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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal for Scientific Research and Development | IJSRD >>

Vol.3, No.10

Publisher: IJSRD

Publishing Date: 2016-01-01

  1. Design and Linear Static Analysis of Transport Aircraft Vertical Tail for Different Rudder Deflection (Rotation)

    Authors: Vinayaka V; Santosh Kumar; Byra Reddy

  2. Attribute-Based Encryption for Access of Secured Data in Cloud Storage

    Authors: Ramiz Shaikh

  3. Analysis of Upgradation of a Convectional Building into Green Building

    Authors: Keval N Pathak; S K Jaiswal

  4. Study Of Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Wood Plastic Composite,Polypropylene,Rose,Teak And Neem Wood

    Authors: Sunil C; Dr.G.B. Krishnappa

  5. Structural and Thermal Analysis of Metal - Ceramic Disk Brake

    Authors: Mahammad Rasul S; Byra Reddy

  6. An Autonomous Automatic Water Supply Using Humidity Sensor

    Authors: Sivakumar.K; M.Karthik; S.R.Thilaga

  7. Detection of Genetic variation in tissue culture clones of date palm using ISSR markers

    Authors: Rukam; Parakhia M. V; Rathod V. M; Rathod; P. J; Padhiyar S. M

  8. Design of Simulink Model for Constant Envelop OFDM & Analysis of Bit Error Rate


  9. Molecular Characterization of Isolated Methyl Parathion Degrading Bacteria and Gene

    Authors: Manoj V. Parakhia; Rukam S. Tomar; Megha R. Vadukia; Visha M. Rathod; Ashish J. Bhatt

  10. An Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with GGBS

    Authors: K Sravani Roopa; Raghava Rao

  11. Problems in Getting Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring using Infrared PPG

    Authors: Shailaja Vedpathak; Dr.B.B.Godbole

  12. Classification of Satellite broadcasting Image and Validation Exhausting Geometric Interpretation

    Authors: Srinivasa Rao Majji; T.Madhu; Kartheek V.L

  13. Application of Hydrogen as Fuel Supplement in Internal Combustion Engines-A Brief Review

    Authors: HH Thaga; J. Lalnunthari

  14. Efficient Channel Assignment Schemes In 802.11 WLAN

    Authors: Akki P.M; Gundale A.S

  15. State-of-the-art review of FRP strengthened RC slabs


  16. Portable ECG Monitoring System using Lilypad And Mobile Platform-PandaBoard

    Authors: A. S. Gundale; Gajanan Digambar Kulkarni



  18. MEMS Technology & its application for Miniaturized Space System

    Authors: Prosun Roy

  19. Waterproofing Challenges and Suggested Remedial measures for High Rise Buildings: A Case Study

    Authors: Dhiren J Panchal; Nehal H Shah; Chirag R Sindhav; Chaitanya Joshi; Awadhesh Chauhan

  20. Avoid Collision And Broadcasting Delay In Multi-Hop CR Ad Hoc Network Using Selective Broadcasting

    Authors: D.Sandhiya; B.M.Brinda

  21. Experimental Investigation on the Concrete as a Partial Replacement of Fine aggregate with Stone dust and Brick dust

    Authors: Patnala. Kalyani; E.V. Raghava Rao

  22. A Secure message exchange and anti-jamming mechanism in manet

    Authors: S Sevvanthi; G Arul Kumaran

  23. Sensitivity and Effect of Variable Ignition Timing and Engine Speed on the Performance of a Spark Ignition Engine

    Authors: Variable Ignition Timing; Spark Ignition Engine

  24. Review Paper on Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Pradnya M.Kulkarni; Mrs.A.N.Naik A.P.Bhadvankar

  25. A Review of an Experimental and Theoretical Analysis & Modification of Bajaj Discover 150cc

    Authors: Bhavesh Valiya; P.S.Bajaj

  26. Numerical Analysis of Centrifugal Air Blower

    Authors: Ketan N Jambu; Sunny Rach

  27. Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) - Based Pulse Width Modulation for Single Phase Hybrid Active Power Filters


