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Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports >>

Vol.2, No.6

Publisher: JCIMCR

Publishing Date: 2021-12-31

  1. Catheter knotting in a neonate

    Authors: Rong Huang; Jia-ying Chen; Ying Zhang; Chang-mei Chen; Jia-liang Zhou

  2. The effect of tranexamic acid on blood loss in non-urgent trauma patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery: A retrospective cohort study

    Authors: Vasileia Nyktari; Helen Diamantaki; Georgios Stefanakis; Emmanouela Koutoulaki; Periklis Vasilos; Athanasios Alegakis; Ioannis Sperelakis; Alexandra Papaioannou

  3. Lofgren’s syndrome: A case report and review of the literature

    Authors: Dong Bingzi; Zhao Qian; Wang Mei; Li Jinfeng; Wang Lina; Du Chunhua

  4. Congenital nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and the trauma injured brain: A case report

    Authors: Ryan Davids; Nadiya Ahmed; Reinhard Overmeyer; Abdurragmaan Domingo

  5. Mental retardation and oral health: An insight

    Authors: Pramod V Tatuskar; Vandana KL

  6. A systematic review of the neglect of non-COVID patients amidst COVID pandemic

    Authors: Priyanka Mishra; Amborish Nath; Ajit Kumar; Surbhi Sharma

  7. Desmoplastic fibroma of bone: A morphological and immunohistochemical characterization

    Authors: Gabriel Cao; Graciela Ottaviano; Analía Fusaro; Julián Mendez; Daniel Navacchia

  8. Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) successfully treated with dilatation and curettage after failed local methotrexate treatment: A case report and updated mini-review

    Authors: Mohamed S Alqhtani; Sarah A Alahmari; Rayan Eskandar; Waleed S Abumelha; Mamdoh Eskandar; Ayman H Shaamash

  9. Diplopia and skin rash in a patient treated with immunotherapy nivolumab regimen

    Authors: Theodora-Maria Papadimitriou; Alexandros-Nikolaos Liatsos; David Symeonidis; Spyridon Xynogalos

  10. Endotracheal tube mal-insertion via Zenker’s diverticulum to trachea

    Authors: Yan-Cheng Chen; Yi-Hsun Chen

  11. Repeat percutaneous tracheostomy in a COVID-19 patient

    Authors: Filippo Sanfilippo; Marta Mascari; Luigi La Via; Marinella Astuto

  12. Anal canal epithelioid sarcoma: Case report and literature review

    Authors: Cárdenas-Almaraz Bárbara V; Capdeville-Jímenez Gabriela; Molina-Botello Diego; Pérez-Martínez Ignacio J

  13. MIS-A associated myocardial injury: The art of diagnosis and follow-up

    Authors: Bellony Nzemenoh; Arianne C Agdamag; Valmiki Maharaj; Victoria Charpentier; Kellen Albrecht; Tamas Alexy

  14. An unusual case of breast abscess caused by Proteus mirabilis and Prevotella buccalis

    Authors: Elhanan Parnasa MD; Adiel Cohen MD; Bar Avital MD; Yafa Shani Parnasa MD; Yonatan Oster MD

  15. “Tineariasis” (or plaque-psoriasis induced by Terbinafine)

    Authors: Ramirez-Bellver JL; Segurado-Miravalles G; Bagazgoitia L; Moreno C; Ruiz-Rodriguez R

  16. Implant mobility: Revisited

    Authors: Liya Anil; Nilima Sharma; KL Vandana

  17. Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the tongue: A case report

    Authors: Leart Berdica; Teona Bushati; Alfred Aga; Emirjona Vajushi; Erion Sukaj; Albina Ndoja; Agron Dogjani

  18. Intrabiliary papillary myxoma: A case report

    Authors: Lu Hexiao; Zhang Shenglong; Bhushan Sandeep; Yin Sineng

  19. Presumed topography of basal ganglion: Derived from TRODAT images in a case of hemorrhagic stroke complicated with asymmetrical cogwheel rigidity

