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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.4, No.6

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2020-10-08

  1. Similarities and Differences between the New Coronavirus Infectious 2019 COVID 19 and Seasonal Influenza

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Ikuo Konishi

  2. Preliminary Report on Multiple Harvests of Microgreens from Chickpea Cicer arietinum Seeds

    Authors: E. Sreenivasan

  3. Tourism Employment in Indian Economic Scenario

    Authors: D. Kesavan D. Mohanraj Mrs L. Esther Thamarine Mrs R. Anuradha

  4. MATLAB Implementation of Polar Codes for 5G Systems

    Authors: Vijaykumar S Vidyarani H J

  5. Socio Economic Analysis of the Rattan Sector in Bamenda II Municipal Council, North West Region, Cameroon

    Authors: Gideon Samba Japhet Chianebeng Kuma

  6. Detection of Fake News using Machine Learning

    Authors: Pujitha E B S Shylaja

  7. Is Being a Member Sufficient Women Empowerment and Self Help Groups in Rural Areas of Nalbari, Assam

    Authors: Bipul Das

  8. Tablet Coating Not Only a Technical Work but also a Creative Art

    Authors: Lokhande Jyoti More Smita

  9. 3D Body Scanning for Human Anthropometry

    Authors: M. Priscilla Deepika. S Gayathri. G Rajalakshmi. M

  10. Analysis and Design of a Multistory Reinforced Concrete Frame in Different Seismic Zone

    Authors: Vikash Kumar Juhi Nigam Barun Kumar

  11. Slope Dynamics and Implications on Livelihoods A Case study of the Kom Highlands in the North West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Tosam Hycinth Ngong

  12. Strength and Behavior of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Recycled Plastic

    Authors: R. Jithendar Reddy P. Naredndra Babu

  13. Strength and Behavior of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Recycled Plastic

    Authors: R. Jithendar Reddy P. Naredndra Babu

  14. Microfinance Industry Picking up the Pieces after the Financial Year 2019 Liquidity Jolt

    Authors: Nandisha H D

  15. Performance and Emissions Characteristics of an Automotive Diesel Engine Fueled with Petroleum Based Fuel from Plastic Pyrolysis Oil and its Diesel Blends

    Authors: Alex Y Roji George Roy

  16. Ethnic Folklore Expressed in Moran Bihu Geet At a Glance

    Authors: Montu Moran

  17. Effectiveness of Online Teaching in Covid Lockdown Dental Students Viewpoint

    Authors: Ravi Sunder. R Neelima. P Vijayalakshmi. P

  18. Effectiveness of Online Teaching in Covid Lockdown Dental Students Viewpoint

    Authors: Ravi Sunder. R Neelima. P Vijayalakshmi. P

  19. Heat Transfer Enhancement of Plate Fin Heat Sinks – A Review

    Authors: Pushparaj Singh Prashant Kumar Pandey

  20. Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Plate Fin Heat Sink with Pin Fins of Various Profile using CFD

    Authors: Pushparaj Singh Prashant Kumar Pandey

  21. Numerical Analysis of Corrugated Type Heat Exchanger with Variation in Corrugation Angle

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar Pandey Himanshu Pandey

  22. Experimental Investigation on Light Weight Concrete by using Natural and Artificial Light Weight Aggregates

    Authors: M. Selvabharathi N. Nirosha

  23. Study on Big Data Analysis using R Studio on COVID 19

    Authors: Praveen Kumar Jyoti Kataria

  24. Hybrid Approach for Brain Tumour Detection in Image Segmentation

    Authors: Sandeep Jyoti Kataria

  25. Security Issues on SAAS Model of Cloud Computing

    Authors: Vikas Kumar Deepali Shahane

  26. Prediction of Cervical Cancer using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms

    Authors: Kayalvizhi. K. R N Kanimozhi

  27. Smart Blind Stick using Arduino

    Authors: ShobhanaSonwane PriyankaGaidhane Diksha Mohane Nikita Gajbhiye Akansha Patil Tasneem Hasan

