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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.7

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-07-30

  1. Development of Multi-focus Image Fusion Technique using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) for Digital Images

    Authors: Ravinder Singh; Ravinder Singh Dhanoa

  2. Comparative Analysis of Wired and Wireless Lan Network QOS Using OPNET as Simulation Tool

    Authors: Kumar Gaurav Bachlas; Prabhjot Kaur

  3. Enhancement of Heat Transfer in Solar Air Heater Using Artificial Roughness: A Review

    Authors: Ankur Vishwakarma; A. R. Jaurker

  4. Humanoid Shadow Robot Using Kinect Technology

    Authors: Pranjal Katara; Ratul Aggarwal

  5. Evolution of Nanotechnology and Their Impact

    Authors: Balkeshwar Singh; Anil Kumar Mishra; Arvind Kumar

  6. Efficient method for the Determination of Multiple Spoofing Attacks

    Authors: R.Solai Prakash; Mrs.S.Rajeshwari

  7. Cylindrically Symmetric Bulk Viscous Fluid in Bimetric Relativity

    Authors: S. D. Deo; A.A.Qureshi

  8. Comparative Analysis of IPV6 Based IS-IS and OSPF-V3 Protocols

    Authors: Jagmeet Kaur; Er.Prabhdeep Singh

  9. Mechanical Properties of Nano and Nano Based Composites-A Review

    Authors: P. Prasanthi; G. Sambasiva Rao; B. Umamaheswar Gowd

  10. Thermal analysis of baffled shell and tube type EGR cooler for different types of tubes using CFD

    Authors: Ibrahim Hussain Shah; Avinash Kumar Namdeo

  11. Study of the Effect of Machining Parameters on the Machining Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide in Electrical Discharge Machine

    Authors: Subhakanta Nayak; Puspa Ranjan Swain

  12. Synthesis, Characterization and A.C. Conductivity Study of Polypyrrole/Zinc Tungstate (Ceramic) Composites

    Authors: Sangappa K Ganiger; Chaluvaraju B V; Y T Ravikiran; Murugendrappa M V

  13. Personnel Scheduling With Heuristic Search Approach

    Authors: Urmila Shrikant Pawar; Dinesh B. Hanchate

  14. Classification of ECG Signals Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Extreme Learning Machine

    Authors: Dr.S.Karpagachelvi

  15. Classification of ECG Signals Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Extreme Learning Machine

    Authors: Dr.S.Karpagachelvi

  16. Classification of ECG Signals Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Extreme Learning Machine

    Authors: Dr.S.Karpagachelvi

  17. Analysis of Musical Instruments for Signal to Noise Ratio, Distortion and Retained Signal Energy using Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Prakhar Mohan Mathur; Apoorva Kesarwani

  18. Assessment of Food Habits & Nutritional Status of Jharna Adults, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Authors: Pramod Kumar Raghav; Nidhi Agarwal; Richa Singh

  19. Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster-based Wireless Technology Networks

    Authors: Mohd Yousuf; Rasheeda Begum; Arshiya Begum

  20. Design Guidelines of Establishing Modified Integrated Pond Arrangement System (Mipas) for Effective Treatment of Wastewater in Katni District of M.P

    Authors: Suyash Awasthi; Suraj Kumar Bhagat

  21. Synthesis, Characterization and Dielectric Study of Polypyrrole/Sodium Metavanadate (Ceramic) Composites

    Authors: Sangappa K Ganiger; Chaluvaraju B V; Murugendrappa M V

  22. Process Parametric Optimization of CNC Vertical Milling Machine Using ANOVA Method in Mild Steel ? A Review

    Authors: Shahzad Ahmad; Harish Kumar Sharma; Atishey Mittal

  23. Image Leakage Detection and Prevention

    Authors: Pardeep Kumar

  24. Failure Analysis of Rollers in mill stand using Failure mode Effect Analysis

    Authors: Tadisetti Premsai; Anga Kiran Vikram Varma; S.Sivarajan

  25. Thermodynamic Characterization of Sorption of Copper(II) ions on Rice Husk

    Authors: Upendra Kumar; Nirban Laskar

  26. ARM 11 Based Advance Safety System in Vehicle

    Authors: Pallavi Rodge; P.W. Kulkarni

  27. Waste Generation Perspective of Gorakhpur City and Related Waste Treatment Techniques

    Authors: Vivek Pandey; Vivek Singh; Ravi shankar Rai; Deepak Bhasker

  28. Image Segmentation using Enhanced K-means clustering with divide and Conquer Approach

    Authors: Babeesh Kumar; Sushila Vikas Maheshkar; Ankur Singh Bist

  29. Experimental Study on Cold Formed Steel Composite Metal Deck Slab

    Authors: Sarjerao M. Patil; Mohd. Shahezad

  30. Design of LPG Refrigeration System and Comparative Energy Analysis with Domestic Refrigerator

    Authors: Ibrahim Hussain Shah; Kundan Gupta

  31. Dynamic Model of Pressure Regulating Valve

    Authors: Ahmed Abed

  32. Importance of Integrated (Manual Labour Intrinsic and Mechanized) Solid Waste Management System

    Authors: Anita Gharekhan; Dhwanilnath Gharekhan

  33. Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Wastewater by Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)