    Authors: Li-Yin Chen; Yu-Li Chiu; Yuan-Ling Chang; Ruei-Sian Ding; Shin-Tsu Chang

  20. A pneumatocele observed in the thoracic cavity after bronchoalveolar lavage

    Authors: Satoshi Tanaka MD; Riiko Kitou MD; Kiyohide Komuta MD; Satoshi Tanizaki MD; Tomohiro Kanai MD; Junji Uchida MD PhD; Kiyonobu Ueno MD PhD

  21. Severe obesity in a patient on long-term treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia with imatinib: Body composition, associated disorders and outcome

    Authors: Jorge Illarramendi; María Angeles Goñi; Montserrat Alvarellos; Ana Zugasti; Jose Juan Illarramendi

  22. Massive pneumomediastinum following orotracheal intubation in an emergency setting

    Authors: Lucas Ferreira Theotonio dos Santos; Daniel Joelsons; Ho Yeh Li

  23. Dead man sign of ECG: An unique predicting sign of acute coronary syndrome

    Authors: Mayank Yadav

  24. The role of beta-agonist therapy for chronic obstructive airway disease in patients with coexistent atrial fibrillation: Literature review

    Authors: Rodríguez Miguel; Chinta Siddharth; Vittorio Timothy

  25. Variations in treatment of an anastomotic leakage after Ivor Lewis Esophagectomy

    Authors: Merel Lubbers; Frans van Workum; Gijs Berkelmans; Camiel Rosman; Misha D Luyer; Grard AP Nieuwenhuijzen; Marc J van Det; Ewout A Kouwenhoven

  26. Intracavernosal ephedrine for management of intraoperative penile erection during urological procedure under general anesthesia

    Authors: Nabin Krishna Yadav; Deepak Bhandari; Subin Shrestha; Suresh Gautam

  27. Vanishing hyperintensity in MRI: Vascular or epileptic origin?

    Authors: Rodriguez-Rivas Luis Ricardo; Reyes-Vaca Jorge Guillermo; Vázquez-Guevara Damaris Daniela; Rodriguez-Leyva Ildefonso

  28. Endocarditis following an unsuccessful attempt to remove a gastric GI stromal tumor by laparoscopic endoscopic cooperative surgery

    Authors: Ali Abdullah; Marina Somi; Pavel Alin; Sara Shimoni; Stephen Malnick

  29. Unilateral colonization of fungal infection presenting as renal mass in young patient: A case report

    Authors: Mahabuba Shirin; Salahuddin Al-Azad; Farzana Alam; Anil Yadav

  30. Saber sheath trachea: A radiological sign of severe airway obstruction

    Authors: Ram Babu Sah; Ramesh Singh Pal

  31. A rare entity of malignant insulinoma diagnosed after 30 years of clinical manifestation of hypoglycemia: A case report and literature review

    Authors: Saleem Abdel Backi; Toufic Saber; Ziad el Rassi

  32. Loratadine syrup is successfully used to fix Covid-19 induced respiratory distress and chest pain

    Authors: Balisa Mosisa Ejeta

  33. Acute pulmonary embolism: Tell tale signs

    Authors: Acute pulmonary embolism Tell tale signs

  34. Bone metastases from renal cell carcinoma: A case report and literature review

    Authors: Mouadh Nefiss; Hichem Abid; Mohamed Amine Gharbi; Ramzi Bouzidi; Khelil Moncef Ezzaouia; Anis Tebourbi

  35. Breaking the dry ice: A case of accidental carbon dioxide poisoning due to dry ice inhalation

    Authors: Priyanjali Pulipati; Cecilia Cosma

  36. Pulmonary mucormycosis: A rare entity. Cases with bronchial necrosis and bronchomediastinal fistula

    Authors: Yukti Sharma

  37. A look into “Outlining the challenges of Covid-19 health crises in Africa’s maritime industry: The case of maritime operations in marine warranty surveying practice”: Discussing ‘three pillar challenge’