  28. Ihyarev and Kparev Communal Violence and Agricultural Productivity in Agboughul and Tyo Mu Community of Makurdi Metropolis of Benue State An Assessment of the Peace Building Initiative

    Authors: Iorkosu Tyover Samuel Iyolwuese Salem I Ishor David Gever Thankgod Okosun

  29. Utilisation of Traditional Medication for the Treatment of Vaginal Infection among Women of Reproductive Age in Makurdi Metropolis of Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: Iorkosu Tyover Samuel Emmanuel Veren Orjime Benjamin Gowon Ahule Dooior Daniel Tsembe Aluka Terpase Moses Francis Ajai

  30. Seismic Analysis of Multi Storey RC Building with and Without Fluid Viscous Damper

    Authors: Varun M B S Sureshchandra

  31. Image Fusion using PCA Based Fusion Rule in Wavelet Domain

    Authors: Deepak Gambhir

  32. Evolution of Digital Marketing and its Impact on Privacy

    Authors: Piyush Sharma Deepali Shahane

  33. A Review on Study the Behaviour of Concrete using Waste Tires Chips

    Authors: Anuj Nehra Er. Nitin Thakur

  34. A Research on study Behaviour of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaolin and GGBS

    Authors: Antim Er Gaurav Tanwar

  35. Maximizing Output Power of a Solar Panel via Combination of Sun Tracking and Maximum Power Point Tracking

    Authors: Bhoopendra Kumar Rajput Ameen Uddin Ahmad

  36. Automated License Plate detection and Speed estimation of Vehicle Using Machine Learning Haar Classifier Algorithm

    Authors: P. Devi Mahalakshmi M. Babu

  37. Deep Learning Approaches for Information Centric Network and Internet of Things

    Authors: Aashay Pawar

  38. Engine of Economic Revival – Indian Agriculture

    Authors: S. B. Singh

  39. Brain Tumor Detection using CT scan Image by Image Processing

    Authors: U. Indumathy M. Anand

  40. User Personality Prediction on Facebook Social Media using Machine Learning

    Authors: Poonam L Patil S. R. Jadhao

  41. Design of Grid Slab Floor

    Authors: Sudhan N B S Sureshchandra

  42. Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Knowledge of Traffic Rules among Higher Secondary Students 15 18 Years in Selected Schools of Dehradun

    Authors: Naveen Chandra Pandey Renu Sharma

  43. RP 56 Reformulation of Solutions of a Standard Quadratic Congruence of Composite Modulus An Eighth Multiple of a Product of Two Odd Primes

    Authors: Prof B M Roy

  44. Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Sintered Fly Ash Aggregate in Concrete

    Authors: Purushothaman. T Baskar. A

  45. A Research on Study the Behaviour of Concrete using Waste Tires Chips

    Authors: Anuj Nehra Er. Nitin Thakur

  46. Application of Biofuels in Diesel Engine A Review

    Authors: Akash Bhargava D. C. Vishwakarma

  47. Study of Business House with two Different Materials Considering Framework Gantry using

    Authors: Amit Kumar Tiwari Abay Kumar Jha Barun Kumar

  48. Revision of Industry Residence with Two Different Materials Considering Construction Framework using Staad.Pro

    Authors: Amit Kumar Tiwari Abay Kumar Jha Rohit jain

  49. Data Security using Honeypot System

    Authors: Rupesh Ananda Mote Kirti Mule

  50. Application of Arithmetic Progression in Equilateral Triangle as Mathematics Brain Teaser

    Authors: Anunita Das

  51. Mothers Image in Painting of Contemporary Artists of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Shirin Makhmudovna Karimova