    Authors: Ashish Gadhave; Jyotsna Waghmare

  34. A Review on Improvement in Engine Performance by Application of Controlled Cooling Method

    Authors: Kumar Yogeesh Doddaiah

  35. Analysis of Single phase inverter with Boost Converter and Photovoltaic module

    Authors: Lipika Nanda; Sushree Sibani Das

  36. Removal of Pb2+, Cu2+ and Cd2+ Metals from Simulated Wastewater in Single and Competitive System Using Locally Porcelanite

    Authors: r J. Hamadi; Ahmed Abd Mohammed; Ahmed Hassoon Ali

  37. Analysis of Spur Gear Faults using Frequency Domain Technique

    Authors: Rishi Kumar Sharma; Vijay Kumar Karma

  38. Naval Corrosion--Causes and Prevention

    Authors: S.C. Jirapure; A.B. Borade

  39. A Hybrid Algorithm for Document Clustrering Using Concept Factorization

    Authors: Siamala Devi S; A. Shanmugam

  40. How Data Classification Helps Improve Data Leakage Prevention

    Authors: Anu Taneja

  41. Local Residents’ Perception on the Causes and Effects of Deforestation in Fufore Local Government Area, Adamawa State, Nigeria

    Authors: A. M. Ba; M. Galtima; A. L. Tukur; A. A. Zemba

  42. Assessing the Level of Uncertainty of small samples of Multidimensional Biological and Biometric Data

    Authors: Bakhytzhan Akhmetov; Alexander Ivanov; Elena Malyghina Sergey Kachalin; Natalya Serikova

  43. Microbiological Examination of Three Types of Common Edible Marine Fishes from Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbour, East Coast of India

    Authors: P. Jagadeesh Chandra Babu; L. Nageswara Rao

  44. Design and Implementation of IPsec VPN’s and its Configuration on ISP Network

    Authors: Poral Vandana; B.Srinivasa Rao; C.Damini; K.S.Himaja

  45. Spectroscopic Aspects of Gradient-Porosity System

    Authors: E.M.Abdeirazek; Alwan.M.Alwan; Mustafa.Kamal; Wail.H.Ali

  46. Investigation of Structural Properties of Gradient -Porosity Porous Silicon Layer Produced by Laser- Assisted Etching

    Authors: E.M.Abdeirazek; Alwan.M.Alwan; Mustafa.Kamal; Wail.H.Ali

  47. Cloud Databases: Future of Distributed Databases

    Authors: Vipin Nagar; Kavita Tiwari

  48. Study on the Seizure Trends, Friction and Lubrication in a Total Hip Prosthesis with selfDirected Balls

    Authors: L. Capitanu; V. Florescu; C. Tiganesteanu; D.C. Bursuc

  49. Study on the Seizure Trends, Friction and Lubrication in a Total Hip Prosthesis with selfDirected Balls

    Authors: L. Capitanu; V. Florescu; C. Tiganesteanu; D.C. Bursuc

  50. Study on the Seizure Trends, Friction and Lubrication in a Total Hip Prosthesis with selfDirected Balls

    Authors: L. Capitanu; V. Florescu; C. Tiganesteanu; D.C. Bursuc

  51. Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates with Holes

    Authors: Syed Altaf Hussain; V. Pandurangadu; K. Palani Kumar

  52. Current Research Issue, Trend & Applications of Powder Mixed Dielectric Electric Discharge Machining (PM-EDM): A Review

    Authors: Sushil Kumar Choudhary; R.S Jadoun

  53. Current Research Issue, Trend & Applications of Powder Mixed Dielectric Electric Discharge Machining (PM-EDM): A Review

    Authors: Sushil Kumar Choudhary; R.S Jadoun

  54. A Review On Research On Application Of Trickling Filters In Removal Of Various Pollutants From Effluent

    Authors: Sonali R. Dhokpande; Sunil J. Kulkarni; Jayant P. Kaware

  55. E-Learning by Cloud Computing-Challenges, Benefits and changes: a case study of AL- Medina International University

    Authors: Dr Kishore Kumar Das; Aftab Ara

  56. Experimental and Mathematical Modelling for Methane Biogas Production from Mixing of Real Municipal Solid Waste and Sewage Sludge

