ahmed

  23. Edge Detection of an Image Based on Ant Colony Optimization Technique

    Authors: Charu Gupta; Sunanda Gupta


    Authors: M.C.Padma; Yashaswini.J

  25. Secure Virtualization In Cloud Computing Using Eucalyptus

    Authors: Dr.M.C Padma; Abdul Jabbar. K

  26. Performance of Turbo Encoder and Turbo Decoder Using MIMO Channel

    Authors: Sneha Bhanubhai Patel; Mary Grace Shajan

  27. Path Reliability of Multi Path Routing in MANET

    Authors: Krishna Singh

  28. Effect of globalization and automation on small scale industry

    Authors: Dr. Nagendra Sohan; Burhan Adil


    Authors: Balaji.N; R.Buvaneswari


    Authors: G. Gayatri; B. Sowmya

  31. Maintaining Privacy and Integrity of Range Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: R. Swathi; A. L. Sreenivasulu

  32. Digital Human Modeling approach in Ergonomic Evaluations

    Authors: Viveksheel Rajput; Parveen Kalra; Jaswinder Singh

  33. Identification and Classification of Normal and Infected Apples using Neural Network

    Authors: Bindu Tiger; Toran Verma

  34. ARM Based Event Data Recorder for Automobiles

    Authors: Swati Kugaonkar

  35. Performance Analysis of Backward curved Centrifugal fan in Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning

    Authors: Sharad Chaudhary; Santosh Kansal

  36. Single-Inductor Dual-Output Buck Converters with Mix-Voltage Conversion

    Authors: Tomina Thomas; T.Jothi

  37. To study the antifungal activity of Indian spices against Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma reesei

    Authors: Navin Kumar Shukla; Eeshan Shukla

  38. Biomimicry Inspired Motorcycle Helmet Design Concept

    Authors: Nayhel Sharma; Rahul Vaishya

  39. Parallel Content Matching In Publish/Subscribe Systems

    Authors: Suhas Doijad; Medha Shah

  40. Car Anti-Collision and Intercommunication System using Communication Protocol

    Authors: Triveni Shinde


    Authors: B.Madhavilatha; Mr.A.L.Sreenivasulu

  42. Increasing Lifetime And Reducing Power Consumption OF Wireless Sensor Network Using Energy Efficient Cluster Routing

    Authors: M.Lourthu Hepziba Mercy; Mr.K. Balamurugan

  43. Preclinical Approach To Detect The Development Of Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) In Oryctolagus sp.

    Authors: Pradip Kumar Majumdar; Pritam Sukul; Sandhini Saha; Rohit Verma; Supriya Sen Gupta; Supriya Nath; Bijan Basak; Anuj Tripathi

  44. Clinical Development of Biomarker To Detect Oral Carcinoma In Relation To Genetic Polymorphism At MMP-9

    Authors: Pradip Kumar Majumdar; Pritam Sukul; Sandhini Saha; Rohit Verma; Supriya Sen Gupta; Supriya Nath; Bijan Basak; Krishnendu Royh


    Authors: Versha Rani; Priyanka Kamboj

  46. Prevention of Black Hole Attack in Secure Routing Protocol

    Authors: Mayuri Gajera

  47. Dynamic Analysis of Engine Valvetrain and its Effects on Camshaft

    Authors: Udit Vats

  48. Performance Analysis of Reciprocating Refrigerant Compressor

    Authors: SharadChaudhary; Deepak Gupta


    Authors: Md Iftekhar Alam; Tasmeem Ahmad Khan

  50. Efficient Approach for Query Optimization in Rough Data

    Authors: Shruthi Hiremath; Pallavi Chandra

  51. Secure Pixel Transformation Based Wavelet ImageWatermarking System

    Authors: Ankita Rastogi; A.K. Mohapatra

  52. Study of Various modes in a Solid State laser

    Authors: Kireet Semwal; S. C. Bhatt

  53. Research to study Variable Frequency Drive and its Energy Savings

    Authors: Tamal Aditya

  54. Assessment Of Global Rice Production And Export Opportunity For Economic Development In Ethiopia

    Authors: Dr. Sreepada Hegde; Dr. Vijayalaxmi Hegde

  55. An Improved ABC Algorithm for Optimal Path Planning

    Authors: Priyanka Goel; Devendra Singh

  56. An Improvement on Page Ranking Based on Visits of Links

    Authors: Shweta Agarwal; Bharat Bhushan Agarwal

  57. Compression of Medical Images using Hybrid Wavelet Decomposition Technique

    Authors: Meenakshi Chaudhary; Anupma Dhamija

  58. An Active Clamp Based Technique For A High Efficient Flyback Converter

    Authors: Chama R Chandran; T Jothi

  59. A Multisource Five-level Inverter Using an Improved PWM Scheme

    Authors: Preema R Chandran; T Jothi

  60. Infringement Of IPR in Race of Information Technology

    Authors: Shashank Dubey; Shivani Jain

  61. Public Key Encryption : A Survey

    Authors: Banazir B

  62. Survey on Common Spatial Pattern Detection using Affine Transformation

    Authors: Shashikala N; Dr. S.B Shivakumar; Ramesh

  63. Interserver Service Allocation Model using Soa

    Authors: V. Padmavathi; N. Shenbagavadivu

  64. Comprative Study Of Green Computing On University Campus

    Authors: Pankaj; Pawan Prakash Singh

  65. Improving the Performance of Household Refrigerator by Recovering Heat from the Condenser

    Authors: Y.A.Patil; H.M.Dange

  66. The Role Of Constituency Development Fund In Rural Development: Experiences From North Mugirango Constituency, Kenya

    Authors: Samwel Auya; Peter Oino

  67. The role of Networks of Relations among Street Children in Kenya: Evidence from Eldoret Municipality

    Authors: Samwel Auya; Peter Oino

  68. A Trivial And Consistent Routing With In-Network Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: C.Pravallika; T.Venkata Naga Jayudu