  28. A Survey Report on High Utility Itemset Mining for Frequent Pattern Mining

    Authors: Dhruv Patel; Kaushal Madhu; Nirav Khetra; Manmitsinh Zala

  29. Efficient Filtering Algorithms for Location- Aware Publish/subscribe

    Authors: Pooja Prashant vinchu; Dnyanda Pandharinath Bhosale; Pallavi Bharat Dongare; Anjali Sanjivanrao More

  30. Performance Characteristics of SEIGUsed In Wind Energy Conversion System

    Authors: Jaideepika Gour; Jitendra Singh

  31. Overview: Simulation Analysis of low voltage DC micro grid - An investigation of load sharing by using MATLAB

    Authors: PRIYANKA ARUN PATIL; Priyanka A. Patil; Prasad D. Kulkarni

  32. A Review on Image Compression using DCT and DWT

    Authors: Madhu Ahuja; Sanjivani Shantaiya

  33. Multiple Person Tracking with Shadow Removal Using Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Model in Video Surveillance

    Authors: Khushali Sheth; prof.Lokesh Gagnani; Asst.Chaita Jani

  34. Study of Structural and Dielectric properties of BaTiO3 Doped with Mg-Cu-Zn Ferrites

    Authors: Prof.T.Sankarappa; Abdul Khader

  35. Design, Modeling & Analysis of Pelton Wheel Turbine Blade

    Authors: V.M Prajapati; R.H Patel; K.H Thakkar

  36. A Literature Review on Improving Error Accuracy and Range Based On RFID for Smart Shopping

    Authors: Paxal Shah; Jasmine Jha; Manmitsinh Zala

  37. Improvement of Traffic Monitoring System by Density and Flow Control For Indian Road System Using IoT

    Authors: Karan A. Shah; Jasmine Jha; Nirav Khetra; Manmitsinh Zala

  38. Survey On Satellite Image Resolution Techniques using Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Dhruval Gandhi; Jay Amin; Nirav Khetra; Chaitali Mehta

  39. A survey on various technologies available for Smart lab based on Internet of Things

    Authors: Priya G.Mehta; Jasmine Jha; Nirav Khetra; Manmitsinh Zala

  40. Data Stream Controller for Enterprise Cloud Application

    Authors: Akshaya Prarthana selvaraj

  41. Effect of hyper elastic property on dynamic behaviour of IC Engine

    Authors: NIGAM VITTHALDAS OZA; R. D. Patel

  42. A novel approach to Image Fusion using combination of Wavelet Transform and Curvelet Transform

    Authors: Umang Thakur; Umang Thakur; Madhushree B

  43. A Review Investigation On The Thermal Performance Of The Solar Dryer System Integrated with Latent Storage Material

    Authors: Suraj O. Soni; S. R. Karale

  44. Spur Gear Design by Using MATLAB Code

    Authors: T.RAVI; R.Midhun

  45. Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Image-Creation and Recovery via Colour Transformation

