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Archived Papers for Journal

The Journal of the Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication >>

Vol.15, No.1

Publisher: The Institute of Internet, Broadcasting and Communication

Publishing Date: 2015-02-28

  1. An Access Control Method considering Semantic Context for Privacy-preserving

    Authors: Woo-Jun Kang

  2. Security Analysis and Improvement of Integrated Security Management System

    Authors: Kyung-Shin Kim

  3. Proposal for Evacuee Guidance of Cloud-based Elevator System in Emergency Situation

    Authors: Jun-Ho Choi; Seung-Jung Shin

  4. A Study of Performance Evaluation Standard for Scanned Cartoon Book Identification Technology

    Authors: Hee-Don Yoon; Tae-Hyun Kim; Ho-Gab Kang; Seong-Hwan Cho

  5. A Study on Copyright Protection Method of Web Image Contents

    Authors: Yeong-Hun Yi; Man-Gi Cho; Seong-Hwan Cho

  6. Performance Analysis of the Encryption Algorithms in a Satellite Communication Network based on H-ARQ

    Authors: Won Ho Jeong; Bong-Gu Yeo; Ki-Hong Kim; Sang-Hyun Park; Sang-Woon Yang; Jeong-Seok Lim; Kyung-Seok Kim

  7. Performance Analysis of a Satellite Communication System based on IPsec VPN

    Authors: Won-Ho Jeong; Lan-Mi Hwang; Ki-Hong Kim; Sang-Hyun Park; Sang-Woon Yang; Jeong-Seok Lim; Kyung-Seok Kim

  8. An Efficient Bot Detection Mechanism in Smartphones

    Authors: Ujin Choe; Jiyeon Park; Jinman Jung; Junyoung Heo; Gwangil Jeon

  9. Design of Restaurant Advertisement and Order System using Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

    Authors: Byungho Cho

  10. System Implement to Identify Copyright Infringement Based on the Text Reference Point

    Authors: Kyung-Ung Choi; Soon-Cheol Park; Seung-Won Yang

  11. A Study on Construction of On & Off Marketplace for global distribution of broadcasting contents

    Authors: Jong-Bae Ahn

  12. Channel Allocation Method of DAB System considering National SFN

    Authors: Sang-Lim Ju; Kyu-Tae Yang; Hyoungsoo Lim; Kyung-Seok Kim

  13. Method for Hybrid Cooperative Sharing applied Automatic Request Protocol

    Authors: Hyung-Yun Kong

  14. New Method of Cooperative Spectrum Sharing for Interference Mitigation

    Authors: Hyung-Yun Kong

  15. Capacity of Opportunistic Incremental Relaying System Controlled by Truncated Power in Rayleigh Fading Channels

    Authors: Nam-Soo Kim

  16. Energy Improvement of WSN Using The Stochastic Cluster Head Selection

    Authors: Jong-Yong Lee

  17. A Performance Evaluation of VSS-MMA Adaptive Equalization Algorithm using the Non-Linear Fuction of Error Signal for QAM System

    Authors: Seung-Gag Lim

  18. A Performance Comparison of VSCA and VSDA Adaptive Equalization Algorithm using Distance Adjusted Approach in QAM Signal

    Authors: Seung Gag Lim

  19. A Hazardous Substance Monitoring Sensor Network Using Multiple Robot Vehicle

    Authors: Jeongmyong Chun; Samok Kim; Sanghu Lee; Seokhoon Yoon

  20. Extended Entity-Relationship Model for Conceptual Modeling of XML Schema

    Authors: In-Hwan Jung; Young-Ung Kim

  21. Enhanced image detail control using Multi Channel Unsharp Mask Technique

    Authors: Hyun-ji Cho; Doohee Nam

  22. A Study on Sizing and Operational Policies for Building the Cloud Training Portal System of Cyber Universities

    Authors: Jung-Ho Park

  23. Target Path Detection Algorithm Using Activation Time Lag of PDR Sensors Based on USN

    Authors: Jaeil Lee; Chong Hyun Lee; Jinho Bae

  24. Proposition on Five Sense Smart Screen Elevator System based on Laser Display

    Authors: Joo-Bong Park; Seung-Jung Shin

  25. Gaze Recognition System using Random Forests in Vehicular Environment based on Smart-Phone

    Authors: Byung-Hun Oh; Kwang-Woo Chung; Kwang-Seok Hong

  26. A Study on PDOP due to the Position Error of Acoustic Sensors in the 3D TDOA Positioning System

    Authors: Jongtaek Oh

  27. Sudoku Algorithm

    Authors: Sang-Un Lee

  28. A Study on Generation and Types of Mandelbrot Fractal Images

    Authors: Mi-Jeong Lim; Hyong-Je Cho

  29. Design and Development of Framework for Local Heavy Rainfall Forecasting Service using Wireless Data Broadcasting

    Authors: Seokjin Im; JinTak Choi

  30. Design of Open Gateway Framework for Personalized Healing Data Access

    Authors: YoungJun Jeon; SeokJin Im; HeeJoung Hwang

  31. Implementation of Multi-Motor Controller Based on a Single Microcontroller

    Authors: Jae-Min Kwon; Kyung-Jung Lee; Hyun-Sik Ahn

  32. Design of a PWM-Controlled Driving Device for Backlightsof LED Systems

    Authors: Kee-Hong Um

  33. Design of Semiconductor-Operated Bidirectional Transformers Driven by Polarities of Alternating Voltage Sources

    Authors: Kee-Hong Um

  34. Diffraction Analysis of Multi-layered Grating Structures using Rigorous Equivalent Transmission-Line Theory

    Authors: Kwang-Chun Ho

  35. Proof Algorithm of Erdös-Faber-Lovász Conjecture

    Authors: Sang-Un; Lee

  36. UI Design Survey of Mobile App for the Activation of Traditional Market

    Authors: Joo-Hee Lee

  37. Feasibility Study of Product Information Design at Internet shopping sites

    Authors: Joo-Hee Lee

  38. Activation Plan for Online Shopping Mall of Kids' Furniture

    Authors: Eun-Young Jang; Sang-Joon Lee; Kyeong-Rak Lee; Sang-Hyun Lee