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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.1

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-07-31

  1. Customer Relationship Marketing and Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

    Authors: Moses Chigbata Olise Isaac Amaobi Anukam Otugo Nkiru Esther

  2. Minimization of Power Losses In Radial Distribution System- A Review

    Authors: R. Vijaya Krishna K. Sarath Kumar M. Jeevana Rao

  3. Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing - An Extensive Survey

    Authors: S. Saranya Devi V. Venkatesa Kumar M. Newlin Rajkumar

  4. The Effect of Organizational Learning on Organization commitment, Job Satisfaction and Work Performance in Select Public Services '“ A Study

    Authors: Adevally Soujanya

  5. Water Quality Measuring and Monitoring: A Survey

    Authors: T. Umamaheswari M. Newlin Rajkumar R. Tharani S.Rajalakshmi

  6. Grade Inflation: An Inquiry into the Cause

    Authors: Janitha Plackal Ayyappan Kalyani Mohan Raj J.F. Thomas

  7. Invitro Regeneration of Arabidopsis Thaliana from Suspension and Invitro Cultures and Analysis of Regeneration and Antioxidant Enzyme Levels

    Authors: Amrina Shafi Insha Zahoor Mudasir A Mir

  8. Charaterization of Coatings on Tool: A review

    Authors: Harinder Singh Rutash Mittal

  9. A Novel Technique of Power Extraction from a Conventional Fluorescent Lamp

    Authors: Parantap Nandi

  10. An Analysis of The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment and Occupational Stress (A Study with Special Reference to Selected Hospitals in Pune City)

    Authors: Jyothi Pawar S. V. Shrigiriwar

  11. The Phenomenon of Deconstruction versus the Inherent Desire of Text

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak

  12. Impact of Junk Foods and it's Banning among Adolescent Girls

    Authors: Nisha Vikraman Nitha

  13. Video Retrieval Systems Methods, Techniques, Trends and Challenges

    Authors: Rahul S Patel Gajanan P Khapre R. M. Mulajkr

  14. An Analytical Framework on Perceived Satisfaction with Present Status of Rural School Education in an Indian State

    Authors: Dipa Mitra

  15. A Descriptive Study on Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Menstrual Hygiene among the Adolescent Girls in PUC, Dayananda Sagar Institution, Bengaluru

    Authors: Jyoti Laxmi Chetty

  16. A study on antioxidants (vitamin c & e) in cannabis user in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects

    Authors: Ghanshyam Gahlot Yogita Soni

  17. A Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Work Life Balance Professionals - A Conceptual Perspective

    Authors: V. Swarnalatha S. Sekar

  18. A Study of Relationship between Personality and Learning Stress among Students

    Authors: Pragya Singh K. S. Misra

  19. Simulation of 16 bit ALU using Verilog-hdl

    Authors: Mayank Mittal

  20. Role of Learning Process in Capability Development and Business Performance of East Java Manufacturing Firms: Resources as Moderator

    Authors: Lena Ellitan

  21. Education for Sustainable Development

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Chattaraj

  22. Transactional Leadership and its Impact on the Organizational Performance: A Critical Analysis

    Authors: Sirajul Haq Javed Ahmed Chandio

  23. Effect of Tertiary Education Tax Fund (Tetfund) in Management of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