  52. Description of the Perfect Person in Hesses Creation

    Authors: Madiyeva Adina Dovudovna

  53. Digital Forensics How to Counterattack Hackers Motive

    Authors: Rohit Vijaykumar Menon

  54. A Study on Capital Budgeting at Bharathi Cement Ltd

    Authors: A D Mamatha P. Basaiah

  55. A Study on Working Capital Management

    Authors: Haritha Kumari. Andalavari P. Basaiah

  56. Enhance the Bacterial Activity on Compressive Strength of Cement Concrete and Quantification of Crack Healing in Bacteria Based Self Healing Concrete

    Authors: Uttam Tiwary A. K Saxena

  57. Utilization of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Rice Husk Ash on Compressive Strength and Durability of Sustainable Pavement Quality Concrete

    Authors: Mukul Kumar A. K. Jha

  58. Effect on Compressive Strength of Concrete by using Agricultural Waste with Partial Replacement of Cement

    Authors: Prabhjot Singh Devgun P. K. Singhai A. K Jha

  59. Identification of Artificially Ripened Fruits using MATLAB

    Authors: Nikita S. Hatmode Mangeshwar. N. Thakare

  60. An Anatomical Exploration of “Garudasana”

    Authors: Somlata Jadoun Bhumica Bodh Sunil Kumar Yadav

  61. An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil by using Bio Polymers

    Authors: Alli Rudraveena P. Hanuma

  62. An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soils by using Ceramic Waste Materials

    Authors: Valusa Spandana P. Hanuma

  63. An Experimental Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soils by using Chrome Lignite

    Authors: Paladagu Mohana sai P. Hanuma

  64. Effect of Alternative Materials on Properties of Expansive Soil for Construction of Road Subgrade by using Cocnut Husk Ash

    Authors: Akkim Sridhar Reddy P. Hanuma

  65. Effect of Waste Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash on Residual Soils

    Authors: Kotagiri Manoj Kumar P. Hanuma

  66. Effect of Lime and Sisal Fibre on Volume Change and Compressibility Change in Expansive Soils

    Authors: Arikilla Vindhya Rani P. Hanuma

  67. Stabilization of Clayey Soil by using Quarry Dust Particles

    Authors: Gandham Rajesh P. Hanuma

  68. Cyber Security

    Authors: P. H. Gopi Kannan A. Karthik M. Karthikeyan

  69. IP Spoofing

    Authors: Satish Bharadwaj Abhijit Desai

  70. IoT Based Infrared Remote Controlled AC Fan Regulator

    Authors: Abdullah Al Zubaer Ariful Islam Habibur Rahman Alamgir Hossain Sujit Kumar Mondal

  71. Review Article on Valsartan

    Authors: Sandeep Markad Amit Kasabe Ashok Bhosale

  72. Comparative Study of Different Lateral Load Resisting System on Different Shapes of Building

    Authors: Shashikala B S Sureshchandra

  73. Dynamic Analysis of Steel Structure with Bracings and Dampers under Wind and Earthquake Loads

    Authors: Pooja V S Vijaya B Shivakumaraswamy Kavya H K

  74. Integrated ERP and E Commerce for Medicines

    Authors: Shivmalhar Bhise Anushri Wali Payal Pingale Rohit Gupta Brijendra Gupta

  75. Impact of Locating Boreholes Near Septic Tanks Pit Latrines on Drinking Water Quality in Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State

    Authors: Akpan Samuel A Eze Bassey E Assian Ubong E

  76. Nature and Human Domination

    Authors: Bengyedla Ferdinant Nteh

  77. Chemical Properties of Local Black Soap Produced from Cocoa Pod Ash and Palm Oil Waste

    Authors: Ajongbolo K.

