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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.11

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-11-05

  1. Design and Response Characteristics of Electronic Control System on Hydraulic-Driven Mole Plough

    Authors: M. Hariansyah; Radite P.A Setiawan; Desrial; Dewa Made Subrata

  2. Heavy Metal Concentration in Fish Species Sold In Gwagwalada Market, Abuja

    Authors: N. C. Igwemmar; S. A. Kolawole; S. O. Odunoku

  3. Learning Style Preferences of First Year Medical Students of a Rural Medical College, West Bengal, India

    Authors: Sanhita Mukherjee; Siddhartha Das; Sunanda De; Diptakanti Mukhopadhyay

  4. Effects of Competitive Strategies on the Performance of Mission Hospitals in Kenya (A Case of Kijabe Mission Hospital)

    Authors: Eunice Wambui Mwangi; Kepha Ombui

  5. Disruptive Behaviour of the Readers: A Study of Mekelle University Main Campus Libraries (Ethiopia)

    Authors: Yogesh Bajpai

  6. Antimicrobial Activity of Silver-Zeolite LTA on Heavily-Contaminated Underground Ghanaian Waters

    Authors: B. Kwakye-Awuah; D. D. Wemegah; I. Nkrumah; C. Williams; I. Radecka

  7. Android Based ECG Monitoring System

    Authors: Ayaz Akram; Raheel Javed; Awais Ahmad

  8. Enhancing Performance of F1 Solanum Interspecifics via Embryo-Culture for Probable Redistribution of their Pharmacological Properties

    Authors: Benserah; A. O

  9. The Strategy of Business Process Integration and Competitive Advantage in a Supply Chain Collaboration with the Outcome Corn Farmers? Welfare in West Nusa Tenggara Province - Indonesia

    Authors: Tajidan; Budi Setiawan; M. Muslich Mustadjab; A. Wahib Muhaimin

  10. Effect of Cutting Parameters on the Surface Roughness of MWCNT Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using CNC End-Milling Process

    Authors: G. Harii Krishna Rao; M. N. M Ansari; Shahida Begum

  11. A Reflection on the Cultural Synthesis of Karnataka - Maharashtra Border Region

    Authors: Shobha Shivaprasad Nayak

  12. Super Resolution of License Plates Using Generalized DAMRF Image Modeling

    Authors: Vikas Nivrutti Dhakane; Jalinder Nivrutti Ekatpure

  13. Enhancing Recommendation on Customizable E-Commerce System with Association&Ranking

    Authors: S. Saravanakumar; S. Diviya

  14. Comparison of the Physicochemical Properties of Starch from Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Maize (Zea mays)

    Authors: S. A. Kolawole; N. C. Igwemmar; H. A. Bello

  15. A Study of Normalized Geometric and Normalized Hamming Distance Measures in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi Sets

    Authors: P. Rajarajeswari; N. Uma

  16. Ventilation Air Distribution in Hospital Operating Room-Review

    Authors: Amer Abduladheem; K. S. M. Sahari; H. Hasini; Wisam Ahmed; Raed Abed Mahdi

  17. Design and Implementation of Photovoltaic Power Conversion using Modular Multilevel Converter (PPCMMC)

    Authors: P. Sheeba; M. Nivedha

  18. Factors Influencing Implementation of Strategic Plans in Public Secondary Schools in Lari District, Kiambu County

    Authors: Wanjiku Joseph Nganga; Kepha Ombui

  19. Study of Transfusion Practices in Hereditary Anemia Patients Receiving Blood Transfusions at RAS Al Khaimah

    Authors: Begum Saidunnisa; Agarwal Anshoo; Chudasama Meghna; Raidullah Emadullah

  20. Geophysical Exploration of Iron Ore Deposit in Kimachia Area in Meru County in Kenya, Using Gravity and Magnetic Techniques

    Authors: Abuga Vincent; MoustaphaKassim; Migwi Charles; Ambusso Willis; Muthakia Gerald

  21. Global HR Issues and Challenges for Managers

    Authors: Uma S. N

  22. Factors Influencing Continuity of Academic Programs in Private Universities in Kenya: A Case of St. Paul's University

    Authors: Leah Kaari Macharia; Kepha Ombui

  23. A Robust UART Implementation for Industrial Applications on FPGA

    Authors: Nagaraju. A; S. Nagi Reddy

  24. Chemical Composition of Red and White Cocoyam (Colocosiaesculenta) Leaves

    Authors: OlaleyeLydia Damilola; Owolabi Bodunde Joseph; AdesinaAdeniyi Olufemi; IsiakaAdekunle Amoo

  25. A Seismic Analysis of Structural History of Makad Field, Onshore Niger Delta and Its Implications for Petroleum Occurrence