    Authors: Remya R P; Harikrishnan M P

  46. QoS -Aware Spectrum Sharing for Multi-Channel Vehicular Network

    Authors: Madhubala.G; Sangeetha.R

  47. A Review Paper on Design, Modelling and Analysis of Shaft of Two Furrow Reversible Plough

    Authors: Sumit N. Balwan; Anil R. sahu

  48. On The Homogeneous Biquadratic Equation with 5 Unknowns

    Authors: Dr P Jayakumar; J Meena

  49. Mass propagation of Musa varieties in Odisha

    Authors: Bikram Pradhan; Bikram Keshari

  50. Cluster Head and RREQ based Detection and Prevention of Gray hole and Denial of Service Attack in WSN

    Authors: Reena Rajpoot; Krishna K Joshi

  51. Study of Mechanical Properties in SCC by Blending Cement Partially With Fly Ash and Metakaolin

    Authors: Manu Vijay; Vijin Xavier; Naveen Kumar S.M; Raghunandan Yadav

  52. Analysis The Mechanical Behaviour Of Jute Fiber Composite An Integrated Approach

    Authors: A.K.NACHIMUTHU

  53. White Line Follower Using Fire Bird V Robot

    Authors: RM.NACHAMMAI; N.Mrujool Kansara; G.Lavanya; R.Gopalakrishnan

  54. Student Performance Evaluation in Education Sector Using Prediction and Clustering Algorithms

    Authors: Rupnawar Sachin Hanumant; Solankar Punam Anil; Jagatap Trupti Baban; Shitole Vibhavari Jayvant; Kumbhar S. L.

  55. An Overview of Security in Distributed Database Management System

    Authors: D.Arokia Sathis Kumar; M.Natarajan

  56. Stabilisation of Black cotton Soils by Using Groundnut Shell Ash

    Authors: P.V.S Madhusudhan; G. Naveen kumar

  57. An Experimental and Theoretical Analysis & Modification of a Shock Absorber of a Bajaj 150 CC

    Authors: Bhavesh Valiya; P.S.Bajaj

  58. Manufacturing of Surface Composite Al6351/SIC Using Friction Stir Processing

    Authors: Gaurang Patel

  59. A Novel Approach for Travel Package Recommendation Using Probabilistic Matrix Factorization

    Authors: Gomathi.S; N.Senthil Kumaran

  60. Mechanism for Transverse Car Parking

    Authors: Praful Shirpurkar; Smitesh Bobde; Pravin Wanjari

  61. Hybrid Approach for Robust Digital Video Watermarking

    Authors: Shikha P. Choudhary.; Jay D. Amin

  62. Close Loop Control of Induction Motor Using Z-Source Inverter

    Authors: Vijay Joshi; Jitendra Singh Shakya

  63. Online Accessable Traffic Control System for Urban Areas Using Embedded System Technology

    Authors: T.Malathi; S.Kalpanadevi

  64. Simulation of Z-Source Inverter Fed Three Phase Induction Motor Drive

    Authors: Suneel Kirar; C.S Sharma

  65. Experimental Analysis to Optimize parameters of Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Alloy

    Authors: Anil Laxmanrao Bavche; A.P. Ghodake

  66. Mathematical Investigation on Emission of Bio Diesel in Internal Combustion Engine

    Authors: Vijayakumar M; P.C.Mukesh Kumar; N.Prasanna

  67. Identifying the Performance Efficiency Of Attribute Based Encryption With Secured Resource in Cloud

    Authors: J.Velmurugan; C.Chandravathy; P.Vinothkumar; S.K.Manigandan; D.Ramya

  68. Test Rig for Measurement of Spark Advance Angle and Ignition System Using AT89C51 Microcontroller

    Authors: Aditya Balkrishna Kale; V. R. Patil

  69. An Enhanced Approach for Detecting User's Behavior Applying Country-Wise Local Search

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Shukla; G.S. Dhakad

  70. Piping For Cooling Water Circulation between Cooling Tower and Condenser

    Authors: Naved Anjum Ansar Shaikh; Vijay L Bhambere

  71. Analysis of Induction Motor Speed Control Using SCADA Based Drive Operated System

    Authors: Mihir K.Patel; Hemish R.Choksi

  72. Preparation and Characterization of (Bi1.65Pb0.35)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10+δ Superconductor


  73. Design of A REAL TIME Arduino Controlled Wireless Monitoring System for Solar Power Plant

    Authors: Abhinav Kumar Yadav; C.Mohan; Rajneesh Kumar

  74. Piping For Cooling Water Circulation between Cooling Tower and Condenser

    Authors: Naved Anjum Ansar Shaikh; Vijay L Bhambere

  75. Introduction to Multi-Objective Clustering Ensemble

    Authors: Bhumi A.Patel; Lokesh P. Gagnani

  76. Synthesis of Tolerances for Spacecraft Mechanism

    Authors: Sulficker Ali Ismail; N. Sujithkumar; J. Dileeplal; Y. S. Shankar Narayan