    Authors: Anthony Djaba Sackey; Abigail Dede Sackey; Bansah John; Raphael O Lee-Duah

  38. En bloc vertebrectomy of a thoracic Ewing sarcoma including posterior arch: 3 years later

    Authors: Mouadh Nefiss¹ Mohamed Amine Gharbi¹; Saker Ayari¹; Ramzi Bouzidi¹; Sana Ben Slama²; Khelil Moncef Ezzaouia¹; Anis Tebourbi¹

  39. Atypical cellular blue nevus: A case report and review of literature

    Authors: Shi H; Fidelis C Zou Y; Liang J; Huang B; Zhou B; Liang Z

  40. Desmoplastic fibroma of bone: Amorphological and immunehistochemical characterization

    Authors: Gabriel Cao; Graciela Ottaviano; AnalíaFusaro; Julián Mendez; Daniel Navacchia

  41. Can SARS-CoV-2 infection trigger Parkinson Disease? A case report

    Authors: Daniel López Domínguez; Anna Cots Foraster; Berta Solano Vila; Lilian Vivas Villacampa

  42. Health status and cancer related mortality among nuclear plant workers exposed to ionizing radiation

    Authors: Ali Javinani; Hasan Abolghasemi; Hadi Hamidi

  43. Incidental finding of situs inversus totalis in a patient of carcinoma ovary

    Authors: Mayank kumar; Kamal Kishor lakhera

  44. COVID-19 pregnant woman with widespread neurofibromatosis and suprasellar craniopharyngioma presenting for in labour: A challenging scenario

    Authors: Niranjana Subramanian

  45. Revealing innumerable occult lesions with T1-weighted 3Dblack-blood-imaging in the detection of intracranial metastatic melanoma under BRAF therapy

    Authors: Peter Koelblinger; Klaus Hergan; Walter M Wallner

  46. Vertebrobasilar and anterior cerebral circulation dolichoectasia in a 67-year-old woman presenting as stroke

    Authors: Omolola M Akinwunmi

  47. Geographic variation of antibiotic resistance in E. coli isolated from drinking water and foodstuffs in Sylhet division of Bangladesh

    Authors: Belal Ahmad; Arifur Rahaman; Sadia Sinty Disha; Ashik Imran; Rashid Taqui; Nishat Tasnim Nousin; Shamim Mahmud; SM Kamruzzaman; Shaikh Mirja Nurunnabi

  48. Adverse local tissue reaction after ceramic-on-ceramic total hip arthroplasty

    Authors: Valcarenghi Jérôme; Poinot Nicolas; Verstraeten Pierre-Bernard; Chahidi Esfandiar; Caufriez Benoit; Collard Xavier

  49. Minimally invasive transcanal endoscopic assisted endolymphatic decompression for patient with refractory Ménière’s disease

    Authors: Wai Tsz Chang; Hazel Wong; Michael CF Tong

  50. A wandering intraperitoneal mass in a child

    Authors: Peng-yu Chen; Jing Lao; Xiao-peng Ma; Bin Wang; Jian-yao Wang

  51. Two case series of Chiladiti syndrome and a review of literature

    Authors: Citra Aryanti; I Ketut Wiargitha; I Nengah Kuning Atmadjaya

  52. Radiologic diagnosis of an atypical multilocular Stafne bone lesion

    Authors: T Lang; A Gahleitner; A Moritz; C Ulm

  53. Retroperitoneal bronchogenic cyst treated by open surgery: A rare case report

    Authors: Ramzi Mejri; Khaireddine Mrad Dali; Kays Chaker; Bibi Mokhtar; Sami Ben Rhouma; Yassine Nouira