    Authors: Faiza E. Gharib; Ahmed Hassoon Ali; Wisam Ali Hussein

  57. Variation of Performance of Refrigeration System at different Temperature

    Authors: Ankit Tiwari; S.S Pawar; Asst. Sachin Baraskar

  58. Interactive Image search and Retrieval using Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: S.Dilli Babu; Gobiga Jegatheesan; Mrs.S.Anusuya

  59. Enhancement the Performance of Condenser of Split type Air Conditioning System by using Evaporative Cooling: A Review

    Authors: Manoj Prajapati; Profesor Dr.Alok Choube

  60. Use of Digital Elevation Model to compute Storm Water Drainage Network

    Authors: Manisha Desai; J. N. Patel

  61. Use and Awareness of Open Access E -Resources Among Academicians in Kerala: An Overview

    Authors: Jomy Jose

  62. A Comparative Study of Design of Hough Transform Implementation with two Different Methods

    Authors: Vijaykumar S. Kawde

  63. Retrieving Best Web Pages Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: M.Kirankumar; J.Sugumar; S.Prabhakaran

  64. Drying Characteristics of Red Chillies: Mathematical Modelling and Drying Experiments

    Authors: D.Kamalakar; Dr.L.Nageswara Rao; P.Rohini Kumar; M.Venkateswara Rao

  65. Comparative Analysis of Various Edge Detection Techniques for Bio Medical Images

    Authors: Kapil Mangla; Rinni Garg

  66. A Noval Approach on Online Transaction Protocols

    Authors: Renu; Ritu

  67. A Review of Experimental Studies on the Effect of Viscosity grade on Mechanical Vibration Behavior of deep groove Ball Bearing

    Authors: Dinesh Kumar Tyagi; A. K. Jain

  68. Implementation of AOMDV, OLSR & ZRP Protocol for Analysis of Performance Matrices in VANET Scenario

    Authors: Sonal Dubey

  69. EMI/EMC Analysis and Noise Reduction in High Frequency Devices

    Authors: Sunil.R.Gagare; Arun E. Kachare

  70. Membrane Fouling Control by Ultrasonic Membrane Anaerobic System (UMAS) to Produce Methane Gas

    Authors: Abdurahman; H. Nour; Zafiqah; Zainal

  71. Design of Multistoried R.C.C. Buildings with and without Shear Walls

    Authors: M. S. Aainawala; P. S. Pajgade

  72. The Impact of Social Networking Banking on Indian Economy

    Authors: Dr.R.Srinivasa Rao

  73. Microcontoller Based Gesture Controlled Wheelchair Using Accelerometer

    Authors: Manisha Chahal; B. Anil Kumar

  74. Design of Modified Booth Multiplier using Reversible gate logic for Radix-8

    Authors: Baljinder Kaur; Manmeet Kaur

  75. Analog & Digital Modulation Techniques: An Overview

    Authors: Amritpal Kaur

  76. Fatigue Analysis of Deep Groove Ball Bearing Based on ANSYS: A Review

    Authors: Arvind Singh; Veerendra Kumar

  77. Human Ear Biometric Authentication System

    Authors: Balakrishanan.G; Umamaheshwari

  78. Design Investigation into the Stress at the Base of a Nozzle of a Pressure Vessel

    Authors: Devaraju U.R; Manjunath K; Mahesh T.S

  79. EEG Signals Generation and Its Reconstruction

    Authors: Dharitri Ray; B.P. Bhuvana; Dr.T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

  80. Implementation of Kobetsu Kaizen pillar in Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Machine

    Authors: FirdosJahan Khan; Quazi T. Z.

  81. Analysis of Creep Life of Steam Turbine Blade by Using Different Material

    Authors: Amit Kumar Gupta; Mohd. Rehan Haider; Rohit Pandey

  82. Finite Element Analysis of I.C Engine Connecting Rod: A Review

    Authors: Mukesh Kumar; Veerendra Kumar

  83. Analysis of Speech Signal Compression at various levels and wavelets using DWT

    Authors: Prakhar Mohan Mathur; Apoorva Kesarwani; Roshni

  84. A Survey on Web Crawling Techniques by Emphasizing Path-mounting crawling

    Authors: Prerna Dewangan

  85. A Strategic Decision-Making Framework For E-Learning System: Based on Strategic Planning Process and ISO 9126 Model

    Authors: Wanwipa Titthasiri; Asst. Dr.