  77. A Review on Pattern Recognition with Offline Signature Classification and Techniques

    Authors: Rashika Shrivastava; Brajesh Kumar Shrivash; Neeraj Mandhan

  78. Fog Computing:The Justifying Insider Data Stealing Attacks in the Cloud

    Authors: Kalyani Gagare; Saniksha Bhusappa; Anand Moon; Subhash Kursunge

  79. Experimental Analysis on Surface Roughness of Abrasive Magnetic Particle Using Taguchi Design Method

    Authors: B.Suresh Babu; P.Suresh Babu

  80. Experimental Analysis on Surface Roughness of Abrasive Magnetic Particle Using Taguchi Design Method

    Authors: Shefali Gupta

  81. Design and Implementation of Low-Power and Area-Efficient 64 bit CSLA using VHDL

    Authors: Ajay Basavraj Dhulkhedkar; G.P. Jain

  82. Detection of Fraud Reviews for a Product

    Authors: Janhavi Sankpal; Pooja Sankpal; Kanchan Haral

  83. Experimental study on Torsion behavior of Flange beam with GFRP

    Authors: Bonagani Rakesh; Syed Viqar Malik; Farheen

  84. Design and Fabrication of Automatic Main Stand For Two-Wheelers

    Authors: Nirmal Kumar Kushwaha; Alok Kumar Dwivedi; Vipul R. Patel

  85. Design Validation and Analysis of a Humanoid Robot

    Authors: Pratik Pandya; Vikas Jain; Praveen Dehari

  86. The Experimental Approach of Manufacturing Hardened Barrel Screw on Traditional Lathe Machine with Different Parameters

    Authors: Patel Dilip Manubhai; A.D.Patel

  87. Efficient And Improved Video Steganography using DCT and Neural Network

    Authors: Fozia .R .Khan; Sujata Anandwani

  88. Evolution of Properties of Paver Blocks as per IS 15658 : 2006 using Rice Husk Ash and Nylon Fiber

    Authors: Barun Kumar; Rashmi Sakale; Devansh Jain; Abhay Kumar Jha

  89. Evolution of Properties of Pavers Blocks using Nylon Fiber Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash for Medium Traffic

    Authors: Barun Kumar; Rashmi Sakale; Devansh Jain; Abhay Kumar Jha


    Authors: Ramagiri Murali; J. RAKESH SHARAN; M. SHIVA KUMAR

  91. Implementation of Vedic Multiplier in Image Compression Using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Algorithm

    Authors: Sunaina Kamal

  92. Evaluation The Effect Of Machining Parameters For MRR Using Turning Of Aluminium 6063

    Authors: Sudhir; Karun; Neeraj kumar

  93. A Review on High Speed Rail Project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai

    Authors: Finhasali H Chinwala; Vipul J Kalyani

  94. A Review on Nanofluids Thermal Properties Determination Using Intelligent Techniques or Soft Computing Tools

    Authors: Mrs.R.Kavitha; Dr.P.C. Mukesh Kumar

  95. Analysis And Detection of Infected Fruit Part Using Improved k-means Clustering and Segmentation Techniques

    Authors: Ridhuna Rajan Nair; Namrata Vitthal Khabale; Vrushali Sanjay Kawade; Swapnal Subhash Adsul; Anjali Sanjivrao More

  96. Parametric Analysis of Single Element U Slot Microstrip Antenna

    Authors: Mengade Rahul Dinkar; Bhalerao A.S.; Dhede V. M.