    Authors: A. O. Oraka Cy Ogbodo Raymond A. Ezejiofor

  24. Job Rotation for Optimal Performance of Employees in the Organizations

    Authors: Sirajul Haq

  25. A Review on Effect of Nano Particle Blended with Diesel Fuel in the Compression Ignition Engine

    Authors: Abinesh. R Abihnav. S Jayamurugan. M P. T. Saravana kumar

  26. Energy data collection by survey and its comparison with bill data

    Authors: Vikrram Singh Meena G.D. Agrawal

  27. Impact of Motivational Factors of Public Sector Bank Employees - An Analysis

    Authors: S. Nava Rethna Bala Kumari R. Rathiha

  28. Essays of Francis Bacon: A Moral Perspective

    Authors: Ishfaq Hussain Bhat

  29. Avoidance from Dengue by Microencapsulated with Vetiver root Essence with mosquito repellent finishing on Fabrics

    Authors: B. Senthilkumar D. Anita Rachel

  30. Wollastonite: An Energy Efficient Building Material

    Authors: Vikrram Singh Meena Deven Singh

  31. Dynamical Modelling and Control in the Polymer Extrusion Process

    Authors: Bekir Cirak

  32. Deposition & Characterization of Various Types of Coatings Development of Humidity Sensor

    Authors: Aditya Vamshi Basa K.Venu Godisela Ram Murthy T.Aruna Kumari

  33. Role of Instrumentation Data Analysis in Safety Monitoring of Giant Structures

    Authors: B Datta

  34. Tackling Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms

    Authors: M. Nishidhar Babu Y. Kiran A. Ramesh V. Rajendra

  35. Group Approach as a Tool for Women Empowerment - A Study

    Authors: Puspita Das Ayuta Mohanty

  36. Discovering Anomalies Based on Saliency Detection and Segmentation in Surveillance System

    Authors: K. Shankar S. Srinivasan T. S. Sivakumaran K. Madhavi Priya

  37. Digital Divide and Digital Inclusive Policies in India: A Sociological Study

    Authors: Mohammad Swalehin

  38. Use of Myth in Kanthapura: Parallelism Between Ramayana and Kanthapura

    Authors: Ishfaq Hussain Bhat

  39. Influence of School Proprietorship on the Achievement of Students Taught Oral English with Games Technique

    Authors: Clement Gowon Omachonu Grace Chibiko Offorma

  40. Ensuring National Integration, Peace and Security in Nigeria through Qualitative Language Education

    Authors: Clement Gowon Omachonu PhD

  41. A Study on Customer Attitude towards Mobile Banking with Special Reference to Erode District

    Authors: M. Mohanraj A. T. Jaganathan

  42. Impact of Positive Sequence Admittance and Negative Sequence Conductance of D-Statcom to Compensate Variations in Voltage Levels in Distributed Generation Systems

    Authors: CH. Venkata Krishna N. S. Kalyan Chakravarthi

  43. Intelligent Energy Aware Routing (IERA) Algorithm based on Dynamic Sink Nodes

    Authors: S. Sowmya N. Balakrishnan

  44. Labour-Management Relations in Manufacturing Industry A Case study on Uniparts India Ltd, Visakhapatnam District, A.P

    Authors: Kantam Rajesh Kumar

  45. Antibacterial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Euphorbia hirta Against Clinical Pathogens

    Authors: Shanmugam A Subha S Logeshwaran S

  46. Soft Computing Healthcare Intelligence through Multisensory Activity Recognition

    Authors: S. M. Sivakama Sundari A. Rijuvana Begum

  47. Youth Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria: Effective Social Protection as a Panacea

    Authors: Mu'azu Abdullahi Ishaq Sulaiman Isyaku Muhammad Aminu Abdullahi Jamilu Abdulahmid Bello

  48. Antioxident Activity of Greenly Synthesized Anhydride

    Authors: Yadav Hanuman Singh Gani Saba

  49. Shakespeare's The Tempest as a Tragicomedy

    Authors: Ishfaq Hussain Bhat

  50. Dye Removal of Adsorption Study in Thespesia Populnea Seed

    Authors: R. Bhuvaneswari K. Arivalagan Subramanian Sivanesan

  51. Performance Study on Multipath Routing Algorithm using Temporarily Ordered Routing Algorithm (TORA) using Link '“ Reversal in Wireless Networks

    Authors: K. Kumaravel M. Sengaliappan

  52. Measurement of Consumer Attitude: Purchase of Green Products

    Authors: R. Satish Kumar

  53. Vibration Analysis on Car seats due to Rough and Smooth Road conditions

    Authors: L.Chandra Sekhar V.Ram Abhishek D.Upendra Reddy

  54. Investigation on Appropriateness of Turbo-matching of B60J68 and A58N70 Turbochargers for a Commercial Vehicle

    Authors: Badal Dev Roy R. Saravanan

  55. An Evaluation of Structuring in Nigeria: Marxian Perspective

    Authors: Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad Jamilu Abdulhamid Bello Nuhu Musa Hanga

  56. Employee Satisfaction and Quality of Work Life: A Review of Literature

    Authors: Arnab Kumar Samanta

  57. Automatic Bottle Filling System Using PLC

    Authors: Arun Kumar.M H. Prasanna Kumar

  58. A Spatio-Temporal Model for Massive Analysis of Shapefiles

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  59. Kanthapura as a Postcolonial Text: Treatment of Indian Sensibility in Kanthapura

