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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.9

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-09-30

  1. Impact of Distributed Generation on Short Circuit Level of Power System

    Authors: Minal M.Chavhan; D. B. Meshram; D. Subroto

  2. Robustness of PD and PID Controllers used with Second-Order Processes

    Authors: Galal A. Hassaan

  3. Experimental Static Analysis of a Cantilever Beam with Nonlinear Parameters

    Authors: R. S. Pawar; S. H. Sawant

  4. Studies on Performance of Metallic wick using Kerosene and Biodiesel

    Authors: Sini Sidharth; N. M. Nagarajan

  5. Studies on Performance of Metallic wick using Kerosene and Biodiesel

    Authors: Sini Sidharth; N. M. Nagarajan

  6. Improvement of Transient Stability with SSSC Controller in a Three-Machine Power System for Asymmetrical Faults

    Authors: Ravi Kant Yadav; V. K. Giri

  7. A High Step up DC-DC Converter with Coupled Inductor for AC AND DC Module Applications

    Authors: Anand.S; Eranna

  8. Performance Evaluation of Manually Operated Single Row Cotton Planter

    Authors: Rangapara Dineshkumar; Pandya Jaimin

  9. Partial Purification and Characterization of Biosurfactant from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    Authors: Priyam Vandana; Jyotsna Kiran Peter

  10. Study of MEMS Resonator with Different Stress level and its Applications

    Authors: Manju Rani; Kuldeep Bhardwaj

  11. Job Shop Scheduling Using Modified Simulated Annealing Algorithm

    Authors: PV Senthiil; Mirudhuneka; Aakash Shirrushti

  12. Supply Quota Allocation and its optimization in supply chain by Fuzzy programming Model

    Authors: Ankur Sharma

  13. Elliptic Curve Cryptography-A new approach to Public Key Cryptography

    Authors: Ajit Karki

  14. Elliptic Curve Cryptography-A new approach to Public Key Cryptography

    Authors: Ajit Karki

  15. Heat Insulation Analysis of an Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structure

    Authors: K.Kantha Rao; K. Jayathirtha Rao

  16. Simulation of Technical Systems on the basis of Vector Optimization (1. Equivalent Criteria)

    Authors: Yu. K. Mashunin; K. Yu. Mashunin

  17. Thermodynamics of Solvation for Nano Barium Carbonate in Mixed DMF?H2O Solvents at Different Temperatures

    Authors: Mohamed N .H .Hamed; Esam A.Gomaa; Sameh G .Sanad

  18. Thermodynamics of Solvation for Nano Copper Sulfate in Mixed DMF?H2O Solvents at Different Temperatures

    Authors: Mohamed N .H .Hamed

  19. Treatment of Edible oil Refinery Waste Water by Using Chemical and Biological Process

    Authors: Sarita Sharma; Ashok k. Sharma; Sanjay Verma; Himmat Singh Dodiya

  20. Cloud Storage Security And Providing Integrity Proof

    Authors: Avinash C Taskar; Mangesh T Nikam

  21. Performance Improvement of Reading Brain Function Considering Quantified Analysis of Highly Specialized Neurons (Neural Networks Approach)

    Authors: Hassan M. H. Mustafa

  22. Business Viability of off Grid Hybrid Biomass model over on Grid Solar Generation for RE in Developing countries

    Authors: Lov Kumar Mishra; Avanish K Tiwari; Krishan K Pandey

  23. Integrated Solid Waste Management-An Innovative Approach

    Authors: L.Nageswara Rao; D.Kamalakar

  24. Thermoelastic Properties and Specific Heat Curve of C60 in Fcc Phase

    Authors: Preeti Singh; Subhadra Rajpoot

  25. Document Image Binarization Using Independent Component Analysis For OCR

    Authors: Varada Sreeja; G.Guru Prasad

  26. Simulating Model of UWB System for SUI Channel

    Authors: Shital B. Kumbhalkar; D. Sailaja

  27. Morpho-structural properties of CeO2 and (CeO2-CaO, CeO2-ZnO) Binary Nanostructured Oxides Prepared by the Electrodeposition Method

    Authors: M. El Hajji; A. Hallaoui; L. Bazzi; O. Jbara; A. Benlhachemi; A. Tara; B.Bakiz