  54. Mammary analogue secretory carcinoma (MASC): A literature review and report of two cases

    Authors: Yi Hai Li; Naveed Basheeth; Aneesh Kumar

  55. PiRNAs and PIWI proteins as potential biomarkers in colorectal cancer

    Authors: Mandana Ameli Mojarad; Melika Ameli Mojarad

  56. Haemosuccus pancreatitis: A rare cause of GI bleed, diagnosis on CT Angiography – Case series & review of literature

    Authors: Syed Sajjad AH; Khan Sadaf Tanaveer; Syed Jawwad AH

  57. Antenatal care service utilization among women of recent delivery: Analysis of the determinants of quality of care in selected health facilities in Burayu Town, Oromia

    Authors: Lemma Terfassa Deressa; Nigatu Regassa

  58. Anesthesia management in a Down syndrome patient with difficult intubation: Case report

    Authors: Sogol Asgari; Hamidreza Azizi Faresani; Hamideh Ariannia; Faranak Behnaz

  59. Association between REM sleep and strengthening memory: A mini review

    Authors: Ayana Sarangi; Biswaranjan Paital

  60. Liver dysfunction in norovirus gastroenteritis in a child with cerebral palsy: A case report

    Authors: Jee Hyun Suh

  61. Triphasic dysnatremia complicated by generalized convulsions following craniopharyngioma resection in a pediatric patient

    Authors: Nikhil Swarnkar; Anshul Yadav

  62. Bilateral staged ureteral stenosis secondary to Wegener’s disease: A case report

    Authors: Ramzi Mejri; Sami Ben Rhouma; Yassine Nouira

  63. Injection of methylene blue in the lungs during laparoscopic cholecystectomy

    Authors: Brouna Abou Jaoude; Hazem Kafrouni

  64. Acute undifferentiated/unclassifiable leukemia or disseminated non-hematologic neoplasm? When treatment is the compelling decision

    Authors: Luca Frison; Anna M Scattolin; Matteo Leoncin; Giorgio Farina; Francesca Carobolante; Silvia Zanibellato; Cristina Salbe; Pietro M Donisi; Renato Bassan

  65. Determinants of postnatal care supplements in Bole Sub-City health centers under the COVID-19 environment: Analysis of service user’s perspective

    Authors: Nolawit Kebede; Nigatu Regassa

  66. Cerebral abscesses in Marfan’s disease

    Authors: Lacasse Marion; Le Brun Cécile

  67. Extramedullary plasmacytoma of the tongue: A case report

    Authors: Leart Berdica; Teona Bushati; Alfred Aga; Emirjona Vajushi; Erion Sukaj; Albina Ndoja; Agron Dogjani

  68. Two cases of penile fracture with and without associated urethral rupture: Case reports and review of the literature

    Authors: Federico Agustín

  69. The use of low dose methylprednisolone in severe Covid-19 induced ARDS to facilitate oxygen weaning: Results from a case series and mini review

    Authors: E Doherty; L Ilves; C Cheeld; A Elradi; VA Varney

  70. PET-CT save a day in deep-seated infection

    Authors: Kam Ka Ho Kevin; Li Chun Man Timothy

  71. Evaluation of ultrasonographic findings in adults with cervical lymphadenopathy

    Authors: M Tarhun Yosunkaya; Belma Cevik

  72. Demographic and biochemical risk factors of Down Syndrome in pregnant women: A pilot study in Sylhet division of Bangladesh

    Authors: Abu Noman; Joyonta Sutradhar; Farjana Begum Topa; Rashid Taqui; Nishat Tasnim Nousin; Shamim Mahmud; Nayan Chandra Mohanto; Shaikh Mirja Nurunnabi

  73. Posttraumatic intradural caroticocavernous fistula

    Authors: Marco Antonio Stefani; Eduarda Tanus Stefani; Mariana Tanus Stefani

  74. Hypercalcemia and multiple osteolytic bone lesions: A rare presentation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

    Authors: Shirin Haghighat¹; Aliasghar Karimi²

  75. Awareness of Saudi population about causes, diagnosis and management of Depression

    Authors: Manal Salamh N Alenazi; Maryam Mohammed M Alenezi; Noof Saud J Alenezi; Hajar Salah Khulayf Alenzi