    Authors: Ishfaq Hussain Bhat

  60. RAPD based Molecular Characterization of Lavatera cachemiriana Cambess

    Authors: Mudasir A Mir Amrina Shafi Insha Zahoor

  61. GST (a new Tax Regime)'“A Conceptual Study

    Authors: Sushma.C

  62. Water Quality Requirements and Management Strategies for Fish Farming (A Case Study of Ponds Around Gurgaon Canal NUH Palwal)

    Authors: Warish Khan Abdul Vahab Adil Masood Najib Hasan

  63. Traffic light Controller for the Congested Urban Route using PLC & Ambulance Detection using RF Transmitter & Receiver with Lab VIEW

    Authors: Mamatha R

  64. A Study on Housing Finance in India with Special Reference to LIC Housing Finance Limited

    Authors: Dr Bandaru Appala Satya Murthy

  65. Analyzing Titanic Disaster using Machine Learning Algorithms

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  66. Estimation of Bioactive Compound of Catharanthus Roseus Leaf Extract by Phytochemical Screening and GC-MS Analysis

    Authors: S. Nathiya N. Shaishta Jabeen L. Jagapriya B. Senthilkumar K. Devi

  67. Enhancing the Channel Capacity of a Cellular Mobile System using Frequency Diversity

    Authors: Aguodoh Patrick C. Chineke Hyacinth A.

  68. Modeling a Multivariable Process Control System using PID Optimization

    Authors: Aguodoh Patrick C. Chiagunye Tochukwu T.

  69. Problems Faced by the Farmers while Availing the Loan Facilities from the Banks - A Case Study of District Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir

    Authors: Mohd Asif Shah

  70. Improving Frequency Stabilization in Power System Network using Optimization Method

    Authors: Aguodoh Patrick C. Udeani Henrietta U.

  71. Route Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Collection in Jabalpur City using ARC GIS

    Authors: Sandeep Kumar Gupta R. K. Bhatia

  72. Agent-Based Modeling: Methods and Techniques for Scheduling Industrial Machine Operation

    Authors: Chiagunye Tochukwu Inyiama Hyacinth Aguodoh Patrick C.

  73. Significant factors for Detecting Redirection Spam

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair

  74. Wastewater Treatment using Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland

    Authors: Pavan S. Kamble Trupti Dalvi

  75. Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Prisons Management and Police Investigation System

    Authors: Amadi Christopher C Aguodoh P. C Amaugo Noble

  76. A Study of Incentive Scheme to allocate Big Data Tasks with Mobile Social Cloud

    Authors: K. Gattaiah

  77. Corporate Governance under the Provisions of the Companies Act, 2013

    Authors: CS S Raja Babu

  78. Power Loss Evaluation Method for Modular Multi-Level Converter with High-Frequency

    Authors: Gangadhara Swamy Molugu Shruthi

  79. A Study of Reducing Harmonic Instability and Reasonable Problems in PMSG based Wind Forms

    Authors: Gangadhara Swamy Molugu Shruthi

  80. Doppler Sodar Observations of the Diurnal Variations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer over Gadanki, a Tropical Rural Station

    Authors: D. Sharmila M. P. Rao

  81. Emerging Trends in Electoral System: Revolutionary Transformation through the Information Technology

    Authors: Kolapuri Chandrashekar

  82. Image Re-Ranking Modernistic Structure for Web Images

    Authors: R. Vivekalakshmi B. Yaalini S. Karthik Raja Sruthi Anand

  83. Assessment of the Extent of the Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers regarding Maternal, Child Nutrition and Health and Problems Faced during Job Fulfillment: A Study of Urban and Rural Areas of Jaipur

    Authors: Anamika Choudhary Shilpi Sharma

  84. œOne Indian Girl' by Chetan Bhagat '“ A Portrayal of a Successful Modern Girl or a Bitter Criticism of Indian Values '“ A Study