  86. A New Approach to System Design for Disaster Management and Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Er. Sagar; Rajesh Goel

  87. Finite Element Analsis of a Diesel Engine Connecting Rod

    Authors: Ramesh .N. G

  88. Structuring DC Micro-Grid for Integrating Renewable Energy in a DC Load Dominant Electrical Environment

    Authors: Joydeep Sarkar; Pramod Yade

  89. Optimization of MIG welding parameters using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Genetic Algorithm (GA)

    Authors: Amit Kumar; Dr.R.S.Jadoun; Ankur Singh Bist

  90. Design and Implementation of Printed Monopole Antenna for ISM Band

    Authors: Mohd Farhan; Sandip G. Dhende; Balaji G. Hogade

  91. Corrosion Inhibition by Natural Extracts at 50oC

    Authors: Rana Afif Majed; Hiba Anwer Abdullah

  92. A Review on Performance Enhancement of Microchannel Condenser in Refrigeration System

    Authors: Vandana Jatav; R.C.Gupta

  93. Phytochemial Screening of Acanthus montanus (Nees) T. Anderson and Crinium jagus (Thomps) Dandy Extracts and their Potential for Controlling rot fungi of Stored Cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta) (L.) (Schott)

    Authors: Eze; Chuma Sylvester; Amadi; Jude Ezejiofor

  94. Feasibility of Underwater Friction Stir Welding and Its Optimization Using Taguchi Method

    Authors: Mohd Abbas; Neha mehani; Atishey Mittal

  95. Fault Diagnosis of Ball Bearing using Time Domain Analysis and Fast Fourier Transformation

    Authors: Pravesh Durkhure; Akhilesh Lodwal

  96. Fault Analysis Of Two Stage Gearbox Using Acoustic Emission Signal: Effect Of Spalling

    Authors: Ankit Gupta; Vijay Karma

  97. Development of VB Based Software For Design And Analysis of Heat Exchangers

    Authors: Sandeep M. Joshi; Iqbal Mujawar

  98. On the Inverse Gaussian Record Values

    Authors: Shakila Bashir; Munir Ahmad

  99. Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Alkylacrylates with Ortho-Substituted Benzoic acids in 1, 4 - Dioxane

    Authors: F. Liakath Ali Khan; J. Udayaseelan; M. Aravinthraj

  100. A Comparative Study of Basis Path Testing and Graph Matrices

    Authors: Aakanksha Rana; Ajmer Singh

  101. The Optimization and Separation of Nickel Ions Using Biosorbent Bed of Algae

    Authors: Prof.P.G.Bansod; P.V.Sapkal

  102. UV Sensor Based on Single Metal Oxide Nanowire

    Authors: Mohammad R. Alenezi

  103. Characterization and Modifications in Watermelons (Citrullus Lanatus) cv Fashion, after the Application of Saline Waters

    Authors: J. Cabrera; S. Montoya; A. Sáez; J. Lozano; E. Ortega

  104. Energy Saving Possibilities for Swimming Pools

    Authors: Bohumil Šťastný; Kateřina Slavíčková Blanka Ježková

  105. Classification with K-means Clustering and Decision Tree

    Authors: Promila Devi; Rajiv Kumar Ranjan

  106. Retrieving Best Web Pages Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: J.Sugumar; M.Kirankumar; S.Prabhakaran

  107. Analysis of whirling speed and Evaluation of self-excited motion of the rotating shaft

    Authors: Ankit J. Desai; Devendra A. Patel; Pranav B. Patel

  108. Wear Debris Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine by Ferrography Technique

    Authors: Ashesh Tiwari; Suraj kumar sharma

  109. A Correlation between Experimental Characteristics and Stress Analysis Modeling for Recycled Silicone Rubber

    Authors: Roxana Cristina Popescu; Daniel Popescu

  110. Equilibrium and Kinetics of Glass Beads and Activated Carbon for Removal of Pb (II), Hg (II), and Cd (II) from Wastewater by Adsorption

    Authors: Abbas Hamid Sulaymon; Shahlaa Esmail Ebrahim; Mohanad Jasim Mohammed Ridha

  111. Enhancing Digital Images Using Feed Forward Neural Network

    Authors: R.Pushpavalli; G.Sivaradje

  112. Design and Analysis of 5th Order Chebyshev Low Pass Filter

    Authors: Annu; Gaganpreet

  113. Survey on Ethical Hacking Process in Network Security

    Authors: U. Murugavel; Shanthi

  114. Subset Selection in High Dimensional Data by Using Fast Clustring Technique

    Authors: C.Pearley Vinitta Sharon; K.Mohamed Amanullah

  115. Study of Corrosion Inhibitors (Pennisetum Glaucum extracts) on Mild Steel used in Building Construction

    Authors: Nitin Mathur; R C Chhipa

  116. Implementation of Charge Leakage and Sharing Noise Susceptible Dynamic CMOS Design

    Authors: Shweta Raghuwanshi; Sachin Bandewar; Anand singh