    Authors: Ayoola W. Fagbenro; Timothy Y. Woma

  26. Effects of Seed Coat Absence on the Chemical Composition of Croton (Crotonpenduliflorus) Seed and its Oil

    Authors: Abass MonsuruAdeyinka; Owolabi Bodunde Joseph; Isiaka Adekunle Amoo

  27. A Study on Training Importance for Employees of their Successful Performance in the Organization

    Authors: Uma S. N

  28. Medical College is a Stressful Environment for Students

    Authors: Sunil Kumar Jena

  29. A Comparative Study between Laparoscopic Appendicectomy and Small Incision Open (Minilap) Appendicectomy in Cases of Acute Appendicitis

    Authors: Birju Shah; Nikunj Vaidhya; M. M Anchalia

  30. Social Work Intervention for Ex-Militants of Kashmir

    Authors: Aijaz Ahmad Bund

  31. Ethics and Social Impact of Information Systems in Our Society: Analysis and Recommendations

    Authors: Mosud Y. Olumoye

  32. A Distributed Intelligent Framework for Handling Dynamically Arriving Information

    Authors: Shanthi. P; Saraswathy. K

  33. Design, Modification and Concept Generation of Fixture to mount Sub-assemblies from the Hydraulic Excavator Bucket

    Authors: Arjun Shanmukam; Adarsh G Nair

  34. The Multifaceted Aspects of Infertility

    Authors: Tracy K. Syiem; K. Jayashankar Reddy

  35. The Folk Element in African Drama

    Authors: Harshita Borah

  36. Authentication of Gray Scale Document Images via the Use of PNG Image with Data Repairing

    Authors: P. Sujitha; G. Murali

  37. Effects of Long Term Use of Mobile Phones on Hearing Status of Healthy Individuals Compared to Infrequent Mobile Phone Users in Age Group of 15-40 Years

    Authors: Hitesh Patel; Rizwan Qureshi

  38. Adsorption Studies for Organic Matter Removal from Wastewater by Using Bagasse Flyash in Batch and Column Operations

    Authors: Sunil J. Kulkarni; Ajaygiri K. Goswami

  39. Review of Trust based Methodologies in WSNs

    Authors: Satwant Singh; Usvir Kaur

  40. Low Power Multiparameter Biopotential Amplifier System

    Authors: Jithin Krishnan; Niranjan D. Khambete; Antony Rajan; Biju Benjamin

  41. Signal Denoising Using EMD and Hilbert Transform and Performance Evaluation with K-S Test

    Authors: Chaitanya Kumar. N

  42. Custom Power Improvement in Distribution System by Open UPQC

    Authors: P. Kondala Rao; K. Vimala Kumar

  43. Integration of a City GIS Data with Google Map API and Google Earth API for a Web Based 3D Geospatial Application

    Authors: Akanbi A. K; Agunbiade O. Y

  44. Information Repackaging in Library Services

    Authors: Prakash Dongardive

  45. Statistical Analysis of Factors that Influence Voter Response Using Factor Analysis and Principal Component Analysis

    Authors: Violet Omuchira; John Kihoro; Jeremiah Kiingati

  46. Exploration of Data Mining Techniques in Record Deduplication

    Authors: R. Gayathri; A. Malathi

  47. The Professional Skills of the Integrated Living Skills (ILS) Teachers

    Authors: Rasidayanty Saion

  48. Analysis of Formation Water Compositions and Its Effect on Crude Oil from Off-Shore Location of Niger-Delta, Nigeria

    Authors: Akinade Akinwumi

  49. Marketing Library and Information Services

    Authors: Prakash Dongardive

  50. Application of Dstatcom for Load Compensation of Isolated Diesel Generator System

    Authors: P. Shashavali; N. Anjan Kumar

  51. Life Skills Subject Teachers Leadership as a Head Panel

    Authors: Siti Salwabinti Ab. Manap

  52. Towards Semantical E-Learning from E-learning

    Authors: Vinod Kumar Shukla; Princy Agrawal

  53. Management of Special Education Teacher to Upgrade the Mastering of Reading Skills of Dyslexia Pupils

    Authors: Phang Hue Pin

  54. Corporate Sustainability Reporting in Emerging Economies - A Review and Future Direction

    Authors: J. Karthikeyani; N. Angalakshmi

  55. Student Satisfaction Level of Quality Services Workshop Facilities in Malaysia Community College

    Authors: Jasman Esmon; Hairul Nurasyikin Haron

  56. A Study on Pro-Social Behaviour and Parental Behaviour of Higher Secondary Students

    Authors: A. Paul Albert; T. Thilagavathy

  57. The Effectiveness of Administration and Co-curriculum in Sport to the Involvement of Students in Vocational College in Malaysia