    Authors: Ashwani Rana Ritika Rana

  85. An Analytical Study based on a Virus Disease Infecting Datura stramonium L

    Authors: Ramneek Kaur Prashant K Aryan

  86. An Emperical Study on Export of Developing Asean Country

    Authors: Sameer Kumar Subarana Sarkar Mukerjee

  87. Performance Test on the C.I Engine by using Different Biofuels

    Authors: T. Pratheep Reddy P. Charan Theja B. Eswaraiah J. Narendra Kumar

  88. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) : A Review

    Authors: S. Gomathi P. Latha Theresa S. Jasmine Debora

  89. Improving the Performance of PEM Fuel Cell by Varying the Number of Flow Channels

    Authors: M. Saravanan R. Girimurugan

  90. Assessment of the Engineering Properties and Suitability of Some Tropical Soils as Backfill Materials

    Authors: Johnbosco C. Egbueri Ogbonnaya Igwe Chidiebere H. Nnamani

  91. Diagnosis of hyperglycemia using Artificial Neural Networks

    Authors: Abid Sarwar

  92. K-Nearest Neighbours based diagnosis of hyperglycemia

    Authors: Abid Sarwar

  93. Cervical Smear Analyzer (CSA) Expert System for identification of cervical cells in Papanicolaou smear test

    Authors: Abid Sarwar

  94. Analysis of Machine Learning and Statistics Tool Box (Matlab R2016) over Novel Benchmark Cervical Cancer Database

    Authors: Abid Sarwar

  95. Top-K Dominating Queries on Incomplete Data with Priorities

    Authors: Prabha Shreeraj Nair G. K. Awari

  96. Reducing Energy Consumption in Smart System through Mobilouds Framework

    Authors: Muneshwara M.S Anil G.N Thungamani M

  97. Demonetization Effects on Indian Life and Challenges to the Indian Government 2017

    Authors: Guguloth Chanti

  98. A Study of an Important Role of Technology in Logistics Sector

    Authors: M. Indumathi M. Siva

  99. Serial Manipulator Design for an AG-Robot

    Authors: K. Rajesh

  100. A Discourse Analysis of Alice Munro's 'œHow I Met My Husband'

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar

  101. Solvation Study of Neem Oil in Aqueous Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate at different Temperatures

    Authors: P. seethalakshmi K. Renuka Devi R.Seema J. Benazir Jiya

  102. Applications of Nanobiotechnology in Food Packaging

    Authors: Anjali Tripathi Noopur Khare

  103. Empowering Skills of Indian Workforce through Training and Development

    Authors: Arisha Siddiqui Sana Iqbal

  104. Studies on Chemical Composition and Antifungal activity of essential Oil of Ocimum gratissimum L. growing wildly in Chamba (Tehri Garhwal) Uttrakhand, India

    Authors: A. M. Painuly J. S. Jangwan V. P. Joshi R. P. Chamoli

  105. Socio - Economic Profile of the Women Consumers and their Opinion on Purchase of Products from Departmental Stores in Erode District

    Authors: V. K. Sasikala

  106. Consumers Awareness, Attitude and Preference towards Patanjali Retail Products

    Authors: Neeta Rani

  107. Limit Cycles Investigation for a Class of Nonlinear Systems via Differential and Integral Inequalities

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

  108. Drinking Water Facility in Kalyani Municipality and its Sustainable Management: A Study in Urban Geography

    Authors: Pijus Kanti Ghosh

  109. A Review Study on Post Implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Aviation Sector in India

    Authors: Dr Manish P Parmar Mr Cyril Parmar

  110. Calibration of Environmental Sensor Data Using a Linear Regression Technique

    Authors: Chungyong Kim Gyu-Sik Kim

  111. Role of Panchayats in planning and implementation of Right to Work: A study of MGNREGA in District Budgam in Jammu & Kashmir

    Authors: Gazala Firdoss

  112. Assessing the Knowledge towards implementing Practice of Kangaroo Mother Care in Postnatal Mothers

    Authors: Debajani Nayak Sasmita Prusty

  113. Solving Image Thresholding Problem Using Hybrid Algorithm

    Authors: Syed Shareefunnisa M Bhargavi

  114. A Review on Motion Detection Techniques

    Authors: Aditi Kumbhar Pradip Bhaskar

  115. A Review on Real Time Ethernet Communication For Robotic Arm Application

    Authors: Anuja Jayaram Waingankar P. C. Bhaskar

  116. Case Study of Flood Risk Evaluation in Surat City

    Authors: Parth Desani Neha Bansal

  117. Radiation effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow Over A Moving Vertical Porous Plate with Heat Generation in the Presence of Chemically Reacting Non Newtonianfluid and Soret Effect

    Authors: G Vidyasagar B Ramana

  118. A Review on Detection of Plant Diseases using Image Processing Technique

    Authors: Shweta R. Astonkar V. K. Shandilya

  119. Bio-fortification of underutilized Himalayan pear and plum- A next hotspot for nutritional strategies of the 'œneglected' micronutrients