  76. Generalized eruptive keratoacanthomas involving the auricles and external auditory canal: A case report and literature review

    Authors: Lu Zhang; Haiying Sun; Dakai Lu

  77. A rare association of giant congenital melanocytic nevus (bathing trunk nevus) with cryptorchidism and inguinal hernia: Case report

    Authors: Mayank Kumar; Meera luthra; Vimalendu Brajesh; Rakesh Kumar Khazanchi

  78. Gluteal-sacrospinous-vaginal fistula as a complication of sacrospinous ligament fixation after a vault prolapse: A case report

    Authors: Montserrat Mestre Costa; Anna Moreno Baró; Josep Pubill Soler; Judith Lleberia Juanos; Natalia Hebrero Torres; Yolanda Canet Estévez

  79. Unilateral livedo reticularis in ruptured abdominal aorta aneurysm

    Authors: Daniella Rahim; Carsten Sauer Mikkelsen; Peter Bjerring; Lorenz Oppel

  80. The overlooked value of ultrasound in the perioperative care of ovarian immature teratoma

    Authors: M Santana Dominguez; L Ribera; M Munmany; M Gracia; B Diaz; C Ros; A Torné

  81. Histopathology of patient’s cyanide toxicity with brugada ECG pattern

    Authors: Dang Viet Duc; Nguyen Tat Tho; Pham Van Chinh; Nguyen Thanh Huy; Luu Quang Minh; Pham Son Lam; Pham Thai Giang; C Anwar A Chahal

  82. Evolution of periodontal attachment apparatus - Fossils to final forms

    Authors: Bhatnagar Anurag; Kharidi Laxman Vandana

  83. Testicular infarction in a male patient with cystic fibrosis: Testicular remnant preservation

    Authors: Masoud Bitaraf; Mohammadreza Modaresi; Abdol-Mohammad Kajbafzadeh

  84. Comparison of the effects of atorvastatin and rosuvastatin on the levels of inflammatory markers and lipid profile in the patients with acute coronary syndrome: Randomized controlled double - blind clinical trial

    Authors: Seyyed Reza Mirhafez; Manijeh Pakdel; Morteza Motallebnezhad; Seyedeh Samaneh Tabaee

  85. Tuberculous peritonitis during pregnancy: Case report

    Authors: Ounci Es-saad; Saloua Tanouti; Houssam Bkiyar; Ahmed Mimouni; Brahim Housni

  86. Wandering spleen

    Authors: Assaf Potruch; Arnon Haran

  87. Recurrent iodine contrast induced sialadenitis: Case report

    Authors: Assaf Potruch; Henny Azmanov

  88. A case of benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis unlinked to ATP8B1 and ABCB11

    Authors: Hany Eskarous; Anuragh Gudur

  89. Quality of life assessment in patients with a stoma due to rectal cancer in Morocco

    Authors: Yacir El Alami; Hadj Omar El Malki; Said Benamr

  90. Responding well to corticosteroid in an acitretin treatmentRelated acute lung injury patient with psoriasis

    Authors: Min Cao; Hui Li; Yong Long Xiao; Hou Rong Cai

  91. Hyperpigmented skin lesions in a patient with severe combined immunodeficiency and adenosine deaminase gene defect

    Authors: Mahnaz Jamee; Samin Sharafian; Seyedeh Atefeh Hashemimoghaddam; Zahra Chavoshzadeh

  92. Assessment of knowledge and attitude-based questionnaire of HIV/AIDS by dental students

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Yadav; Rini Tiwari

  93. Pulmonary papillary adenoma: A rare benign tumor of the lung

    Authors: Seongsik Bang; Seungyun Jee; Hwangkyu Son; Hyunsung Kim; Seung Sam Paik

  94. Non-traumatic spontaneous spinal intradural extramedullary hemorrhage (SIEH) associated with rivaroxaban

    Authors: David Siu Kei Mak; Yu Tung Lo; Ji Min Ling; Nolan Colum

  95. Autopolypectomy

    Authors: LPL Gilissen; GMC Adriaans; CJR Huysentruyt

  96. Contralateral lumbar plexopathy after minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion: A case report

    Authors: Ki Dong Baek; In Suk Bae; Hee In Kang; Jae Hoon Kim; Cheolsu Jwa

  97. Social accountability in the well-being framework

    Authors: Hamnah Tayyab; Aima Javaid; Aminah Tayyab; Kainat Zulqadar; Alina Abbas

  98. Predicting mortality rate in ICU admitted COVID-19 patients implementing visual semi-quantitative CT severity scoring system