  78. Performance Evaluation of Flat Slab by Varying Percentage of Infill Wall in RC Building

    Authors: Manish Kumar Shubha Agarwal

  79. Optimized Delay of File Accessing using Raptor Code System in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Mithilesh Sagar Avinash Sharma

  80. Impact of Covid 19 on Restaurant Industry

    Authors: Anil Kothari Taranjeet Kaur Matharu

  81. A Study on Portfolio Management

    Authors: Y. Keerthana P. Basaiah

  82. A Study on School Dropout Status in Koshi Region of Bihar

    Authors: Pramod Gandhi Baby Kumari

  83. Design of Tall Structures under Low SBC

    Authors: Danish Akhtar M R Suresh Naveen Kumar M

  84. Research on the Early Warning Mechanism of Cold Chain Logistics Risk of Fresh Agricultural Products

    Authors: Lu Zhen Yi Hao Danyang

  85. Consumer Analytics A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Sunday S. Adekunte Sarhan M. Musa

  86. Green Accounting A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Sunday S. Adekunte Hyacinth A. Ezeka Sarhan M. Musa

  87. Sales Promotion Tools in Financial Institutions

    Authors: Gediminas Dubauskas Margarita IÅ¡oraite

  88. Parental Stress among Parents of Children with Autistic, Language Impairment and Normal Children

    Authors: R Krishnan Bhatt Kiran Babu N. C Grace Rini Roy

  89. Compliance to COVID 19 Preventive Measures towards the Environmental Health in Nigeria Universities

    Authors: Okafor B. N

  90. Review on Breast Engorgement and its Management

    Authors: Preeti Shukla

  91. Critical Literature Review on Chatbots in Education

    Authors: Hephzibah Thomas

  92. English Language Teacher’s Professed Need for An Innovative Competence Based Instruction in Anglophone Sub System of Education in Cameroon

    Authors: Yaro Loveline Emmanuel Teke Mbah PhD

  93. A Research on To Study The Characteristic Behaviour of Concrete Using Rice Husk Ash and Sugarcane Bagasse Ash

    Authors: Ajay Sharma Er. Nitin Thakur

  94. Phonon Modes and Elastic Properties of RE55Al25Co20 Bulk Metallic Glasses

    Authors: P. H. Suthar

  95. Picture of Womens Heart in Nirmalprabha Bordoloi’s Songs

    Authors: Chucungfa Borgohain Dalimi Pathak

  96. Students’ Perceptions and Attitude towards Mathematics Learning

    Authors: Shamseda Azis Tabao Alaizah D. H. Faiz

  97. A Research on Investigation of Various Properties of Metakaolin Based Concrete

    Authors: Ajay Sharma Er. Nitin Thakur

  98. Triple Band Inset Line Feed Hexagonal Microstip Patch Antennas with S Slot and E Slot for S, C and X–Bands Application

    Authors: Mahesh Narayan K. K. Verma Himanshu Bhusan Baskey

  99. Performance of Special Concretes at Elevated Temperatures

    Authors: Paloji Rama Krishna P. Hanuma

  100. A Study on Characteristic of Concrete with the Presence of Copper Slag and Steel Fiber

    Authors: Mora Anusha K. Deepthi

  101. Thermal Performance of Diffusion Bonded Compact Heat Exchangers using Al2O3 Water Nanofluid

    Authors: Vishal Deshmukh Animesh Singhai

  102. Improvement of IT Governance Case Study Government Institution Region X

    Authors: Agus Ade Muliyana Krisna Gusti Made Arya Sasmita Gusti Agung Ayu Putri

  103. Experimental Investigation on Impact of Jet on Vanes Pipe System to Determine the Minor Losses

    Authors: J Narendra Kumar G Narasimhulu

  104. Media and Society, Cyberculture and Cyberspace The Representation of the Subject in Social Networks – A Study on the Construction of the Artist the Weeknd

    Authors: Luís Cardoso Pedro Silva

  105. An Experimental Study on Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Glass Powder

    Authors: Bharath V B Kuldeep Singh Solanki Abdirizak Ismail Jimale

  106. Human Resource Management in MSME in Saurashtra Region

    Authors: Tushar D. Borad Satish Patel

  107. Psychological Suktas in Veda

    Authors: Deeptiprava Nayak

  108. Comparative Analysis of Heteroscedastic and Homoscedastic OLS Models

    Authors: AkpensuenShiaondo Henry Joel Simon Alhaji Abdullahi Gwani Joshua Hassan Jemna