  28. Design Improvement of the Handle bar Assembly of an Automobile Using FEA

    Authors: S. V. Jaswandkar; P. N. Deshmukh

  29. Analysis of Ulcer Wound Using Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: N.B.Mankar; U.T.Nagdeve

  30. Geoinformatics for Coastal Wetland Inventory of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: G.V.Padma; Ch. Tata Babu; B. Hema Malini

  31. Commercial Passenger Vehicle Seat Design and Testing Using Advance Simulation Procedure

    Authors: Minakshi Das; Anil Elisala; G.V.R. Seshagiri Rao

  32. Two Dimensional Mathematical Model of Contamination Distribution in the Lower Reach of Diyala River

    Authors: Faris A. Kubba; Ali S. Joodi; Hussein A. H. Al-Sudani

  33. Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining

    Authors: M.Keerthiga; Thirunavukarasu B; Prasanneswar R

  34. WTO and its Impact on Small Scale Industries in India

    Authors: Anchal Singh

  35. Dynamic Traffic- Rule- Violation Monitoring and Detection System

    Authors: Vidhya.B; B.Shoban Babu

  36. Effect of Heat Source/Sink and Mixed Convection Flow of Maxwell Fluid on Heat Transfer near A Stagnation Point with Convective Condition

    Authors: D. Srinivasulu Reddy; A. Nagamalleswara Rao; M. J. Subhakar; B.Hema Sundar Raju

  37. High-Power Transformer-Less Wind Energy Conversion System with Permanent Magnet Wind Generator

    Authors: M. Ranjith Kumar; D. Kumaraswamy

  38. A Review of Fatigue Analysis for Leaf Spring Using Finite Element Methodology and Experimentation for Evaluating the Variation in Material and the Geometry Affecting the Performance Over Life

    Authors: Prof.Vidyadhar .C. Kale; Dabhade Roshan Megharaj

  39. Measurement and Detection of Partial Discharge in Power Systems

    Authors: Raafe Karim Khan; Akash Basia

  40. A Review Paper on Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Anjum Guleria; Er. Neha Sharma

  41. Image Compression Using Fast Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Anjum Guleria; Er. Neha Sharma

  42. A Digital Video Watermarking Technique Based on Frame Extraction in 6-Level DWT

    Authors: Meenakshi; Kuldeepsingh

  43. Efficient Design to Meet High Power Density Applications Using DC-DC Energy Conversion

    Authors: L. Ashok; M.Prashantha

  44. Optimization of Slight Halotolerant α-Amylase Producing Brevibacillus Borstelensis R1 in Various Media by Submerged Fermentation

    Authors: K.Suribabu; K.P.J Hemalatha

  45. Couette Flow of a Bingham Fluid in a Channel Bounded By Permeable Beds with Suction and Injection

    Authors: K. Nandagopal; S. Sreenadh; P. Lakshminarayana; K. Chakradhar

  46. Minimize the Makespan in Flow Shop Scheduling Problems Using African Wild Dog Algorithm

    Authors: S. Sridhar; N. Harikannan

  47. Study the Effect of Surface Treatment on the Mechanical Behaviour of Natural Fiber Composites

    Authors: M Bhuvaneshwaran; S.Balu; P S Sampath

  48. Emission Characteristics for Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System

    Authors: Pratik G. Sapre; Kunal A.Bhagat

  49. Mechanics in Ancient Aircraft In Ancient Aeronautics

    Authors: V.V.S.Nikhil Bharadwaj; M.Sai Dheeraj

  50. Estimation of Constant-Stress Partially Accelerated Life Test Plans for Rayleigh Distribution using Type-II Censoring

    Authors: Sadia Anwar; Arif Ul Islam

  51. A Multi Response Optimization of Machining Parameters For Surface Roughness & MRR In High Speed CNC Turning of EN-24 Alloy Steel Using Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: Puneet Saini; Shanti Parkash