    Authors: Melati Binti Yaacob; Hairul Nurasyikin Binti Haron

  58. SVM: The Qualitative and Quantitative Monolithic Predictor

    Authors: Abhijit Adhikari; Chetan Nimba Aher

  59. Women as a Leader in School

    Authors: Ahmad Esa; Leong Choy Peng

  60. Estimation of Production Cost for Omega-3 Fatty Acid Incorporated Processed Cheese Spread

    Authors: Apurba Giri; Suresh Kumar Kanawjia

  61. A Tool to Measure the Behavioural Competency of Under Graduate Students

    Authors: P. Vijay; T. Thilagavathy

  62. An Efficient Routing Approach for In-Network Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: D. N. Rewadkar; Priti Madhukar Mithari

  63. Magnetic Shielding: A Demonstration and Experimental Realization

    Authors: A. Annadurai

  64. Cloud Computing&Energy Efficiency Cloud as an alternative to Green Computing

    Authors: Puru Agrawal

  65. A Comparative Study of the AODV and DSDV Routing Protocols for Smaller Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: Patel Jitendra J.; Pankaj Dalal

  66. Quality Assurance in Emerging Primary Private Teacher Training Colleges in Bungoma County, Kenya

    Authors: Sarah Likoko; Anne Wasike; Fredrick Ndinyo

  67. Survey on Privacy-Preservation in Data Mining Using Slicing Strategy

    Authors: Neha Jamdar; Vanita Babane

  68. Identification of Image Spam by Using Histogram and Hough Transform

    Authors: Zin Mar Win; Nyein Aye

  69. Survey on Various IP Spoofing Detection Techniques

    Authors: Ann Mary Jacob; Saritha S

  70. Critical Evaluation of Children and Human Rights

    Authors: K. Illakiya; S. Kanchana Ratnam

  71. Automatic Attendance Management System Using Face Recognition

    Authors: Jomon Joseph; K. P. Zacharia

  72. A Qos Oriented Cognitive Radio based VHOM Scheme for WIMAX/WIFI Overlay Networks

    Authors: CH. Srilakshmi Prasanna; S. Jessica Saritha

  73. Review on: Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing Environment

    Authors: Sagar Girase; Rahul Samant; Mayank Sohani; Suraj Patil

  74. A Comparative Study of Acute Verses Chronic Cholecystitis Operated Laperoscopically

    Authors: Vinod G Patel; Nina M. Shah

  75. Encryption of Text File in a Video Using Adaptive Compression of Video

    Authors: Y. Satheesh; Shaik Taj Mahaoob

  76. Production of Biofuel from Algae: An Economic and Eco-Friendly Resource

    Authors: Devendra Pratap Singh; Rakesh Kumar Trivedi

  77. Measuring Consciousness Quotient -A Study of Its Influence on Employees Work Performance and Organizational Outcomes

    Authors: Namita Aggarwal

  78. The Role of Perceived Organizational Politics (POP) in Examining Organizational Citizenship Behaviors (OCBs); Taking Self-monitoring as Moderator

    Authors: Muddasar Ghani Khwaja; Huma Ahmad

  79. Implementation of AODV Protocol and Detection of Malicious Nodes in MANETs

    Authors: Savithru Lokanath; Aravind Thayur

  80. Effect of Friction Stir Processing on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of the Sand Casting Eutectic Al-12wt%Si Alloy

    Authors: Alaa Mohammed Hussein Wais; Jassim Mohammed Salman; Ahmed Ouda Al-Roubaiy

  81. Design and Development of Composite/ Hybrid Propeller Shaft

    Authors: Mujahid Khan; M. A. Mateen; D. V. Ravi Shankar

  82. Research on 6 DOF - Steward Platform Mechanical Characteristics Analysis and Optimization Design

    Authors: Husameldeen Mustafa Mohammed; Hu Deji

  83. Dietary Patterns of University Students: A Case Study of the University of Sennar

    Authors: Eshraga Abdallah Ali Elneim

  84. The Effect of Selected Circuit Training Exercises on Sprinters of High School Girls

    Authors: M. Sudhakar Babu; P. P. S. Paul Kumar

  85. Fingerprint Identification using Fusion of Pores and Minutiae Extraction at different Resolutions

    Authors: Mahak Arora; Veenu Sharma

  86. Antimicrobial&Antioxidant Activity of Orange Pulp and Peel

    Authors: Mamta Arora; Parminder Kaur

  87. Improvement of Power Quality Using Repetitive Controller for Dynamic Voltage Restorer

    Authors: Lalitha V; Vindhya Smitha K

  88. Role of E-Procurement Strategy in Enhancing Procurement Performance in State Corporations in Kenya

    Authors: Noor Ismail Shalle; WarioGuyo; Iravo Mike Amuhaya

  89. Survey on Big Data by Coordinating MapReduce to Integrate Variety of Data

    Authors: N. Monica; K. Ramesh Kumar

  90. EDCD Method for Discovering Connectivity Disruption in WSN

    Authors: P. Anbu Karthick; K. Brinda

  91. Challenges to Commercialization of Guinea Fowl in Africa

    Authors: John Cassius Moreki; Malebogo Virginia Radikara