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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.6, No.6

Publisher: The IJBMT

Publishing Date: 2022-12-30

  1. The Role of Research and Development on Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    Authors: Cornelia Regina Susilo Toto Raharjo

  2. Do Components of ManagementInformation Systems Play a Role in achieving the Quality of Health Services in Bahrain?

    Authors: Mohamed Bader Abdulla Al-Haddad Marwan Mohamed Abdeldayem Horiya Mohamed Ahmed Al Deeb Maryam Abdul Aziz Al-Thawadi

  3. Competitiveness Analysis and Factors Affecting Indonesian Banana Exports in the Destination Country

    Authors: Felix Nola Eko Priyanto Syarif Imam Hidayat

  4. Diah Widianingsih, Fatchan Achyani, Rina Trisnawati

    Authors: Diah Widianingsih Fatchan Achyani Rina Trisnawati

  5. Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility, Independent Commissioner and Profitability on Tax Avoidance

    Authors: Anisa Dila Ismawati Fauzan

  6. Assess the Effect of Performance-Based Rewards Appraisal Technique on Employee Performance in Public Universities in Kenya

    Authors: Joyce Mumbi Nderitu Jacqueline Omuya

  7. The Effect of Leverage, Profitability and Firm Size on Tax Avoidance in Mining Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

    Authors: Reni Maulina; Wahyono

  8. Analysis of Hybrid Diversification Strategy on Organizations’ Performance of Cement Firms in Kenya

    Authors: Daniel Kanchori Erastus Thoronjo Jacqueline Omuya

  9. Supply and Demand in Microeconomics

    Authors: Hasni Dyah Kurniawati

  10. The Effect of Profitability, Firm Size, CSR Disclosure, Leverage, On Firm Value

    Authors: Rosalinda Dian Permatasari Noer Sasongko

  11. Factors Affecting the Audit Delay of Empirical Study on Banking Companies Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange for the Period of 2018 – 2021

    Authors: Indah Nurhayatia Noer Sasongkob

  12. The Moderating Effect of Audit Quality on Fraudulent Financial Statement

    Authors: Shinta Nastitie Komalasari Triyono Triyono Erma Setiawati

  13. Analysis of Financial Statement Fraud: The Vousinas Fraud Hexagon Model Approach and the Audit Committe as Moderating Variable

    Authors: Hesiya May Ghaisani Triyono Andy Dwi Bayu Bawono

  14. Forecasting Philippine Exchange Rate Against US Dollar Using Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average (Arima) Model

    Authors: Joemarie A. Pono MS

  15. Responsible Leadership, Financial Management Practices, and Green Marketing orientation: A Structural Equation Model on Triple Bottom Line Performance among food Manufacturing Industries In Region XII

    Authors: Jose T. Decena III Gaudencio G. Abellanosa

  16. Effectiveness of Promotion on Competitiveness of Private Universities in Nakuru County

    Authors: Loice A. Onyango Vincent Ntabo

  17. Commercial Banks’ Lending Rates, Capital Reserve Ratio and Monetary Policy in Africa

    Authors: Nicholas Bamegne Nambie Lambon Justice Iddrisu

  18. The Effect of Locus of Control, Work Environment, and Work Conflict on Employee Performance at Bank Central Asia in Solo

    Authors: Alisa Nur Rohmah Wahyono

  19. He Effect of Capital Structure, Managerial Ownership, Institutional Ownership, and Dividend Policy on Company Value

    Authors: Sasa Armilia Ayu Pertiwi Erma Setiawati

  20. Information Technology Unit Performance Assessment in The Readiness of Electronic Medical Record With Balance Scorecard at PKU Muhammadiyah Karanganyar Hospital


  21. Effect of Leverage, Audit Tenure, Previous Year's Audit Opinion, and Company Scope on Audit Opinion Going Concern

    Authors: Ericha Soraya Yuli Tri Cahyono

  22. The Effect of Village Financial Management Implementation, Financial Management Supervision and Organizational Commitments on Fraud Prevention

    Authors: Elsa Nur Hidayah; Andy Dwi Bayu Bawono

  23. The Effect of Good Corporate Governance, Management Quality, Company Size and the Covid Pandemic on Corporate Value with Financial Performance as a Mediating Variable

    Authors: Mayrra Indah Hermawati Triyono

  24. Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Dealing with the Creation of System that Can Learn to Emulate Human Tasks Using Their Prior Experience and Without Any Mutual Intervention

    Authors: Roshan Baa Claber Minj

  25. The Influence of Work-Life Quality and Work Environment on Work-life balance Mediated By Job Satisfaction and Work Commitment at the Sumatera River Regional Office I Aceh

    Authors: Yurika Amalia Said Musnadi Nurdasila

  26. The Influence of Leadership Style and Organizational Culture on Management Commitment and its Implications for Cooperatives in South ACEH

    Authors: Armahdi Mahzar Muhammad Adam Iskandarsyah

  27. The Influence of Motivation, Compensation, and Workcommitment on Work Productivity and Their Impact on the Performance of the Aceh Selatan Environmental Department

    Authors: Kasputra A. Sakir Teuku RoliIlhamsyah Putra

  28. The Effect of Sense of Meaningfulness and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and its Implications on The Performance of Members At Kodam Iskandar Muda Aceh

    Authors: Haerus Shaleh Mukhlis Said Musnadi

  29. Moderation Role of Interest in the Relationship between Product Quality and Price on Loyalty with Satisfaction as a Mediation on Iphone Users in Banda Aceh

    Authors: Muhammad Jehan Muhammad Adam Mukhlis Yunus

  30. Factors Influencing Tax Aggressiveness on Property and Real Estate Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

    Authors: Magista Nora Puspita Rina Trisnawati

  31. Effect of Intergrated Financial Management Information System on Financial Management at Nyanza District Hospital, Rwanda

    Authors: Assoumpta UWIMPUNDU

  32. The Effect of Characteristics and Activities of the Board Of Directors on the Sustainable Development Goals disclosure (Empirical Study on the 100 Largest Companies in Indonesia for the 2020-2021 Period)

    Authors: Risma Nurilhidayah Rita Wijayanti

  33. Does Corporate Governance Affect Company Risk Disclosure?

    Authors: Nadia Permata Sari Rita Wijayanti

  34. Determinant Analysis of Fraudulent Financial Statements in Perspective of Fraud Hexagon Theory and Covid-19 (Empirical Study of Manufacturing Companies in the Goods and Consumption Sector Listed on the IDX in 2018-2021)

    Authors: Bagus Ghery Setiawan Fatchan Achyani

  35. Analysis of the Effect of Profitability, Liquidity, Company Size, and Covid Pandemic on Company Value With Leverage as A Moderating Variable in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Companies Listed on The IDX In 2017- 2021

    Authors: Nabila Oriza Paramitha Triyono

  36. The Effect Growth Opportunity, Liquiditys, Institutional Ownership and the Covid Pandemic on Firm Value with Capital Structure as a Moderating Variable

    Authors: Indira Eka Rukdamayanti Triyono

  37. Analysis The Effect of Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) Per Capita, Government Expenditures in Education and Health on Human Development Index on Central Java Period 2019-2021

    Authors: Dina Cahyaning Arifah Atwal Arifin