  109. Human Resource Information System is a Win –Win Tool to Maintain Work Life Balance in Banks

    Authors: Richu Garg Neha Sharma

  110. Effects of Multimedia in Teaching Science Implication to Practice in Secondary Basic Education

    Authors: Crispina Ana Niervas Pacalda

  111. Effects of Multimedia in Teaching Science Implication to Practice in Secondary Basic Education

    Authors: Crispina Ana Niervas Pacalda

  112. Role of Copper in Environment as a Potential and Challenges

    Authors: Dharmpal Meet A Rathod Zalak R

  113. Right and Respect in the Back Ground of Covid 19

    Authors: Nazarudeen. E

  114. Right and Respect in the Back Ground of Covid 19

    Authors: Nazarudeen. E

  115. Has a Business Training Program Made Women Led Micro Enterprises Inclusive in the Financial System A Brief Study of Best Practice in the Indian Financial System

    Authors: Khushboo

  116. A Study to Identify the Post Partum Complications among Post Natal Mothers in Selected Hospital of Dehradun, Uttarakhand

    Authors: Himani Bora Kanchan Bala Laxmi Kumar

  117. A Multi Sectoral Assessment of the Impacts of Covid 19 Pandemic Outbreak on Organisational Functionality in Nigeria

    Authors: Gabriel Justin. M. O. Keremah Onayante Monday Okpara Emmanuel Nwabriegwu Isaac Susan Ndidi Francis Wendy Nkiru Mills Roseline Bamidele

  118. A Comparative Study on ULIPs

    Authors: D. Vijay Kumar P. Jayarami Reddy

  119. A Comparative Study on Equity and Debt Funds in ULIPs at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Private Limited

    Authors: Dasari Keerthi K. Madhavi

  120. Religious Pariyati Education and Mathematics Performance of Students Case Study of International Buddha Pariyati Uday Vihar

    Authors: Lila Bahadur K C

  121. Corporate Governance in Local Governments of the Public Sector for Sustainable Development An Integrated Review

    Authors: Isaac Jerry Kwabena Asare Yusheng Kong

  122. Tourist Flow at Puri Town A Geographical Analysis

    Authors: Arijeet Mishra

  123. Finite Element Analysis of Ball Bearing for Different Materials

    Authors: Pushpendra Tiwari N. V. Saxena

  124. Radiometric Data Analysis in Parts of Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: P. Chandra Sekhara Reddy

  125. Progressive Collapse Analysis of Multi Storey Steel Structure with Bracing Systems using E Tabs

    Authors: Rekha M N S Vijaya B Shivakumara Swamy

  126. Notary Responsibilities in the Making of Nominee Arrangement by Foreign Citizens Related to the Ruling of the Laws of Land in Indonesia

    Authors: Josmar Silaban

  127. A Study on Work Life Balance

    Authors: K. G. Pavithra D. Varalakshmi

  128. Ancient Indian Sociology Lord Rama of Dalits

    Authors: Vinay P. Raut

  129. Study of Noise Mapping at Moolchand Road Phargang New Delhi

    Authors: Ishfaq Nisar Er Mohit Singh Dagar

  130. Effect of MWCNT Water Nanofluid on Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Shell and coiled Tube Exchanger using CFD

    Authors: Om Prakash Sujeet Kumar Jha

  131. Implementation of Poka Yoke and Safety Push Button in Rubber Grommet and Sleeve Assembly Bracket Machine

    Authors: Sachin Ahirrao

  132. Covid 19 How to Minimize Uncertainties, Increase Confidence and Achieve Economic Stability in India

    Authors: Kirti Devi

  133. Drowsiness and Alcohol Detection for Accident Prevention using Machine Learning

    Authors: Shruti Chandrakant Zarekar Priyanka Dattatray Desai Manjusha Prabhakar Randhave Surajsingh Rajendrasingh Chauhan Shyam Gupta

