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Archived Papers for Journal

International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES) >>

Vol.1, No.4

Publisher: International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES)

Publishing Date: 2016-10-09

  1. Pedestrian Aware Automatic Street Light Using Motion Sensor, LabVIEW and ZigBee

    Authors: Manish Kumar; Ritula Thakur

  2. Joint Family Suicide in South Korea

    Authors: Rim Chae

  3. P2-Like and P* Generalized BR- Recurrent Space

    Authors: Fahmi Yaseen Abdo Qasem; Ala'a Abdalnasser Awad Abdallah

  4. Estimation of Major Online Security Attacks and Solutions during Recent Years

    Authors: C. P. Agrawal; Zeenat Hasan

  5. Modification to Heywood's Equations to Estimate the Stress Concentration Factors for Unidirectional Glass Epoxy Laminates with Circular and Square Holes

    Authors: H. Zamanian; M. Salehi

  6. A Simple Study on the Structures of Zeroid and Ordered Semirings

    Authors: N. Sulochana; M. Amala; Y. Monikarchana

  7. Data Management and Virtulization: BigData

    Authors: Kavitha. C; Kulkarni Varsha

  8. Design of a Low Cost Microprocessor-aided Voltage Stabilizer by using SVS (Static Var System)

    Authors: Manish Debnath

  9. Storage-Less and Converter-Less Energy Harvesting using Internet of Thinking Technology

    Authors: B. Arulmozhi; K. Mekala; A. Sivasankari

  10. Frequent Environment of a Human Being on Community Network Using Robot

    Authors: B. Arulmozhi; K. Indumathi; A. Sivasankari

  11. Identify the Deceive Acknowledgment in Health Care Arrangement Using Data Mining

    Authors: A. Sivasankari; R. Gayathri; R. Lakshmi

  12. A Computational Dynamic Dependence Model Depiction for Client Authorization

    Authors: A. Sivasankari; P. Agalya; B. Arulmozhi

  13. Division and Replication of Data in Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security using Fragment Placement Algorithm

    Authors: A. Sivasankari; D. Abirami; K. Ayesha

  14. Modification of Process Workflow Using Cellular Manufacturing in Gear Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study

    Authors: Naga Sai Ram.Gopisetti; Akhil.P; Sudhanshu Chouhan.G

  15. 3D CFD Study of the Effect of Inlet Air Flow Maldistribution on Plate-Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger

    Authors: L. Venkatesh; S. Arunraja; S. Arunkumar; T. R. Balajirajan

  16. Study of Farm Mechanization Gaps in the Cultivation of Cotton Crop

    Authors: S. H. Sengar; A. V. Sonawane; R. G. Burbade

  17. A Green Cloud-Oriented Computing Architecture for E-Learning Applications

    Authors: I. Lakshmi

  18. Study of Anemia among Adolescent Females by the Method of Success Testing

    Authors: M. Reni Sagayaraj; A. Merceline Anita; S. Kalaiarasi; A. Chandrababu

  19. Load Balancing Using Distributed Cluster

    Authors: Mohammed Muddasir N; Pooja R Palankar; Rakshit Raje Urs K K

  20. IBM Cloud Computing

    Authors: Sreenand.K; Rijo Rajan; Indumathi.P

  21. Microsoft Azure The Cloud Computing

    Authors: Noorilhuda.I; Sreenand.K; Balaji C

  22. Failure Mode Prediction of Single Lap Bolted Joints

    Authors: Babak Abazadeh

  23. Coconut Shell as a Substitute for Coarse Aggregate in Concrete

    Authors: Jerin M. George; Ashish Babu; George Franco; Aseem Ali P

  24. Achievement of Energy Proficient Procedure Using Wireless Network

    Authors: A. Ruby Priyadharshini

  25. A Survey on Different Types of Recommendation Systems

    Authors: Gigimol S; Sincy John

  26. A Survey on AMUA Protocol Based On Cryptographic Algorithm

    Authors: Sumeena P S; Alpha Vijayan

  27. A Survey on Various Asymmetric Algorithms

    Authors: S. Sathish Kumar; S. R. Akshay Prabhu; R. Durga; S. Jeevitha

  28. Characterization of Various Spaces Via δsg* - Closed Sets

    Authors: Geethagnanaselvi B; Sivakamasundari K

  29. Implementation of Enhancing Security of Data using AES Cryptography

    Authors: Vikas Goyal; Geeta Arora

  30. Key to Organisational Effectiveness: Social and Emotional Intelligence

    Authors: K. R. Subramanian

  31. Construction Waste Management

    Authors: B. Nandhinipriya; S. S. Janagan; K. Soundhirarajan

  32. Review Paper on AODV & DSR Routing Protocol

    Authors: Vikas Goyal; Ashish; Govind Kumar

  33. Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Using Non Invasive Technique: A Review

    Authors: P. Kalaiselvi; M. Anand; K. Sivaguru; S. Deepak

  34. Modeling and Stabilization of Cart Triple Link Inverted Pendulum using LQR Controller Incorporating Degree of Stability

    Authors: Kalyani Sharma; Vikas Sahu

  35. Malathion Pesticide Degradation by Advanced Oxidation Process (UV-Irradiation)

    Authors: Shiv Nandan; Dishank Tailor; Akhilesh Yadav

  36. Feature Extraction of an Iris Image to Develop Iris Based Biometric Recognition System

    Authors: Kameshwar Nishad; Sandeep B. Patil

  37. Thermal Performance Characteristics of Three Sides Artificially Roughened Solar Air Heaters With and Without Booster Mirrors

    Authors: Ashwini Kumar

  38. Plate Temperature and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Three sides Roughened and Boosted Solar Air Heaters

    Authors: Ashwini Kumar

  39. Comparative Study between Different Types of Formwork

    Authors: Rabi Das; Indranil Bhattacharya; Raja Saha

  40. Performance Study of Adaptive Routing Algorithm using Swarm Intelligence

    Authors: K. Kumaravel; M. Sengaliappan

  41. Convolutional Coded Bayesian Inference Based Channel Estimation in Power Line Communication Systems

    Authors: Mohammad Asadpour

  42. Nutritional Needs of Infants

    Authors: Seema Devi

  43. Sustainable Treatment of Aquaculture Effluents in Future-A Review

    Authors: Mohammad Nurul Azim Sikder; Wah Wah Min; Abdulqadir Omar Ziyad; P. Prem Kumar; R. Dinesh Kumar

  44. Latest Trends of Educational Technology: Helping India in Picking Up Pace in Academics

    Authors: Shallu Uppal

  45. Study and Implementation of Fault Diagnosis in Induction Motor Using MCSA

    Authors: T.Kousalya; S.Pradeep; Rini Unnikrishna; Terrin.J.Mario Pereira; Harishankar.S.P

  46. Tidal as Controlling Variable of Sediment Transport Material in Tondano River Estuary

    Authors: Maxi Tendean

  47. The Influence of Change of Brightness Intensity on Change of Temperature and Humidity in Ranoyapo Area, South Minahasa

    Authors: Marthen Kumajas

  48. A Breast Cancer Detection Approach Based on Radar Data Processing using Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Salvatore Caorsi; Claudio Lenzi