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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.8

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-08-05

  1. Analysis on Temperature Variation over the Past 55 Years in Guyuan City, China

    Authors: Liu Rui; Zhang ZhiHua

  2. Significance and Utilities of Routine Urine Analysis by Screening to Detect the Underlying Diseases

    Authors: Ashok Solanki; Heena Mod; Sarzoo G. Desai

  3. Developing a Democratic Constitutional Framework through a People-Driven Constitution Making Process for Zimbabwe

    Authors: Wurayayi Zembe; Jeevananda Sanjeevaiah

  4. Conception of a Tool for the Restoration of the Roman Imperial Baths

    Authors: Houda Lichiheb; Mounir Dhouib

  5. Effects of Vegetation Change and Land Use/ Land Cover Change on Land Surface Temperature in the Mara Ecosystem

    Authors: Eunice W. Nduati; Charles N. Mundia; Moses M. Ngigi

  6. A Clinical research of Siddha Drug GLY CYN NEU Ointment for AzhalVaatham (Neuropathy)

    Authors: S. R. Pholtan Rajeev; U. D. S. Sewwandi

  7. Improvement of Convection Heat Transfer by Using Porous Media and Nanofluid: Review

    Authors: Raed Abed Mahdi; H A. Mohammed; K. M. Munisamy

  8. Spectral Depth Analysis of Parts of Upper Benue Trough and Borno Basin, North-East Nigeria, Using Aeromagnetic Data

    Authors: Salako; K. A.; Udensi; E. E

  9. Where Does Blood Go? Study on Transfusion Practices in SAQR Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    Authors: Agarwal Anshoo; Begum Saidunnisa; Chudasama Meghna; Raidullah Emadullah

  10. Isolated English Word Recognition System: Appropriate for Bengali-accented English

    Authors: Tanjin Taher Toma; Abu Hasnat Md. Rubaiyat; A.H.M Asadul Huq

  11. Isolated Kannada Character Recognition using Chain Code Features

    Authors: H. Imran Khan; Smitha U. V; Suresh Kumar D. S

  12. Cloud Computing and Its Types in Mobile Network

    Authors: Palak Jain

  13. Effective VM Scheduling Strategy for Heterogeneous Cloud Environment

    Authors: B. A Patil; Amegha. K

  14. Characterization of Mnless thansupgreater than2+less than/supgreater than ion Doped KCdBSi (Kless thansubgreater than2less than/subgreater thanO - CdO - Bless thansubgreater than2less than/subgreater thanOless thansubgreater than3less than/subgreater than

    Authors: Keerti Marita.G; Sandhya Cole

  15. Effects of Anthropogenic Activities on Distribution and Abundance of the Epiphytic Orchid, Polystachya fusiformis (Thou.) Lindl. in the Manga Range Ecosystem, Kisii, Kenya

    Authors: Mageto Evans; Abel Kamweya; John Ochora; Samson Maobe

  16. Low Power Area Efficient Parallel Counter Architecture

    Authors: Lekshmi Aravind

  17. Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Indian Economy

    Authors: T. Vasanthi; S. Aarthi

  18. The Omnipresent Gendered Career Pathways for Women and the Role of Career Counsellors in Kenya

    Authors: Ciriaka Muriithi Gitonga

  19. Judicial Frameworks and Privacy Issues of Cloud Computing

    Authors: Riyaz A Jamadar; Pritesh A Patil

  20. Review of Role of Digital Video in Information Security

    Authors: Dinesh Goyal; Pratima Jha

  21. Parametric Study of Double Layer Steel Dome with Reference to Span to Height Ratio

    Authors: H. S. Jadhav; Ajit S. Patil

  22. Design of Remote Video Monitoring and Motion Detection System based on Arm-Linux Platform and HTTP Protocol with SMS Capability