  134. A Study on Technical Analysis of Equity Stocks

    Authors: R. Sateesh Kumar P. Jayarami Reddy

  135. Review Paper on Australia Qualification Framework

    Authors: Chanchal Mehra Shivani Badodiya

  136. Study on Ratio Analysis

    Authors: S. Nasreen D. Varalakshmi

  137. Description of Spirituality in Vivekacudamani

    Authors: Nagalakshmi. S

  138. An Assessment of the Importance of Ifa Divination as Part of Igala Culture

    Authors: Ayegba Abdullahi Adojoh

  139. Review on Numerical Analysis of EGR Cooler

    Authors: Dwarika Sahu S. S. K. Deepak

  140. Failsafe Revival Test for Knife Gate Valves with Electro Pneumatic Positioners

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni

  141. Position Repeatability Test for Knife Gate Valves with Electro Pneumatic Positioners

    Authors: Gourav Vivek Kulkarni

  142. Sri Rama is Purusottama and a Real Hero of Ramayana

    Authors: Nilachal Mishra

  143. A Study on Ratio Analysis

    Authors: G. Murali P. Jayarami Reddy

  144. Analytical Evaluation of Kalagnirudra Rasa

    Authors: Nanditha Kamath Ravi R. Chavan

  145. Determinants of Customer Based Brand Equity A Study of Public and Private Banks

    Authors: Bodige Mamatha

  146. Attitudinal Change towards Technical and Vocational System of Education The Way Forward to Educational Development

    Authors: Abdullahi S. Mohammed Ibeh S. Chukwuemeka Attahiru Illiyasu

  147. Media and Society Politics in Cyberspace A Study in Cyberculture

    Authors: Luís Cardoso Lígia Neves

  148. Media and Society, Cyberculture and Cyberspace Higher Education Institutions and Communication with Students

    Authors: Luís Cardoso Inês Costa

  149. A Study on Consumer Behaviour Among Retail Outlets in Chennai

    Authors: A Nishath Sultana Saabhreen Nisha

  150. Effectiveness of Online Meditation Programs

    Authors: Joohi Chaturvedi Mahima Rai Abhinav Chaturvedi

  151. The Aptitude Level of Newly Admitted Students in Nursing Courses Studying at Selected Nursing Colleges of Punjab

    Authors: Muskan Sharma Ramankalia Manpreet Kaur

  152. Use of Hybrid Nanofluid to Increase Heat Transfer Performance of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using CFD

    Authors: Sakshi Jain Rohit Soni

  153. Remotely Scanning Organization’s Internal Network

    Authors: Sharique Raza Feon Jaison Maliyekkal Nitin Choudhary

  154. Mario Vargas Llosa and His Contribution in the Latin American Literature

    Authors: Ayesha Faiz Siddiqui

  155. Influence of Blanching on the Drying Characteristics of Convective Hot Air Dried Aerial Yam

    Authors: Nwadike E. C Nwabanne J. T Azaka O. A Abonyi S. E

  156. Reforming SWAYAM The Perspective of Instructors

    Authors: Pooja Verma Ahrar Husain

  157. Padm Asana Anatomy

    Authors: Bhumica Bodh Sunil Kumar Yadav Somlata Jadoun

  158. A Deep Analysis on Prevailing Spam Mail Filteration Machine Learning Approaches

    Authors: Anu Preeti

  159. Inequality in Education A Literature Review

    Authors: Lucelle B. Collamat Maureen S. Salagada Emerson A. Sentos Clarissa S. Tabar Regina P. Galigao