    Authors: Manjeet Singh Pankaj Kumar Chauhan Pankaj Kumar

  120. Investigative Study on Scheduling Procedures for Real Time Operating System

    Authors: Pallavi Ganeshpurkar

  121. Optimizing Stress Parameters for Improving Lipid Accumulation in Heterotrophic Microalgae Cultivation for Biodiesel Production

    Authors: Bhupendra Prasad Jitendra Malviya Supriya Maity

  122. Power Quality Standards, Problems and their Solutions

    Authors: Navneet Kaur Gagan Deep Yadav

  123. Role of Financial Institutions for the Development of Women Entrepreneurship in India

    Authors: N. Rajendhiran M. Kousalya Devi

  124. Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Nano Silica in the Concrete

    Authors: Rahul K Andavan S

  125. Problems Faced by Coir Manufacturers and Exporters in Pollachi Taluk

    Authors: L. Rajakumar

  126. Experimental Analysis of Pyramidal Solar Still with Sponge as Absorber

    Authors: Anju Kaushal Rajiv Varshney Ashish Verma

  127. Real Time Health Monitoring System: A Review

    Authors: Ajinkya Anant Bandegiri Pradip Chandrakant Bhaskar

  128. A review on Machine Learning Techniques for Neurological disorders estimation by Analyzing EEG Waves

    Authors: Vijaykumar Janga E Sreenivasa Reddy

  129. Power Quality Improvement in Power System using UPFC

    Authors: Navneet Kaur Gagan Deep Yadav

  130. Economic Policies of Telangana: its Impact and Success

    Authors: Chukka Srinivas

  131. A Reconfigurable High Speed Dedicated BISR Scheme for Repair Intra Cell Faults in Memories

    Authors: Amgoth Srinivas A. Balaji Nehru Ms V. Sumathi

  132. Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Treatment: A Review of Progress and Future Prospects

    Authors: Elton Mathias Roveena Goveas Madhu Srinivas Murthy

  133. The Guilt Full Morality: A Study on the Consciousness of the Protagonists of Fyodor Dostoyevsky with Reference to Crime and Punishment

    Authors: Shikha Dutt Sharma

  134. Influence of Organizational Factors on Knowledge Transfer Success in SMEs

    Authors: Jitendra Singh Tomar

  135. Juxtaposition of Black Money Undisclosed Assets Act Vis a Vis Prevention of Money Laundering Act

    Authors: Barla Mallesh Yadav

  136. Android App for College Management System

    Authors: Sumit Ghardale Vaibhavi Avachat Aarti Erande Bhavesh Shah

  137. Coal Oriented Thermal Power Plants in India '“ An Evaluation of Atmospheric Emissions, Pollution, and Health Impacts

    Authors: Shiva Kumar Konne

  138. Banaskantha Flood 2017: Flood Risk Assessment

    Authors: Pratik Prajapati Neha Bansal

  139. PH Control in Effluent Treatment Plant using PLC

    Authors: Chaitra S S K. P. Shobha H. Prasanna Kumar

  140. Secure Web Applications Against Cross Site Scripting (XSS): A Review

    Authors: Vamsi Mohan Sandeep Malik

  141. Input Based Dynamic Reconfiguration for Low Power Image Processing and Secure Transmission

    Authors: Jadi Raju Shabazkhan G. Laxmi Narayana

  142. Role and Requirement of Students and Teachers in Quality Enhancement of Higher Education Institutions

    Authors: Vijay Singh

  143. Driverless Metro Train Shuttle between the Stations using LabVIEW

    Authors: Manoj Kumar M Hemavathi.R H. Prasanna Kumar

  144. Preliminary Phytochemical Testing and Antimicrobial activity of Calotropis procera leaves

    Authors: Sagar Bashyal Shubham Rai Osama Abdul Manan Faiz Hashmi Avijit Guha

  145. Social Media and Its Impact on the Users

    Authors: Nandkishor Sarode Prachi Hajare

  146. Twentieth year of The God of Small Things: Recalling its impact

    Authors: Madhuri Vishwanath Brahmane A. Chandramouly

  147. A Study on the Working Conditions of Sanitary Workers in Tirunelveli Corporation

    Authors: Lourdes Poobala Rayen T. Juliet Nisee

  148. Simple Exponential Observer Design for the Generalized Liu Chaotic System

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

  149. Activity of soil protease enzyme as influenced by dimethomorph and pyraclostrobin fungicides to groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) soil