    Authors: A. Suresh; K. S. R Murthy

  23. Noise Immune and Area Optimized Serial Interface for FPGA based Industrial Interfaces

    Authors: D. Ravi; K. S. R Murthy

  24. The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Achievement of Students in Chemistry at Secondary Level of CBSE and UP Board in India

    Authors: Avinash Agrahari; Shailja Singh

  25. ECG QRS Complex Detector

    Authors: Chinchu Venu Gopal

  26. A Survey of Opinions of Major Stakeholders Regarding the Feasibility and Necessity for the Hearing Impaired Child to Speak

    Authors: Chingombe. Shamiso Iline; Chitumba. William

  27. Artificial Intelligence of the Web through Domain Ontologies

    Authors: K. C. Gouda; Nagaraj Bhat; K. Deepan Siddarthan

  28. Dual U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth

    Authors: Sapna Panwar; Bhagwan Swaroop Sharma

  29. Lake Water Environment Capacity Analysis Based on Steady-State Model

    Authors: Xu Chang; Wu Hao; Liu Hong Wei

  30. Background Subtraction Algorithm for Moving Object Detection Using Denoising Architecture in FPGA

    Authors: Anu Susan Philip

  31. A Study on Stress Management among Employees at Sakthi Finance Limited, Coimbatore

    Authors: R. Gomathi; R. Deepika

  32. Micropropagation of Hoya Kerrii (Valentine Hoya) Through Callus Induction for Long Term Conservation and Dissemination

    Authors: Romana Siddique

  33. Implementation of Low Power Test Pattern Generator Using LFSR

    Authors: K. Supriya; B. Rekha

  34. Concurrent Radiotherapy and Weekly Paclitaxel for Locally Advanced Squmous Cell Carcinoma of Uterine Cervix-Treated Patients at Rural Centre in India

    Authors: Sanjay S. Chandel; K. K Singh; A. K. Nigam

  35. Analytical Study of AES and Proposed Variant with Enhance Block Length and Key Length

    Authors: Sayed Tathir Abbas; Ravindera Kumar

  36. Biceps Brachii with Third Head: A Case Report

    Authors: Pushpa NB; Roshni Bajpe

  37. Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Precipitation in Ningxia, China

    Authors: Wu Hao; Xu Chang

  38. Detection of Cysts in Ultrasonic Images of Ovary

    Authors: Ashika Raj

  39. Automated ICT Literacy Skill Assessment Using RateSkill System

    Authors: Norizan Mohamad Azlin Dahlan Mohd Talmizie Amron Zairi Ismael Rizman Nur Hafizah Rabi'ah Husin

  40. Offline Signature Verification and Recognition using Neural Network

    Authors: Ankit Arora; Aakanksha S. Choubey

  41. Kerala Model of Health: Crisis in the Neo-liberal Era

    Authors: Nithya N. R.

  42. Evaluation of the Impact of Dynamic Analysis on Different Building Height

    Authors: Md. Nazmul Haq; Wahid Hassan; Md. Arman Chowdhury

  43. Agri-Preneurs: A Case Study of Dharmapuri Farmers

    Authors: T. Nagalakshmi; A. Sudhakar

  44. Opportunities and Challenges for Use and Integration of Information Communication Technology in Management of Public Secondary Schools in Bungoma South District, Kenya

    Authors: Anne Nang'unda Kukali

  45. Black Hole Attack Detection using Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: Sonal; Kiran Narang

  46. Comparative Studies on Physico-Mechanical Properties of Wood Plastic Composites Produced from Three Indigenous Wood Species