  160. Impact of the Chalukyan Rule on the Subsequent History of Deccan

    Authors: Sampath Kumar B. E

  161. Social Reform Movement in Modern Mithila A Historical Study

    Authors: Baby Kumari

  162. A New Product Introduction in to the Market Features

    Authors: Margarita IÅ¡oraite

  163. Youth Entrepreneurship Research Analysis

    Authors: Margarita IÅ¡oraite

  164. Implant Dentistry in the New Scientific Dental World Acceptance Rates

    Authors: G Harish

  165. Inflation Rate, Foreign Direct Investment, Interest Rate, and Economic Growth in Sub Sahara Africa Evidence from Emerging Nations

    Authors: Ofori Charles Shuibin Gu Takyi Kwabena Nsiah Eric Dwomoh

  166. Anthropological Agenda in Mathematics Education

    Authors: Lila Bahadur K C

  167. Digital Business

    Authors: A. Karthik M. Karthikeyan P. H. Gopikannan

  168. Prevalence of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Risk Factors amongst Nurses of Buea and Tiko Health Districts, South West Region, Cameroon

    Authors: Malika Esembeson Wilfred Abia Njunda Anna Longdoh Nkounlack Cyrille Divine Mokake Nde-Fon Peter Palle John Ngunde G. E Halle-Ekane

  169. The Impact of Spiritual Health Care on Patients’ Clinical Outcome

    Authors: Che Joseph Ngwa Dickson Shey Nsagha Same Ekobo Legrand Doumta Charles Falang

  170. Effectiveness of SABLA Scheme in Indian States

    Authors: Neha Goyal

  171. A Comparative Study of Children who are Deaf and their Parents Literate Abilities in Sign Language The Case of Morning Star Deaf and Hard of Hearing Hearing Catholic

    Authors: Ngeh Emmanuel Amambua Kibinkiri Eric Len

  172. Investigation of Wear Behavior of Rice Husk Filled Cotton Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites

    Authors: Suganth. V Gabriel. A S. Velumani

  173. Implementation of Eye Controlled Mouse Cursor for Physically Disabled Individual

    Authors: K. Vijitha P Narendra Babu D. Suneetha

  174. Comparative Study on Strength and Water Absorption of M35 Grade Paver Block using Fly Ash and Varying Proportions of Polypropylene Fibre

    Authors: Ankit Singh Toshi Bhawsar

  175. Experimental Investigation of Stress Concentration in Cross Section of Crane Hook

    Authors: Gabriel. A Suganth. V S. Velumani

  176. Effectiveness of Home Care Teaching Programme on Knowledge of Parents Regarding Home Care Management of Their Children with Thalassemia in Coronation Hospital, Dalanwala, Dehradun

    Authors: Naina Garg

  177. Assessing the Impact of Human Capital, Energy Consumption and Environment on Sustainable Development Model of Malaysia