  97. Analytical Modelling and Design of a Mechatronic Cradle System

    Authors: Dinesh R; V.Murugabalaji; P.N.Sundarajan

  98. A Novel Approach for Keyword extraction in learning objects using text mining

    Authors: Akshita Thakkar; Sandeep Chauhan

  99. A Survey on Cross Layer Routing Protocol with Quality of Service

    Authors: Sejal Patel; Falguni Patel

  100. Advanced Scalable Decomposition Method with MPICH Environment for HPC

    Authors: Hiral Patel; Ishan Rajani

  101. Analysis of the Performance of Active Type SFCL and FCL for Reduction Capability�s Under Fault Current and Over Voltage in a Dg Source Integrated Distribution System

    Authors: B.Nirananda Yogi; B.Krishna

  102. Correlative Study on the Modeling and Control of Boost Converter using Advanced Controllers

    Authors: G.C.Sowparnika; A.Sivalingam; M.Thirumarimurugan

  103. Construction of a High Level Bridge

    Authors: S P Salma Begum; K Sreekanth

  104. An Article on Electrical Safety

    Authors: Manik C. Ghosh; Raju Basak; Avik Ghosh; Writwik Balow; Ayan Dey

  105. Comparatives study of M20 grade conventional concrete pavement with M20 grade Polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete pavement with varying percentages of Admixtures (Quarry dust and Fly ash)

    Authors: G.Vijaya Sreenivas; Ch.Deepika; G.Navya

  106. A Survey of functional verification techniques

    Authors: Aartika Bansal; Nagendra Sah; Anantharaj T.V.

  107. Compression Buckling Analysis of Vertical Tail Stiffened Panels

    Authors: Shaikh.Md.Furkhan; Amabadas.Kadam

  108. A study of Data Mining concepts used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with application in Themed Wedding Management

    Authors: Karuna Subhash Kak

  109. Optimization of the Process Parameters of Wire Cut EDM - A Review

    Authors: Jaydeep R. Odedara; Jinesh B. shah; Pallav M. Radia

  110. Introduction to feature subset selection method

    Authors: Hemal Patel; Lokesh Gagnani; Mansi Parmar

  111. Introduction To Multilevel Association Rule And Its Methods

    Authors: Jinal Shah; Lokesh Gagnani

  112. Web Master Tools Design

    Authors: Prashant Kamthe; Amol Rathod; Namdev Pawa; Nilesh Gulumka

  113. Predictive Model for Ultrasonic Slitting of Glass Using Feed Forward Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Akash Pandey; H. C. Jakharia; R. S. Agarwal

  114. A Review on Un filling Defect Found In Forging Process

    Authors: Rohan K Soyaliya; Keyur V Parmar; Jayendra B kanani

  115. Extracting Targeted Users from SNS using Data Mining Approach

    Authors: Shankari V. Gajul; Raj B. Kulkarni

  116. CFD Analysis of Enhancement of the Forced Convection Heat Transfer over the Pin Fin with Trapezoidal Fin and Flow Structure Analysis Using "ANSYS" Fluent 15.0