  69. Avoiding selective jam attack by packet hiding method in wireless sensor network

    Authors: Dilip kumar D.P; H. Venugopal

  70. Secure and Optimized Algorithm for Implementation of Digital Signature

    Authors: Isha Jauhari; Jitendra Kumar

  71. Theoretical Estimation of Algal Biomass Potential and Lipid Productivity for Biofuel Production in Ethiopia

    Authors: Abraham M. Asmare; Berhanu A. Demessie; Ganti S. Murthy

  72. Design and Cost Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Energy for Water Desalination in Remote Areas

    Authors: Ahmed I. Mohamed

  73. Simplified Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Higher Order Processes

    Authors: Ahmed I. Mohamed

  74. RC Snubber Circuit Design for Thyristor using Turn-Off Model in Pspice

    Authors: Vikas M; B.K.Singh

  75. A comparative study on heavy metal concentration in the sediments of Perumallake and Uppanar river of Cuddalore dt, TN - INDIA

    Authors: Arul P; Francis Lawrence J

  76. Impact of Advertising on Turnover of Brewery Companies in Nigeria.

    Authors: Dr. Olaniyi; T.A; Salman; R.T. Adebayo; S. A

  77. Mitigating Hotspot Locating Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Basavarajeshwari; I Manimozhi; M.Jitendranath

  78. A review Study on Patients Radiation Dose from Diagnostic Radiography

    Authors: Nasr Aldeen N. khidir; Mohamed Yousef; Mohammed A. AliOmer; Moawia Gameraddin; Abdalmoneim A. M

  79. A Novel Security Model For Password Stealing And Password Reuse Attacks

    Authors: P.Kasthuri; R.Kokila

  80. Low-vibration angle grinders

    Authors: Ramesh Kumar Yadav; Pankaj Kumar Pal; Rohit Choudhary

  81. Image Processing Methods Performance for Digital Re-establishment of Older Paintings

    Authors: Hulas Ram; Minu Choudhary

  82. Micro-Teaching and Teaching Subject Methodology as Correlates of Science Students Achievement in Teaching Practice Exercise in Nigerian Colleges of Education

    Authors: Ekiugbo Uche.K.; Awodun Adebisi.O.; Kenni Amoke. M; Boris Olufunke. O.

  83. Trends In Students Achievement In Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) In Chemistry Between 2008 And 2012

    Authors: Adamu Ademola. S; Boris Olufunke.O; Kenni Amoke. M

  84. Correlates of Teachers and Students Reasons for Content Difficulties in Senior Secondary School Chemistry Syllabus

    Authors: Alake Ese Monica

  85. A Pragmatic Approach to Carrying out Computer Systems Housekeeping Routines

    Authors: Ajisola Kolawole Thomas

  86. A Review on use of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Gas Turbine Combustor Analysis and its Scope

    Authors: H. A. Bhimgade; S. K. Bhele

  87. To Compensate AC loads using DSTATCOM

    Authors: T. Srikanth

  88. Security Issues in Hybrid Cloud Computing

    Authors: Kalpit Soni; Parulben D. Sindha

  89. Gravitational Spiral Waves

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar

  90. Dual Education System (PSG) Effectiveness to Improving SMK Graduates Quality

    Authors: Ahim Surachim

  91. Stock Split Policy on Signal and Liquidity Motive with Implications to Retail Investor

    Authors: Jaelani

  92. Study of Simulation of a Water Sensor Steady Applied for Membrane Distillation

    Authors: Mokhless Boukhriss; Khalifa Zhani; Habib Ben Bacha

  93. Scheduling Virtual Machines for Load balancing in Cloud Computing Platform

    Authors: Supreeth S; Shobha Biradar

  94. Merger and Acquisition Policy Implementation on National Private Banking in Indonesia 2007-2011

    Authors: Lerry Alfani; Irvan Rustandar; Hery Mulyanto

  95. The Anthropometric Variation among Haryanvi Populations

    Authors: Mahesh Kumar; Patnaik VV Gopichand

  96. Science Teacher Understanding to Science Process Skills and Implications for Science Learning at Junior High School (Case Study in Jambi)

    Authors: Sukarno; Anna Permanasari; Ida Hamidah

  97. Dividend Policy Analysis to Manufacturing Company Stock Price Changes Before and After Ex-Dividend Date in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) Period 2008-2012

    Authors: Suparno

  98. Tribological Characterisation and Morphological Study of Epoxy Composites filled with WS2 under Dry Sliding

    Authors: M. H. Shaikh; G. J. Pawar; J. S. Sidhu

  99. Utilization of Community Resources for Effective Sustainability of Social Studies Education

    Authors: Dada Samuel Olabode

  100. Impact of Metacognitive Strategies of Textbook Reading on Students Learning of Physics in Secondary Schools

    Authors: Jegede Samuel Akingbade; Awodun Adebisi Omotade

  101. Study and Analysis of Devnagari Handwritten Character Recognition Techniques

    Authors: Nitin Kali Raman; Subham Gandhi; Jitender Khurana