    Authors: P. Ramanamma V. Rangaswamy

  150. An Analysis of Dual Band bandpass Filters using with Arbitrary Band Ratios

    Authors: Payal Jindal Sudheer Kumar Sharma Rashid Hussain

  151. Brief Review on SQL and NoSQL

    Authors: H. R. Vyawahare P. P. Karde V. M. Thakare

  152. Role of Equalized Electronegativity in Modeling HIV-RT Inhibitory Activity

    Authors: Anita K. Shweta Sharma Suparna Ghosh Ruchi Dubey Sharma

  153. National Water Policies and its relevance in Protecting the Environmental Rights

    Authors: N. Srikanth

  154. Recommendation by Service Rating Using GPS for Mobile Users

    Authors: Brijendra Gupta Shreyas Walujkar Vishal Dhane Moreshwar Tendulkar Tushar Jadhav

  155. Remembering the Father of Indian Constitution - Dr. B R Ambedkar and his Role in Framing Indian Constitution

    Authors: N. Srikanth

  156. Understanding the Poverty and Vulnerability of New and Existing Clients of ESAF Microfinance with Special Reference to Thrissur and Palakkad District, Kerala, India

    Authors: Tony. C. Mathew

  157. An Analysis and Modeling of Grid Connected Multiple-Pole Multilevel Unity Power Factor Rectifier

    Authors: Ranjan Kumar Rai Umashankar Patel

  158. Constitutional Provisions Relating to the Environment and the Impact of PIL in Safeguarding the Environment in India

    Authors: N. Srikanth

  159. Lipopolysaccharide promotes the metastatic Potential of Lung Carcinoma Cells by Upregulating the Expression of Fibronectin

    Authors: Asif Amin Taseem A. Mokhdomi Asrar H. Wafai Raies A. Qadri

  160. Smart Blood Finder

    Authors: Abhijeet Gaikwad Nilofar Mulla Tejashri Wagaj Raviraj Ingale Brijendra Gupta Kamal Reddy

  161. Economic Impact of MGNREGA Workers in Thiruvananthapuram District

    Authors: N. Seetha Lekshmi R. Rathiha

  162. Critical Examination of Failures of Power System Design and It's Importance

    Authors: Saquib Shakil Mallick

  163. Emotion Classification and Detection

    Authors: Yogesh Gulhane Dr S. A Ladhake

  164. Mutagenic effects of Ethyl Methane Sulphonate on the pollen grains of Urginea indica Kunth cytotype I

    Authors: Richa Sinha

  165. Marketing Mix Strategies of Soft Drink Producers in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Okwuchukwu Marcus Anyasor PhD

  166. Work Profile of the Weavers in Handloom Industry

    Authors: X. Maria Muthu Shanthini

  167. A Review on Rasadhyaya: It's Importance In Alchemy

    Authors: Kavita Gajendra Sahu M. K. Dash S. M. Parhate K. S. Karbhal

  168. Impact of Outsourced Housekeeping Services on Guest Satisfaction with Respect to Star Hotels

    Authors: Seema Zagade Honey Tyagi

  169. Total Quality Management Teacher Education Colleges in the Context of Globalization

    Authors: Dandinker Suryakant. N

  170. Isolation, Identification and β-lactamase detection of Multi-Drug Resistant Acinetobacter species from Patients admitted in Intensive Care Units of Hospital

    Authors: Silver Panchal Gaurav Shah Niranjan P. Panchal

  171. Multiple Object Detection and Tracking in Dynamic Environment using Real Time Video

    Authors: Tanuja Kayarga

  172. A Study on Financial Literacy of Women in Hyderabad City (Telangana)

    Authors: Mohammad Sirajuddin P. Satish Kumar

  173. Elementary approach towards Biological Data Mining

    Authors: Faiz Hashmi

  174. A Pattern Mining Approach for Identifying Identical Design Structures in Object Oriented Design Model

    Authors: Vijayalakshmi MM

  175. The Effect of Work Relations on Commitment to Change-A study on small companies in the Pune Area

    Authors: Natashaa Kaul Amruta Deshpande

  176. Multi-Joint Robot Transfer System in Three Dimensional Space

    Authors: Chelluru Venkata Surya Rajesh Narise Venkatesh

  177. Role of Green Economy in the Context of Indian Economy

    Authors: Bhajan Chandra Barman

  178. The Differential of Traditional Heat Equation and the Taylor Series to Analyze the Heat Parameter towards Study of La Nina Effects of Climate Change