    Authors: Aina; K. S; Osuntuyi; E. O; Aruwajoye; A. S

  47. Performance Study on Twin Plug Spark Ignition Engine at Different Ignition Timings

    Authors: Narasimha Bailkeri; Krishna Prasad S; Shrinivasa Rao B.R

  48. Design and Simulation of Induction Heating Equipment using MATLAB / SIMULINK Environment

    Authors: R. Hemalatha; Jyoti P Koujalagi

  49. Deciding on the Degree of Emphasis on Micro skills for Writing Classes Based on the Frequency of Error Occurrence

    Authors: Behnam Hashemi

  50. Wireless Patient Monitoring System

    Authors: N. M. Z. Hashim; M. S. Sizali

  51. Development of Student Information System

    Authors: N. M. Z. Hashim; S. N. K. S. Mohamed

  52. Laboratory Inventory System

    Authors: N. M. Z. Hashim; N. A. M. M. Arifin

  53. A Sustainable Automated System for Elderly People Using Voice Recognition and Touch Screen Technology

    Authors: T. Kirankumar; B. Bhavani

  54. Analysis of Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Tor Putitora (Hamilton) and Labeo Dero (Hamilton) From Nangal Wetland, Punjab, India

    Authors: Y. K. Rawal; Amandeep Kaur; Apneet Kaur

  55. Controller Area Network for Monitoring and Controlling the Industrial Parameters Using Bluetooth Communication

    Authors: B. Praveen Kumar; B. Bhavani

  56. Detection of Shadow and Its Removal along with the Edge Suppression

    Authors: Neha Hial; Somesh Dewangan

  57. Enteric Fever Presenting as Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

    Authors: Balaji Chinnasami; A. Prema

  58. Perceived Competence of Zimbabwean Academics in the Use of Information Technology in University Academic Business

    Authors: Maria Tsvere; Srikanta Swamy; Tendayi Leonora Nyaruwata

  59. Effectiveness of Manual Mobilization with Movement on Pain and Strength in Adults with Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis

    Authors: Pandian Sankara Kumaran; Tamilvanan M; Karthikeyan Paragangimalai Diwakar

  60. Impact of the Exotic Weed, Lantana Camara L. on Abundance of Native Plants in Nairobi National Park, Kenya: Implications for the Conservation of Wildlife

    Authors: Yusuf R. Simba; Abel M. Kamweya; Peter N. Mwangi; John M. Ochora

  61. Factors Affecting E-Procurement Adoption in Minimizing Risks in the Supply Chain: A Survey of State Corporations in Kenya

    Authors: Noor Ismail Shalle; Wario Guyo; Iravo Mike Amuhaya

  62. Factors Affecting Implementation of E-Procurement Practices in Public Service in Kenya: A Case of Ministry of Finance

    Authors: Noor Ismail Shalle; Wario Guyo; Iravo Mike Amuhaya

  63. Fuzzy Logic based Maximum Power Point Tracker in Photovoltaic Cell

    Authors: Kiruthika K; Jyoti P Koujalagi

  64. Enhancement and De-Noising Techniques for Gray Scale Images using Spatial Domain Filtering

    Authors: Amandeep Singh; Mandeep Kaur

  65. Transfer function and Impulse Response Simulation of Power Line Channel

    Authors: Brajesh Singh; Kanchan Sharma

  66. An Investigation to Establish the Presence, Quality and Rank of Coal from Parts of Mui Basin in Kenya

    Authors: Joan M. Tenge; Isaac O.Jumba; David K. Kariuki; Dan O. Riaroh

  67. Performance Analysis of Various Video Compression Techniques

    Authors: Aman Gupta; Dinesh Goyal; Naveen Hemrajani

  68. Efficacy of Dual Task Training to Improve Functional Gait Performance in Idiopathic Parkinsons disease Subjects

    Authors: Pandian Sankara Kumara; Tamilvanan M; Karthikeyan Parangimalai Diwakar

  69. The Role of Tonga Language and Culture Committee (TOLACCO), Roman Catholic and Community Leadership in the Promotion of Literacy in Binga Community in Zimbabwe

