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Archived Papers for Journal

Dnipropetrovsk University Bulletin. History & Archaeology series >>

Vol.1, No.23

Publisher: Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Publishing Date: 2015-05-25

  1. Oleksiy Borisovich Shlyakhov: milestones biography (to the 60-anniversary from birthday)

    Authors: Svitlenko S. I.

  2. Terminological escort of the modern Slavonic medieval studies' theoretical and methodological development

    Authors: Vinogradov G. M.

  3. Technological aspects of design of the electronic publication of a complex of acts of the Ruthenian (Volhynian) metrica (1569 - 1673)

    Authors: Svyatets Yu. A.

  4. Historiosophical views about Ukrainian history in Maksymovych academic heritage

    Authors: Svitlenko S. I.

  5. The question of the historicity of Prince Askold issues in the context of «primordial Rus’»

    Authors: Koncha S. V.

  6. Place of peace among other social values of medieval society of the Great duchy of Lithuania in XV–XVI centuries

    Authors: Zhyliaev V. V.

  7. Mortality in the Lutheran colony Yezefstal (XIX – early XX)

    Authors: Czyruk S. V.

  8. Arising of monopolistic associations in Ukrainian provinces of the Russian empire and policy of the autocracy toward them

    Authors: Shlyachov O. B.

  9. Alexander Klein: German in the Makhnovist movement

    Authors: Arkhireyskyi D. V.

  10. Organization of police and the criminal investigation in South Ukraine in the early 1920’s

    Authors: Slivenko V. A.

  11. Village of Western Ukraine: collectivization of peasant economies (1944–1952)

    Authors: Rozhyk N. S.; Sen'kiv M. V.

  12. Activities of voluntary public squads in Dnipropetrovsk region in the field of crime prevention during in the late 50’s – mid 60’s of XX century (according the sources connected with Dnipropetrovsk radio factory)

    Authors: Malyga N. M.

  13. Major General Gerasim Shostakov. Unknown hero era of the Napoleonic Wars

    Authors: Chorny O. V.

  14. The Russian revolution of 1917: once more on the nature and manifestations of dual power

    Authors: Antonov-Ovseyenko A. A.

  15. The question of the German-Ukrainian military agreement in negotiations at Brest-Litovsk (February 1918)

    Authors: Malinovsky B. V.

  16. The investigations of German settlements of Dnipropetrovsk region under Nazi occupation

    Authors: Klets V. K.

  17. Local conflicts of the 1980s in the Middle East and the interests of the Group of Seven

    Authors: Nemych O. V.

  18. D. I. Bagaliy versus / de O. M. Lazarevs’ky: «discussion field» in Ukrainian historiography of classical positivism age

    Authors: Voronov V. I.

  19. The history of the formation and development of technical journalism of the Russian Empire in the 19th – at the beginning of the 20th centuries

    Authors: Peretokin A. G.

  20. Activities of RSDWP organizations in Ukrainian village at the beginning of the 20 th century: the myth of the soviet historiography about the union between working class and peasantry

    Authors: Kovalyova N. A.

  21. To the question of studying the source base potential from the history of the USSR’s Swedes

    Authors: Kudrytska T. L.

  22. Activities Soviet counterintelligence at the initial stage the Second World War in the published official sources (September 1939 – December 1941)

    Authors: Ugach A. V.

  23. A woman as archaeologist – the appearance a new identity

    Authors: Yakimova I. V.

  24. Wooden utensils from the burial of Zrubna cultural-historical community

    Authors: Minakova K. V.

  25. Relics of the early iron age in the materials of the new-building expeditions of the 70–90-ies of the XX century in Dnipropetrovsk region

    Authors: Strukulenko A. S.

  26. The annotative review of researches for applicants of the Doctor and the Candidate of the history specialities which were defended in the Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University in 2013

    Authors: Boiko O. V.