    Authors: Gaurav Kumar Gupta; Anuraj Kulshrestha; Abhishek Ary

  117. Multi-objective Optimization for Ultrasonic Drilling of GFRP Using Grey Relational Analysis

    Authors: Akash Pandey; H. C. Jakharia; R. S. Agarwal; B. R. Dave

  118. Comparison of Various Web Image Re - Ranking Techniques

    Authors: Pooja P. Dutta; Anand Chauhan

  119. FPGA Implementation of Mixed Radix CORDIC FFT


  120. Seismic Evaluation of Multi-storeyed Buildings On Plain Ground And Curve Slope Ground

    Authors: Md Sadruddin; Amaresha

  121. Analysis to Improve the Service Life of Condensate Extraction Pump

    Authors: Siddharth Agnihotri; Pushkin Gautam

  122. Performance Characteristic of Infinitely Short Bearing

    Authors: Pragnesh Thakkar; H. C. Patel; Dr.Gunamani Deheri

  123. An Improved the High Voltage Boost Inversion Ability of Switched Inductor Quasi ZSI by PWM Technique

    Authors: Srishti Ujjainiya; J.S.Shaky

  124. An Enhance Image Retrieval of User Interest Using Query Specific Approach and Data Mining Technique

    Authors: Pinal Patel; Dr.Premal J patel

  125. Piping Stress Analysis of a Hypothetical Oil Refinery Plant Having Separate Suction & Discharge Lines

    Authors: Shweta Bisht

  126. Anaerobic Treatment of Textile Wastewater using EGSB

    Authors: Prof Seema S. Shetti

  127. An Improved sentiment classification for objective word

    Authors: Sangita Patel; Jayna Shah

  128. A Built In Self-Test and Repair Analyser for Embedded Memories

    Authors: Jyothi M

  129. Experimental Study on Structural Behaviour of Concrete by Varying Percentage of Plastics as Fibbers

    Authors: Mohd Imran Ali; Syed Arfath; Shaik Abdulla

  130. A Survey On Real Time State Estimation For Optimal Placement Of Phasor Measurement Units In Power Systems Using Kalman Filter

    Authors: Gazala Rashid; Vaibhav Shukla; Munmun; Kirpal Singh Doad

  131. A Survey on the Performance of the Various MPPT Techniques of Standalone PV Generation System

    Authors: Vaibhav Shukla; Gazala Rashid; R. K. Sharma; Harpreet Singh Bedi

  132. Stabilization of Natural Soil with Sand and Cement

    Authors: Devansh Jain; Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava

  133. Power Dissipation of VLSI Circuits and Modern Techniques of Designing Low Power VLSI Systems

    Authors: Prolay Ghosh

  134. Wind Turbine Generator Tied To Grid Using Inverter Techniques and Its Designs

    Authors: A.Sajini; Sathish Kumar

  135. A Novel Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics of Swirl Flow Enhancing Device in Intake of IC Engine

    Authors: Jayakrishnan.S

  136. Level Control of Tank System Using PID Controller-A Review

    Authors: Amruta Satish Jondhale; Varsha J.Gaikwad; Satish R.Jondhale

  137. Experimental and Finite Element Analysis of Single-V Groove Butt Weld on Weld Pool Geometry of Aluminium Alloy Plate under Different Joint Parameters

    Authors: Sushil Kumar Maurya; A. K. JAIN

  138. Supervised Sentiment Classification using DTDP algorithm

    Authors: S.Revathi; B. Nagarajan

  139. Effect of Hydrochloric Acid Mixing On Strengths of Gravel Concrete and Conventional Concrete

    Authors: Gude.Divya; G. Naveen Kumar

  140. Key Issues & Challenges for Inland Water Transportation Network in India

    Authors: Praveen S; Jegan J

  141. A Comparative Study of Sensors for Road Traffic Density Measurement

    Authors: Pardeep Mittal

  142. Implementation and Validation of Supplier Selection Model for Planner Machine Bed by Fuzzy Inference Decision Support System