  52. Assessment of Air Quality Associated with Adulteration in Akola City, Maharashtra

    Authors: A.P.Gawande; Dr.J.P.Kaware

  53. Assessment of Air Quality Associated with Adulteration in Akola City, Maharashtra

    Authors: A.P.Gawande; Dr.J.P.Kaware

  54. Assessment of Air Quality Associated with Adulteration in Akola City, Maharashtra

    Authors: A.P.Gawande; Dr.J.P.Kaware

  55. Assessment of Air Quality Associated with Adulteration in Akola City, Maharashtra

    Authors: A.P.Gawande; Dr.J.P.Kaware

  56. A FPGA-Based Numerically Controlled Oscillator without Spurious Component

    Authors: Guoping Wang

  57. FPGA Implementations of Tiny Mersenne Twister

    Authors: Guoping Wang

  58. Review on Performance Parameter and Emission Characteristics of Four Stroke Diesel Engine Fuel Blended with Sesame Oil and Diesel

    Authors: Nilesh Kumar Sharma; A.C.Tiwari

  59. Analysis of Natural Vibration of Visco-Elastic Rectangulr Plate with Thickness and Temperature Variation

    Authors: Subodh Kumar Sharma

  60. Analysing the Behaviour of Software Agent through a Set of Measures of Agent Oriented Metrics

    Authors: Minakshi Sharma; Sapna Mahar

  61. Design & Analysis of Fuselage Structure using Solidworks & ANSYS

    Authors: Marampalli Shilpa; M. Venkateswar Reddy; A. Siva Kumar

  62. Geoinformatics for Spatio-temporal analysis of Land use dynamics in Bobbili mandal, Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: Ch.Tata Babu; G.V.Padma; Prof.P.Suneetha

  63. Automated Trolley System

    Authors: Melba Lira D

  64. News Alert System Using Geofencing

    Authors: Mrs Sweta Vinay Kamat

  65. Investigating the Misidentification of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

    Authors: Taekwan Yoon; Changyoung Ma

  66. A Review on Pressure Ulcer: Aetiology, Cost, Detection and Prevention Systems

    Authors: Mahbub C Mishu; Venketesh N Dubey; Tamas Hickish; Jonathan Cole

  67. Use of Artificial Neural Network to Predict the Various Impedances of K-Rated Transformer

    Authors: Manish Kumar Verma; Ruchika Kaushik; Swati Sharma; Manab Kumar Sengupta

  68. Effect of Thermal Diffusion and Heat Absorption on an Unsteady MHD Flow Past a Flat Plate in Presence of Viscous Dissipation

    Authors: K.Anitha

  69. Applications and Advancements in Treatment of Waste Water by Membrane Technology- A Review

    Authors: Sunil J. Kulkarni; Ajaygiri K. Goswami

  70. Simulation of Interline Power Quality Conditioner

    Authors: E Yadesh Kumar Yadav; T V V Pavan Kumar

  71. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al6061-Sicp Casted Composites

    Authors: G.J.Naveen; C.S.Ramesh

  72. Psychological Classification of Predicting Students Academic Performance using Hidden Markov Model

    Authors: V.Sumalatha; Dr.R.Santhi; Dr; Rakesh Nigam

  73. Design and CFD Analysis of Conical Nozzle for 2.75 Inch Rocket System

    Authors: Khaleel; N. Prabhu Kishore; A. Siva Kumar

  74. Conversion of selected waste Plastic in to Synthetic Fuel (Synthetic Diesel)

    Authors: Nagori Kaustubh; Dohare Devendra

  75. A Survey on Data Processing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Brisheket Suman Tripathi; Mohit Srivastava

  76. Comparative Analysis of Various Condenser in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

    Authors: Patil Deepak P.; Bhangale J.H.; Palande D.D.

  77. Sybil Attack in Vanet by Neighbourhood Information Passing

    Authors: Pankaj Kumar; Vikas Kumar; Jagjit Singh

  78. Performance Enhancement of Sugar Mill by Alternate Cooling System for Condenser

    Authors: Paras Chouhan; Avin Chandrakar

  79. First Order Logic in Semantic Tableau and VAMPIRE

    Authors: Rania Mahmoud; Ismail Amr Ismail; Ahmed Fahim

  80. Effect of Evaporative Cooling on Air Conditioning Test Rig

    Authors: Mohit Yadav; S.S Pawar

  81. Simulation and Synthesis for TACIT Network Security in Hardware Description Language Environment

    Authors: Yogesh Kumar Sharma; Manoj Kumar