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Archived Papers for Journal

American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research >>

Vol.7, No.1

Publisher: BiomedGrid LLC

Publishing Date: 2020-01-17

  1. Treating Mechanical Dysfunctions of Lower Back through Lumbar Spine Assessment of Structural Diagnosis and Management (SDM): A New Comprehensive Approach of Musculoskeletal Medicine | Biomedgrid

    Authors: KM Amran Hossain; Mohammad Shahadat Hossain; Sapia Akter; Mohammad Anwar Hossain; Md Obaidul Haque

  2. Glioma Molecular Markers: Histology and Imaging Integration | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Fatima Mubarak

  3. Biomedical Applications of Metal Additive Manufacturing: Current State-of-the-Art and Future Perspective | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Shonak Bhattacharya; Jenniffer Bustillos; Fernando Quevedo Gonzalez; Jason A Spector; Atieh Moridi

  4. Measurement of Technical Efficiency of Wet Season Rice Production in Northern Thailand: An Application of DEA Malmquist Index | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Sathinee Jongdoen; Wongchai Anupong; Ke Chung Peng

  5. Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction for Identification of Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene of Gazella Dorcas | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Reem Rabie Mohammed Salih; Abd elrahim E Karrar; Imad Eldain E T Aradaib

  6. Titanium Implant Devices: Increase Biocompatibility or Decrease Drug Release Rate? | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Mariana de Souza Sikora

  7. For All they that Take the Sword Shall Perish with the Sword-on the Radiation Hazard of The Use of Shells Containing Depleted Uranium | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Okunev VS

  8. Ecological-Fishing Monitoring of Lake Fish in The Forested Area | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Igor Semenovich Mukhachev

  9. Use of Simple Binary Co-xCr Alloys (0≤x≤30wt.%) for Exploring the Influence of the Chromium Content in Dental Cobalt-Based Alloys on Their Passivation Behavior in a Fusayama Artificial Saliva | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Patrice Berthod; Estelle Kretz; Thierry Schweitzer

  10. Malignant Gastric Schwannoma: A Case Report & Review of Literature | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Boujarnija R; Acharfi N; Ouafki I; Oualla K; Benbrahim Z; Arifi S; Mouaddine A; EL fatemi H; Staouni I; Alaoui Lamrani Y; I brahimi A; Mellas N

  11. New Perspectives in the Treatment of Neurocritical Patient | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Luis Alberto Camputaro

  12. Prehospital Use of Ketamine: A Systematic Review | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Leonard Ranasinghe; Jessica Doctor MS; Radhika Gulhar MS

  13. Hind-limb Ischemia, Stroke, Vascular Dementia and Erectile Dysfunction: Four Preclinical Models in Rodents for Testing Vasoactive Drugs | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Aharon Ronnie Levy; Michael Krakovsky

  14. Precocious Puberty as a Result of Congenital Hypothyroidism | BIomedgrid

    Authors: Petrit Hoxha; Entela Puca; Blertina Olldashi; Agron Ylli; Edmond Puca

  15. Biomechanical Principles of Multipoint Suture Fixation for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction | Biomedgrid

    Authors: John Lindsey; Jorge I de la Torre

  16. Heterotopic Implantation of Fetal Heart in Syngeneic Adult Rats (Comparative Study of Growth Conditions, Limits and Perspectives) | Biomedgrid

    Authors: CoulicVéry; QuéronS; Najar ES; Hermanus N; De PrezC; DelréeP

  17. Chinese Herbal Medicine to Alleviate Vasomotor Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Study Protocol for a Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Multi Centre, Cross Over Trial | BIomedgrid

    Authors: Dianna Porter Xiaoshu Zhu; Ping Ping Li; Paul De Souza; Paul Fahey; Alan Bensoussan

  18. Does the “Holism theory” Explain the Increase in Antimicrobial Efficacy and the Lack of Acquired or Innate Resistance to 5th Generation Silane Quaternary Compounds? | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Andrew Kemp; Shalom Hirschman; Vanessa Hodgkinson

  19. Tunneling Nanotube-Mediated Mitochondrial Transfer: A New Approach to Cell Protection | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Aydın Bölük; Ceren Bilgi; Eda Kutlu; Dilek Akbaş; Tuba Gökdoğan Edgünlü

  20. Indisputable Proof about the Effects of Eye Rubbing on the Cornea, the Lens and the Globe | Biomedgrid

    Authors: Edna Joyce Santos