    Authors: Javid Azadbakht; Motahare Akbari

  99. Umbilical cord hemangioma diagnosed at 31 weeks of amenorrhea: A rare case report

    Authors: Saloua Tanouti; Chaymae Chemlal; Hafsa Taheri; Hanane Saadi; Ahmed Mimouni

  100. 3D modeling of human spine and the cobb angle measurement in scoliosis patients

    Authors: Ahsan Ali; Muhammad Faizan Baqir; Ayesha Kashif; Muhammad Haq Nawaz; Muhammad Kashif Shahid

  101. A rare case of pediatric intoxication: Bufotoxin bradycardia

    Authors: Antoine Belperio; Silvia Cini; Sara Montemerani; Samuele Pacchi; Simonetta Giusti; Cinzia Garofalo; Giovanni Sbrana; Massimo Mandò

  102. Therapeutic dilemma: When to start anticoagulation for cardiac thrombi in acute ischemic stroke? Lessons from cases

    Authors: Rajish Sanjit Kumar Shil; Mohamed Salah Gamea; Noor Ullah Hussaini Mohammed; Renganathan Radhakrishnan

  103. Twin anemia polycythemia sequence (TAPS)

    Authors: Joana Lira; Joana Soares Reis; Conceição Costa; António Vinhas da Silva

  104. Pneumomediastinum associated with pneumorrhachis: air in the spinal canal

    Authors: Harpreet Singh; Ruchi Jani; Mohammed Abdalla; Shreya Podder; Bailey Ray; Rasika Chepuri

  105. Knowledge, attitude and practice related to corona virus (COVID 19) among daily workers in Hawassa city administration, Southern Ethiopia

    Authors: Kassa Daka Gidebo

  106. Definitive guiding flange prosthesis for management of hemimandibulectomy: A case report

    Authors: Jhalak Thakur; Swapnil Parlani; Nimit Jain; Shreyans Damade; Kirti Jajoo; Pushkar Dwivedi

  107. Acute myocardial infarction secondary to patent foramen ovale

    Authors: Tomislav Kostic MD; Svetlana Apostolovic MD; Zoran Perisic MD; Stefan Milutinovic MD; Zoran Radovanovic MD; Milica Radovanovic; Vukota Radovanovic; Nikola Pandrc

  108. In vivo imaging tools for functional assessment of biomaterials implanted bone regeneration

    Authors: Subhasis Roy; Prasenjit Mukherjee; Samit Kumar Nandi

  109. An innovative way of teaching electrocardiograms; EKG of the week

    Authors: Mohammad Al Akchar; Mohsin Salih; Abdisamad M Ibrahim; Mohamed Labedi; Robert Robinson

  110. Cardiology fellowship in the era of coronavirus disease (COVID 19)

    Authors: Mohammad Al Akchar; Mohsin Salih; Mukul Bhattara; Khalid Sawalha; Abdul Moiz Hafiz

  111. Clinical presentation and surgical resolution of atypical non-adenomas adrenal tumors

    Authors: Nicole Lustig; Pablo Rojas; Thomas Uslar; Roberto Olmos; Francisco J Guarda; Virginia Iturrieta; Eugenia Ortiz; Onzalo Méndez