    Authors: N P Nirmal

  143. A Technical Review Paper on Use of WTO (Waste Transformer Oil)-Diesel Blends With Additives in a Diesel Engine

    Authors: Tarun B Patel; Prof K D Panchal; Dr A S Shah

  144. Finite Volume Analysis of Swirl Flow Diffuser at Variable Swirl Angle and Different Wind Velocity

    Authors: Rahul Pandey; Anil Kumar Rao; Vinay Yadav

  145. Modelling of Vendor Selection Problem for Conventional Lathe Machine Bed by Fuzzy Inference Decision Support System

    Authors: Kum. Nital Pravinbhai Nirma

  146. Modelling of Vendor Selection Problem for Radial Drilling Column by Fuzzy Inference Decision Support System

    Authors: Kum. Nital Pravinbhai Nirmal

  147. Energy-efficient cluster-based security mechanism for Wireless Body Area Network Health Care Monitoring System

    Authors: Deepti Yadav; Anand Tripathi

  148. Experimental Investigation of Wear Properties of Aluminium LM25 Red Mud Metal Matrix Composite

    Authors: Puri Ajay J.; S. A. Sonawane

  149. Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Heterocyclic Compound

    Authors: J Sirajudeen; T Paventhan

  150. Fuzzy Logic Control Based MIMO DC-DC Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle Application

    Authors: Ans Jose; Absal Nabi

  151. Design Development and Simulation of Mobile Substation for Distribution Network

    Authors: Ankit Maheshbhai Malvi

  152. A Non-isolated Hybrid Boost Three Level DC-DC Converter with High Step-up Conversion Ratio

    Authors: Meenu George; Thomas Mathew; Thanuja Mary Abraham

  153. Intelligent Information Extraction from Big Data Using Self Organizing Map

    Authors: R. Senthamarai; L.Mary Shamala

  154. Design and Analysis Nose Landing Gear Support

    Authors: Raviteja; Chethana K Y

  155. Vendor Selection Problem for Radial Drilling Arm by Fuzzy Inference Decision Support System

    Authors: Nital Pravinbhai Nirmal

  156. CFD simulation of Lid driven cavity flow

    Authors: Jagram Kushwah; K. C. Arora; Manoj Sharma

  157. Review of Compression Helical Spring for Two Wheeler Suspension Systems

    Authors: Jaswant Kushwaha; Promise Mittal

  158. A review on Parametric Optimization of Submerged arc welding process

    Authors: Harsh H. Patel; Yagnang R. Pandya; Rakesh B. Prajapati

  159. A Review on Parametric Optimization of Laser Engraving using Fiber Laser on Steel

    Authors: Harsh S. Mehta; Jitendra J. Thakkar

  160. Experimental study on Use of Waste Glass as admixture in Concrete

    Authors: Farheen; Syed Viqar Malik

  161. A survey on Design and Implementation of Clever Crawler Based On DUST Removal

    Authors: Kanchan S. Khedkar; P. L. Ramteke

  162. A Survey Paper on an Integrated Approach for Privacy Preserving In High Dimensional Data Using Randomized and SVD Algorithm

    Authors: Tripti Singh Thakur; Abha Choubey

  163. Implementation and Validation of Supplier Selection Model for Shaper Machine Arm by Fuzzy Inference Decision Support System

    Authors: N P Nirmal

  164. Study on Effect of Wind Load and Earthquake Load on Multi-storey RC Framed Buildings

    Authors: Mohammed Aejaz Ahmed; Dr.Shreenivas Reddy Shahpur; Rohan S Gurav; Brij Bhushan S; Shaik Abdulla

  165. Design & Analysis of High rise Building With & Without Floating Column Using Etabs

    Authors: Sudheer K.V; E. Arunakanthi

  166. A Survey Paper On Data Confidentiatity And Security in Cloud Computing Using KIST Algorithm

    Authors: Vasant Namdeo Dhatrak.; Jeevan Rameshchandra Heda; Adesh Vasant Bhabad.; Gaurav Prasad Shahane.; Bajirao Subhash Shirole.

  167. A Review on Implemention of CNG on Two Wheelers

    Authors: Akshay Bagde; Syed Aamer; Suyash Shinde; Shridhar Tambade

  168. Enhancement of Reactive Power Compensation in PV Grid System To Increase The PV Penetration Level In Smart Grid Scenario

    Authors: Chonduru Lakshminarayana; P.Anilkumar; G.N.S.Vaibhav

  169. Role of Simulation in Deep Drawn Cylindrical Part

    Authors: Kalpesh S Patel; Mehul K Patel; Jitendra B Patel

  170. An Experimental Investigation of Intelligent Compaction Technology for Subgrade and Embankment Soil Layers

    Authors: Rashmi Shankargouda

  171. Full Factorial Experiments To Investigate Effect Of Ultrasonic Machining Parameters On MRR In Blanking Of Glass

    Authors: Akash Pandey; B. R. Dave; A. K. Choudhary

  172. A Literature Review On Dry Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

    Authors: Md Najibullah; Hardik Patel; B C Khatri

  173. Dynamic Monitoring Of Information in Large Scale Power Grids

    Authors: Hitesh Sharma; Payal Sancheti; Deepak Tahilramani; Lalit Talreja; Gresha Bhatia