    Authors: Faridah Pardi Mohammad Yuzaimi Yasin Sutina Junos

  178. Generalized Derivations in Prime near Rings

    Authors: K. L. Kaushik

  179. Explore the Knowledge and Impact on Dysmenorrhea among Nursing Students of Selected College

    Authors: Pooja Jaswal Pabalpreet Kaur Mrs Jyoti Sarin

  180. Empirical Analysis Communication Services of Knowledge and Level of Farmer’s in Crops KVK Purnea Bihar

    Authors: Ajeet Kumar Shiv Mangal Yadav Om Prakash Maurya

  181. Analysis of Economics Social Data Categorization on Inter Group Contact in U.P. India

    Authors: Om Prakash Maurya Shiv Mangal Yadav Ajeet Kumar

  182. Disinvestment and its Impact on the Performance of CPSEs

    Authors: Ram Avatar Singh

  183. A Trial Investigation on Reinforced Concrete using Waste Fibre

    Authors: Amit Singh Rohit Jain

  184. The Integration of Flax Seed into Brewing and Production of Omega 3S Enriched Beer

    Authors: Durga Dharshini. D Shirley. D Abinaya. M

  185. Performance Analysis of Sensor Node Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks A Perspective Analysis

    Authors: Pramod Gujre Avinash Sharma

  186. Technology Post COVID19 A Review

    Authors: Aleena Sabrin Ajmal Ali Sarath Krishnan T Noha Laj

  187. Parametric Evaluation of Tall Structure with Various Lateral Load Resisting Systems Subjected to Dynamic Loadings

    Authors: Mahadevaprasad M B S Sureshchandra

  188. Improve Properties of Concrete using Polymeric Waste Materials for Road Paving

    Authors: Amit Singh Rohit Jain

  189. A Testing of Fly Ash through the Mix up of Nano Silica for Difference of Strength in Concrete

    Authors: Pranshu Pandey Abhay Kumar Jha Barun Kumar

  190. A Trial of Fly Ash with the Mix of Nano Silica for Deviation of Strength in Concrete

    Authors: Pranshu Pandey P. K. Singhai Barun Kumar

  191. A Review on Solid Oral Dosage Forms with an Industrial Perspective for Process Validation

    Authors: Rajesh Dumpala Chirag Patil

  192. Significance of UN Commission on Status of Women for India

    Authors: Ipsita Biswal

  193. Numerical Investigation of Solar Air Heater Duct using Broken‘S’ Shaped Ribs Roughness on Absorber Plate

    Authors: Ankit Sahu C. S. Koli

  194. Correlation between Human Origin and the Severity of COVID19

    Authors: Takuma Hayashi Ikuo Konishi

  195. Knowledge and Practice Regarding Hand Washing among Mothers of Under Five Children in Selected Rural Community Area of Dehradun

    Authors: Kusumlata Munni Naina Kavita Kirti Preeti Pooja Shantanu Shashi Atul Kumar Deeksha Joshi

  196. Emotional Intelligence and Achievement Motivation among College Students

    Authors: Shibila Sabir Sannet Thomas

  197. A Literature Review on the Role of Zycotherm as an Additive used in Bitumen

    Authors: Maninder Singh Kunal Jain Sukhjinder Singh Kahlon

  198. Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of Multi Storey Building Frame for Seismic Load using SAP2000

    Authors: Shristee Saxena Juhi Nigam

  199. Migration Pattern and Urban Informal Sector of Bangladesh The Applicability of the Harris Todaro Migration Model in the Presence of COVID 19 Outbreak

    Authors: Naimur Rahman Faryana Rafiq

  200. Examining the Demographic and Socio Economic Differentials in Commuting A Review of Literature

    Authors: Nazish Naz

  201. Prospects for the Development of Tourism Services in the Regions

    Authors: Feruza Aziztoeva

  202. Thermal Performance of a Plate Fin Heat Sink with Half Round Pins using CFD

    Authors: Dhiraj Kumar Rohit Soni

  203. Lung Cancer Detection using Machine Learning

    Authors: Harpreet Singh Er. Ravneet Kaur

  204. Impact of Social Networking Sites A Sociological Study

    Authors: Pramod Gandhi

  205. Study of Improve Power Quality Issue through Different Load Combinations Parameters

    Authors: Sadaf Husain Syed Waseem Ali

  206. Effects of Incorporated Green Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on Amaranth Amaranthus Caudatus. L Vegetable

    Authors: Adeniji Azeez Adewale Kumoye Deborah Etooluwa

  207. A Study on Applications of Blockchain

    Authors: Nitin Lakshmi J. V. N Sharique Raza

  208. Significances of Mirror Box Therapy in Phantom Limb Pain and Stroke Rehabilitation A Perspective Review

    Authors: Manu Chacko

  209. Politics, Social Media and E campaigning in Africa South Africa Nigeria Familiarities during Their 2019 Presidential Elections

    Authors: Ikemefuna Taire Paul Okudolo

  210. Homoeopathic Drug Standardization through Biological Evaluation Future Perspective

    Authors: Vineeta Atul Kumar Singh

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