    Authors: Rajendra Bapurao Vhatkar Vishwajeet S. Goswami

  179. Analyzation of Weak Convergence on L^p Space

    Authors: Dr J. Ravi S.Dickson R. Ranjitha

  180. Optimization of Anaerobic Mechanism using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) to treat Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater : A Review

    Authors: Ravichandran P Karthik C Balaji K

  181. Modelling of Circular Footing on Lateritic Soil

    Authors: G. O. Adunoye O. A. Agbede

  182. Performance of Fuel Electronic Injection Engine Systems

    Authors: Abonyi Sylvester E Isidore Uju Uche Okafor Anthony A

  183. Privacy Preserving Data Mining for Healthcare Record: A Survey of Algorithms

    Authors: Musavir Hassan Muheet Ahmed Butt Majid Zaman

  184. Corporate Leadership: A study of Cultural Diversity Skills in growing in the corporate world

    Authors: Satya Subrahmanyam

  185. Performance and Emission Studies of a Diesel Engine Fuelled with Different Jatropha Biodiesel Blends

    Authors: Alok Anand N. K Sagar Abhishek Sharma

  186. Production and Productivity of Saffron in Jammu and Kashmir

    Authors: Ajaz Ahmad Dass Sneha v. Deshpande

  187. Mass Detection and Classification System for Mammography Image Preprocessing

    Authors: S. Thilagavathi M. S. Irfan Ahmed

  188. A Study of Fusing Subjectivity and Distinct Issues in Data Mining

    Authors: Sweta Kaushik Rajiv Singh

  189. Sharing the Secured Cloud Storage with Elliptic Curve Algorithm

    Authors: Nuka Raju Kolli Dinesh Kumar Y

  190. Experimental Study on Voided Biaxial Slab and its Application

    Authors: Snehal Kitture Nakul Kabra Hemant Ahire Jayesh Burad Swapnil Kate

  191. Clinching as a Nonconventional Method to Join Drawing Quality Steel Sheets

    Authors: Luboš Kašcák

  192. Cardiac Nuclear Medicine

    Authors: Faiz Hashmi Nikita Sharma

  193. A Review on use of Damping Materials to Reduce Vibrations during Turning in Lathe Machine

    Authors: Taware Sachin B. Mundhe Vyankatesh L.

  194. A Study on Area, Production and Marketing of Apples in Kashmir

    Authors: Arfat Manzoor

  195. Novel Metrics in Software Industry

    Authors: Dinesh Kumar Y Nuka Raju Kolli

  196. Runoff Prediction of Gharni River Catchment of Maharashtra by Regressional Analysis and Ann Tool Box

    Authors: Warish Khan Adil Masood Najib Hasan

  197. Impact of E-Insurance in Rural Area with Special Reference to Irinjalakuda

    Authors: Mary T. L

  198. Social Media in Tourism- A Double-Edged Sword

    Authors: Priyanka Sharma Ravi Kumar Asha Rani

  199. Managing Cultural Diversities in Internationalisation of Business

    Authors: Sidharth Shankar Raju

  200. Chaos Suppression and Practical Stabilization of Uncertain Generalized Duffing-Holmes Control Systems with Unknown Actuator Nonlinearity

    Authors: Yeong-Jeu Sun

  201. Analysis on Spatial Variation of Rainfall and Groundwater Fluctuation in Hebballa Watershed, Mysore District, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Gangadhara G Subash. S. Sannasiddannanavr

  202. Smart Fruit Classification using Neural Networks

    Authors: K. Sandhiya M. Vidhya M. Shivaranjani S. Saranya

  203. A Review on Implementation of Parallel Prefix Adders using FPGA'S

    Authors: S. Lakshmipriya

  204. IOT based Smart Home Automation for Car Theft Prevention using Image Processing

    Authors: R. Tharani M. Newlin Rajkumar P. R. Harshani S. Rajalakshmi

  205. Analysis on Spatial Variation of Rainfall and Groundwater Fluctuation in Hebballa Watershed, Mysore District, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Gangadhara G Subash. S. Sannasiddannanavr

  206. Relevance of One Person Company

    Authors: Mary T. L

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