  174. An Efficient DTN Routing Algorithm for Automatic Crime Information Sharing for Rural Areas

    Authors: Neha Agarwal; Asst. Prof Sujeet Bhadouriya

  175. A Review on Image Segmentation using Clustering and Swarm Optimization Techniques

    Authors: Pragya Sharma; Unmukh Datta

  176. A study on dynamic load balancing in grid environment

    Authors: Hruta Nileshbhai Desai; Rachana S. Oza

  177. Synthesis of zinc-doped copper oxide nanoparticles: Structural and morphological characterizations

    Authors: S. Akilandeswari; T. Hemalatha

  178. A survey on Single Phase to Three Phase Cyclo-Converter fed Induction Motor

    Authors: Anshu Sharma; Shilpi Sisodiya

  179. Public Cloud Partition Using Load Status Evaluation and Cloud Division Rules

    Authors: Megha Birthare; Rasna Sharma

  180. Fuzzy Control Based Quadrupler Boost Converter

    Authors: Fathima Sayed; Ansia Assis; Thanuja Mary Abraham

  181. A review on an experimental analysis to determine ultimate tensile strength of jute reinforced glass fibre composite by Acousto-ultrasonic technique

    Authors: Shailesh Kumar Dwivedi; Rajesh Kumar satankar

  182. A Study on Mongodb Database

    Authors: Kavya S

  183. An Image Analysis Technique to Estimate the Porosity of Rock Samples

    Authors: Nikhil Thakur; Debabrata Datta; Suvobrat Ghosh; Ramit Poddar; Sharmila Sengupta

  184. An Experimental Analysis to Determine Ultimate Tensile Strength of Jute Reinforced Glass Fibre Composite by Acousto-Ultrasonic Technique

    Authors: Shilesh Kumar Dwivedi; Rajesh Satankar

  185. Designing Bedspreads Utilizing Butterfly and Fish Motifs using Adobe Illustrator

    Authors: Dr.S.Lakshmi Manokari; N.Charanya Meenu; B.Subapriya

  186. A Review on Road Traffic Models for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

    Authors: Pardeep Mittal

  187. A Performance Analysis of Statcom on Distance Protection Relay

    Authors: Poonam Sonawane; Suhas Shembekar

  188. A Study on Uniform and Apodized Fiber Bragg Gratings

    Authors: Gayathri Prasad S; Reshmi Krishnan G

  189. Market Analysis and a Detailed Study of Leading Cloud Telephony and SMS Gateway Company and Its Competitors

    Authors: Pawan Kumar Naik; Praveen Kumar; Dr.S.A.Vasantha Kumar

  190. Thermal and Structural Analysis Using Fea on Pillar Vains Type Ventilated Disc Brake Rotor

    Authors: Anurag Patel; Ankur Malviya

  191. A Review on Mechanical and Wear Properties of Heat Treated Steel

    Authors: Bhavna M. Kori; Alpesh K. Panchal

  192. Internet Relay Chat Forensics

    Authors: Divya Joshi; Jenisha Vaidya

  193. Study and Experimental Modelling of Welding Parameters on Hardness of Hot Air Welded Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic

    Authors: Md Shakibul Haque; Inayat Hussain; Proff. Athar Hussain; Mohd Anees Siddiqui; Proff. Mohd. Ibrahim Khan

  194. Novel Perspectives in Construction of Recovery Oriented Computing

    Authors: A.LakshmanRao; Manas Kumar Yogi

  195. Circular Slot Loaded Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna For WLAN / WiMax Applications

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