  112. Forehead soft tissue trauma: Concealed by the art of plastic surgery

    Authors: Subin Joseph

  113. Evaluation of antenatal care utilization studies in Nigeria from 1990-2020: A narrative review

    Authors: Nwabanne Amarachi Triumph; Ogbonna Brian Onyebuchi

  114. Moth eaten alopecia as a manifestation of group of skin diseases: Reporting a series of 100 cases

    Authors: Khalifa E Sharquie; Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Ahmed

  115. Intramedullary spinal cord abscess: A grave complication of a dermal sinus tract

    Authors: Edward Goacher; Katerina Apostolopoulou; Annick Wilson; John Mc Mullan; Patricia De Lacy; Hesham Zaki; Shungu Ushewokunze

  116. Surgical - orthodontic planning of complex cases through the use of 3D models: A case report

    Authors: Giovanni Guerra; Domenico Guerra; Olimpia Ferrara; Mario Guerra; Leonardo Palazzo

  117. Agenesis of the corpus callosum

    Authors: Wilson Biziman; Oze Koudouhonon Rita; Waïs A Amarkak; Nassar Ittmade; Nabil Moatassim Billah

  118. Connatal cyst in a 20 year old girl

    Authors: Wilson Bizimana; Wais A Amarkak; Meryem Fikri; Mohammed Jiddane; Firdaous Touarsa

  119. Placement of a metallic Y stent to address a large tracheoesophageal fistula on the carina

    Authors: Konstantinos Kotsifas; Stavroula Boulia; Georgia Eleni Chrysou; Arxontoula Antonoglou; Evangelos Balis

  120. Role of permanent pacing for sinus node dysfunction related to percutaneous coronary intervention of the proximal right coronary artery

    Authors: Gurjit Singh; Gregory Hazergian

  121. Heart function and remodeling after successful stenting of coarctation of aorta in children

    Authors: Hamid Amoozgar; Hamzeh Rashid; Nima Mehdizadegan; Mohammad Reza Edraki; Hamid Mohammadi; Amir Naghshzan

  122. Mesotherapy vs PRP: Hair loss

    Authors: Elahe Najafizade; Abdol Karim Jamali; Seyed Ali Hossein Zahraei

  123. Mask induced mucormycosis: An unexplored possibility?

    Authors: Akriti Sharma; Sandhya Khunger; Rohit Bhardwaj; Arun Kumar; Vikas Kakkar; Manuswita Roy

  124. Evaluation of demographic criteria in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the relationship between the computerized tomography scan (CT scan) and mortality from the disease

    Authors: Mehran Khademalizadeh; Maryam Salimi; Seyed Hamed Jafari; Sareh Roosta; Mehdi Bazrafshan; Hamed Bazrafshan

  125. Priapism in a patient with COVID-19: A case report

    Authors: Agulleiro Juan Cruz; Lapenna Leandro; Koren Claudio; Labrador Jorge; Coronado Paul; Villalba Bachur Roberto

  126. Postpartum chest pain and the Hamman syndrome

    Authors: Kieran VJ Mullins; Wunna Wunna; Gideon Mlawa

  127. Unusual case of pseudoaneurysm of ascending aorta eroding presternal soft tissue and sternum in a patient with miliary tuberculosis and a bioprosthetic aortic valve

    Authors: Sneha Kumar Jayaswal

  128. Effects of streptococcus mutans on the expression of inflammatory cytokine TNF-α and p53 by human gum fibroblast cells

    Authors: Mohamadali Shadkam; Noushin Jalayer Naderi; Ronak Bakhtiari; Mahsa Oboodiat

  129. An uncommon presentation of a common disease

    Authors: Kieran VJ Mullins; Gideon Mlawa

  130. Patient with rare blood group B(A) phenotype: A case report

    Authors: Avineesh Chandra; Bala Bhasker; Romesh Jain; Rakesh Kumar; Subodh Srivastava

  131. Pneumothorax and lung metastases cavitation during cabozantinib treatment for metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma: A clinical case with literature overview

    Authors: Marco FM Cavallaro; Anna Di Giusto; Chiara Bigal; Valentina Orlando; Alessandra Guglielmi; Maria A Cova