    Authors: Nhlanhla Sibanda

  70. Study and Analysis of Multiwavelet Transform with Threshold in Image Denoising: A Survey

    Authors: Jyoti Sahu; Abha Choubey

  71. Design of Bagasse Dryer to Recover Energy of Water Tube Boiler in a Sugar Factory

    Authors: Sankalp Shrivastav; Ibrahim Hussain

  72. Aspect Level Information Retrieval System for Micro Blogging Site

    Authors: Manisha Punn; Nidhi Bhalla

  73. Classification of Wheat Grains Using Machine Algorithms

    Authors: Meesha Punn; Nidhi Bhalla

  74. Clutter Reduction in Multi-Dimensional Visualization by Using Dimension Reduction

    Authors: Harpreet Kaur; Shelza

  75. Modeling Local Broker Policy Based on Workload Profile in Network Cloud

    Authors: Amandeep Sandhu; Maninder Kaur

  76. Implementation of Fast Pipelined AES Algorithm on Xilinx FPGA

    Authors: Chityala Prathyusha; P. Sharmila Rani

  77. A Focus on Layer Aspects of Mobile Computing

    Authors: E. Bharathi; R. Kanakaraj

  78. Role of Modern Technology in Fighting Stigma Related to HIV/AIDS

    Authors: Kyalo Richard Mutua Nicholas Muthama Mutua Nicholas Mung'ithya

  79. Mechanical Properties and Morphological Studies on Pu-Ha Biocomposite

    Authors: Khalid Mohammed Dahham; Mohamed Ansari M. Nainar

  80. Methodology for Deriving and Integrating Countermeasures Design Models for Electronic Commerce Systems

    Authors: Tanvir Tahir; Kamar Abbas

  81. Assessment and Mitigation of Risks Involved in Electronics Payment Systems

    Authors: Tanvir Tahir; Kamar Abbas

  82. Local Gray Code Pattern (LGCP): A Robust Feature Descriptor for Facial Expression Recognition

    Authors: Mohammad Shahidul Islam

  83. Demonstrating Chaos on Financial Markets through a Discrete Logistic Price Dynamics

    Authors: Harvey M. Niere

  84. Energy Consumption in Key Management Operations in WSNs

    Authors: Ramandeep Singh; Amandeep Kaur Virk

  85. Sexual Networking, Sexual Practices and Level of Awareness among MSM on HIV/ AIDS

    Authors: Bryan Joseph E. Matillano

  86. Assessment of Perception amongst Students Involved in an Innovative Community Health Care Program (CHCP) In Adopted Village of Wardha District

    Authors: Abhay Mudey; Meenakshi Khapre

  87. Opportunistic Routing in Delay Tolerant Network with Different Routing Algorithm

    Authors: K. Sudha; R. Rathipriya

  88. Proposed Methods of IP Spoofing Detection&Prevention

    Authors: Sharmin Rashid; Subhra Prosun Paul

  89. Performance Analysis of CI Engine using Pongamia Pinnata (Karanja) Biodiesel as an Alternative Fuel

    Authors: P. L. Naik; D. C. Katpatal

  90. Study on Emotional Maturity and Coping Strategies among the Students Pursuing Rehabilitation Studies

    Authors: Amit Dharmpal Wagde; Showkat Ahmed Ganaie

  91. A Case Study of Economic Load Dispatch for a Thermal Power Plant using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Authors: P. Ashok Kumar; M. Rajesh; B. Venkata Prasanth

  92. Artificial Neural Network Based Speed and Torque Control of Three Phase Induction Motor

    Authors: Amanulla; Manjunath Prasad

  93. Application of Aquifer Test Software in Calculating Hydrogeological Parameters according to the Data of Pumping Test

    Authors: Zhang Zhihua; Tang Hui

  94. Lipid Profile of Kashmiri Type 2 Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Mohd Urfan Wani; Imran Shafi; Tabasum Rashid

  95. Study on Application of Three Methods for Calculating the Dispersion Parameters - A Case Study in Yinchuan, China

    Authors: Zhang Zhihua; Zhang Hanting